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A Pathfinder Society Scenario for characters of 3rd to 7th level (Tier 3–7).

All-out war has erupted on the long-contested border between the crusader nation of Mendev and the demon-infested Worldwound. With the magical defenses that once held the demons at bay failing, defense of the region now falls to small patrols of mobile soldiers to resupply, reinforce, and communicate between the border's many fortresses and outposts. With so much at stake, the Pathfinder Society has enlisted many of its agents to assist in the war effort, both to protect its own interests and to prevent the onrushing tide of demonic attackers from plunging the entire Inner Sea region into chaos. On one such ward stone patrol, however, the party may find itself facing an enemy of an entirely different nature.

Howdy, Everyone! So I'm expecting my first PBP game to wrap up in a few days, So I figure I should start recruiting for the next one!

First 6 people to sign up will get the slots. Sign up sheet can be found here:

Sign Up

I plan on starting the mission proper on June 5 (Maybe a little sooner, but that at the latest). Once my six have signed up, I'll set up an intro area for everyone to meet, roleplay, and establish characters with each other before beginning the mission in earnest. If that didn't give it away, I like roleplaying, so I greatly encourage it!

I'll just have the standard expectations, 1 post per day more is of course better. If you for any reason can't because life happens, just leave bot instructions and let me know.

If ya have any questions, post them below. Looking forward to the next mission!

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Hey there! I'm interested, but it looks like your sign up sheet link is currently in View Only mode. :)

Sovereign Court

Will this be CORE, or Standard?

I have an interest. The sign up sheet is view only right now.

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Interested, but view only mode for your sign up sheet

WHOOPS! Sorry about that, fixed. I reserved spots for mechapoet choyakuyama and honey since you expressed interest and I goofed.

Luke_Parry, It'll be standard. :)

Signing up!

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Signed up. Thanks (I played Daedin in the scenario you just finished)...got a 3rd level Ranger for this one (if that's too low, I can bow out)...

VMC allowed or no? If not no worries.

choyakuyama wrote:
VMC allowed or no? If not no worries.

cancel this

Discussion Thread:


Gameplay Thread:


Enjoy everyone! We may get started sooner than expected, but fair warning, I have a convention coming up next weekend and so posting from me might be slim then for a few days if I do.

Ok..I am having an issue with trying to use the code to post character info.

I have looked and tried to use the format info guide with no success.

Could someone help the slow half orc out?

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Sure thing. Click on my character icon and it'll carry you to Flyn's page. Look at my Classes/Level block and just match yours to look similar to it but with your stats...

Flyndyngylyn wrote:
Sure thing. Click on my character icon and it'll carry you to Flyn's page. Look at my Classes/Level block and just match yours to look similar to it but with your stats...

Perfect. Thanks for your help.

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