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I'm considering running the section of Burnt Offerings, Thistletop, which is legal for PFS play. Characters would need to be official PFS characters of 3-5 level to participate.

The other thing to note is that this will take a decent amount of time, and if your character is in the middle of a module, he or she cannot play in any other PFS events. So that's just something to keep in mind.

Right now, I'm just gauging interest, so if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know!

Or, if there are people who would like to start doing PFS but have never done it, we could run the First Steps scenarios, then do something like Crypt of the Everflame, which would put your characters at a level to do Thistletop. If there's more interest in this, I'd be willing.

GM Espri wrote:
Or, if there are people who would like to start doing PFS but have never done it, we could run the First Steps scenarios, then do something like Crypt of the Everflame, which would put your characters at a level to do Thistletop. If there's more interest in this, I'd be willing.

i recently got into a pfs pbp game that hasnt started yet, and i'd be willing to make another pfs character and do this kind of thing

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here's a halfling order of the paw cavalier (that I've yet to actually build) I'd like to play

I might be interested, as of yet I've only played one PbP campaign and it didn't really last too long. It got interrupted due to some scheduling conflicts.

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Count me in, I haven't done any PFS game yet and running the First Steps scenarios together with this would be a great learning experience.

I have a PFS character that's played 14 scenarios (ones that got reported online anyway) but its been years since I've played him. That would make him 7th level right? I forget how PFS does XP.

I also have one who's played two scenarios. I've recently DMed Crypt of the Everflame twice, but I'd like to get back into PFS.

DM Jelani wrote:
I have a PFS character that's played 14 scenarios (ones that got reported online anyway) but its been years since I've played him. That would make him 7th level right? I forget how PFS does XP.

It's 3 xp to the level, so he'd be 4th level.

GM Espri, I don't have any PFS characters who could play Thistletop now, but I'd be willing to round out the group for First Steps > Crypt of the Everflame > Thistletop.

I have a 3rd level Inquisitor (1xp away from 4th level) who would love to join you in Thornkeep; but if you decide to run some lower level stuff first I'll happily make him sit in a corner until you're ready for him. ;-)

So as it stands right now, it looks like I've got:

4 players (Joakim, Vashtin Rahm, Lecloront, and Bearded Ben) for First Steps and Crypt of the Everflame.

2 players (DM Jelani and Deane Beman) for Thornkeep when we get there.

I'm going to keep this thread open for a little while longer, and see if we get any other interest.

One other thing I want to mention—If we play this for PFS credit, it's really important that people don't bail on it, because then it ruins it for everyone. So if you're going to play, please be willing to commit to it, or at least get through whatever module we're on before you say that you have to bow out. It doesn't take a huge time commitment (one post a day on average), but please be prepared for that at least.

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Hello. I have never participated in a play by post game, but have long been interested. I have a 3rd level paladin or a 5th level ranger that are available to join your group.

I'd be interested in First Steps, Crypt, and possibly Thornkeep. Never done PFS before, but would like to.

still on board, but i'll have to make the character.

is it 20 point buy? roll? what did you have in mind?

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I would like to apply, but it needs to be for level 1 characters. Do you have anything that would fit?

I'll have to make a character as well. What exactly would you have in mind when it comes to character generation? What will be allowed and what all can we use?

All characters will need to be officially registered Pathfinder Society characters, following the rules found in the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

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I have at least 2 characters that are registered and legal for play that I could play in a level 3-5 setting. A level 4 druid and a level 5 fighter. I would love the chance to play either with you. I have played Everflame twice and don't think I could sit through it again. :) And I have played and run First steps too.

Edit: I actually played the druid though First Steps on line in PBP.

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Both my characters are legal for play and will be waiting after you are done with the First Steps (as they have already done them).

I have a level 5 cleric healbot to offer for Burnt Offerings should you run a session.

I'd also be more than happy to whip up a character for any of the low-level options. I'm pretty easy when it comes to playing.

Can my level 1 toon who's played two modules still play First Steps? I've never done those. I'm still running one instance of Crypt of the Everflame by PBP and its taking quite a while. We started November 27th and we're still less than halfway through.

I think it's a good idea in PBP to commit to one module at a time since they take sooooo long.

I've got a hankering to play a dwarven drunken master, so that's gonna be the route I take.

I would love to join PFS and play First Steps. I'd be willing to build any character to help round out the party. I've some fun ideas for a druid, paladin, cleric and/or bard.

I have a 1st-level half-elf barbarian built and registered.

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Rogar Dulainsson would very much like to apply to your PFS PBP for first levels.
Everything is on his character page, but I'll copy the background in this window for your convenience.
If you'd like to edit a few things/add some hooks, no problem here :)


Rogar Dulaïnsson, brother to Dalynn and Grommar,
son of Stravoz and Thora, son of Tarrok the Elder, son of Urgo, comes from a long line of heroes back in his dwarven homestead.
When he reached the appropriate age, his father started training him in the same way his ancestors had done, ever since the Urgo Strongheart. His grandfather brought a massive stone and the Axe of the Hearthfire, and he was explained he would have to build up his strength until he could cleave it in two with a single blow.

