The Strange: Realms Beyond Reality (Inactive)

Game Master Darkfire142

Beneath the orbits and atoms of our natural universe lies a network of dark energy. Those who have learned to access and navigate this chaotic sea have discovered an almost endless set of “recursions” in the shoals of our Earth: Worlds with their own laws of reality, reflected from human experience or imagination, given form in the swirling Chaosphere of the Strange. Worlds teeming with life, with discovery, with incredible treasures, and with sudden death.

And slowly but inexorably, it draws the attention of beings from beyond Earth’s shoals—beings of unfathomable power and evil from the unknown reaches of the STRANGE.

A group of Strangers attend a Black Market auction in hopes of seeing a demonstration of new and never before seen state of the art technology. Soon they will find themselves Quickened and gain the ability to translate across Recursions in the Dark Energy Network of the STRANGE.

Without a clue about the multiverse that awaits them, these individuals must learn to work together and investigate the mystery that lies in front of them. Where will they travel to? What forces are at work behind the scenes? How will they face the dangers that lurk the Strange? Those questions and more will be asked of those who travel to the Realms Beyond Reality.