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Game Master SoulDragon298

Hello folks and welcome to the recruitment board to enter the world of Theloras. It is a homebrew setting I made a while back but never used and now I wanna dust it off. The campaign setting info will be located in the campaign info tab. Also wanted to give my players even more choice for this campaign soooooo..... I am letting you guys vote from 4 possible stories for the campaign!

But first, character creation rules:
-20 point buy
-Classes and archetypes from CB,APG,UC,UM, and ARG only. Early Firearms only
-Any race that is below 20 RP (though some may need approval)
-No 3rd party materials
-Max starting gold
-2 traits

Now for the story choices:

Hunger for Life:

The vast kingdom of Sonorn is usually a rough, but generally peaceful region. But recently, turmoil has raged across the land. King Zakur's court wizard is missing. Sorcerers are murdered in strange and macabre ways. The mysterious Assassunae Destructor have been committing crimes that are not their style. You have been summoned by the king to help solve these mysteries and bring tranquility back to the land.

Spinning Cat, Raging Bull:

The ruler of the city of Karasaki,Toshirashi Sayako on the continent of Kabuto has no blood-related children left after years of war with their rivals,the people of Haysamo, and he is growing old. He declares his apprentice and adopted son Sujiko, a catfolk, as his heir. An outrage erupts from this, as some defend this choice while others fight against it. Even further complicated by the war with Haysamo, you arrive in Kabuko amidst the rebellion and war-torn land and are dragged into the mess.

Song for the Dead Immortals:

The land of Darenthil is in the midst of a great war as the drow, demon-corrupted elves who were banished beneath the earth long ago, have broken out of their earthy prison and now construct war-cities to battle their surface-dwelling kin. This war has raged for years, but now a chance to defeat the drow monarchy is at hand. You are brought to Darenthil as mercenaries or new recruits sent by King Zakur. The elven king Tarenthil has a plan for you to end this bloody war.

Theloras is Your Oyster:

A sandbox where you just explore the world as you wish, making your own adventures by exploring (of course with telling you what awaits in the dark and such)

Voting for the story will end this Wednesday night at midnight Central US time and I will select the party next Monday at the same time. Also, I am new to doing PbP so might need help getting used to it. Campaign info will be up soon. Have at it with the character submissions!

If I join, I would play a Suli Elemental Knight Magus. Song for the Dead Immortals would be my first choice.


For first 3 campaigns, Good and Neutral only. I might be lenient on the last one.

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

If I am allowed to join I'd like to either play a Half-elven cleric or a Dragon-blooded sorcerer. I really like Song for the dead immortals.

Just double checking, so I can not use ANYTHING from blood of the elements?

I don't have Blood of the Elements but if you can link me something that can show me what's in it, that'll be fine.

Blood of the Elements

Alrighty then

Because of technical difficulties, the renaming of deities and gazetteer of the Sonornian highlands will be delayed until later tonight. If you need deity names, just ask me. After I post that, tomorrow I will post the Terrazan Mountains gazetteer.

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Character #1:


Name: Loraviel
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Race: Half-Elf
Alignment: NG
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs
Eye: Green
Hair: Auburn

Ability Scores:
STR: 12 +1 (2 Points)
DEX: 13 +1 (3 Points)
CON: 13 +1 (3 Points)
INT: 10 +0 (0 Points)
WIS: 17 +3 (7 Points +2 Racial Modifier)
CHA: 14 +2 (5 Points)

Class: Cleric
Level: 1
Deity: Sarenrae

Domains: Fire, Healing
Firebolt 6/day- 1d6+1/2 CL ranged touch attack 30ft
Rebuke Death 6/day- 1d4+1/2 CL stabilize and heal dying creature

Channel Energy: 7/day 1d6 30ft Radius Positive Energy DC: 13

9 (1d8+1)

FORT: 2+1=3
REFLEX: 0+1=1
WILL: 2+3=5

Skills 2+Int+1 Favored class

Diplomacy: 2+1+3=6
Heal: 3+1+3=7
Spellcraft: 0+1+3+3=7

Skill Focus: Spellcraft
Extra Channel

Flame of the Dawnflower
Sacred Touch

Detect Magic

1st- 2+1/day
Protection from Evil
Burning Hands-Domain


Weapon: Scimitar +1 to hit for 1d6+1 damage. 18-20/x2 Critical. Slashing

Weapon: Sling with 10 stones +1 to hit for 1d3+1 damage. Range 50ft. x2 Critical. Bludgeoning

Armor: Scale mail AC Bonus +5 Max Dex +3 Penalty -4 Speed: 20ft
Shield: Heavy Wooden Shield AC Bonus +2 Penalty -2

Cleric Gear:
Cleric Vestments (free outfit)
Wooden Holy Symbol of Sarenrae
Cheap Holy Text of Sarenrae

Other Gear:
-Trail Rations x5
-Flint and Steel
-Waterskin x2
-Caltrops x2

Belt Pouch
-Chalk x3

History: Will depend on which story we run.

