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The Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path begins when the Hellknight Order of the Godclaw reveals that its members have found Heart’s Edge, the legendary sword once wielded by the goddess Iomedae. A group of Iomedaean knights calling themselves the Glorious Reclamation, upset that a Hellknight order held an important relic of their faith, raided the Hellknights’ fortress, Citadel Dinyar, and reclaimed the divine weapon. And rather than stopping there, they set their sights on overthrowing the diabolical Thrice-Damned House of Thrune! It is your job to stop them.


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BP: 2/7 | Spells cast: 1/0 | HP 2/10 | Init +5 | AC/T/FF 16/11/15 | F+1 R+3 W+2 | Perception +4

Eliselda spent her time traveling to the meet-up location seriously reconsidering having anything more to do with this group, and the sight of the derelict estate nearly has her turning right around again. But she did almost die for this loot, and like hell is she going to let go of her share. So she steps out of the shadows to join the group, giving the creaking building a wary once-over. She reflexively clutches at the collar of her blouse, as though the action will somehow block out the filth of the place.

"Hn. Let's get on with it, then."

The halfling follows close behind Eliselda, his face a blank mask and his eyes flicking over the mansion. As they approach the group, he nods in acknowledgment of the others.

"Oh... um... yes."

Becky pushes open the door and wanders inside, looking nervously around as if she's worried about walking into a den of pure unadulterated evil or something.

As you push against the door, it barely budges. You can tell It has long ago settled into the frame. There are windows nearby you could climb through, or you could try to force the door.

"Um... it's locked... can anyone...?"

Becky's voice fades off as she looks over to the window.

"I'll just... go this way... instead."

Trying to take 10 up to a window, for an 11? Or if they're on ground level just heading on through one.

As you climb through the window, you can see that you're in what was once the parlor. Pieces of battered furniture lie here amid the choking scent of dust and ashes. Beneath a mantel crowded with empty whiskey bottles, the fireplace shows evidence of recent use. The scorched, broken visages of curious cherubs leer from atop archways leading deeper into the house.

Seated in one of the chairs is Cimri, the box from the tannery placed upon the table. She looks up as you climb into the room.

"About time. Where the hells have you been? Razelago is waiting for us."

Male Tiefling HP-10/10 - Alchemist 1 -Initiative +4 - AC/FF/T 15/13/12- F-3 R-4 W-0 Perception-0

Holy crap posting happened
Torgueila is also goiing to go through a window on account of not wanting to ram the door or anything....thats more work than just climbing right? lol

Torgueila grunts as he enters through the impromptu entrance, showing irritation at Cimri.

"Can you try and pick a place I can gey into easy? I just filed the claws, and my coat is ruffled... He pouts as he pats his coat a couple times, waiting for the little one, witch, and bard to climb up, or for him to just tackle the door or something. He looks like the dumb, brutish, door mat type to let Eliselda use him like a battering ram....And now he couldn't get the image of a little handling stuck to the end of a siege ram....

In summery, fear god Torgueila is still there, run for the hills, he's armed with smarm and punchabilty.

Female Tiefling HP 8/8 | Moon Witch 1 | Init +6 | AC/FF/T 12/10/12 | F:1 R:2 W:3 | Perc (Kali:4) (Umb:13)

I swear I checked the board two days ago and saw nothing! In hindsight, I may not have been logged in. . .

Kali follows behind Torgueila, and once back on her feet, reaches into one of her pouches to pull out Umbra, the little thing sitting in the center of her palm as she idly brushes its head with a finger.

"That's everyone, yes?"

Cimri stands and motions for you to follow her up the stairs. She leads you to a door and waves you in, following just behind.

Toppled bookshelves, a table, and some chairs half-covered in ivy suggest this room was once a library. The ashes and pulp of burned, waterlogged books lay heaped amid fallen furniture, creating a large nest of sorts against one wall. A set of folding paper screens divides the room. A lantern flickers on the opposite side, projecting the silhouette of a desk and high-backed chair upon the thin paper.

Amidst the nest of book pulp is curled an earless, panther-like beast. As you enter, the beast snarls, the skin of its face twitching, then peeling back to reveal the bone and flesh beneath.

At the same time, the light behind the paper screen slowly intensifies, casting the stark silhouette of a bald figure seated at a desk upon the divider. Afer a moment of slow shuffling, a high-pitched voice, sounding as though it could belong to someone either very young or very old, wheezes from behind the screen.

“Cimri. Is it done?”

Cimri nods and places the lockbox on the table.

"Yup. Got in, killed a few dogs, including that dog Louislik, got out. The princess here took a few crossbow bolts to the gut and didn't die, so she's tougher than she looks; The two devil-born are equally useful and strange in their own ways; the little girl...well...she's got capable friends."

