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Yes, you are affected by both auras. They aren't the same effect. They are two different effects. Call them Aura A and Aura B if it helps you wrap your head around it.

It's like when you stand up from prone and trigger Reactive Strikes from multiple enemies. You wouldn't ignore all but one just because it's the "same effect".

I do vaguely remember there even being a rule saying you would be affected multiple times in such a case but I can't find it right now and I'm out of time for searching.

Well, to ativate it, the Kineticist has to activate the aura first, which can be VERY visible. So having the armor active all the time is hard to pull off while trying to sneak through a dungeon.

Beyond that, there's little to no reason to just assume the armor is active all the time.

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Calliope5431 wrote:
Well. I'm not a huge fan of the new schools, but even I can see that the focus spells improved. Especially for necromancy (boundaries) which is no longer stuck with Call of the Grave.

The improvements to wizard focus spells are somewhere between extremely minor and non-existent. Call of the Grave is still in the game, it just got shifted to Protean Form and changed into a fort save with no effect on success, which isn't any better than a spell attack on average. Boundary now has one of the worst focus spells in the game instead and it wasn't improved in any way.

Charming Push is a bit more usable than its old version. Earthworks no longer being an illusion has both up- and downsides, so it's no improvement either. The rest is basically unchanged - other than being shifted around a bit - as far as I can tell.

The new ones Community Restoration and Interdisciplinary Incantation aren't completely terrible, but nothing to write home about either. I can't see myself wasting spending an 8th level feat on either of them.

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The new schools are a downgrade in power/flexibility, even though they are better for flavor. It's not class-breaking or anything, but I have serious trouble picking one because none of them feels great. Universalist is the only one that got better.

Thesis is completely unchanged.

Got about 5 "new" feats, three of them stolen from other classes (with minor adjustments). Most of them are fine, but none are amazing. They overall don't change much.

Good minor buffs to some of the older feats, but again, nothing outstanding with the possible exception of Conceal Spell which is already causing pages-long discussions. Its ultimate quality will depend a lot on your GM unless paizo clarifies it further at some point.

Proficiency in all Simple Weapons is a decent upgrade but doesn't help much with spellcasting.

The class is overall about as strong/weak as it was, I would say.

There are some more general changes that can potentially affect a wizard, though. Armor and Weapon proficiency general feats now scale to expert at levels 13 and 11 respectively, so you can leave your Dex at 16 or 18 and still easily max out your AC. Or get bow for a decent 3rd action. Ancestry weapon feats have also been buffed and you get the whole line (full proficiency + weapon spec) for a single feat.

Spellcasting proficiency is universal instead of being tied to a tradition. So you can use your wizard proficiency for any spelcasting archetypes you might pick up. Wizard + Witch + Int Psychic can cast three traditions at full spell DC/attack.

The remastered version of Magical Shorthand turns success on Learn a Spell to Crit Success, so you can basically learn all spells at half price.

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About Daze, would be cool if it was off-guard for 1 round in a fail or off-guard and stun 1 in a critical failure but I admit that this would make the AMPed version too strong and needing more adjustments.

Would it be too strong for the amp, though? Off-Guard for 1 round on a failure is a less powerful debuff than the clumsy 2 condition on Tempest Surge. The small Will save penalty and the even smaller chance to stun should easily be balanced by the fact that amped Daze deals only half the damage of Tempest Surge.

The Weakness to Mental damage is decent, but very hard to actually gain a noteworthy benefit from since very few classes are actually able to deal mental damage and even if they do, mental damage effects are often so weak that they will be below average, even with the weakness applied.

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Captain Morgan wrote:

Admonishment Ray's damage is pretty terrible. 2d6 single target attack roll is cantrip damage.

Non-lethal damage is not generally an advantage for monster slaying, but it is useful for taking prisoners to interrogate (since the average NPC dies at zero HP) or knocking out commoners who are otherwise putting themselves in danger. So you probably want to skip it, but in an urban campaign it is worth considering, especially for divine and occult casters lacking strong competition against it.

