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Psalm Nackle wrote:
MendedWall12 wrote:
Psalm Nackle wrote:

Putting my Republic Government Bureaucracy hat on I think the aspect of "Formal Recognition" bestowed on neighbors to the Republic suggests a modicum of Diplomatic Accord. As such I would think that there would be "Diplomatic Senders" that would exist in various emissary offices and used for messages as well as diplomatic channels.

This of course leads to the dark but natural side of diplomacy ESPIONAGE. So some senders are "Whispers" whose identity is secret who are part of the Republic's more discrete operations.

Beautiful, something I had only had peripheral/ephemeral thoughts about. Thoughts you have solidified. I'll add a tidbit to the Google Doc. :) Like I said, it's already happening.

Thinking more on this idea. A key question is how new of an idea is the network.

If its new its a novelty expression of Republic power and reach. Its a straight forward system that is relatively closed system.

If its an older system then wealthy politicians, merchant guilds, rebel networks, crime syndicates and so on would utilize this sort of system.

It would create a niche of sending hackers that would scry on the senders and so on.

Let's say it's a new system then. As you say, a novelty that expresses the increasing power and stability of the Republic. That creates the possibility of an adventure hook purely based on outside entities either infiltrating the existing system or mimicking it because of its ease and efficacy. It also opens up the door to having nefarious groups be so desirous of finding magic-users with more than a modicum of power that are willing to be "put on payroll," that "evil" magic-users could start to show up WAY more often than they otherwise might...

BTW Luna, don't worry about it. As far as I'm concerned you have until Monday morning to get that back story in, and the nice thing about being the DM is, I'm the only one you need really be concerned with. :D

Bella's Backstory!:
Bellaluna 'Bella' Liaqirelle, great-granddaughter of the mighty Queen Denoniel and 6th niece to the great Queen Tyrandirul, was born in the year 1060, which was only the year 37 by human standards. That alone is proof enough of how much more sophisticated the Elves are than the humans. Or any other race for that matter.

She, along with her elder sister Ulelesse, was of course taught all the proper etiquette of the Elven royal court by her mother Amra. But Bella found it all boring and of no interest what-so-ever.

Then came the day that they visited the local monastery as part of a celebration of the first 1,000 years of the existence of the monastery. Someone from the royal court was duty bound to make an appearance, and all others had somehow gotten out of it, but her mother Amra being the lowest member of the royal family, ended up having to represent the royal family, and Bella was forced to go along.

Little did she know that day would change her life forever! At first she paid no attention to the proceedings, until the monks were doing a display of their martial arts. Suddenly this caught her wandering attention and held it. There was just something about the fluid movements of the monks as they demonstrated their different strikes, blocks and jumps that fascinated Bella. She watched every single move with utter astonishment at the grace and fluidity of their movements. Not a single motion was wasted, every step, or swing of the arm leading perfectly into the next move. She was amazed.

She immediately started begging to be allowed to go into training at the monastery, but at first her mother would hear nothing of it. Bella would slip away from their home every time she could to go to the monastery and observe their training. It soon became common, when looking for Bella, check at the monastery.

Her mother finally realized the futility of resisting and at the young, tender age of 19, Bella was admitted to the monastery for training. She excelled at the martial arts of course, and as far as her education she was also found to be very good in her history classes. She also had some talent understanding both animals and people. And good at hiding and performing hand ‘tricks’ as she liked to call them whenever she got caught pickpocketing someone, which she did occasionally, just for fun, sometimes slipping funny things into a pocket instead of taking something out.

Then came the day that one of the monks, Lyari Magquinal, returned from his travels abroad. He spoke to the class about many of the places he had travelled to and Bella started dreaming of travelling like that. Then he showed them some of the maps and locations on the maps. Bella was again fascinated by the fluidity and value of the knowledge contained in the maps. After that class she convinced Lyari to teach her how to draw maps to some degree.

