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Aang from Avatar is mainly an Air Bender so whoooshing is actually appropriate :D

@Jereru - It's been a while since I looked at it myself, but I think some Path of War disciples have some stuff you might like. Might be worth a look?

Oh no no halflings? There goes half my ideas. heh

On a serious note it's good to see more setting details. Thanks for that : )

Having some extra time I did manage to read the thread. And there seems to be plenty of cool ideas there. Neat!

I'm anxious to see what the campaign is actually about. Maybe we're just supposed to poke around in this strange world :D

Reading the op has me intrigued enough to dot. Seems like an interesting take on the world - and if someone has put all that energy into it it's bound to be fun : )

I'll read up on the links and other posts here come the weekend and I hope to have some rough idea of what to submit by then.

RPGGGM wrote:
So basically you'd be your own Horn of Valhalla. That could be kinda cool.

Kinda. There's actually an Skald archetype for doing exactly that (Savage Skald) but it didn't look that cool :D


Victoria Velasco - I'm sorry to hear that. Though thanks for the time we could play even if it was brief. Good luck out there : )

Thanks for taking the time even if I feel my character could have used a few more hours in the oven : )

Good luck to those selected and good luck overthrowing the great and glorious citizen Goss!

Excellent! Thank you : )

I'd like to note my interest again, for the re-recruitment this time. Hoping to have something presentable hammered together before friday to at least get some comments on it!

So far I'm looking at the spiritualist and maybe doctor as a profession. I recall seeing the later mentioned somewhere else in this thread and I shall try and track it down.

I'm not sure I'd actually like to play the character I've clobbered together, so I will not be submitting anything (unless divine inspiration falls from the heavens or something).

The campaign itself though looks really fun so if you ever need candidates to fill the ranks at any time in the future feel free to shoot a pm and I'll take another crack at it then : )

Good luck to all the hopefuls!

I've thinking about making an grumpy old elf for my submission but that felt slightly like a repetition :P

(We'll see if I actually get my story together or not, but hopefully^^)

I have a question about the Affiliated Agent campaign trait - are all the non-opposing groups listed in the Gazette okay choices?

Specifically I was thinking about the criminal gangs for a mastermind or either of the two less frothing-rage Milani factions for pretty much anyone?

Edit: Bonus stir-up-mud!

The Verbal Duel subsystem treats all skill ranks from versatile performance as "real" skill ranks. Though that might simply be an intended perk for the social bard class and not something to be seen as a precedent to other things.

Bonus-bonus mud!

Would a familiar get to utilize the masters skill ranks for verbal duels?

I looked at the level 5 improved familiar options and a chatty Brownie looks hilarious.

Now I don't think it will be that useful - after all the challenge is probably to get someone to even take a Brownie seriously - but seeing a poor wizard/shaman/something getting constantly outmaneuvered by their familiar is an amusing thought. Especially if they use their masters skill ranks to do so :P

@Arcane Trickster - It's a fun looking class. But a gestalt game is a shining opportunity to emulate a PrC ... : )

@Bard Scrolls - Mm!


Completely unrelated the idea of a scroll merchant isn't too far fetched and it sounds like there's an existing demand. Mehehehe *twirls stache*

Mm it's like Sapiens said - you gotta have a gameplay thread for it to show up on the campaign screen. Otherwise you'd have to go through every single person that expressed interest and remove them from said campaign so it is probably for the better :P

@Self Sufficient - You *might* be able to get away with a large collection of scrolls and lower ranks in certain skills?

For example, if Stealth is mainly for emergencies you could just have a potion of invisibility and like 1 or 2 ranks it it. For Sleight of Hand you could have a sneaky familiar. Or call some imps. And so on.


I'm thinking about building something with a bit of summoning power myself. Plots seems like the prefect use for all those "call really low CR outsider" spells that are oh so cool.

Or maybe a Medium - because keeping track of Gestalt characters wasn't annoying enough already :P

Yeah a conspirator skill list would be a good thought exercise at the very least. My merchant list was just intended as bare-bones-merchant not what's needed to overthrow the revolution.

A full suite of the social skills will probably be helpful.

Stealth too and I'd add acrobatics/climb since some things can't be out talked or sneaked away from. Magical classes of course have extra ways to solve that but scrolls/potions of run-away might be handy for everyone.

Knowledge: Person-standing-in-front-of-you will probably also be really handy to have. Just so you know if they can be safely ignored or if they need special handling and so on. This probably depends on where the conspirator hangs out the most.

Craft: Highly Illegal But Useful Thing might be handy too. While it might be possible to acquire such things leaving less loose ends laying around seems really good.

Just some quick thoughts!

Aye true. Simply might not have accounted for a wizard's desire for well above int?