She smirks as she looks sidelong at Becky.

“Excellent. You’ve done well, Cimri, and your associates sound like individuals of rare potential. You’ll all find your payment waiting in the parlor below, along with a gift for each of you. Go, enjoy, celebrate. You deserve a reward for your impressive work. We’ll talk more in the near future.”

Cimri nods at Razelago and heads for the door, pausing to close it behind you.

If you've got any questions for Razelago, now's the time.

"...So we were working for you..? Why'd you want him killed and the place burned down..?"

That just seemed so mean to Becky. Really, it was just so cruel. Seriously. That is the word for it. Needlessly cruel.

Possibly Evil.

Or awesome, but she doesn't run on awesome.

"To be honest, I'd have preferred him alive, but him dead also serves my purposes. Jabral Louislik hadn’t been paying his fair share of taxes. Beyond that, he was also very opinionated. He’d have opposed the cooperation I’d like to see among Longacre’s people. I wanted his influence weakened—and no one trusts a poor man. Now, well, certainly no one trusts a dead man.”

"If there's nothing else, hurry down and collect your pay. There are refreshments laid out, should you wish to partake."

You had her at 'free food.' Becky goes downstairs to have some delicious food and some deliciouser gold.

She had the one question she cared about answered, after all.

It’s nearing dawn by the time head down to collect your reward, which is waiting for you in the parlor on the ground floor, along with eight bottles of a fine Wiscrani barbera wine, several loaves of fresh bread, garlic-flavored butter, and a variety of smoked fish and boar’s meat. It’s a veritable feast, and among the best food you—Eliselda aside—have ever had in your lives.

A plain wooden chest sits on a table in this room. Inside the chest is 100 gp for each of you, plus Cimri’s share of 200 gp, as well as three masterwork daggers (one of which Cimri snatches up), a masterwork rapier, a masterwork scythe, and a masterwork trident.

Once you’ve divvied up your payment, Cimri encourages you to stay, celebrate with her, and play a few rounds of drunken bulls-eye with her new dagger.

Female Tiefling HP 8/8 | Moon Witch 1 | Init +6 | AC/FF/T 12/10/12 | F:1 R:2 W:3 | Perc (Kali:4) (Umb:13)

Kali is also a gremlin for free food, but she makes sure to take one of the daggers along with her share of the gold, before taking a bottle of wine for herself and going off to try this game of Cimri's

Male Tiefling HP-10/10 - Alchemist 1 -Initiative +4 - AC/FF/T 15/13/12- F-3 R-4 W-0 Perception-0

As far as the old man is concerned, Torgueila didn't really care enough to speak. Creepy old guy pays good, all he cares about. Now drink and knife games? Oh yes that is important s#$$!

"Well of you insist Cimri. Torgueila says as he downs an almost cartoonish amount of wine in one gulp. Maybe experimenting potions and Mutagens on himself helps with guzzling loads of booze, who knows. Anyway yes to the knife throwing game with his new dagger he snagged.

For those of you participating in this impromptu Drunken Bullseye tournament, the rules are pretty simple. Cimri has a target set up in the next room. When it's your turn, down a cup of wine and try to hit the target with your thrown dagger. Traditionally, three rounds are played, mostly to prevent alcohol poisoning and/or people getting hit by flying daggers. If you wanna participate, roll initiative. ^_^

Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

Amazing, as ever.

Becky will stay, but just to watch.

Everyone is so cool, after all! She's positively starry-eyed.

Female Tiefling HP 8/8 | Moon Witch 1 | Init +6 | AC/FF/T 12/10/12 | F:1 R:2 W:3 | Perc (Kali:4) (Umb:13)

Hell yeah, Kali is gonna play with some sharp things! and probably hurt herself

Inti: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14

Male Tiefling HP-10/10 - Alchemist 1 -Initiative +4 - AC/FF/T 15/13/12- F-3 R-4 W-0 Perception-0

initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (7) + 4 = 11

Gonna go for It, even though god hates me with dice but he'll yeah drunk dagger games!

Alright! Everybody drains their first glass of the fairly strong wine Razelago has provided and takes turns chucking daggers at the target. At this point, you're all tipsy, so take a -1 penalty to your attack roll. And don't forget the +1 bonus from your fancy new daggers.