Admonishing Ray isn't good by any means, but it's still only slightly weaker than Hydraulic Push. I also tend to avoid looking at non-rule book stuff for balance discussions as the power of those things are all over the place.

A better analogue to Daze would be something like Phantom Pain, which outscales 2-action magic missile in damage - even on a success - and has some very potent debuff potential, all while being nonlethal.

StarlingSweeter wrote:
I recently homebrewed daze to be a 2d4 cantrip scaling 1d4 each level instead of every other. Turning the stunned 1 crit fail into off-guard.

That seems fair, though it might make the amped version of the psychic a bit too strong at the low levels. That one would need some adjustments beyond "turn all dice into d10".

The Gleeful Grognard wrote:
The point of daze is that it is a non-lethal spell. Which is fine, but it really needs either heightend+1 scaling or to do persistent mental damage imo.

I don't know if nonlethal is a big part of it. The other nonlethal spells (few as they are) don't seem to suffer from so little damage just because they have this trait.

Off-guard could have been interesting but given the limited divine damage cantrips I would rather it deal more reliable damage.

Buffing the damage to 1d6 per heightened +1 might be slightly too much. At least if we stick with the chance to stun. But yeah, the only will targeting cantrip being a more reliable source of actual damage would be great, even if it loses the stuned condition. Or maybe change it to a a lesser debuff like clumy 1 for one round.

shroudb wrote:
tbf, now that Divine has needles and spiritual damage damages everything alive, I wouldn't say that Divine list lacks damaging cantrips.

Void Warp is also significantly more usable than Chill Touch used to be.

Before the Remaster-Errata, there was some evidence that Daze might - at some point - have made its targets off-guard, probably on a regular failed save. The Errata quickly cleared that up and we're back to just some minor non-lethal mental damage and the once in a blue moon stunned 1 on a critically failed save.

I wonder what the intended balancing factor is with Daze. The damage is abyssmal (or should I say "Outer Riftal"?). The damage type is fine overall, though some things are immune and it will nearly never trigger any weakness. It being non-lethal is not really an upside since some creature are outright immune to this. Even if you can apply it and want to knock someone out, it only ever matters if you reduce an enemy to 0HP, which is unlikely to happen with Daze's low damage.

Daze has only three upsides, as far as I can tell. It has decent range (though more and more new cantrips show up with similar ranges, it seems). It targets Will, which is unique among cantrips. And it makes the target stunned 1 on a crit fail, making it potentially the most disrupting cantrip.

The problem is, on anything but a critical failure, the spell just doesn't do enough. I can cast Frostbite and I will most likely still deal more damage even if the enemy succeeds on their save.

So what's the intended use case of Daze? It can't just be crit fishing, can it? The rest of the spell is has a low performance, that it's borderline a wasted turn to ever cast Daze.

The idea of making the target off-guard for a round (or maybe just against the next attack coming its way) seemed quite balanced in my opinion. Would it really have been too much to turn Daze into a "low damage with debuff attached" cantrip? Maybe we could add the incapacitation trait to the stunned 1 effect on critfail in exchange.

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Last word I heard was closer to the end of this month, as far as I'm aware.

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nicholas storm wrote:
I don't see a big issue with schools. They put in the game the unified magical theory school which gives you one less spell per day but more flexibility and an extra feat. And if you don't like that option, you can always take spell blending and blend away all your school slots.

I disagree that Unified Theory has more flexibility. Or at least I would have strongly disagreed pre-master. For the remastered Wizard, Unified might in fact be the most flexible - which is kinda the whole point of the discussion around spell schools.

And "just take spell blending" is not a satisfying solution. That's like saying the Mastermind Rogue being bad isn't an issues because you can always play a thief.

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Unicore wrote:

The consistent popularity of the wizard as a class (as reported to us by Michael Sayre) in PF2 would seem to imply that the "issues wizards have been having since pf2e was released" might not be as massive, or as shared as some players are imagining them to be.

I am not saying that people don't have a right to not like the class, or to collaborate with others to homebrew solutions to issues that those players have with the class, and if they are popular enough, they would probably gain traction...but using incredibly hostile language to repeated denigrate people who just disagree with you, and are having fun with the class as it is, is not fostering a positive, friendly community.