I too thought about that. Ended up with the following short list:

1) Profession Merchant - for obvious reasons.
2) Appraise - to evaluate deals
3) Sense Motive - to avoid scams
4) Diplomacy - to negotiate deals

Plus probably several of the following:

a) Bluff - to scam or just oversell
b) Knowledge Local/Nobility/Geography ect - to find markets/customers/goods ect
c) Perception - to keep an eye on the goods or spot counterfeits
d) Craft X - if you are making what you are selling
e) Spellcraft - to spot/engage in magical trickery

This was just what I brainstormed so there's no guarantee that it's accurate. But maybe : )

I'd like to express interest in your ambitious ideas once more. Don't have any idea of what (or even if) inspiration will compel me to build so that shall be all for now : )

Edit: I think I shall be as bold as to point out that the Theosophist actually does still have Linguistics.

Also - it looks like the Ecclesitheurge and Separatist archetypes from Paizo would emulate most of those features.

They don't stack by RAW but you would be able to pick what feels most important to you (clothy-cleric perks or odd domain).

I really should have known given that I did exactly the same with my nick ...

Guess that this proves once and for all that "It takes one to know one!" is a really bad figure of speech :P

There's a ton of difference between 'run some cool mini adventures' and 'wrangle this gigantic beast' though.

But if there's someone interested in picking up the reins my interest is still here : )

Don't worry about us - it was still really fun. You haven't broken your promise because this game, all in all, has been a good experience : )

We understand that sometimes things don't work out as planned and sometimes bad things happen. It's sad to see that things are troublesome irl for you - but know that that concern is because we enjoy the fun you brought us and only wishes the very best for you!

If you want to play some other time or just vent or send messages and chat or something please don't hesitate to pm me.

Thanks for the fun times and my best wishes!

RPGGGM wrote:
Illthir Winlowe wrote:
Illthir charges as well - going for the yellow zombie!
I don't think that's possible given your location on the map. Maybe blue would be a better target.

Huh I could have sworn that that one was the yellow one. Maybe I'm going colour-blind? Yeah the one she is currently standing within hammer-reach of : )

Maybe. It's a quite ambitious project, so it might just be cold feet (which while sad is understandable).

But yeah hoping is free so let's carry on a little longer : )

Jereru wrote:
Sooo... Happy New Year?

Indeed : )


I feel confident enough to label Saki an 1.0 version worthy of release.

Let's hope that a 1.1 won't be needed : )

And good luck picking - good luck to the pickees as well :P

19 levels quicker and easier in this case yeah^^

Plus I'm sure there's no need to be thrown into lava in pathfinder right?

Gotta join the dark side for that sweet Infernal Healing. Because apparently devil blood just is healthier :P

@Choon - Hello : )

@Healing - Surprisingly the Samurai get Cure Light Wounds once-per-day on downtime days :P

@Character - Not going as quickly and smoothly as I hoped, but I'm on it. I updated the sheet at least with my race and class picks; Slyph Samurai.

So I've tinkered a bit with my character idea sheet.

So far I'm thinking that the gillmen's tendency to simply melt if not dipped in water might be a harsh liability to dump on the community. (Worse then 5' hopping merfolk even!)

So I might abandon that plan and make a Samurai instead to get my fish out of water flavour. (Fun fact: the class allows you to get a 25' per round fin-hopping merfolk before racial features! ...But there might be more helpful ways to spend your character on ... ^^)

I'm planing to at least pitch a rough outline tomorrow : )

I was hoping to do something fun with the Fins to Feet and the Recharge Innate Spell spell. But looking closer that only works for cantrips and 1st level spells. And even the hop-faster-on-your-fin trait is probably too slow.

I'll look around for something else : )

@Character race - Well I was thinking of being lazy and picking elf.

But that's not terribly exciting is it?

I've also considered Merfolk - but that has a small pile of *uh* complications. Would probably have to rethink my build into something that doesn't need to move much to actually be helpful.

I'll think on it : )

edit: I added some notes to the sheet about my uncertainty :P

I'm currently considering going Magus since that class is fun and looks to be free. The more I think on it the more I feel like trying the Kensai + Bladed Brush kind, it's been at the back of my mind for a while.

And a bit of memory loss and zombie apocalypse would really justify the tormented artist trope. Now only to make something that doesn't become zombie food too fast - and that's fun to be around of course ^^

Just on the off chance that this isn't dead in the water - I added myself as a GM volunteer to the sheet : )


I must say that my first instinct is to wear a red coat and sneak up and down chimneys. This might not be the campaign for that though ^^

This looks fun. And the holiday season is perfect for making shiny new characters!

Since I'm quite late I'll just throw a bunch of d40 at the boards and see how quickly I find a non-taken number:

Free?: 10d40 ⇒ (16, 8, 33, 13, 8, 30, 15, 3, 7, 33) = 166

Edit: 33 looks free!

Hmmm spreadsheets. It's a good idea, but none of my concepts are that concrete yet : )

I'm also excited to use this opportunity to churn out a bunch of characters that's been lurking in my concept folder.

