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Would anyone be interested in a pbp set in the Silver Marches using Monte Cook's complete book of experimental might? This book has been sitting on my shelf for too long and would like to give it a try.

classes: barbarian, bard (complete book of eldritch might variant), cleric, druid, fighter, monk, ranger, rogue, & wizard.

races: stand PHB plus varients from Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (no underdark races).

Oh hell yea!! I too have the book and have been waiting for a chance to play with it. I am so playing a Fighter to make use of Fighter Domains.

What level?? Probably Human, maybe Elf. Are we using Pathfinder rules otherwise??

I am un familiar with the book, however I am looking for PBP game, and always happy to learn.

I have only a cursory knowledge of the book, but I am extremely familiar with and love the Realms and most of the other sourcebooks. I too may be interested. Going to acquire a copy of said book now...

I like Forgotten Realms, but am unfamiliar with Monte Cook's book. Is it available on this website?

Since this is my first run with the MCEM rules set, let's start at first level.

Campaign will start in Silverymoon. All characters are potential Ardent Legion recruits. Plan for a mix of city, wilderness and dungeon delving.

For stats, everyone starts with 17, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10. Assign as you like. Max hp at 1st level.

Monkeygod, default will be 3.5 rules; however, I'm going to change how skills ranks are done to pathfinder. hide and move silently are now stealth. spot, listen, and search are now perception. concentration and tumbling checks are as described in MCEM.

average gold for class.

use regions from Players Guide to Faerun to set starting languages and bonus equipment. if you don't have that book, let me know which background sounds good and I will post the information.
most common:


Human: Silverymoon, The North, The Sword Coast or Uthgardt Tribesfolk
Dwarf: The Spine of the World or the Sword Coast.
Elf: Evereska, The High Forest, or Silverymoon.
Gnome: The Western Heartlands
Half-Elf: as elf or human or Silverymoon(half-elf version).
Halfling: Western Heartlands.
Half-orc: as human or The North(orc version).

What books are allowed? from 3.5 can we use Pathfinder material? Are those stats before or after racials?

Books: PHB3.5, Forgotten Realms's Campaign Setting (for varients of base races minus underdark versions), Player's Guide to Faerun (for regions), & Monte Cook's The Collected Book of Experimental Might.

Stats are before racial bonuses.

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That sounds great - I've wanted to try out the Eldritch Might bard for ages. I'll work up a character concept today.

Humm you using pathfinder or 3.5 rules?

Burrahobbit: sounds great!

seekerofshadowlight: default rules are 3.5 modified by MC collected book of experimental might. I'm house ruling in how skill ranks are done to pathfinder (i.e. no x4 ranks at first level, +3 bonus to class skills that have ranks in them, and no x2 cost for cross class skills). I'm willing to review rules as the game goes along.

Are you also going with the feat at every level? I mean, I know that's a LOT, but it seems kinda essential to how much of the rules are balanced.

I'm going with either an Agile or Intelligent domain fighter, and taking whichever one I don't start with as my 2nd domain, if we get to 9th level. I am leaning strongly to an Elf as well.

Edit: While your going to be using the tumble rules from CBoEM are you keeping it a skill on its own or are you keeping it as in Pathfinder and folding it into Acrobatics??

Here's Alder Two-Fingers (alias of Burrahobbit), an orphaned bard originally of Silverymoon and taken in by the Tree Ghost tribe of Uthgardt Barbarians. Background and most character information is in the profile; I'm excited about playing the character as someone who has a foot in both worlds, both of the Uthgardt tribes and the very "civilization"-oriented Silver Marches, and can serve as a bridge between the two, with his music as a kind of symbol. Conflicts may pop up later on, especially in dealing with hostile tribes, but for right now he sees no contradiction between loyalty to his adopted tribesmen and aiding the "civilizing" Silver Marches.

There are still a few things to clean up, specifically equipment and wealth (I'm waffling as to weapon choice) -- if you like the character idea, I'll take care of that. I also wanted to check: will we use the Book of Experimental Might rule that characters start with bonus hit points equal to their constitutions?

Also, for feats, will we be gaining one feat/level as per Experimental Might? I've picked feats from the Book of Eldritch Might (since they apply specifically to the bard variant there) and one of the background feats mentioned in the Player's Guide to Faerun but which I had to look up online. It's a pretty standard "+2 to two skills" feat, so I don't think it should be a problem, but let me know if you'd like me to switch out for core feats in either case.

Thanks! Excited about the campaign, and let me know if you have questions on the character (or if something in the background doesn't fit the time period or your version of the Realms...I'm kind of just pulling from a variety of sources and am definitely no FR expert).

Looks good. A couple things: (1) yes you will gain a feat at each level; (2) yes you gain bonus hp equal to your con score at 1st level; (3) you have one to many feats; (4) bard average gold is 100 gp.

I like the concept and look forward to seeing you run it.

I'm going to keep the tumble skill seperate for now. I might fold it in later. Sounds good on the character concept. Draft it up. dead set on using 3.5 are you? I understand keeping the classes that way, since thats what CBoEM was written for, but any chance use Pathfinder for races/favored class bonus? Traits would also be nice, but not necessary.

