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You know that's not better ... :/ Note to self - don't forget ] it'll just steal those from wherever it feels like ...

Trick: 2d10 + 21 + 4 ⇒ (3, 9) + 21 + 4 = 37

Attack!: 2d10 + 12 ⇒ (5, 7) + 12 = 24

Damage? (electric): 1d6 + 5 + 5d8 ⇒ (3) + 5 + (5, 5, 1, 8, 4) = 31

Aye let's hope the rewrite is going well, everyone is doing well and that GM is full of energy and hype :)

Nice to see an update : )

I think a specific discord for the game would be the best, if we have one.

Ash Raven wrote:

Update time!

The player manual has bumped up to 43 pages so far. There's a few more things I want to touch on in the document as well. It's looking like it will be about 45-50 pages altogether.

This would be the last update on that - about 2 weeks ago.

One would assume it would be when the source material has been rewritten :P

Game is not actually recruiting yet - still an interest check due to unfortunate accidents regarding the source material. So welcome :D

I'm still on my one fishy plan - but also ever curious :D

Also a bit late but happy lunar new year!

Oh it sounds like we should start thinking about clearing our schedule for some reading soon. Great :D

Yes. Lunar New year is coming up and I think that's the one that would be celebrated in this brave New world

Happy new year!


Guess we'll have to do this again in about a month :D

Sounds like interesting stuff we can't wait to see : )

Thanks for the update!

Damn these holidays! :P


But seriously thanks for your hard work. And for providing an update : )

Yeah, that's a bummer. But as others have mentioned - google docs should have a rollback feature. Let's hope it works : )

That's the spirit of the season isn't it :P

Vrog Skyreaver wrote:
Lessah wrote:
I'm still thinking about Harbinger/Invoker but we'll see if that idea has legs to stand on...
Buh dum dum.

: )


It was mentioned that they'll have the Fins to Feet spell somehow. Now there is actually a trait for that in some book somewhere, but it's 1/day (and lasts 1h/level). Might be that - or something else.

Personally I'm guessing they're slightly reworked/rebuilt somehow.

Hopefully this info though is in the google docs/campaign info tab whenever the recruitment goes live.

I'm still thinking about Harbinger/Invoker but we'll see if that idea has legs to stand on...

Yes! If a few more people pick it we might not need that prologue boat :D

Also - did you see the post where the Merfolk flavour was elaborated on?

Well you could simply figure out a way to solve that pesky little "living" detail :D

Basic Magical Training [Core wrote:

]Prerequisite: No levels in any spellcasting class.

Benefit: Choose a sphere of magic. You gain access to this basic sphere. You gain an effective caster level of 1 and a spell pool of 1. Use your highest mental ability as your casting ability score.

If you later gain levels in a spellcasting class, exchange this feat for the Extra Magical Talent feat.

This might be handy. I assume there's a similar one for combat spheres?

Edit: Hmm maybe not...

No problem : )

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It is through armor proficiency - the comment about BAB was in error and there's a post (somewhere) stating such.

Edit: Clarification (and the question it is replying to for clarity).

Storm Dragon wrote:
Lessah wrote:
Merfolk Monks - Mhm. Still looks terribly silly even if they can flop really fast imo. Otherwise it's a pretty great class yeah : )
Well he did say they have legs. I could imagine you looking like a Lakelurk or something.

Yeah. Just 10 min before that Vrog helpfully suggested that I should get some mobility by picking monk - hence the turbo powered flopping :D


Meditating inside a waterfall seems pretty cool. Though isn't the idea that it is supposed to be hard?

Maybe the Merfolk monk instead just chills in a recliner on the beach in the sun. That's pretty impressive for something that's 50% fish!

Oh I see. That's intriguing! A bit of darkness works perfectly well with the Harbinger.


Merfolk Monks - Mhm. Still looks terribly silly even if they can flop really fast imo. Otherwise it's a pretty great class yeah : )


Oh so very tempting. Not sure if it will work with what I have ... But maybe it's actually perfect! Telekinesis might solve the flopping around like a fish on land issue :)

I'm currently toying with Incanter+Harbinger aiming to throw around telekinesis and curses but like the above I don't think I'll have anything concrete until more details of the campaign are unveiled. Looking forward to that : )

Mechas are less thematic now?

Guess they're in the wrong age...

Mystic Assault is a very neat feat. I really wonder how it will interact with the supernatural/spell like strikes from path of war. Might be something we have to pinky swear not to do?

Mm yeah right that's an issue.

Easiest would probably be to ask nicely if the GM does want to use any of the alternative crafting rule sets that's a bit faster.

Or use Masterwork Transformation and cheat but that's pretty bad flavour.

The Armorist class gets some sort of item permanency - but it's more "look at this shiny pile of stuff I have" rather then "I can make cool stuff and give it away!".


@Unlimited Blade Works - I have some vague ideas of the telekinesis sphere from Spheres of Power and make something fun with that, which might end up dropping a few tons of swords on someone. Haven't really checked the validity of that build yet though!

@Names - Yeah. And that difference shows that translating something word for word doesn't always work. Even though it was a real word :D

Yeah google is your friend. So are those what-does-this-name-mean lists. You can piece together pretty authentic sounding names that way!

Anecdote time - I was looking for a name for a wind god. Being lazy I thought "oh hey why not just call it god wind or something" and felt really clever until I figured that name already had some baggage attached to it.

(Kaze is wind as Jereru said and god - or divinity - is usually translated Kami. So yeah ... Had to figure out something else :P)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Aang from Avatar is mainly an Air Bender so whoooshing is actually appropriate :D

@Jereru - It's been a while since I looked at it myself, but I think some Path of War disciples have some stuff you might like. Might be worth a look?