But it was her habit of ‘playing tricks’ (pickpocketing) on people that got her into a difficult situation. There was one of the monks, Ghilanna Oloharice, that Bella really didn’t care for. Bella’s intuition told her that this was not a person to be trusted. So naturally Ghilanna was one of her favorite ‘targets’ for her ‘tricks’. She had picked some slip of paper out of her pocket as she walked by heading towards one of the many sheds. But this time Ghilanna noticed it missing just about 5 seconds later and started chasing after Bella. Bella managed to outrun her enough so as to hide in a barrel. While she was hiding she heard another person running up and asking Ghilanna what was going on. Bella then heard Ghilanna explain in a low voice, that Bella had just taken the list of monks names that they were planning to assassinate! Bella stayed absolutely still and quiet, even long after she heard them leave, waiting to make sure they were gone. She checked the list and found the Mistress of the monastery as the first name, 3 other influential monks, and Lyari’s name on there as well. So Bella stealthily went to Lyari and explained things to him and then they went straight to the Mistress, Llamryl Wynsandoral and told her all. The Mistress immediately sent for city guards to come arrest Ghilanna, while she sent trusted monks to detain her, but Ghilanna was spotted fleeing the monastery and was never seen again. Who the other person that Bella had heard her talking too, was never discovered. When Bella finally retired to her quarters that night she did find a note on her bed promising her that some day she would suffer a slow and certain death! And it was signed, “G.”

After that incident Bella rarely ‘played tricks’ again.

Bella continued on with her training as a monk without further incident.

Finally, on her 109th Lifeday it was decided Bella had enough training now to go out and learn more about the rest of the world. She was told to go out and come back when she had learned something new that the Mistress did not already know if such a thing was possible.

She chose to go to the largest human capital she knew of, Rydwyrna, since they at least had the decency to recognize the Elven Realm,and give their capitol an Elvish name. Maybe there, or along the way she could learn something new or find a clue as to where to gain such knowledge?

And for anyone paying attention, there have been some minor changes to her equipment. (Pending Mended's approval of course!) Yes, she carries two waterskins, because cleanliness is next to Aldellioness! She also has soap AND perfume! She will do her best to always look and smell nice and clean!

Great backstory Bella! :) You gave me a lot of new NPCs in there. One that might be stalking you... :D

That was kind of the point, leaving a possibly mysterious situation, that might come up in the future again.

As for the Elven year, just add 1023 to the current RR year.

Bellaluna 'Bella' Liaqirelle wrote:
My apologies to all in this group, but mainly Mended. I'm sorry I haven't gotten my backstory yet. I am having trouble focusing enough to write it and my sleep schedule is TOTALLY screwed up right now. I have been awake for about 18 hrs now?! Since about 7:30 pm yesterday. And feeling sleepy/tired, but can't get to sleep when I lay down. Hopefully I'll get to my backstory this afternoon/evening after a good 'nap'?

Hope everything is alright. Sounds like you might really be going through it. Hope you are able to get some real rest.

To all those who were kind enough to give me their support. I just want to let you know, I just got the call a little while ago. My dad went on to his permanent home in heaven this morning. Any support prayers, wishes for my Mother - around 55-56 years of marriage together. It is going to be the most difficult for her.

You have my sincerest condolences.

The Exchange

Mine as well.

Bellaluna 'Bella' Liaqirelle wrote:
To all those who were kind enough to give me their support. I just want to let you know, I just got the call a little while ago. My dad went on to his permanent home in heaven this morning. Any support prayers, wishes for my Mother - around 55-56 years of marriage together. It is going to be the most difficult for her.

Praying for you and your family. I am sorry to hear of your loss.

Silver Crusade

My sincere condolences on your loss.

So sorry to hear that bud. Prayers and Well wishes to you and your family!

Sorry to hear that. Well wishes to you and yours.

Liberty's Edge

Prayers for you and your mother...and my sincerest condolences.

Just a heads up for everyone. I had planned on creating the second Campaign here on the boards, and posting the teams for each this morning. Unfortunately I came into a lot more work than I had anticipated, and I may not get to accomplish that until tomorrow morning now. Do not fear, I am here, I am excited about getting these two parallel campaigns going, and I will get things started just as soon as I can.

Thanks for your patience!