Is this set pre-4e Spellplague??

Are regional feats bonus feats? Or does one need to select them with a normal feat slot?

How detailed of a backstory are you looking for? and is there anything I should steer clear of? I mean, I don't plan on being best friends with Elminster, but can I sort of vaguely tie myself to a few important personae in the Silver Marches?

Graynore wrote:


Looks good. A couple things: (1) yes you will gain a feat at each level; (2) yes you gain bonus hp equal to your con score at 1st level; (3) you have one to many feats; (4) bard average gold is 100 gp.

I like the concept and look forward to seeing you run it.

Thanks! Fixed some math, took away the feat, added bonus hp, and got equipment together. Also, my backstory is based vaguely on the FRCS (1372 DR); do you have a specific starting date for the campaign? Not that it really matters too much, but I don't know anything about developments the Realms after the 3.5 campaign book.

(1) pretty set on 3.5 for the most part. i'm not sure how the rules will interact. as far as the races and favored class bonus, i would say that the favored class bonus will be brought in (choose class at first level and get either +1hp or skill point). i'm leary of pathfinder races due to how some racial bonuses affect other systems (such as combat manuevers), was there something specific you were looking at?
(2) as far as traits and regional feats go, i would say that you gain a regional feat as a bonus beat at 1st level. under 3.5, it wasn't a bonus feat. traits are basically half-feats to tie into the background of the character. so Alder, sorry, add the feat back
(3) this is pre-4e. year is 1372DR.
(4) backstory is as complete as you want. so long as the backstory covers your skills and motivations. as far as specific npcs, whom were you thinking of?

(1) see item 3 above.
(2) don't worry about changes to the realms, i'm not following all of the progression.

Discussion thread is up.

Monkeygod: when do you think you'll have a character ready? I think that we'll get started. I may add a couple npcs to help out.

Is this going to be just Alder and I? Or did you plan to leave recruitment open for a bit longer?(say end of the weekend)

I'd like to get started so we can begin with you two. If some more applicants come along, then we can add them in as we go.

Liberty's Edge

I'm thinking of creating a Wood Elf Druid, but I've lost my copy of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting book. :( I'll see if I can find it and get back to you guys.

Just to clarify, as a wood elf, I would start with two feats: 1 for 1st level, and a region feat?

Any room left in this game? I haven't used the MCEM rules set, but I'm curious about it and I'm a quick study.

I have an idea for a rogue from the Isle of Gond. Basically a snarky businessman/inventor obsessed with the idea that technology is superior to magic. He'd worship Gond, build guns, explosives and clockwork marvels. Something of a fantasy style Tony Stark.

Anesth Reilmanel, from the Savage Frontier.

Anesth is one of the remaining elf Wild Protectors of the North. He has spent most of his time as a guide for riverboaters, hunters and trappers, ensuring that no trappers take more than the Wild can give them. When he can abide civilization, he has been known to work with animals and as a healer in the small city of Loudwater.

Doomed Hero: there is still room. Role one up and post it over in the discussion page.

Stardust: looks good. add the stats for your wolf and the background to the page and head over to the discussion page.

Fantastic. My time's a little crunched tonight, but I'll have a basic mechanical framework up tomorrow night.

Since I don't have access to the book yet (soon though) I'll do a basic 3.5 build and rely on you to help me with the tweaks.

Doomed Hero here.

I have the basics up but I haven't done equipment yet. I was hoping you could look over the character and tell me what changes need to be made for the MCEM rules.

you should have 5 grace points and 14 health points (total of 19 hp, grace and health points heal at different rates).
you should have an additional regional bonus feat (arcane schooling, education, or mercantile background).
studded leather provides a -1 armor check penalty.
craft(gunsmithing) is an independent skill if you wish to take it. Guns are almost unheard of in the Silver Marches so don't expect to be able to find smokepowder or bullets easily.
I assume that you took the option A bonus equipment (pistol, powderhorn & 10 mwk bullets).
Languages: automatic (common & Lantanese); bonus list (Alzhedo, Chondathan, Dwarven, Gnome, Ignan, Illuskan, Shaaran)
Skill points are 8 plus 2(int bonus) plus 1 (human bonus) [I assume that the additional one is your favored class bonus]
What is alchemist's kindness? I don't remember that one.

Once you get the corrections done, head over to the discussion thread and then I'll bring you into the game thread.

Thanks for the check-up. Everything should be good except equipment. I no longer have my old 3.5 books, so I'm relying entirely on the SRD, which completely fails to list starting gold *anywhere* that I can find.

Alchemist's Kindness is an alchemical hangover cure. It's Pathfinder so I'll erase it.

Rogue starting gold is 125gp.

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Is that Experimental Might or Eldritch Might? I have the latter book, but never heard of the former. Either way though I would be interested perahps in playing a Mirror Master type of mage.

Experimental Might is being used. Eldritch Might is only for the bard class.

So with Mercantile Background that brings my cash to 425. I will work on getting my equipment finished tomorrow night, but I won't be able to post again after that until the 26th. Holiday madness and all.

Sounds good Jaxon.


Jaxon? You still in?

Yeah, sorry, life got away from me for a bit. I apologize.

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