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Tenvor shakes his head with a grimace. No, Godwin here didn't really have anyone but himself - he wasn't a very amiable sort. You might want to run that past Rickety, just in case he wants it for something, but in my mind, you sure earned it.

This is a +1 mace

Tenvor stands and looks out. Ah! That's the Oncoming Storm - good fellows, those; they helped us out with some issues we had here while we reworked their ship for them. I think you'll like out for the first mate, though - I hear he has a silver tongue.

With nothing else to be done here, Tenvor leads the way back down, planning out loud about how he'd have to get a new man for the watchtower, prepare funeral services and Godwin's removal and burial, etc. As you head back to town proper, you catch sight of the parrot, Rotgut, following at a distance.

You pull into drydock and set to, planning out your ram with Rickety and settling up on old debts. As soon as you hit the shores, Belliott comes up to the officers. Sorry, cap'n, but many of the men are already clamorin' for shore leave. What's the plan? Want me to just shuddem up for now?

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If this was another port I'd say yea, but Rickety's is like home, and no doubt they'd like to see our boys spend some coin, if we can keep them in polite. 2/3 the crew out at a time, drawn by lots, morning to an evening, all crew back at night. A few fellows will have to wait until tomorrow, but it is what it is. An extra half-ration of rum for the crew that stays. Not enough to incapacitate them, but enough to mute their grumbling for having to stay....and I'm not about to be a slavers ship, and I will keep no sailor that doesn't want the life....may cause us a headache or two in the beginning, but it will get us a solid crew in the end.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Taptap shakes Rickety's hand warmly. Aye. A short sail, but profitable. I just want to funnel that into the Oncoming Storm. She's lithe in the water, but I need her to be able to bust a nose if she needs to, if you gather my meaning. So, yes a ram. Imma going to let off 2/3 of my crew at a time for shore leave, but back at night. If they cause trouble, you let me know, without hesitation.
I'll level up and settle debts over the weekend.

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"Of course. Rickety will likely know if he's got family who'd want his effects. I'll bring it back with us."

As Tenvor names the ship;
"The Oncoming Storm? That's the one Rickety mentioned about putting in a word with the Captain for me. . . '

She considers Tenvor's words for moment;
"The first mate eh? I'll keep that in mind. Though growing up where I did, you get kind of an ear for spotting bull droppings."

She chuckles;
"Hells. It was dangerous to not be able to get a decent read on people. Anyhow, lets head back. We should try to rig up a sled or something to take back the boars. After all, with the extra guests for dinner, the roast pork would be a blessing. But I'm not going to even pretend I can carry one of those."

Just let me know when I should stop using the spoiler tags.

Tenvor nods, then seems a bit disappointed. Well, we'd be sorry to see you go, Miss Aroll, that's for certain. But, I'm sure you'd be more than welcome with their crew - good folks, those.

You head back after Tenvor rigs up a makeshift sled out of saplings and Godwin's old hammock. And, you return to find the crew of this new ship disembarking by the dry dock.

And, spoilers no longer necessary

Belliott nods, and finishes a salute before he turns on his heels to tell the sailors the good news. As he turns, you can see an unlikely pair headed back your way, from the south. One is a man you recognize - Tenvor - a young man you know as the captain of what amounts to the guard here at Rickety's. The other is a human woman who quite definitely stands out - either through bearing, an aura about her, or attitude, you're not sure...but she seems unique. They approach with a pair of large, felled boars being pulled behind them in an improvised sled.

Current HP: 28 Sylph Oracle 5

Rush watches from the ship's railings. He doesn't like to leave the ship unless he has to. (irrationally afraid of getting stranded again)

Female Human HP: 26/31 (0 Temp HP)| AC 14| T 13 (13 vs. Incorporeal)| FF 12| CMD 14| Fort + 3, Ref + 4, Will + 5| Init + 6| Perc +7| Speed 30 ft. Fly Hex 60 ft Witch / 5 Flight Hex Used: 0/5

Last GM spoiler before getting back:

"Thank you Tenvor. Rickety and all of you have been nothing but good to me, and I really do appreciate it. Kaloh and I could not have asked for better hosts."