Confident in his abilities and his growing strength, the adolescent Rogar trained and trained for many months. He however never felt confident enough to test his power.
When his uncle visited him Rogar explained his dilemma. It was then that he understood that pure strength alone might not be enough, that he needed something more.

So he decided to train in a different way, on top of his muscle building exercises with the massive waraxe. He would start cleaving woodblocks for his mother, their neighbours, anyone in their street, etc. This allowed him to experience the way the axe had to move and hit the pieces of wood. The downside however was that he found the light axes easier to use, and this was not the satisfaction of his father Stravoz.

It was thus that Rogar was given a choice: continue with the normal training, in the way that has brought many victories to the family name, or ...

Rogar chose the first option, even though he knew this was not where his heart was to be found. And after 15 days of hardship, he decided it was enough. He left the home in the middle of the night, vowing not to return until he could prove to his father and grandfather that it was not the size that matters, but the courage and fire in your heart.

He chose to use his knowledge of the lands to guide others safely through the wilderness. He learned to channel his anger and focus it on the task, whether it be a harmless object, or a subject in his way to his destiny.

Who am I?:
His player is a DM who hosts 3 sessions every 2 weeks, and who has a craving for tabletop, but can't fit it in his schedule, as the girlfriend would like some attention once in a while, go figure ;)
I am playing a human paladin of Shelynn in "Rise of the Goblin Guild", and I'm 'afraid' I've become addicted to PBP :)
I can play my character, practice my English (I'm an English-as-a-secondary-language teacher) and still have time for homework/girlfriend/ work around the house/...

Unofficial interest tally

10 players (Alice Margatroid, Langsford, DM Jelani, Noether, Rogar Dulaïnsson, rathandal, Joakim, Vashtin Rahm, Lecloront, and Bearded Ben) have expressed interest in First Steps and possibly Crypt of the Everflame.

6 players (Alice Margatroid, AlanRex, Skorn, Langsford, DM Jelani and Deane Beman) have expressed interest in, and have high enough level characters to play, Thistletop.

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I would be happy to play in either Thistletop or First Steps/Everflame. I have a 3rd level Paladin and can easily whiz up a 1st level character. :)

I'm gonna withdraw my interest, plenty of people here. I've got enough other stuff going on.

Alright, I'm gonna close this off. I think I'll run both a First Steps scenario and Thistletop. I'll have things up tomorrow, but for the five people that can play Thistletop, go ahead and pick whichever character you want. For the First Steps people, please make sure you have a legal and registered PFS character. Let me know if you need any help with getting it ready.

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Coming along here, Joakim will have some pretty great saves against spells/spell like abilities

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lvl 3 paladin it is

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This is my Paladin, stats in the profile.

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Rogar Dulaïnsson, ready to go!

I cracked my robs yesterday, so not going to be doing much active in the next couple of weeks :P

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The Lawful part of me would like to point out that we appear to have seven people for First Steps, and the Guide to Pathfinder Society
Organized Play (p. 34) clearly states that seven player tables "should be extremely rare and should only be used as a last resort". Considering the number of other PbPs I'm in, I nominate myself as the person standing this one out if need be.

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If I would be selected for the First Steps, I can go as this (ranger) or I can make another character with whatever the party needs.

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Rogar Dulaïnsson would like to join (already applied), or this character.
Either way, just want to have fun :)

Also: "cracked my RIBS" =P

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Huh, lot of holy types for the Thistletop group. Excellent.

Here's what I have to offer to the group. To glory!

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Akiros: More reason to pick me? :D
Rogar: Exactly! :D

plenty of interest here so I'm gonna withdraw and let others step forward, rather than risk over extending myself. Good luck!

Ok, so here's what I've got.

For Thistletop:

Dean Beman (Inquisitor 3)
AlanRex (Paladin 3)
Skorn (whichever you'd like)
Langsford (Cleric 5)
Alice Margatroid (Paladin 3)

I'm going to keep this one on this thread, so please sound off in the discussion thread here.

For First Steps:

Bearded Ben (if still interested—no reason to bow out now since bi0philia did)
Rogar Dulainsson or Akiros Esmue (whichever you prefer)
Sigismund Rothschild

I've made a new thread for this game, so please sound off in the discussion thread here.

I'm going to withdraw as well, I'm just too busy to keep up at the moment.

Curses! Too slow! A PFS group is starting up in my area, and while I dont have the time to commit to a whole runelords game I'd really like to play through bits of it...

Back to lurking, I suppose.

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