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Full Name

Graynore Sorrowmist


Human Ravenloft-hybrid infected werewolf


Ftr 10




5'11" 245 lbs.




Chaotic Good (CN tendencies)


Avoiding the Mists

About Graynore

Current PCs:
Efreat al'Inferis (LN hm Sorc(efreet) 14) [pathfinder]
Inferis al' Merris (LN hf Wiz(necro) 3) [pathfinder]
Verjack (NN hm Psychic(amnesiac) 2) [pathfinder]

Past PCs:
Surt (CN dwm Cleric 5) [pathfinder]
Graynore Black Cloak (Unaligned hm Wizard 4) [4th ed]
Luet. Regnar (LN hm Artif. 3) [3.5 ed]
Ramar (LN hm Psion(kinet) 5) [pathfinder]
Morzane (CN 1/2om Witch 2) [pathfinder]
Brignat (LN HobgoblinM Ftr 4) [pathfinder]
Ghaun'mere (LN DrowM Wiz(Conj) 7 [pathfinder]
Dreav Mistcaller (CN hm Sorc(black dragon BL)1/Clr of Leirra 1) [pathfinder]
Li'remean Lurean (Good Warlord 22/Paragon Swordmage/Ruler of Winter
Epic Destiny) [4th ed]
Malarsk (NE hm Druid 16) [3.5 ed]
Graynore (NG hm(infected werewolf) ftr 10) [2nd ed]

Current Campaigns:

Knights of Luruar (Silver Marches campaign) [pathfinder]

Current PCs: Gabriel (CN hm Cavalier 11), Glimly Shadowrock (NG gnm Rogue 4/Illusionist 4/Arcane Trickster 3),
"Graduated": Bob of Helm (LN hm Ftr 3/Cleric 8), Brunk'rock (LN hobgoblinm Sorc 5/Dragon Disciple 6), Wulgrif (CG hm Ranger 6/Barbarian 5),

Elven Wrath of the Righteous (Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path; book 3) [pathfinder]

Current PCs: Benatelie (CG em Ranger 9, mythic warden 3), Mercucio (NG em Alchemist 9, mythic archmage 3), Korkas (CG halfm Rogue(unchained) 9, mythic trickster 3), Vaciny (LG hem Paladin 3/Sorcerer (celestial) 6, mythic guardian/archmage 3)

Benice's Mysteries of the Moon Sea (Forgotten Realms "Mysteries of the Moon Sea" adventure; current part 4) [pathfinder]

Benice (CE hf Fighter 7/Duelist 10/Rogue 4, Mythic Champion 2), Vanko Blackfist (LE hm Monk 15), Imecaa (NE hf Wizard(evoc) 5/Cleric(cardinal) 5/Mystic Thuerge 5)

Shadow's Realm Kingmaker (Kingmaker Adventure Path; current book 6) [pathfinder]

Current PCs: Hector Trollbane(CN hm Sorc(starborn BL) 14, mythic archmage 5), Alehandro (NN hm rang 3/clr 11 of Nethys, mythic guardian/heirophant 5), Teddy (CN hm Barb 14, mythic guardian 5), Lucien (CN em Ranger 6/Rogue 4/Shadowdancer 4, mythic champion/trickster 5), Tim (LE hm Inquisitor 13 of Nethys, mythic warden 5)
Dead PCs: Izrael (CE hm rog 4), Bob (Izrael's twin brother; LE hm rog 4), Elan Bardwell (CN hm bard(sandman) 4)

In the Cage: Githzerai in Sigil (Pathfinder w/ Planescape conversions)


PCs: Yangol (LN; githzerai m; Fated; Monk 1/Vitalist 1), (CN; githzerai m; Fated; Psion(Kineticist) 2), (CN; githzerai m; Fated; Aegis 2); (NE; githzerai m; Fated; Dread(shadow) 2)

Past Campaigns:

Savage Tide's Razor Coast (Razor Coast Adventure Path; continuing NPCs from Gargauth's Savage Tide; continues into the Abyss and ends with the destruction of Malcanthet) [pathfinder]

Current PCs: Captain Tavey Caregiver (NE hm gestalt Rogue 10/Sorcerer(mix: abyssal/infernal) 20/Assassin 10 - Mythic Archmage/Trickster 10), Saegen ([unaligned] hm Monk 19 - Mythic Champion 8), Cather (CE hm Fighter 14 - Mythic Guardian 3), Iceblade Dragon's Bane (CG hm gestalt Barbarian 20/Fighter 20 - Mythic Warden 7), Sharice (CE ftiefling Oracle 20 - Mythic Hierophant 7), Ob'Shae O'Vay Mayor of Port Shaw ([no alignment] ef Oracle of Life 16 - Mythic Hierophant/Guardian 4), Lyre Stormbrow (NN hm Fighter 5/Bard 3)
End of Razor Coast Book: Captain Tavey Caregiver (NE hm Rogue 4/Sorcerer(mix: abyssal/infernal) 14/Assassin 2 - Mythic Archmage/Trickster 5), Ob'Shae O'Vay Knight Errant of Her Majesty's Woodland Realm ([no alignment] ef Oracle of Life 15 - Mythic Hierophant/Guardian 4), Saegen (LE hm Monk 12 - Mythic Champion 4)
Obituary: Lyre Stormbrow (NN hm Fighter 5/Bard 1)[killed by Barrett], First Mate Dandee (CG hm Fighter 1/expert 4)[killed during Night of the Shark]

