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Looks good so far. Are you going to go over combos with cross-blooded archetype?

Kthulhu wrote:
Shah Jahan the King of Kings wrote:

Assuming he is a lesser deity and has 800 health, Go to the nearest metropolis or two. Gather 70,000 arcane casters of at least first level.

Build a stadium large enough to hold all of them, within 110 feet of the center. Really cram them in there. Have them all ready magic missiles, and unleash it directly after the next step. Summon your god to that stadium however you can.

You will have a 99.99% chance of immediately killing that god, after the rolls for spell resistance and assuming none of them are high enough level to gain additional missiles.

Where are you pulling this crap from? Gods don't have stats, be they "lesser dieties" or not. And really, 70,000 spellcasters? That's not a metropolis, that's a g*&%+%n continent (or three).

Well I always like to think that gods are powered by belief, So if you get 70,000 people to believe that magic missiles can kill a god at the same time it just might work.

of course getting them to believe that might take some work.

If the druid is set on his characterization try to remind him that characters can evolve, they don't need to be static the entire game.

EDIT: I posted just after you posted what he is doing and it sounds like his character needs a lot of evolution. Or else someone (hint hint) might tell the guards that there is a dangerous drunk wandering the streets putting citizens in danger. being confronted by normal city guards should give any lawful character a wake-up call.

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All this talk of of warriors drilling through walls with swords makes me think of the french castle scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. All the knights charge the castle walls and Lancelot starts beating on them with his sword. of course nothing happened and they were forced to retreat.

Anyway now that I injected some Monty Python into this thread I'll go back to lurking.

(also I hope you see just how silly this argument is :p)

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projectile weapon 5 5 absolutely no mention of what part of the weapon you are sundering, just what type of weapon.

I'm not a number cruncher so I am not sure how it is balanced but I do like the flavor. I especially like the throwing line that makes throwing builds viable.

cool idea, dot.

I have been noticing the same thing with the binding on my book. And I also agree with you about preferring books to pdf's, there's just something about having a nice big book to crack open and flip through that I really enjoy.

In the description for snapdragon fireworks it says the spell zigzags to miss objects and creatures in it's path. does that mean it can ignore cover?

I really like what you are doing here, I don't really have much to add right now but I have some ideas for the celestial bloodline. I don't really have enough ideas to take up as much space using your format though, so here are my disorganized thoughts.

Your irises turn silver or gold. a faint halo of prayers spelled out in celestial appears around your head. your feet barely touch the ground, it almost seems as if you are gliding across the ground.

^what he said.
Since the dragoons dismount they will only really need the ride skill to get into or out of battle, or maybe to be more maneuverable on very large battlefields.
The cavalry would just be a cavalier who dipped into gunslinger.

What I really want though is a grenadier, I could probably make that with a gunslinger with a dip into alchemist.

I thought of the misfire as being a special case unrelated to the firearms hp, kind of like how there is lethal and non lethal damage (a terrible analogy but the only one I could think of off the top of my head.) So if the firearm gets the broken condition from a misfire it acts as if it is broken but still has it's normal hp and can be fixed with a quick clear and such. If a gun is broken through hp damage than a quick clear wouldn't fix it.
That is my interpretation of the rules anyway but it brings up further questions like, what if my gun gains the broken condition through hp damage? does a misfire cause it to explode even if you hadn't misfired previously?

How do other area attacks work against mirror image? I assume scatter weapons would have the same effect against mirror image that burning hands does.

Aelryinth wrote:

Because Greatswords are 2-12 dmg, not 1-10, which obviates the comparison?


I know, I am pointing out that you are using a sub-optimal weapon choice as a comparison.

Aelryinth wrote:

we're not talking bayonets here. We're talking the base weapon.

Combat quarterstaves intended for combat and not walking sticks often were iron-shod and weighted to hit harder. Bo sticks were often capped on the ends.

A rifle butt should not hit harder then that. You're basically calling a ranged attack weapon as good as a melee weapon at a job its made for. Meh. Not buying it. the rifle is a club, doing 1-6, used two handed. You don't take a rifle into a fight against a real melee weapon and someone who knows how to use it. That's why modern military STILL carry knives...and stick em on rifles to form crude spears.


Pendagast already mentioned it but the feat in question reduces the grit cost to zero but requires level 11 to get, until that point you are burning your limited grit. Also it is a standard action to use. considering that by level 11 you would have iterative attacks and you are waisting those to run up to someone and hit them for less damage than shooting them only to have the possibly to knock them prone. not over-powered.

Aelryinth wrote:
YuenglingDragon wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:

Has anyone noticed that a pistol does as much damage as a club, and a rifle does more dmg then a heavy mace,PLUS has a knockdown effect?