Okay everyone, the waiting is almost over...

My process for splitting up those that staked a claim by posting the things I asked for in a succinct post was very unscientific, because I'm the kind of DM that flies by the seat of his pants more often than not. I looked at all the characters and realized there was a natural dividing line already. Characters that had "neutral" in their alignment, and characters that had "good" in their alignment. Now, there were a couple neutral good, but in that case I put them with the neutral group, because it gave a more even split of characters. Plus, I figured those that leaned towards neutral would be good, as long as it didn't interfere with their own personal goals. Whereas those that are good, whether chaotic or lawful are looking to do the most good, even if it means some self-sacrifice.

So, without further adieu. All the following people can head over to This discussion thread to congratulate each other, and get used to seeing each others' aliases.

Team Good
Character's Name: Lindaer Elyrien 
Gender: Male 
Alignment: Lawful Good (with chaotic tendencies. I really dislike the alignment system) 
Race: Half-Elf 
Class: Paladin 
Background: Reformed Criminal 
Deity: Amren

Character Name: Boddynuck 
Sex: Male 
Alignment: Chaotic Good 
Race: Forest Gnome 
Class: Wizard 
Background: Folk Hero (modified) 
Deity: None (yet :-))

Character Name: Quintavelxaq "Quint" Rue 
Sex: Male 
Alignment: Chaotic Good. 
Race: Gnome 
Class: Rogue 
Background: Urchin 
Deity: None in particular

Character's Name: Drun of Saxwyn 
Gender: Male 
Alignment: Lawful Good 
Race: Half-Orc 
Class: Paladin 
Background: Outcast 
Deity: Saxwyn

Character's Name: Psalm Nackle
Gender: Male 
Alignment: Chaotic Good 
Race: Forest Gnome 
Class: Mountain Circle Druid 
Background: Hermit 
Deity: Aldellion

Character Name: Gomdebo Blackbuster 
Gender: F 
Race: Hill Dwarf 
Class: Rogue 
Background: Sage 
Alignment: Chaotic Good 
Deity: Deceased

And then these people can head over to this discussion thread to do the backslapping and such.

Team Neutral
Character Name: Nikeisha (no surname, as she has no idea who her family is). 
Sex: Female 
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. She's not interested in good or evil, per say, and doesn't care about laws. Its all about people and personal loyalties. 
Race: Variant Human 
Class: Warlock 
Background: Urchin 
Deity: Polytheistic

Character Name: Shenkt "Hack" Corchran 
Sex: Male 
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 
Race: Human 
Class: Barbarian 
Background: Outlander 
Deity: N/A

Character's Name: Jun Valanthe
Gender, Alignment, Race, Class: Male LN Half-Elf Bard
Background: Guild Merchant
Deity: None

Character Name: BellaLuna Liaqirelle 
Gender: Female 
Alignment: NG 
Race: High Elf 
Class: Monk 
Background: Noble 
Deity: Aldellion (But, just becase she's an elf. She is not really religious.

Baen "The Brave" Cobbleson 
Gender: Male 
Alignment: Neutral Good 
Race: Human 
Class: Bard 
Background: Folk Hero 
Deity: Aldellion

Character's Name: Ashrie VanShorn 
Gender: Male 
Alignment: LN 
Race: Elf 
Class: Wizard 
Background: Hermit 
Deity: Aldellion

Name: Tavir Nethuani 
Gender: Male 
Race: Half-Elf 
Class: Bard 
Background: Urchin 
Alignment: CN 
Deity: Grumorjak is probably the name he curses by which is as close as he comes to worship.

Congrats all. It will take me just a bit to get my opening post up in the gameplay, but I will pop into the discussion thread, and let everyone know as soon as that is open, so the roleplay can begin!!!

Super excited for this new venture. Thank you to everyone involved. I hope we have a lot of fun for years to come.
Your new DM,

Edit: Sorry for the giant wall of text there. I tried spoilering the lists of characters but for some reasons the spoilers didn't work. Might have something to do with the fact that I copy pasted everything into an excel worksheet and then back over here. Oh well...

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