Character #2:


Name: Tural
Age: 22
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Alignment: LG
Deity: Apsu
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215

Ability Scores:

STR: 14 +2 (5 Points)
DEX: 12 +1 (2 Points)
CON: 12 +1 (2 Points)
INT: 10
WIS: 11 +0 (1 Point)
CHA: 18 +4 (10 Points +2 Racial Modifier)

Class: Sorcerer
Bloodline: Draconic (Gold)

HP: 7 (1d6+1)

FORT: 0+1=1
REFLEX: 0+1=1
WILL: 2+0=2

2+INT+1 (Human)+1 Favored Class

Bluff: 4+1+3=8
Knowledge (Arcana): 0+1+3=4
Spellcraft: 0+1+3=4
Use Magic Device: 4+1+3+1=9

Eschew Materials
Spell Focus: Evocation
Point-Blank Shot

Dangerously Curious
Natural-born Leader

0-level spells Known 4
1-level spells Known 2

0-Level spells:
Acid Splash
Ray of Frost
Detect Magic

1-Level spells:4/day
Magic Missile
Burning Hands

Weapon: Crossbow (Light) +1 to hit for 1d8 damage. 19-20/x2 Critical. 80ft Range Piercing. Bolts (20)

Spell Component Pouch
-Trail Rations x7
-Waterskin x2

I'll just go ahead and post the renamings here. They also have different origins but same teachings and such.


Cayden Cailean=Rilock

My half elf bramble brewer/beastmorph will be ready by tomorrow:
also my votes are 1: song for dead immortals 2: spinning cat raging bull
Edit: either this build or mindchemist but I'm going to go crunch some more numbers first

Also this is the order the gazetteers will come out in case you're wondering.

Sonornian Highlands
Terrazan Mountains
Dim Forest
Lagrombo Desert
The Fire
The Pitlands

Aniko Mountains
Kurasami Jungle
Suduko Swamp


The gazetteer for the Sonornian Highlands is now in the campaign info.


Terrazan Mountains will be ready later tonight.

Hunger for life sounds like a good one for my first choice, second would be Song for dead immortals.

Silver Crusade

Interested in any of the choices offered. Preference is Song, Oyster, Hunger, Cat/Bull.

woot woot my build is up (bobo) enjoy!

I think the first three campaign ideas all sound appealing. Personally, I would vote for Spinning Cat/Raging Bull.

I'd be interested in playing a Paladin, but if that doesn't mesh well with the rest of the group I'll try my hand at Qinggong Monk or Ranger. I'll have a build up tomorrow.

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SoulDragon298 wrote:

I'll just go ahead and post the renamings here. They also have different origins but same teachings and such.

** spoiler omitted **

I will go ahead and change the deities' name to Kamila then to take these changes into account.

Interested and putting my first interest in Immortals second vote would be on Bull and Cat.

Character concept I'm thinking of is my Kitsune Sorcerer(Fey), she's very much the beautiful enchantress.

Can we get into prestige classes later on?

I might go rogue or bard into shadowdancer if so.

How many posts per day are expected?

what sort of play-style do you enjoy gm-ing? Also much depth is expected for backstory?

Kelsey Arwen MacAilbert wrote:
How many posts per day are expected?

At the very least, one.

Daniel Chelas wrote:

Can we get into prestige classes later on?

I might go rogue or bard into shadowdancer if so.

Yes, prestige classes are fine.

Bobo D wrote:
what sort of play-style do you enjoy gm-ing? Also much depth is expected for backstory?

Might need a bit more elaboration on what you mean by playstyle exactly, but a good amount of backstory is appreciated. Also sorry for the delays on the gazetteers been busy lately so haven't had time to put them up, but I will be doing the Terrazan Mountains soon.

mostly just wondering where you like to stand on the heavy roleplay vs smash-some-stuff spectrum.

Ah I like good roleplay, but I like good combat as well.

Hi there, looking to get into my second pbp game.
What do you require for a 'character sheet' submission- just stats fleshed out on a profile page, or a specific spreadsheet?
Posted on the messageboard, or emailed/PM'd to the GM?

Just stats and either way you wanna send it.

Can I be a Warpriest, Monk(With the alignment restrictions removed), or Brawler?

Calastria Clitus

Monk - Warpriest or Monk or Brawler - lv 1

Alignment: Choatic Neutral

Diety: Calastria

Drow Female

Str 13 ___ = 13
Dex 14 + 2 = 16
Con 14 - 2 = 12
Int 10 ___ = 10
Wis 15 ___ = 15
Cha 10 + 2 = 12

I would be down for story #3. I like the idea of killing drow, as a drow....

GM still here?

Sorry guys, I lost faith in doing this campaign for awhile (mostly due to me not being good with what treasures to hand out after battles and when to put treasure in), but I'm reviving it. It seems that the 3rd story has won out, so prepare your characters to take the war to the drow. Submissions end Wednesday evening Central time. More gazetteers are coming.

Cool. Will have something up soon.

Silver Crusade


Also, voting is also allowed on what gazetteer I do next, so if there's a region you wanna know more about, just lemme know.

cool, good to see this back :)

need one more player

Did you include me?

I am considering opening this back up. If interested please follow the character rules as above, except you can use anything except the Technology Guide that's on the PRD, and 2d6+6 is added. Voting for which campaign is still gonna happen, and I will try to continue the gazetteers I was working on. I will choose players Monday.

Btw, I redid the renaming of deities mentioned above, since before, I kinda just assigned them random names, so here are the final renamings.


Cayden Cailean=Sharmus

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