From her shoulder, the tiny dinosaur chitters;
"*If you plan to do something about him, you should probably do it now. Before you get caught up in trying to get a place on that ship.*"
She chuckles and chitters back at her familiar.
"*You have a point.*"

"So Tenvor, this may be a bit forward of me, but since I'm trying to get a berth on that ship, I don't know how long I'll be around. Before I go, would you like to have dinner together? Maybe tonight if you have the time?"

Walking back into the compound, Malvessa spots Rickety speaking to someone at the dock. Turning to Tenvor, she says:
" If you want to get these beasts to the kitchens, I will go report what we found to Rickety."

Heading over to where Rickety and the other person are standing, she approaches to a respectful distances and waits for them to finish their conversation.

Tenvor stumbles over his own feet at something that the woman said to him, then his face darkens with a blush. He mutters something under his breath, before nodding at her last request and moving away quickly, the boars in tow.

I...I'd like that...yes.

Rickety turns and watches the woman approach with a wide grin. He looks up at Captain Taptap. Ah, now, there's one that'd be fine fer yer crew, Cap' of the most resourceful women I've ever seen.

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"Great. I'll see you then. I'm looking forward to it." a smile crossing her face as she walks away.

At Rickety's praise she blushes slightly, starting to humbly demure before she seems to catch herself, and says;
"Well I don't know if I deserve all that much, but I do appreciate the compliment. I have a report of what we found Rickety; whenever you have a moment." as she's speaking, she reaches up to steady Kaloh who is perched on her shoulders and trying to look at the two men.

Turning to the Halfling Captain, she says;
"And I'd like some time of yours as well Captain, or the time of whomever recruits for you. I'm looking for a ship if you've got a spot open."

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Taptap squints up at the woman before him. She certainly exuded a sense of competence, or at least confidence. You ever sail a ship before? Tack Tack scrambles up his leg to perch onto Tap's shoulder. He leans and whispers into Tap's ears. Captain Tap grins. 'ol Tack tack wants to know, are ye afraid of monkeys?

Rickety nods, and then watches Tenvor walk away. His eyes trace back to Malvessa, a bushy eyebrow raised. Godwin?

Behind Taptap, a massive man with a huge forehead is booming orders to the men and women on deck, and you can see a few of them gathering by the railing, preparing to disembark. As they do, an older fellow that with a large round belly comes on deck, stripping off an apron to set it on top of a barrel. He walks up to the man behind Tap, who seems to be the first mate.

Kroop nudges Jack slightly and leans in. Sir, what're we to do with the bodies of our fallen comrades? Are they to be buried here on the mainland?

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"You mean run the helm? I can hold her steady, if the sea's not too rough. I spent two years on the "Painted Lady" until the damned devil sucking Chellish navy sent her to the bottom with all hands."

She looks him in the eye.
"If you're looking for a swab to sit in the crow's nest, run the lines, mend the sails, or pump the bilges I can do that, but there's folks much better at it than I am. What I do bring is knowledge on a lot of subjects, like navigation, local customs, and magic. I speak eight other languages. I am a trained alchemist and can make anything from hangover cures, to acid, fire or ice to load your ship's weapons. I've also got my own magic that can be handy in a fight.

She pauses
"And no, no problem with monkeys unless they are bothering my friend Kaloh here." patting the tiny dinosaur on her shoulders. "Look, if you'd like; I'll be happy to take a trial run with you. If you don't like what I bring to your ship, you drop me off back here next pass or at any decent port, and we part ways no hard feelings"

Female Human HP: 26/31 (0 Temp HP)| AC 14| T 13 (13 vs. Incorporeal)| FF 12| CMD 14| Fort + 3, Ref + 4, Will + 5| Init + 6| Perc +7| Speed 30 ft. Fly Hex 60 ft Witch / 5 Flight Hex Used: 0/5

Sorry GM, missed seeing your post by like 4 minutes. She would have answered him before addressing TapTap

Shaking her head, she says:
"I'm sorry Rickety, he was gone when we found him. I'm not sure what caused it, but his tongue was swollen, and there was a big swelling on his neck. Maybe one of the smaller wasps stung him? Ms. Brindle swatted one about the size of my thumb just before the really big ones appeared."
She reaches into her backpack, and pulls out the mace they found at the tower. Holding it out to Rickey;
"We also found this. It was on the floor next to him. Was it his?"

