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see if this works

I have an interest and would like to post in a bit.

I have an interest. I will come up with something.

I love the concept (my undergrad is in Archaeology-Old West so) would love to submit a character... amateur archaeologist wanting to make a name for himself.


PC’s have been hired by the Triple T Ranch, owned by businessman Mason Tillman, as cow punchers. Your group has been place in the south of this 4000 acre ranch and are watching over 600 head of cattle.

The Range Boss, Muriel Hinny, tells you that last year about 60 head of cattle disappeared and Mr. Tillman wants to find out who is stealing his cattle and wants them dealt with.

After a couple days ride you settle the cattle & horses in a small ravine that has a creek running through it fresh with water from the spring mountain thaw. The terrain is a bit greener with the fresh irrigation and the juniper trees dotting the landscape are budding here and there. The camp is located about 500 feet from where the cattle and horses are kept, due to the overpowering smell of the beasts that waft through the camp from time to time. After giving off your horses to the night wrangler and getting some chow from the Cook, a gruff man named Horas and his hoodlum (helper) Jose, you stretch out your bedrolls and after removing a rock here and there, curl up to sleep. As the night gets longer the air cools and the sound of bugs, toads and the occasional coyote or owl is heard from time to time. Its about 2 am when:

Stumbling out of the night is Manuel, the night herder. He staggers into the camp, wet with sweat and wheezing. After 3 steps he staggers and falls just inches from the campfire.

Hi all...Just touching a couple thing taking president...job wise...nothing big , just need taken care of so, I should be able to post fulling by Saturday.

To answer questions:

1) if Firearm proficiency is a class skill and martial weapon proficiencies are removed , abide by that rule.

2) Kensai Magus have dedicated themselves to 1 Melee Weapon so that would be a no. You would have to be full Eldritch Archer.

I should be able to submit the campaign outline by friday night and any other info after.

I will post all this in the campaign notes within a couple hours.

good bad...lets drop the pricing to this

New Pricing:
Revolver 40 gp

Rifle 50 gp

Rifle, pepperbox 70 gp

Shotgun 50 gp

Shotgun, double-barreled 70 gp

Starting gp to 500....if more is needed we can adjust.

Races are all Core with a bit of a twist

Each of the core races in this world represent a distinct culture as follows:
-Elf: French
-Dwarf: Scottish as well as Scandinavian
-Halfling: Irish and Gypsy
-Gnome: German
-Orc: varies
-Human: varies

Ok here are the guideline for creation

character creation:
stats will be 20 point buy, nothing larger than 18 nothing lower than 8. Levels 3, 200 gp to start.

I don't mind evil characters just understand you are part of a party and may be good for game play.

I make all determinations on any disputes and have the last say but, I am pretty easy going and want this game to create a bit of its own flow.

Good backgrounds create good players and great characters. (my opinion)

Remember the American Civil War ended about 4 years ago so, ideas, backgrounds and equipment should be accordingly.

Firearms will be considered a martial weapon proficiency.

I will be using background skills as well as class skills, use them to flesh out your background.

Religion is LOOSELY based on the religion of the time. I will post notes on it. So if you have questions about "religious classes" just ask me.

Any other questions, or something i have forgotten, just let me know.

Well for game purposes those swords and other archaic weapons are going to be accessible.
Understand that everyone that make up the "support class" or background people will be NPC's and their use of weapons and the like will be less prevalent than those possessed by PC's.

Also will be posting the creation rules for the Old West game in a few.


Hello All
I am relatively new to Pathfinder only having a couple characters prior to coming online but, I like the game.

So I have a couple of ideas and wanted to see if there was any interest. Each idea is based on applying Pathfinder to the historical timeline, altered to have everything Pathfinder has to offer.

#1: The Old West: Characters would live in a small town in Colorado (alternate world) in around 1869, 4 years after the end of the American Civil War. The adventures would start from there.

#2: The adventure would start in America around 1936 or so and will expand across Europe and the world. (alot of globe trotting on this one).

This world is loosely based on historical events with ALOT of dramatic license.

Well, thanks for your time and let me know if you're interested.