Dagger: 1d20 + 5 - 1 ⇒ (5) + 5 - 1 = 9

Female Tiefling HP 8/8 | Moon Witch 1 | Init +6 | AC/FF/T 12/10/12 | F:1 R:2 W:3 | Perc (Kali:4) (Umb:13)

Dagger: 1d20 ⇒ 15

Male Tiefling HP-10/10 - Alchemist 1 -Initiative +4 - AC/FF/T 15/13/12- F-3 R-4 W-0 Perception-0

Dagger: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17

Note of point blank shot does not apply here reduce that by 1.

Ah, yes. Point-Blank Shot will apply. I'd forgotten to add that in for Cimri. Also, Kali, don't forget that you have a +2 Dex mod and your Dagger is masterwork. With Point-Blank and the tipsy penalty, your total attack bonus with a thrown dagger is +3.

One by one, you each toss your daggers, Kali's landing closest to the center of the target with Torgueila's just an inch or so farther. Cimri, perhaps more drunk than she seems, is clear off the mark, but still manages to hit the target. As you move to retrieve your daggers, a trident sails through the air.

Trident: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

It sinks just next to Torgueila's dagger. You whip your heads around to see what the hell is going on. The halfling, now out of his armor, smirks and turns to pour another round of wine. Cimri looks at the two of you and shrugs, an amused look on her face. You each retrieve your weapons and down your second glasses.

Everybody is now feeling pretty merry. Your inhibitions lower, voices raise, and balance wavers slightly. Your attack penalty increases to -2. The halfling, however, seems to be fully drunk. Take your next throws.

Cimri: 1d20 + 6 - 2 ⇒ (11) + 6 - 2 = 15
Youthere: 1d20 + 5 - 4 ⇒ (19) + 5 - 4 = 20

As these fools are distracted hurling daggers at a wall, Becky and Eliselda hear faint splashing coming from upstairs, as if someone were getting into a bath and then out of it later.

Male Tiefling HP-10/10 - Alchemist 1 -Initiative +4 - AC/FF/T 15/13/12- F-3 R-4 W-0 Perception-0

Drunken dagger!: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Yup, there it is.

Becky looks over at Eliselda and quirks an eyebrow.

"Hey... wanna go see what's up upstairs? I'm curious."

Female Tiefling HP 8/8 | Moon Witch 1 | Init +6 | AC/FF/T 12/10/12 | F:1 R:2 W:3 | Perc (Kali:4) (Umb:13)

moar daggering!: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 2 = 12

Huh. I wasn't aware that I got PBS for free. My mistake!

Shockingly, the halfling's trident hits closest to center with Cimri and Kali just a handful of inches off. Torgueila's dagger misses the target completely but does manage to bury itself in the wall.

You down your drinks and you're all feeling quite drunk now. Your penalty increases to -4. Take your throws.

Cimri: 1d20 + 6 - 4 ⇒ (5) + 6 - 4 = 7

Unfortunately, as the halfling approaches the mark, he lurches strangely and runs to the corner, vomiting violently.

Cimri looks over at the halfling cautiously. She looks back at the two of you.

"Best make your last throws count. Looks like the halfling can't drink anymore."

Female Tiefling HP 8/8 | Moon Witch 1 | Init +6 | AC/FF/T 12/10/12 | F:1 R:2 W:3 | Perc (Kali:4) (Umb:13)

Kali looks back at the halfling, shrugs, then picks up her dagger.

daggerrrrrr: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 1 = 20

BP: 2/7 | Spells cast: 1/0 | HP 2/10 | Init +5 | AC/T/FF 16/11/15 | F+1 R+3 W+2 | Perception +4

Unlike the rest of you poor people, Eliselda hasn't touched the food at all. She's been witness to enough of the backstabbing that goes on among the upper class that she is quite content to sit back and watch everyone else suspiciously. It doesn't seem like anyone's been poisoned - yet - but that's no reason to let her guard down.

(She's convinced that paranoia will serve her well one day. For now, it's simply going to keep her from having any fun and that's the way she likes it.)

Honestly, she's content to just watch everyone else get drunk and make fools of least until the halfling loses his free meal all over the floor. Her lip curls in disgust and she leans toward Becky when she speaks. "Darling, you read my mind. Whatever it is is sure to be more entertaining than this. Even if it's just more dust."

"Then let's go peep!" Becky exclaims quietly, leading the way upstairs.

Becky and Eliselda, as you ascend the stairs to the upper floor, you quickly realize that the only accessible door is the one that leads to Razelago's office. You're pretty sure you didn't see a bathtub in there. As you pause at the top of the stairs, however, you hear more splashing coming from the opposite direction. Wherever this tub is, it's behind a mountain of rubble. Clearing it away would take at least an hour of work. You hear splashing again.