It is ok to take a moment before responding to a post that makes you upset and considering whether it is breaking the rules of community engagement, and should be flagged, or if there are points that you feel like you want to come back and discuss constructively after letting the initial anger and hostility settle.

While I agree with what you say about the language used, the rest of your post doesn't ring true to me.

I don't like the remastered wizard. That's hardly a surprise to anyone here, I assume. But I like the Wizard. I even have fun playing a Wizard.

None of that changes the fact that the wizard is the only class (so far) that took a significant mechanical hit to one of its main features. And no, the very minor improvements to weapon proficiency and feats are nowhere close enough to balance this, and they do nothing to improve the class overall.

WWHsmackdown wrote:
It wasn't held off for PC2, which leads me to believe these wizard mechanics have a sizeable audience of satisfied players (it's not being held off like the alchemist who was postponed for purely mechanical reasons). I just have my fingers crossed that PF3 (if and when that happens) doesn't have any four slot casters bc it seems like four slots eats a lot of budget.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't held off for a later book because it's one of the four classic main classes.

And I refuse to believe that there is any class that wouldn't greatly benefit from more development time.

Have no practical experience with the new witch yet. I would expect flier, tough and independent being strong contenders for your first abilities if you want to actively use your familiar. Works much better with the 15 ft range familiars, of course, but the other ones are a bit questionable in usefulness anyway.

Add the lifelink ability and phase familiar - and don't forget that your familar dies at dying 4, nit at 0 HP! - and I think familiars won't die all that often unless the GM really wants to kill them.

1. The AoO happens during the cast (because otherwise it couldn't disrupt it on a crit). If the wizard goes unconscious because of the damage, the spell is disrupted and the spell slot lost.
2. Reactions can be used at any time, even during your own turn or during another action/activity. So yes, the Magus could use Reactive Shield in response to an AoO and potentially prevent a disruption of the spellstrike if the extra AC turns a crit into a regular hit.

GM Core page 287:

The Cloak of Illusion's active effect makes you invisible and adds the Subtle trait to your figment cantrip. As of the current errata, the figment cantrip always has the Subtle trait, making this part of the effect redundant.

Tactical Drongo wrote:
Considering that the Magus and archetypes like the eldritch Archer are coming to the pc2

Magus is not in PC2. And we don't know yet which of the old archetypes will make the cut, so Eldtritch Archer may or may not be in there.

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Atalius wrote:
Does he ever MAP2 or is it basically just one attack a round?

There's no one right answer to that. It depends completely on the situation.

In general, it's recommended to limit casters to one attack per turn since their lower attack bonus makes even MAP -5 attacks risky.

However, there can absolutely be situations in which a second attack is worth the risk. If you've just spend a Focus point on Inspire Heroics (or Fortissimo as I believe it is called now) to boost your whole party and then miss on your first attack, going for a second Strike can be worthwhile in an attempt to extend the duration of the buffed composition.

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Nothing for Guns and Gears? I know there's not too much affected in there but my Armor Inventor still has resistance to alignment damage.

Guess I'll just change that to spirit damage until we get an official word.


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A Post on reddit just said that Fantasy Grounds apparently got a Remaster errata from paizo. Looks like we might be getting a day-1-patch.

It allegedly also includes stuff outside the core books that's affected by the remaster. So maybe Magus and similar this get updates.

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PossibleCabbage wrote:
I want to figure out how to make a witch who is 15' from danger who does not die instantly.

Human Witch can have scaling heavy armor by level 3 without spending a single class feat on it!

Ok, probably not worth the investment, but seriously, getting the armor proficiency general feat at least once for a cheap +1/+2 AC is definitely something I would consider as a remaster caster. You could leave your Dex at 16 or 18 and invest the boosts you saved into another mental attribute so you can multiclass and make better use of your universal spellcasting proficiency.

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Finoan wrote:
Squiggit wrote:
Not explicitly, but it is kind of wild putting basically no limits debuff extension next to 'scent until the start of your next turn' and 'your familiar can flank' as ostensibly comparable abilities.