The man, not a particularly attractive human, dressed in furs and smelled of ale gone bad, watched from his hiding place as the elf maid frolicked in the meadow. He had watcher her several times before but this time was different. The week prior he had visited the old crone that lived up Bramble Way and paid her a large sum for the cord. This cord, the witch told him, would bind the young girl’s heart to his hands and once the cord was placed around her neck, she would be his. He was a trapper by trade so laying the trap was easy. The elf maid saw the shiny object just in the pool and when she leaned to look in she had inadvertently put her head through a noose. The trapper yanked in the cord and caught him a she elf. As soon as the cord was tight around her skin it became ethereal and bound her to her human captor.
A year and 5 months later she gave the foul human a son.
With the birth of Gideon, the trapper forced the naming to be his, the elf stopped trying to find a way to escape and dedicated herself to raising her child. As Gideon grew she taught him elven language, lore, how to be silent, how to steal, and eventually, when the oaf of a father wasn’t there, taught Gideon weapons skill. Gideon grew and learned much.
The day Gideon turned 16 his mother came to him, told him she was leaving and he would have to make his own way in this world. That night the trapper returned to their small hovel, drunk and stinking and the elf confronted him. With a swift stroke of an elven blade she curt off the hand that her heart was tied to, breaking the spell and winning herself her freedom. She kissed Gideon goodbye and was off into the night. The next day the witch on Bramble Way was found with two arrows in her heart and Gideon realized he had never called her anything but mother.
Gideon stayed with his father for two years, with no real place to go. It was a night, 3 months after his mother’s disappearance, Gideon saw his first wizard. Thom Dancy and Jules Miller, both local drunks, picked a fight with a traveler. The traveler lifted his hand and said some words and missiles leaped from his fingers and hit close to the 2 drunks who jumped and yelled and fled like screaming girls. Gideon went home and practiced all night and suddenly he could do the same as the wizard. Proud of himself, Gideon rushed to the village, found the wizard and showed him what he could do. It wasn’t the response he had expected. The wizard was at first annoyed, telling Gideon he shouldn’t dabble in things he has no understanding of nor training in. The wizard became enraged when Gideon asked to be taught and Gideon had to leave in a rush, not before Gideon lifted a scroll from him.
It took Gideon months to work out a few more spells but, has learned how magic worked, at least to his mind. The one thing Gideon learned about himself was that he wanted more. Gideon took a bit of gold from his father, sold a couple of things his mother had left behind, packed his short bow and has set out to learn more of the world, learn more magic and increase his power.

I am interested if you have room.
I will submit a character soon.
Name: Gideon Devros
Race: Half Elf
Class: Sorcerer 1

Flyndyngylyn wrote:
Sure thing. Click on my character icon and it'll carry you to Flyn's page. Look at my Classes/Level block and just match yours to look similar to it but with your stats...

Perfect. Thanks for your help.

Ok..I am having an issue with trying to use the code to post character info.

I have looked and tried to use the format info guide with no success.

Could someone help the slow half orc out?

choyakuyama wrote:
VMC allowed or no? If not no worries.

cancel this

VMC allowed or no? If not no worries.

I have an interest. The sign up sheet is view only right now.

I used another roller...had an issue...! seem to be as smart as a box of rocks I guess.

Roll(4d6): 3,5,6,2= 14
Roll(4d6): 4,5,5,3= 14
Roll(4d6): 1,2,3,5= 10
Roll(4d6): 6,4,1,1= 11
Roll(4d6): 5,4,4,4= 13
Roll(4d6): 2,5,6,3= 14

Reckless Apprentice wrote:
choyakuyama wrote:


New to the site and interested.
General Question: where do I find the dice roller (assuming there is a specific one I need to use?

My character idea...Psion-Generalist from Waterdeep.

When you go to post in the message board below the posting box is a "How to format your text section" click "show" and it will expand for formatting options for posts. One of there options is "dice". This is what everyone has been using to roll their stats and HP.


New to the site and interested.
General Question: where do I find the dice roller (assuming there is a specific one I need to use?

My character idea...Psion-Generalist from Waterdeep.