I'd probably be interested in running a short scenario in the lower tiers as well.

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Nah, still cautiously optimistic here.

Any sort of concrete recruitment were slated for today at the earliest. And I'd expect something of this size to run over the time schedule by a bit anyhow.

Now if it's total silence for another few weeks then I might change my mind.

Really high level characters can be fun to build and run once in a while, but yeah, a bit tough to jump straight into. But it's nice to be given the chance.

I'm thinking of simply building a heap of characters for fun and then see which one that appeals to me the most. Or make an attempt to do so anyhow :P

Hue hue hue.

Sound good!

@Monster PCs - In my experience it isn't the cool abilities that make monsters too strong. I mean casters can raise dead, teleport or disintegrate people already so those can't be any balance issues right :P

It's usually their vastly superior stat lines and extra hd with all that comes along with that. Might be worth to keep an eye on that especially in a gestalt game.

But I'm sure you have thought of this already. You seem well prepared : )

What harm could simply rolling a few dice do?

5d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 3, 3, 1) = 14 -> 13
5d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 5, 5, 3) = 20 -> 18
5d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 1, 6, 3) = 21 -> 20
5d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 3, 2, 1) = 15 -> 14
5d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 6, 6, 3) = 22 -> 20
5d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 1, 2, 3) = 10 -> 9

Looks interesting to say the least. Let's see what happens : )

I am still interested!

And some of those other options sounds fun too - but you really should run what you are passionate about. Something you can see yourself enjoying for quite some time. Players can usually be found for almost anything :-)

I'd recommend that you upload your self made stuff to one (or more!) web based storages available. Text or even pictures are pretty small compared to youtube visits anyhow and this way it's much harder to lose!

OneDrive might be included on your computer already and both Google drive and drop box are free options suitable to save notes on. If you put it on all three then the chance if all their servers exploding at the same time is pretty slim.

@Dying in melee - There should be plenty of people to hid behind though : )

And Jhaelwyn will have points in Heal so you are not completely screwed if you go into negative. Come to think of it, there's also a paladin with lay on hands. Assuming he simply doesn't accidental squish the kobold that is ... :P

If it becomes a big or reoccurring problem I'm sure we can arrange some better protection scheme.

@Feat taxes - Yeah, those where the ones I thought about.

Main thing I like is that Power Attack and Deadly Aim is available for everyone. Then everyone can be at least passable in melee and ranged combat! Well everyone with 13+ in Str and Dex.

It does take the shine away a bit from fighters though, worth asking how our great and glorious leader feels about that one. (Maybe just happy as everyone else when they get a few extra toys to play with? :P)

@Large price tag - Hmh. It is starting to make sense why all the poor giants use furs and greatclubs then!

Might be worth to check out one of those get-a-free-weapon traits? (But they might have all been *uh* readjusted a bit - I don't recall ...)

@Parley - I'm imagining you two hosting a tea party for some diplomat. Now that would be a sight to see!

Hello! Thanks for the nomination and welcome. It feels great so far : )

It's finally Monday (and I'm home!) and I'm sure everyone else is also terribly excited. Good luck everyone!

@mount - glad that worked out :-)

@input on selection - that might be true, but. I doubt we'd want a self imploding group. So feedback from the glorious leader is of course very valuable!

Oh yeah that could be a problem. (Something like this but even worse?) Hmm.

Random thought - does Gork have to ride?

The animal companion could simply be an companion. Or maybe that 'chosen one' archetype that has a little spirit that helps out?

Or ... What about a chariot? Now that would be an impressive sight! You could simply add extra animals to it until you get the pulling power you need. Even more terrain dependent then a standard mount though, which is tough.

But back to the topic of mounts - there really aren't many starting as large (and even less huge!) animals are there? Basically horses and some of the megafauna. Ouch.

@Yak - What do you mean?

They are clearly fierce and majestic beasts! :P

@Giant Mantis Hunter - There's an archetype that might work?

@Artemis. P:
Hunting Party - Sent by the dragon. Now since the elves all work for the dragon, it could certainly be both. I'm not sure myself - but I think it makes sense that there's at least a small group of elves in there plus a few support staff and maybe an alchemist or two.

Age - I'm going for the human equivalent of 35-ish. Old enough to know which is the pointy end of the spear but not really anywhere close to those seen-it-all veterans.

Being an elf that means over a century and quite possibly thousands of hunts. Granted most would probably be [medium game animal] which aren't that impressive. Maybe a few dozen where there's truly risk involved and with notable prey. And that makes for only a handful of life or death situations where the bear escaped the trap or the bandit didn't hop into the pit as planned.

Hmm. Seems reasonable? I'm planning on mostly leaving the (non mantid) hunts vague and use it as anecdote fodder whenever Jhaelwyn makes the relevant knowledge check.

Thanks for the kind words and especially the question, they really help me think.

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