I also somewhat suspect that the Patrons are not completely balanced against each other in a vacuum, but also have some balance considerations of what they are competing against for spellcasters in their same tradition.

So Occult tradition Witch is not just competing against other Witch Patrons, but is competing against Bard and Psychic.

While Arcane tradition Witch is competing against other Witch patrons, and competing against Wizard instead.

That seems a weird way to balance things. It would meant paizo thinks the wizard is very weak compared to a psychic or bard.

Also, the arcane sorcerer bloodlines don't have similar low power budgets (and neither do arcane summoners).

No, it's limited to once per cast.

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Caster weapon proficiency is fine if you limit yourself to one Strike per turn and don't try to hit level+3 bosses. You should absolutely cast spells in that kind of fight.

25speedforseaweedleshy wrote:
make inspire heroic last for 2 round are far more valuable

That's a strong synergy I hadn't even considered yet! Heroic + Warrior Muse seems very strong.

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Atalius wrote:
rainzax wrote:
shroudb wrote:
shroudb wrote:
nicholas storm wrote:
Bard gets martial weapons in remaster
then i assume warrior muse gets something else, so it's kinda a moot point since in 15 days we will have a different bonus to compare
and now we know what warrior bard got instead of waepon prof, and it's a really nice bonus for this kind of gameplay (basically giving you 1 free action/2 rounds as long as you hit)

What they get?

Edit: Martial Performance now, instead of granting proficiency like it used to with martial weapons (which comes with the chassis), now simply extends the duration of Inspire Courage Courageous Anthem by 1 round per cast when the bard successfully Strikes their foe.


Cool, doesn't Lingering Composition already extend it? What's the draw?

1. It stacks with Lingering Composition.

2. Lingering Composition costs an additional feat and a focus point. And you can always fail the Performance Check.
3. Many of the Warrior Muse specific feats like Couragous Assault are metamagic feats which you can't combine with Lingering Compostion.
4. If you want to make frequent use of those warrior muse metamagic feats, you need to recast your compositions frequently anyway. Having your composition last 3 rounds can simply be unnecessary so you might not pick up Lingering at all. Then it's nice to still have a way to extend the duration a bit.

By RAW, if the creature can't understand you, it does its best to help you, but it can't follows your commands to the latter because it can't understand them.

Most GMs I know still let the player determine the actions of the summoned creature, if only to not have to worry about yet another thing to control.

Not obsolete. The mew books are 99% the same rules. Changes are minor and with two noteworthy exceptions (removal of alignment and spell schools) most Changes are to individual spells, feats and classes.

The old content is still perfectly viable to play, the new stuff is readily available for free on AoN just like the old stuff.

But it IS a new book so you'd have to buy it if you want it.

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The only mechanical advantage of the new schools is that you get one curriculum spell per rank added to your spellbpok for free and that some of those spells are uncommon.

Which kind of defeats the purpose of having spells "locked" behind rarity to begin with.

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Honestly I really feel like they should have just dropped the slot part of spell schools entirely and just give wizards 4 slots for each level instead of trying to hold on to it after getting rid of spell schools.

Yeah, the curriculum could just have been a list of spells (preferably a bit longer than what we currently got) the wizard learns automatically as levels progress.

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Even assuming your GM is willing to allow you to switch out spells, you still end up with slots that van only be filled with a very limited amount of spells. I personally prefer to switch out my spells on every rest and if I only have one useful curricukum spell for each rank, I end up preparing the same spell in that slot ever day. That's just not fun for a prepared caster, even if the spell is a good or even outstanding one.

The only way to avoid this is by having your GM outright add a significant number of spells to your curriculum, which will be much harder to sell then switching out spells.

Calliope5431 wrote:
Blave wrote:

No Crafting requirements for scroll adept is the best news I heard all day. Which might be a bit sad if you think about it. So better not think about it.

The one thing keeping me from going Wizard with Divine Witch and Psychic for triple tradition casting is the skills required. I definitely want Arcana and I would need Religion and occultism, which spends all of my skill increases and is partially redundant with Arcana' best skill feat Unified Theory.