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Tap nods appreciatively. He'd let his own studies fall by the wayside, and having someone on board that knew a thing or three about the world would be useful. Tacktack again interrupts his thoughts to chirp in Taptap's ear. Tap listens, then scowls, wagging a finger. No, I will not ask if you can ride the dino. Tap looks the dino over. I will ask however if the dino eats monkeys. Tap gives her a hard stare before letting his face dance into a grin. So, why are you so eager to get on a ship. Owe Rickety some gold, do you?

I'll be straight with ye. You seem capable. Bewitching perhaps. Ha ha! Yes I note the signs. You be a witch. Show us a trick yes? Prove to my crew that they'd rather have you on our deck, and not on the opposing deck....just none of that nastiness on me. Tap grins.

Female Human HP: 26/31 (0 Temp HP)| AC 14| T 13 (13 vs. Incorporeal)| FF 12| CMD 14| Fort + 3, Ref + 4, Will + 5| Init + 6| Perc +7| Speed 30 ft. Fly Hex 60 ft Witch / 5 Flight Hex Used: 0/5

She looks to the tiny dinosaur on her shoulders who then chitters at her. She nods her head and says;
"Riding him is a no. Not that he wouldn't let it happen, but considering that Kaloh here absolutely would eat a monkey if he has a chance, I don't see it ending well. He has at least promised not eat your monkey."

As she finishes speaking, Kaloh stretches and yawns, exposing his mouth full of needle sharp teeth.

She then looks around at TapTap's crew.
"I can demonstrate for you, but I'd ask that you get their permission first. Pirates can be cruel with their jokes, and I don't want bad blood between us for doing something at your request before I'm even hired."

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Well, don't ya hex Big Belliott. He's afraid of magic. Liable to go in a rage and get us kicked out of Rickety's. And I just started to stretch my legs. Ahh well, not now then. Perhaps in the evening. So let's be talking about plunder shares and such.

Tap continues to talk to the raven haired lady, trying to judge her competence. There was the just the crew, along with a crew's share, and then there was THE crew, and their bigger share of plunder, but also danger. In Tap's judgement, the crew needed another of the latter, less the former: A regular pirate barely knew how to handle a cutlass, much less a wand. All right, its settled then. Taptap extends a hand and shakes firmly. Welcome aboard.

Female Human HP: 26/31 (0 Temp HP)| AC 14| T 13 (13 vs. Incorporeal)| FF 12| CMD 14| Fort + 3, Ref + 4, Will + 5| Init + 6| Perc +7| Speed 30 ft. Fly Hex 60 ft Witch / 5 Flight Hex Used: 0/5

Taking her new Captain's hand, she shakes it with a substantially less firm grip than his. From the tightness of her hand, she seems to be trying to match his; if not very effectively.

Besmara's t**s he's a shrewd one! I expected to haggle a bit over things, but that was a struggle. Still; it's a good enough deal for me.

"Thank you Captain. I look forward to working together. I assume you're having work done to the ship? If it's okay with you, I'll maintain my room here until it's time to report."

She chuckles
"Not that I have much kit to move actually, it all pretty much fits in my bag now."

Current HP: 28 Sylph Oracle 5

Rush watches the exchange between Tap and Malvessa with interest, smiling when the Captain decides to let her on board. More magic is always useful.
Rush nudges Jack. She looks like a smart one, eh? 5 silver says she makes an example of the first to be to .... forward. Bet?

Rickety pauses, then his shoulders slump. He takes the weapon, almost reverently, and turns it about as he searches for the words. Aye...this...this was his. Godwin found it in his past life; he couldn't use the thing for s&!~, but he said it always brought him luck. He hands it back. Maybe it'll bring you the same...and maybe you can swing it, cause he sure couldn't.

Rickety sniffles, and then rubs his nose. Well, he was an ass, but he was one of ours. I'll let his friends know...there were a few here that could tolerate him.

He turns to Tap. Well, cap'n, make yerself at home while we work on this ram of yours. Got a design chosen?

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Malvessa gratefully accepts the mace from Rickety.
"Thank you Rickety. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'll try to put it to good use."

