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"...Should... should I call my friend? She usually shows up when I need her..."

Becky is looking around at the loccal equipment, and trying to come up with ways to interrupt the sermon. As she does, she's wearing the sash.

"We could just watch like normal people, though... but that seems... Mm... Well, it's okay..?"

"Ahh... so... What would you have in mind? Have a Thrune speak to them as a Thrune?"

"Wait... so... are we burning them down also? I dunno about killing that many people..."

"I don't... it was just the one door..."

Becky looks at the wall as if legitimately considering just blazing right through it for a second.

"I'd... really like one of those things...? You know the ones... they have an instant window..? Put it on a wall and there's a hole..? But I don't..."

She shakes her head, looking back at the rubble.

"Your halfling's drunk... and sleeping." The implication is that she's not going to move the rubble herself, and clearly neither is Elise. It's unfortunate, but this mystery might go unsolved.

"I think this goes a little beyond dust at this point..."

Becky Norin: Mild mannered stater of the obvious.

"Think there's someone else here?"

"Then let's go peep!" Becky exclaims quietly, leading the way upstairs.

Becky looks over at Eliselda and quirks an eyebrow.

"Hey... wanna go see what's up upstairs? I'm curious."

Becky will stay, but just to watch.

Everyone is so cool, after all! She's positively starry-eyed.

You had her at 'free food.' Becky goes downstairs to have some delicious food and some deliciouser gold.

She had the one question she cared about answered, after all.

"...So we were working for you..? Why'd you want him killed and the place burned down..?"

That just seemed so mean to Becky. Really, it was just so cruel. Seriously. That is the word for it. Needlessly cruel.

Possibly Evil.

Or awesome, but she doesn't run on awesome.

I think she's waiting for the next story beat to respond to, more or less.

"Um... it's locked... can anyone...?"

Becky's voice fades off as she looks over to the window.

"I'll just... go this way... instead."

Trying to take 10 up to a window, for an 11? Or if they're on ground level just heading on through one.

"Oh... um... yes."

Becky pushes open the door and wanders inside, looking nervously around as if she's worried about walking into a den of pure unadulterated evil or something.

Oh, I thought we'd already gone in. Derp de do.

I'll kick her.

At some point, Mary got bored and wandered off alone. That means that the person showing up is the quiet girl who ran off before.

"M-my friend I saw... she helped, right? Sorry, I would have done it myself, but... stomach..."

"We... should be..." Eliselda's presence is overpowering, Kali's somehow makes it worse, and Becky shrinks back before holding her stomach.

"...Cimri..? Nerves... Can't... I'm going... Bathroom... I'll catch up when I can..." She assumes that Cimri knows what she really means by this, as she backs up and swiftly runs around a corner to uh.


Once she's out of sight, it's time for the obvious awesomeness to take place, but since she's doing it out of sight I'm not writing a description yet. Also taking 10 on stealth, aside the whole crazy magical lighting business.

Social talents are sort of eeeh, so you'd never pick one over a vigilante talent.

Yeah, she p short.

"...I'm... Nineteen... Not a child..." Her voice is quiet and frequently halts at various points, as she looks up at Torgueila. "But I'm... a specialist..." She looks from Cimri to the others and back.

"I squeeze places... dress up... lie... hide... tumble... scare people..."

She nods to herself. "Every team... needs someone like that..."

Her weasel crawls out of her bag and up to her shoulder.

"Yes... I'm fine... Don't worry... please..."

"...yes... that... yes."

Becky gives a quiet nod, thinking to herself.

"What... do we do... if we find someone in there..?"

As for earlier...

Disguise: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Operation pretend to be someone who belongs there was probably a failure.

Anyways... Becky probably did some kind of low-key something for her. Maybe it involved murder. Maybe it didn't. Maybe it didn't even require Hardgore Mary at all.

And now I have... um... if it's alright, I mean, there's a couple of new aliases up for... um...