Oh no no halflings? There goes half my ideas. heh

On a serious note it's good to see more setting details. Thanks for that : )

Having some extra time I did manage to read the thread. And there seems to be plenty of cool ideas there. Neat!

I'm anxious to see what the campaign is actually about. Maybe we're just supposed to poke around in this strange world :D

Reading the op has me intrigued enough to dot. Seems like an interesting take on the world - and if someone has put all that energy into it it's bound to be fun : )

I'll read up on the links and other posts here come the weekend and I hope to have some rough idea of what to submit by then.

RPGGGM wrote:
So basically you'd be your own Horn of Valhalla. That could be kinda cool.

Kinda. There's actually an Skald archetype for doing exactly that (Savage Skald) but it didn't look that cool :D


Victoria Velasco - I'm sorry to hear that. Though thanks for the time we could play even if it was brief. Good luck out there : )

Thanks for taking the time even if I feel my character could have used a few more hours in the oven : )

Good luck to those selected and good luck overthrowing the great and glorious citizen Goss!

Excellent! Thank you : )

I'd like to note my interest again, for the re-recruitment this time. Hoping to have something presentable hammered together before friday to at least get some comments on it!

So far I'm looking at the spiritualist and maybe doctor as a profession. I recall seeing the later mentioned somewhere else in this thread and I shall try and track it down.

I'm not sure I'd actually like to play the character I've clobbered together, so I will not be submitting anything (unless divine inspiration falls from the heavens or something).

The campaign itself though looks really fun so if you ever need candidates to fill the ranks at any time in the future feel free to shoot a pm and I'll take another crack at it then : )

Good luck to all the hopefuls!

I've thinking about making an grumpy old elf for my submission but that felt slightly like a repetition :P

(We'll see if I actually get my story together or not, but hopefully^^)

I have a question about the Affiliated Agent campaign trait - are all the non-opposing groups listed in the Gazette okay choices?

Specifically I was thinking about the criminal gangs for a mastermind or either of the two less frothing-rage Milani factions for pretty much anyone?

Edit: Bonus stir-up-mud!

The Verbal Duel subsystem treats all skill ranks from versatile performance as "real" skill ranks. Though that might simply be an intended perk for the social bard class and not something to be seen as a precedent to other things.

Bonus-bonus mud!

Would a familiar get to utilize the masters skill ranks for verbal duels?

I looked at the level 5 improved familiar options and a chatty Brownie looks hilarious.

Now I don't think it will be that useful - after all the challenge is probably to get someone to even take a Brownie seriously - but seeing a poor wizard/shaman/something getting constantly outmaneuvered by their familiar is an amusing thought. Especially if they use their masters skill ranks to do so :P

@Arcane Trickster - It's a fun looking class. But a gestalt game is a shining opportunity to emulate a PrC ... : )

@Bard Scrolls - Mm!


Completely unrelated the idea of a scroll merchant isn't too far fetched and it sounds like there's an existing demand. Mehehehe *twirls stache*

Mm it's like Sapiens said - you gotta have a gameplay thread for it to show up on the campaign screen. Otherwise you'd have to go through every single person that expressed interest and remove them from said campaign so it is probably for the better :P

@Self Sufficient - You *might* be able to get away with a large collection of scrolls and lower ranks in certain skills?

For example, if Stealth is mainly for emergencies you could just have a potion of invisibility and like 1 or 2 ranks it it. For Sleight of Hand you could have a sneaky familiar. Or call some imps. And so on.


I'm thinking about building something with a bit of summoning power myself. Plots seems like the prefect use for all those "call really low CR outsider" spells that are oh so cool.

Or maybe a Medium - because keeping track of Gestalt characters wasn't annoying enough already :P

Yeah a conspirator skill list would be a good thought exercise at the very least. My merchant list was just intended as bare-bones-merchant not what's needed to overthrow the revolution.

A full suite of the social skills will probably be helpful.

Stealth too and I'd add acrobatics/climb since some things can't be out talked or sneaked away from. Magical classes of course have extra ways to solve that but scrolls/potions of run-away might be handy for everyone.

Knowledge: Person-standing-in-front-of-you will probably also be really handy to have. Just so you know if they can be safely ignored or if they need special handling and so on. This probably depends on where the conspirator hangs out the most.

Craft: Highly Illegal But Useful Thing might be handy too. While it might be possible to acquire such things leaving less loose ends laying around seems really good.

Just some quick thoughts!

Aye true. Simply might not have accounted for a wizard's desire for well above int?

I too thought about that. Ended up with the following short list:

1) Profession Merchant - for obvious reasons.
2) Appraise - to evaluate deals
3) Sense Motive - to avoid scams
4) Diplomacy - to negotiate deals

Plus probably several of the following:

a) Bluff - to scam or just oversell
b) Knowledge Local/Nobility/Geography ect - to find markets/customers/goods ect
c) Perception - to keep an eye on the goods or spot counterfeits
d) Craft X - if you are making what you are selling
e) Spellcraft - to spot/engage in magical trickery

This was just what I brainstormed so there's no guarantee that it's accurate. But maybe : )

I'd like to express interest in your ambitious ideas once more. Don't have any idea of what (or even if) inspiration will compel me to build so that shall be all for now : )

Edit: I think I shall be as bold as to point out that the Theosophist actually does still have Linguistics.

Also - it looks like the Ecclesitheurge and Separatist archetypes from Paizo would emulate most of those features.

They don't stack by RAW but you would be able to pick what feels most important to you (clothy-cleric perks or odd domain).

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