She turns to Captain TapTap;
"Captain, I will leave you two to your business, I'm having dinner with someone tonight and I don't want to smell like the jungle. If you will excuse me. . ."

GM: +1 Light mace?

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Indeed I have. Sketched it yesterday evening. Tap hands Rickety a parchment with the design, which features a fearsome head of a one-eyed primate. Tap looks over at Rush. If there are not objections

Current HP: 28 Sylph Oracle 5

Rush seems a little disappointed it isn't a huge lightning bolt, but says nothing to the sort. Of course not, Captain! We'll call it the Monkey's Punch, eh!?

Sorry, misread - that's a +1 morningstar, not a mace

Rickety eyes up the drawing, squinting in examination. A fine thing, Captain! We'll get right to work. That'll be an even five hundred gold; did you want to settle up now or work out plunder plan to finance it?

The pirates of the Oncoming Storm filter out into the small town, nearly all of them heading to the Commons to begin celebrating their landfall. Malvessa skips away with Rickety's blessing to freshen up, and then the carpenters of Rickety's Squibs get to work!

Up to you want you want to RP from here. You have no other "storyline" missions here at Rickety's, but I'm happy to roll up a nice bar fight or random encounter, or to RP Malvessa's date night and the visit to the Commons - whatever you like. Or, we can just fast forward through it and you can get back on your way. Also, you can try for Infamy if you like.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

A lightening bolt?! Gah. That's better than a mad monkey. Wait Rush didn't say that out loud. Is the weatherman spooking me?

Monkey wielding a lightning bolt maybe? The shock monkey cometh.

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Female Human HP: 26/31 (0 Temp HP)| AC 14| T 13 (13 vs. Incorporeal)| FF 12| CMD 14| Fort + 3, Ref + 4, Will + 5| Init + 6| Perc +7| Speed 30 ft. Fly Hex 60 ft Witch / 5 Flight Hex Used: 0/5

Making her way back down the dock, Malvessa rewraps the head of her new morningstar with a strip of cloth to blunt the spikes, and places it in her haversack.

*whew* That thing is heavy. Probably why Godwin couldn't swing the dammed thing. When we get someplace more populated, I'll see if I can trade up for something better suited to me.

Heading back to her room, she cleans up, brushes out her hair before re-braiding it, and does her best to make her clothing presentable.

Pulling the wasp punctured and bloodstained blouse from her bag, she washes it thoroughly in the basin, until she's sure it's as clean as can be.

I'll need to remember to memorize Mending to patch up those holes, before I run out of clothes to wear.

Hanging the shredded wet blouse up to dry, she double checks her appearance in the room's mirror, and settles in to wait for Tenvor's arrival.

I'm okay with whatever folks prefer. I'm open to RP things a bit or assume it goes well enough, and move on to the next thing. Heck a bar fight might be interesting. Side note: If you're expecting a steamy romantic encounter description, I'm more of a "fade to black and cut to the next morning" writer. :)

Likewise...I was hoping we could avoid RPing that!

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Eh, how about we have a monkey holding forth a bolt of lightning! Tap sets to sketching it out. Plausible? Yeah. He hands Rickety a

Current HP: 28 Sylph Oracle 5

Rush seems pleased by the new ram idea, but only smiles. Aye, Captain. As you wish.

I'm good with a fast forward. Rush isn't going to leave the ship unless he has to, still paranoid about being stranded again.
Also, how long did it take us to get here? I have to wait 2 weeks for my ring to kick in and need to track the days.

Rickety gives the sketch an odd look, then looks to the Captain. Well, guessin' there's not another ship out there with this design, that's fer sure. You got it, cap'n.

5 days

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Suddenly Tap releases a giant gufaw that would make even an old dwarf lady look up from her knitting. Scupper that! A monkey with a lightning bolt!?!! We'd be the joke of every ragged pirate and sailor on these cursed seas. Tap stomps his foot in mock anger.
I should keelhaul you Rush just for going along with it. And you Rickety. If ya want my business, then you gotta speak plain with me, not wash me with sycophantic blubber.

Here is my design. Behold. Tap retrieves a parchment from his boot.
Proper and terrifying.