I think I'll just grab a rifle instead of a bastard sword. Same dmg, but if I swing, I can knock stuff down, toO!

You mean with Pistol Whip? That requires a Grit point. Have fun doing that twice a day.

Bastard Swords are retarded anyway. Two hand a long sword and save a feat.

You can reduce the cost of Pistol Whip to 0 grit, tho, right?

Bastard sword 2h is 1-10 martial weapon, don't need a feat for it;)


The feat to reduce the grit cost to zero requires you to be an 11th level gunslinger. If you want to invest that much time into the class just so you can attack and make a trip check (as a standard action) at the same time than be my guest.

also if you are using a bastard sword two-handed why not just upgrade to a great-sword?

overdark wrote:

The entire gun system is not a 'given' for any given campaign/world (except Golarion, where you know guns exist and exactly what knigdom makes 'em). So you're just trying to defend something you know in your heart is broken (I know people here hate that word).

Gunslingers too weak? Are we reading the same document?

Yes advanced firearms are very powerful, but the side bar in the play-test document made it very clear that their use in the game is entirely up to the GM. The advanced firearms are an optional rule for GM's who want to play a steampunk game or a game in a more advanced era. I am not a very good theory crafter though so I'll let other people argue about that.

Pendagast wrote:
I'd treat it as a double weapon, Im sure what's what the dev's are going to say too. Otherwise the axe musket is significantly better than just a musket or just an axe.


I thought this was a great play-test, it was great to see the gunslinger trying some stuff outside of combat. I did notice that you had Mr. Owl using salt shot cartridges to deal non-lethal damage, unfortunately you can only use that type of ammo with a blunderbuss, dragon pistol or other scatter weapon, and because he was using a double pistol he could not use the salt shot.

I can't wait to see how your next play test turns out, maybe you can actually use a scatter weapon so we can see how that works?

Just finished The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, and I have to say that he is now my favorite author. Now that I am done with that I am going to re-read the dune series by Frank Herbert.

I usually play fighters. I like all types, two-handed, sword and board, archery and reach. I also like paladins a lot, they get the full BAB of the fighter and a lot of extra flavor.

Lots of people put up some interesting ideas about how to choose feats for Link so I'm thinking about what magic items he needs. I really like the Pegasus boots so to make an item like that I would make boots that allow you to gain extra movement while making a charge attack and being able to deal more damage from a charge attack. I'm sure lots of people can come up with good ideas for the master sword so all I'll say is it needs to be holy. For his shield I think it should have some sort of energy resistance (fire) and reflecting. His bow should also be holy (for the light arrows) and have flame and/or frost too (for the fire and ice arrows). I'll think of how to translate some of his other items later.

I think it would allow you to move it any direction. I don't have the rule book with me right now but I am pretty sure that concentrating on a spell is a standard action, so I think if you have to take the action to concentrate you should be able to move the spell wherever you want :P. Of course once you stop concentrating it would continue moving away from you at 10'

I don't think a paladin who worships an evil god can be good but he can think he is good. I think a paladin who has twisted enough logic to think that Asmodeus is a worthy god for a good character to worship would have some pretty twisted ideas about what "good" is. For example a paladin can look at crime rates in a city and see that most crime happens in the slums. next they can come up with the idea that to get rid of crime get rid of the slums! A good paladin might do this by seeking an audience with the ruler of the city to increase the amount of guards patrolling the slums, or try to set up soup kitchens or some other way to increase the standard of living and thus reduce crime. A paladin who worships Asmodeus on the other hand would have extremely twisted logic and think, "people who commit crimes live in slums, if we get rid of the slums and the people living in them we will reduce crime." the allegedly good paladin could than set fire to the slums and kill everyone who tries to escape, it's all for the greater good right?
I do think that this character would be a really interesting character to play or have as an npc, but he would not be a paladin. He could think he is one and he could think he is doing everything for the greater good but he would commit evil acts and thus he would be evil. This is a great ant-paladin, he has fallen but doesn't even realize it his crusade for good ends up helping evil.
That was a bit of a tangent but what I am trying to say is that paladins are a class built around following their god and their beliefs. The paladin should know the teachings of a god and what that god stands for before they start worshiping. If a paladin thinks a god of tyranny and slavery is worthy of worship than they should not be good.

edit: ninja'd twice D: and one of them was James. so you can safely ignore my post now.

I was under the impression that paladins got their divine power directly from their god. How would an evil god be able to grant a paladin the ability to heal, or cast holy spells? Even if a paladin thought the god he was worshiping was good would that god be able to grant the paladin their powers? I don't think so and I think that would be a pretty big giveaway that you are worshiping an evil deity.