As for the rest of you, I looked at the numbers and Torgueila would need to roll a 30 to claim first place, so I'm just gonna call it instead of waiting for his last throw. looking at where your throws have landed reveals Kali to be the winner of this contest. Cimri is surprised but congratulatory.

Kali, you gain a new trait for your victory!

Drunken Bullseye Champion:
Once per day when making an attack roll with a thrown weapon, you can roll your attack roll twice and take the higher result. If one of these rolls is a critical threat, the other roll is used as your confirmation roll (your choice if they are both critical threats).

Female Tiefling HP 8/8 | Moon Witch 1 | Init +6 | AC/FF/T 12/10/12 | F:1 R:2 W:3 | Perc (Kali:4) (Umb:13)

Kali squints at her dagger, still embedded in the board, nose pressed against the edge of the handle. "No foc'in way..."

Male Tiefling HP-10/10 - Alchemist 1 -Initiative +4 - AC/FF/T 15/13/12- F-3 R-4 W-0 Perception-0

Torgueila sighs and downs a little more.

"Eh, lucky shot, whatever. Drinks are still good!....By the way were did priss and munchkin go?

"I think this goes a little beyond dust at this point..."

Becky Norin: Mild mannered stater of the obvious.

"Think there's someone else here?"

BP: 2/7 | Spells cast: 1/0 | HP 2/10 | Init +5 | AC/T/FF 16/11/15 | F+1 R+3 W+2 | Perception +4

Eliselda puts a finger to her lips; Becky's already pretty quiet, but still, best to keep their voices down. "Hmm. Whoever it is must have gone around some other way. Do you recall seeing another door out of that room...?" She gets up as close to the pile of rubble as she can safely, listening intently.

I don't suppose a perception check would do any good here?

Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18

You still hear faint splashing sounds. Moreover, you don't recall any other doors in Razelago's office. Whatever it is, the quickest path is either through the rubble or through the wall, though in the state of disrepair the house is in, adding more structural damage is likely a poor decision.

"I don't... it was just the one door..."

Becky looks at the wall as if legitimately considering just blazing right through it for a second.

"I'd... really like one of those things...? You know the ones... they have an instant window..? Put it on a wall and there's a hole..? But I don't..."

She shakes her head, looking back at the rubble.

"Your halfling's drunk... and sleeping." The implication is that she's not going to move the rubble herself, and clearly neither is Elise. It's unfortunate, but this mystery might go unsolved.

It's clear that between the drunks below and the girls above, the mystery bather will have to remain a mystery. Becky and Eliselda return to the parlor and find a place to curl up for the night. The next morning, Cimri wakes you, telling you that Razelago wants to meet with you again immediately.

Razelago’s office is as it was before, only now a small, black lacquered box sits on the table before the paper screens. Once you are assembled, Razelago explains the situation.

“With the number of veterans who live in town, it’s not surprising that there’s a church of Iomedae in Longacre. But there might not be one much longer if Tileavia Allamar, its priestess, does what she has in mind.”

Razelago’s silhouette clasps shadowy hands.

“There’s growing unrest in the empire, and not just in Pezzack and along the Hellcoast. Many of Iomedae’s faithful have begun speaking more boldly of the monarchy’s vices and the rights of citizens. They seem to believe this is Andoran and that the people have only to reach out to seize power. But they are wrong. This is Cheliax, not Andoran, and we know where true power lies."

Razelago's silhouette shifts.

“Fifth Sword Knight Allamar is gathering all who will listen for a sermon in front of her church this afternoon, only two short hours from now. I don’t know what she has in mind, but I suspect some revolutionary claptrap that can only sow the seeds of confusion and frustration among Longacre’s citizens. That is contrary to my wishes. So I’d like you to attend the rally. In the box are sashes marked with the insignia of Archbaron Fex. Wear them, remind people that the lord of this town is not without supporters, and see what transpires. Afterward, Cimri will report back to me. In return, you will all receive double what you did last night.”

Cimri quickly agrees and takes the box, looking to the rest of you.

Q&A with Razelago again, should you wish.

"Wait... so... are we burning them down also? I dunno about killing that many people..."

Female Tiefling HP 8/8 | Moon Witch 1 | Init +6 | AC/FF/T 12/10/12 | F:1 R:2 W:3 | Perc (Kali:4) (Umb:13)

"I hope so. Listening to a sermon of that b%%%$'s faithful sounds dreadfully boring."

Razelago chuckles.

"As ever, you can do as you see fit, though I imagine setting fire to the church in broad daylight amidst a crowd of the faithful is likely to bring some unpleasant consequences. While that would certainly undermine whatever authority the church possesses, there are subtler ways."

"Ahh... so... What would you have in mind? Have a Thrune speak to them as a Thrune?"

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