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The Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path begins when the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw reveals that its members have found Heart’s Edge, the legendary sword once wielded by the goddess Iomedae. A group of Iomedaean knights calling themselves the Glorious Reclamation, upset that a Hellknight order held an important relic of their faith, raided the Hellknights’ fortress, Citadel Dinyar, and reclaimed the divine weapon. And rather than stopping there, they set their sights on overthrowing the diabolical Thrice-Damned House of Thrune! It is your job to stop them.


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Male Tiefling HP-10/10 - Alchemist 1 -Initiative +4 - AC/FF/T 15/13/12- F-3 R-4 W-0 Perception-0

"We could frame the clerics.....or at least defame them....Maybe hide these banners in personal Items of theirs. Then pose as Supporters who show the incriminating evidence to the public. It's not important if everyone belices It, as long as their credibility is damaged, right?" Torgueila speaks with an almost disturbing level of calmness, as if the idea of framing someone and getting the public to turn on them is as dull as mass on a holy day. He does from after a second.

"Though lighting up their church like a holiday tree would be amusing..."He chuckles to himself.

"Let's maybe not overthink a strategy before we check out the church square and see what our options are. Here."

She reaches into the box and tosses each of you a broad, crimson sash emblazoned with the symbol of Cheliax and the arms of House Fex—a pair of fighting stags with bloody antlers. She slips hers on.

"Plus, I'm curious as to what Allamar has to say."

She heads to the door.

"Come on, time's a-wastin'."

You have 2 hours before Fifth Sword Knight Tileavia Allamar appears on the balcony of the Church of Iomedae to address the crowd gathered in the square outside the church. You have time to mingle, gather information, and discover the locations surrounding the church square. If you decide you wish to do more than just watch the sermon, there should be just enough time for you to put any reasonable scheme into effect.

C1. Church Square
Longacre’s Church of Iomedae, surrounded by a wrought-iron fence, sits just to the north of one of the town’s squares called, appropriately enough, the church square. The square contains a well, available for use by anyone in town, and a tall wooden post for posting notices and announcements. Shops and businesses surround the plaza, and a wide thoroughfare runs north and south through the square. A conspicuous white-clothed table stands in front of the church, apparently in readiness for the sermon, though the table is currently bare.

A few small groups of elderly locals and laborers from nearby businesses have gathered in the square, mostly around the well or along the fence surrounding the churchyard, muttering about what they’ve heard or imagined about Allamar’s announcement. As the time of the sermon gets closer, more townsfolk drift into the square until the crowd is 100 strong. Rumors abound:

- “I heard one of Sword Knight Allamar’s sons say she was visited by an angel! This could mean great things for the church and the town.”
- “Fex doesn’t like the townsfolk gathering in large groups like this. Allamar’s message must be pretty important if she’s willing to provoke the archbaron.”
- “Something bad went down at Louslik Tannery last night. I bet that’s what has the priestess worked up. We’re in for some hellfire from her for sure!”

C2. Shop
One of the buildings across the square from the church used to be the Three Bands Cooper. The archbaron’s excessive taxes on local craftsmen, especially those working with local goods, drove the cooper out of business about a year ago. The shop is dark, boarded up, and empty, but there’s a rickety staircase in the adjacent alley that leads to the building’s second floor where a locked door bars the way into an empty second-story apartment, where a window provides an unobstructed view of the church square and temple beyond. In fact, the church balcony that Fifth Sword Knight Allamar will be speaking from is only 120 feet away from the window.

C3. Alley
The alley between Buckman’s Hardware and the Graceful Goose Haberdasher is wide and clean, but it remains in shadow for most of the day.

C4. Seward Street
One block east of the church square, Seward Street is largely empty, but a distracted workman has left his donkey and a delivery cart loaded with four casks of wood tar here. Any of you with an Intelligence score know that wood tar is especially flammable. Although they are too big to be thrown, casks of wood tar can be lit on fire, rolled, and broken, targeting a specifc grid intersection
like splash weapons.

"...Should... should I call my friend? She usually shows up when I need her..."

Becky is looking around at the loccal equipment, and trying to come up with ways to interrupt the sermon. As she does, she's wearing the sash.

"We could just watch like normal people, though... but that seems... Mm... Well, it's okay..?"

Male Tiefling HP-10/10 - Alchemist 1 -Initiative +4 - AC/FF/T 15/13/12- F-3 R-4 W-0 Perception-0

"Well....we practically have a rolling bomb right over there....a possible perch for someone to snipe from at the abandoned shop...or we could just watch and be boring, Honestly I am a fan of igniting this crowd, or the speaker."Torgueila whispers, careful not to be heard blatantly.

"Out of curiosity...what would your...'friend' do?" Torgueila looks down at mary, before glancing at the rest of the group. "Or any of you. This is evidently a group effort, and frankly I am biased towards big booms, So it is good to get a second opinion on how I am righ- I mean on other options."

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