The main thing keeping me from going wizard/psychic with divine witch for triple tradition casting is the fact that it only gives you multiclass spell slots, actually.

You can't prep arcane spells in your divine witch slots, or divine spells in your wizard slots. Which makes things sorta sad.

Though I do think scrolls and staves and wands can go a looooong way towards mitigating that, so I might do it sometime.

The whole point of that build would be the ability to cast three different traditions from slots.

And even if you go with arcane Witch instead, you still can't prepare your wizard spells in its slots. If I have to spend extra money on learning witch spells anyway, I'd rather Widen my spectrum by picking another tradition.

Doubling up on occult with Witch and psychic would also be fun, though, and a bit easier on the skill requirements. Worth considering.

It's not better or worse, just different.

Pros: Targets Reflex instead of Fortitude. Inflicts a -2 attack penalty on top of off-guard, so at least martial enemies are likely to waste an action standing up, which also trigger Reactive Strike and similar abilities.

Cons: Doesn't grapple. Immobilize is a harsh condition and getting rid of it doesn't only take an action (unlike prone) but will also affect the enemy's MAP. Grapple also potentially screws spellcasters.

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No Crafting requirements for scroll adept is the best news I heard all day. Which might be a bit sad if you think about it. So better not think about it.

The one thing keeping me from going Wizard with Divine Witch and Psychic for triple tradition casting is the skills required. I definitely want Arcana and I would need Religion and occultism, which spends all of my skill increases and is partially redundant with Arcana' best skill feat Unified Theory.

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TheWayofPie wrote:
Kinda bummed Wizard feats didn't get a bit more sauce. Did they at least get put to regular amount of skills like everyone else? I wasn't a fan of them having one less skill just because they used Intelligence.

I asked that on discord and the answer I got was: No change to skills. Still trained in arcana and 2+INT additional skills.

Disappointing, to say the least.

gesalt wrote:
Blave wrote:
Are the Power Words still in the game or have they been OGLed?
They weren't reprinted

Shame, I hope we get other nice 1 action spells at some point.

(Yes, I know I can stil use them. I was just hoping we get more of them at some point and that seems unlikely when even the original ones are kinda gone.)

QuidEst wrote:
Blave wrote:
Are the Power Words still in the game or have they been OGLed?
Someone mentioned that Power Word Kill had become Execute.

I think I heard that's the new Finger of Death.

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Ravingdork wrote:

Just found out that the Monk trait has been added to the staff, the spear, and the khakkara!

So many hidden gems throughout!

A Warpriest of Tsukiyo with Flurry of Blows sounds amazing!

Are the Power Words still in the game or have they been OGLed?

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Corvo Spiritwind wrote:
Is there a reason the books had to be printed and it couldn't have been PDFs until things are vetted properly?

Same reason why PDFs aren't sold before the books hit the store, most likely: Paizo likes to work with local gaming stores and having those books on the shelves is free advertising.

If they sold the PDFs months before the books are actually printed and available in stores, the demand for the printed version would diminish and the stores would no longer carry the books at all, reducing the exposure of RPG fans to PF2.

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gesalt wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
I love that the Remaster now clarifies that you DO get to apply the Agile trait to combat maneuvers (disarm, grapple, reposition, shove, trip) when you use your free hand to perform them.
Can you point out where so I can be mad about the agile trait applying but finesse not applying despite both being defined as affecting attack rolls?

It should be in the sidebar on page 234 of Player Core according to the GenCon preview stream.

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The Raven Black wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
I love that the Remaster now clarifies that you DO get to apply the Agile trait to combat maneuvers (disarm, grapple, reposition, shove, trip) when you use your free hand to perform them.
What about weapons or not-hand unarmed attacks with the appropriate traits ?

The rules basically say

"Your agile hand does maneuvers with -4/-8. Weapons might have maneuver traits but not agile, so these weapons will do maneuvers with -5/-10."

So it's at the very least strongly implied that an Agile Trip weapon will allow you to Trip at -4/-8.