I am aware that this design will incur more labor, and therefore cost. We will pay it.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

That is an inspired design, Tap. Did your monkey draw that?

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Tack Tack's brother in law did, as a matter of fact.

Current HP: 28 Sylph Oracle 5

Well, Captain.... if you insist.... Rush looks Tap dead in the eye. That drawing looks like you have a demon fetish that disturbs me deep down inside. But it is horrifying.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Fetish. No. But I did draw it during a bout of indigestion from Jack's stew. But tell me, Rush, if you a hardened sailor I've ever known, finds this disturbing, so will it those gibbers that see us sailing at them. Infamy...but, if you desire something more plain, we could entertain a simple, yet effective block of wood.

That is horrifying indeed....think you meant to post it in Strange Aeons...

Rickety's eyes widen at the drawing, and he stifles a sound, then grunts., that is terrifying. Indeed, cap'n, it will be so. Now, that's quite a bit of detail, so may take a bit of time. A few days, at the most.

You can stay here while it gets done, or you could take a day or two out on the ship for plunderin' while they get to work on the design, then have it mounted upon your return...just lemme know.

Current HP: 28 Sylph Oracle 5

Meant no offense, Captain. I'm sure it'll be as terrifying as you say. Rush clomps off mumbling to himself, Says to speak up and then gets offended when I do. What am I supposed to do? How offended is he? Hope he doesn't kick me off the ship...

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

With some modification, it will be suitable to honor our Lady, Besmara.

Tap, we are not undead pirates, and not one of us wishes we were.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Fine. Fine. Make it a Besmara. Lose the horns. Enlarge the teets. Lose the plague mask. Ecetera. Ecetera. Tap stomps away.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

Well, if we are stuck waiting, lets hire us some new crew, and maybe go a pirating. Captain Vesgal said that loose ships might be found about Shark Island, south someways of Motaku Island. But where is that?

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

We also have that map to a wrecked ship. That seems the easiest.

Male Human Swashbuckler Lvl 4

Aye! Tap! How could I be forgettin that? Now, do we have a nice trident for those damn sharks and eels?

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

No Jack. We sold that shark hating trident at the last port. I'm saving up for some special arrows though.

Current HP: 28 Sylph Oracle 5

I've got water breathing magic aplenty, for diving.

Tenvor arrives...or knocks on time at Malvessa's door. You get the idea he's the kind of guy that arrived early and was pacing outside your door for the last few minutes., hi! He looks quite dashing in a deep blue shirt tucked into long pants that look to be of Chelish cut. He obviously took some time to tend to his hair and clean up a bit, and you're not disappointed.

Overall, you find Tenvor to be a perfect gentlemen, if young and more than a little naive. It seems he's no desire to take to a ship, and considers the people of Rickety's to be his own, personal charge. It's a heavy weight for young shoulders, but he still keeps up a good attitude. Dinner is swell, and the drinks are strong....

What's everyone want to do?

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Well Jack, Rush. Malvessa. We've word of a half sunk ship. We will go on this short expedition, then return for the final installation of our new ram.

When we took the ship from which we acquired a ballista, we also acquired a map to wrecked ship. Can we ehad there?

Current HP: 28 Sylph Oracle 5

Rush pushes the task of telling the crew that shore leave is cancelled onto Belliot.

FleetFooted Halfling |Loot|The Shackles Map

Change of plans. We'll ship out tomorrow. Have the crew draw lots. Keep four unlucky men aboard and the rest have the day for shore leave. As for myself, I will stay aboard.

Sure can, it's on the west side of Motaku Isle.

You tell Rickety of your plans, and he grunts and nods. We'll have it ready for ya', just watch the ship out there...those are some crowded lanes yer runnin' through, and I just got 'er lookin' sharp.

You have the map of the wreck, though crudely drawn - it shows the salvage area to be on the west side of Motaku, just west of Rapier Bay. When asked about the town, Rickety shares what little he knows. It's a rowdy settlement, run by a pirate lord named Maxevale Janis. The place if famous for one of its smithies, the Steel-Clad Giant. Some of the nicest blades you'll ever see...and a long waiting period to match. Just mind yer own, and ye'll be fine there.

Current HP: 28 Sylph Oracle 5

Rush stays on the ship over night instead of taking shore leave.

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