Wrath of the Righteous

Game Master Vinsomner

Dare you confront the Abyss?


Character Creation

  • 20 point buy
  • 2 traits (one must be campaign specific).
  • Paizo material only.
  • Average starting wealth.
  • No stats below 8. Only a single stat below 10.
  • The DM is a sadist.


  • Average hit points


  • All character with higher initiatives will post, we resolve, the mosters resolve, they all characters of a lower initiative post and resolve.
  • Anyone not posting for 24 hours during combat will be placed on delay and combat will continue.
  • Weekends are more relaxed: I take time away from the computer on weekends and assume others do as well.

Cover and Concealment

  • Low rolls miss: 20% concealment misses on 1-20
  • Mirror Image: attacks hit the caster on a roll of 1