The Rules Lawyer shows the rules from the book in this video around the 3 minute mark.

I also believe this particular rule was visible on one of the pages shown during the GenCon remaster panel.

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Ironically, it feels like Warpriest went from extremely MAD to quite the opposite. No charisma needed for font and easy access to heavy armor so you don't need Dex. Increase Str, Con and Wis every 5 levels and you are done.

You could feasibly do something like 14 Int by level 5 and then multiclass into Magus for Spellstrike and Shielding Strike.

I think the Azlanti lived longer? At least they got +2 to all ability scores in PF1.

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Karmagator wrote:
Previously, it was also mentioned that they were looking into removing the Hunt Prey requirement on some feats. Has anyone seen anything specific in the book?

As far as I know it has only been removed from the Mature Animal Companion which can now use its frde action to Stride and Strike freely instead of being limited to your hunted Prey.

Paul Zagieboylo wrote:
Do warpriests get convenient access to the fighter (or champion) feats that make shields not an abysmal drain on action economy? Or are you just expected to take Champion Dedication to get access to those, like you did before? I admit, it is a little less bad for warpriests because of Emblazon Armament and Raise Symbol, which at least makes raising your shield really good for the action cost.

Best option is most likely Bastion. Though Reactive Shield and Quick Shield Block look VERY juicy on a warprist now.

Duskwalker are coming in Player Core 2, so they are not part of the Nephilim. I guess the Boneyard isn't exactly part of the outer planes.

As for Aphrites and Ganzi, I would keep them separated for now. I doubt we'll get an official change to them anytime soon, seeing how they are from an Lost Omens book and I doubt those are fast to be remastered (or even just errata'd).

Just to make sure: I assume spellcaster multiclass archetypes still require you to get their tradition's skill up to legendary for master Spellcasting? Trying to figure out where to take my next Wizard and plan his archetype(s).

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Ashanderai wrote:

I am confused about the Bear Companion’s Bear Hug action on page 207 of the Remaster Player Core. It appears to be exactly the same wording as the old Core Rulebook, which states:

BEAR HUG [one-action] Requirements The bear’s last action was a successful claw Strike.
The bear makes another claw Strike against the same target. If this Strike hits, the target is also grabbed, as if the bear had successfully Grappled the target.

The way this reads to me is that the bear auto succeeds at Grapple. But, the Remaster Core Preview document stated the following regarding Grab for creatures:

Grab [one-action] Requirements The monster’s last action was a successful Strike that lists Grab in its damage entry, or the monster has a creature grabbed or restrained;
Effect If used after a Strike, the monster attempts to Grapple the creature using the body part it attacked with. This attempt neither applies nor counts toward the creature’s multiple attack penalty.
The monster can instead use Grab and choose one creature it’s grabbing or restraining with an appendage that has Grab to automatically extend that condition to the end of the monster’s next turn.

So, should the target be considered to have been successfully Grappled by the bear? Or, should the player have his bear companion attempt a Grapple check per the Remastered Athletics Grapple Skill Action on page 235 of the Remaster Player Core? Given the changes to Grab and Grapple elsewhere in the Remaster, I am inclined to think the later, but it is unclear in the bear companion text in my opinion.

Think of Bear Hug more like Combat Grab (i.e. a Press attack that grapples on a hit). It's not suposed to work like the Grab creature ability - and in fact never did work like the Grab ability.

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Some things I noticed:

- Significantly better saves with Raise Symbol.
- Very good amount of font-slots despite no Charisma.
- Reduced MADness allows for max font slots while retaining max Wisdom for counteract checks and spell DC/attack.
- No need for Charisma means Boosts for Dex to make the ranged attacks actually useful. Also helps with saves and Dex-Skills.
- Shield + Rune result in a shield with decent effect that's almost as durable as a sturdy shield.

This character would have loked quite different pre-master. Overall, this seems like a very good improvement. And you didn't even make use of most of the new warpriest stuff, so there's quite a bit of potential flexibility to shift the build more into warpriest or (thanks to full wisdom and full font) even more into a caster direction.

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