Gargauth's Savage Tide (Savage Tide Adventure Path; current book 12) [pathfinder]

Post Campaign PCs: Raziel Prince of Demons (CE male Tanar'ri Outsider 21HD/Barbarian 1/Rogue 1), Macy the Crimson Shade (CN shade(human) Wizard 23)
End PCs: Raziel (LE half-celestial Paladin of Tyranny 20 with gestalt oracle spellcasting), Macy (CN shade(human) Wizard 22).
Current Cohorts:
Dead PCs: Alex (LE halfm Rogue 17) killed in book 11, (LE hm Sorc(fiendish BL) 17) killed in book 9, Izrael (LE em Ranger 17) killed in book 9, Seth (LE hm Cleric 17 of Gargauth) killed in book 9, Raziel (LE half-celestial/human Paladin 14) killed in book 6
Old Cohorts: Naniveen(LE half-fiend/human f Rog 7/Rang 3/ShadowDancer 4)

Gargauth's Mysteries of the Moon Sea (Forgotten Realms "Mysteries of the Moon Sea" adventure; current part 1) [pathfinder]
(LE tieflingM Rogue 3), (LE tieflingM Rogue 3), (NE tieflingM Barb 3)

The Night Serpent Gambit (homebrew campaign set in Forgotten Realms; ended at pc ecl 32) [3.0 ed]
Valric the Betrayer (NE shade(half-shadowdragon human) Ftr 8/Purple Dragon Knight 5/Blackguard 13/Legendary Dreadnaught 3); Benice of the Keep (CE shade(half-shadowdragon human) Ftr 8/Duelist 15/Wizard 5/Shadow Adept 1); Ramar Aulinvox (NN shade(human) Wiz 5/Shadow Adept 22/Archmage 5); Evy'lyn Dark Moon (LE shade (human) monk 16/Sorc 6/Shadow Dancer 6/Shadow Adept 4)

Exploring the Wheel: The Great Modron March [pathfinder]
pc: Izrael (LN githzerai monk/psychic warrior (gestalt) 5)
adventure: included updated Planescape adventure and elements of spalljammer

Zhentarim Night Below (pcs dead: 9; survived 4; average # of pcs 8; completed at 21st level) [Night Below Campaign Box Set; book 1&2 in 2nd ed; book 3 in 3.5 ed]
Surviving PCs: Vercar (LE hm Clr 10/Dreadmaster 11 of Bane), Benak (NE hf clr 4/wiz 7/mystic thuerge 11 of Bane), Benice (CE hf ftr 7/duelist 10/rogue 4), Iceblade Dragon's Bane (CN hm ftr 4/barb 17)
Dead PCs: Starsnake (NE em rogue 5/ranger 4/assassin 10), Macey (CE hf wiz 18/archmage 1), Kervek (LE hm Pal 5/Blackguard 10/Demp 4 of Bane), Sam (LE hm monk 11)[2nd ed], Volnak Dragon's Bane (CG e(gold)m ftr/clr/wiz 7) [2nd ed], Stonehenge (CG dm Ftr 8) [2nd ed], Woodcutter (NG 1/2em Ranger 8) [2nd ed], Yakura Zuth (LG River Spirit Folk f Kensai 8) [2nd ed], Starsun (NG hm Specialty Priest of Lathander 8) [2nd ed], Logan (CN hm duelist 6) [2nd ed]
Dead Cohorts: Velarious Baneson (LE hm ftr 8/cavalier 8), Ssyllairius (LE very younge Pyroclastic dragon), Xanath (LE beholder), Sshe'ruket'tit (LE banelar naga mystic theurge 6 of bane)

The Were-wizard of Thay (Started as part of Forgotten Realms "Mysteries of the Moon Sea" but moved into home brew; TPK by white dragon at ecl 12) [3.5/pathfinder beta]
PC: Sares (CE hm Abjur 5/Red Wizard 6/Infected were-wolf 2)
Cohort: Zolis (CE hf cleric/fighter 11 of Cyric(gestalt)

The Nightmear Night Below (Night Below Campaign Box Set; TPK - Book 2 first NPC hunting party) [pathfinder]
PCs: (LN hm monk/sorc (elem air BL) 11(gestalt)), (NG hm ftr/cleric 11(gestalt))

To Dream For A Night In The Yuir (home brew set in Forgotten Realms (Aglarond/Yuirwood region)ended at PC level 7) [3.5]
Aragon (CG hm Ranger 3/Bard 4); Nishee (CN starelff Sorc 7); Nigh'seer (CN starelfm Druid 7); Mish'tar (LN starelfm Ftr5/bard2)