The Knights of Luruar

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Male Human Rogue 2

"Wait..." Cal says from slightly behind the rest. "I almost got murdered by werewolves so you three could pick up some extra horses?"

Wood Elf Druid 2

Anasth grunts in laughter, but there is no humor in the sound.

He rolls his eyes as he looks over at Ariael, shaking his head silently as though that was all that needed to be communicated.

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

"I...can only assume, sir, that they were testing our ability to get by in the North."

Some irritation creeps into his voice.

"Although it seems to me that there is enough to do for those willing to join the Argent Legion without sending them on horse procurement duty for half a moon."

He shakes his head, thinking of the freedom he traded to serve the good of the North.

"Well, we're here now. If there's any task for us to attend to, we're happy to do so. But I'd also like to ask you about a few strange things we've encountered on our way up here."

Alder briefly describes the creatures' attacks, the vanishing figure, and the runed gems, leaving out anything personal about Glimly's amulet, but trying to be as thorough as possible otherwise.

The officer listens to Alder's account of your travels. "I can't say that I know of this vanishing figure or these gems. Werewolves are quite common but usually get worse the closer one gets to the Moonwood. Orcs, goblins and ogres are all too common along the Nether Mountains. What seems odd is that the attacks began when you joined that caravan and ended when you left. I wonder if they were not after the caravan. What was their cargo?"

Male Human Rogue 2

Cal shrugs and starts listing of an inventory list. It's quite thorough, at least until he's interrupted.

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder doesn't go into details but generally agrees with the officer's assessment that it must have had something to do with the caravan.
He then asks, "Are there any further assignments for us at present, sir?"

The officer considers Alder's request, "Not at the moment. Our cavalry is out on patrol and not scheduled to be back for a week. Grab a bunk and get some rest. Your merchant friend can find a room down in the foreign quarter."

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder salutes and turns. When they are alone, he says to his companions,
"It seems we have some time to ourselves. Do you think we should double back and see what's become of our friend Glimly and his amulet?"

side quest request by Alder. Anyone? Anyone? No. Okay.
You have seven days of downtime to buy equipment or seek out anything else. Post anything that you want to do. I'll wait until tomorrow.

Male Elf Ranger(Demon Slayer)3/Inquisitor(Cold Iron Warden)3

The next morning, Ariel wanders around town, looking for a temple or shrine to either of his deities. If he finds one, he spends a half hour or so in quiet meditation. He'll then head to one of the taverns and see what's for lunch.

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder spends the time swapping stories and news with the people in town, and going out on short treks into the wilderness when weather permits. He keeps an eye on the weather and an ear out for any unusual stories.

Wood Elf Druid 2

Anasth will keep in hawk form over the next few days, and scout the lands around without going too far from the town (again in hawk form).

Male Human Rogue 2

"Let me know if you decide to go check on Gimli." Cal says before wandering off.


Profession: Merchant: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

work is really busy. I'll post tomorrow.

to make sure that we are keeping with treasure levels, you all get 800 gp (this comes as equipment requisitions or merchant special bargains). Jaxon gets an additional 12gp for his profession check. make what ever purchases you want and post them in the discussion thread.

Kythorn 21, Year of Wild Magic

After a week of easy living, the patrol arrives. The cavalry do not look happy when they hear of your orders but they obey and prep the horses to depart.

The officer approaches you all before you depart, "I have an update on your orders. You are to take a package to Beorunna's Well by way of the Cold Vale road on your way back to Silverymoon. Deliver the package to the merchant Prudhosk Goldhand. He's orc tainted so don't let that surprise you. You can follow the Moon Lands road to Silverymoon. If you're quite done lolly-gagging, then be off!"

Male Human Rogue 2

Cal nods and takes the package. "Is there a pick-up when we get there, or just this drop-off?"

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder frowns for an instant as Cal, not he, takes the package. Then he shakes off the chip on his shoulder and heads toward the road with his companions.

The officer frowns at Jaxon, "What do you think you are doing?" Turning to Alder, "You taking your merchant with you? There's nothing stopping you from having civilians along for the ride but if they get in the way or slow you down, expect a good lashing." At that, the officer leaves and you all are left standing there with three horses.
sorry jaxon, you got to get your own ride.

Male Human Rogue 2

"Well don't that just beat all. You know what fellas, it's been interesting, but this military life ain't for me. I'm gonna head back down where it's warmer and start a shop. You ever make it out of the cold, look me up."

Cal gives the officer a dirty look and walks back into town to purchase a horse.

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder turns to the officer. "With respect, sir, this civilian has fought as hard as any of us against the evils that besiege us all here in the North. He deserves our thanks and our respect, Argent Legion tabard or no."

Taking the package, Alder clasps Cal's arm.
"Best of luck to you, Cal. I'm sorry our roads won't run together any longer. Till swords part."

The officer looks at Alder, "Let me tell you a secret, everyone fights to live in the North. There will come a time when a superior officer gives you an order that you are not going to like or that will require you to leave someone behind but you better follow it." He turns to walk away and then stops, "Friends will keep you alive private but they can't keep you from completing the job or it may cost a lot of lives."

Male Elf Ranger(Demon Slayer)3/Inquisitor(Cold Iron Warden)3

Ariael stays quiet until the officer leaves. "We're glorified mailmen?"

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder says nothing in response to the officer, but thinks to himself that he knows very well what will happen if he is ever given an order to abandon a friend.

He turns to Ariael.
"Not exactly what I expected when I left my tribe to sign on for this."

Wood Elf Druid 2

Anasth remains silent, in hawk form, as he perches on the nearby wall, looking over his remaining companions and glaring at the officer.

You set out onto the trail after saying your goodbyes to Jaxon. The trail is not kept as well as the road you have grown use to. After several uneventful days, you arrive at Beorunna's Well. It is just a small village that looks to have been built in recent memory. After asking the locals (most of whom are Uthgarth Tribal members), you finally locate the half-orc you seek.

The half-orc Prudhosk Goldhand, looks like a strong man with a stern look of consertration as he counts his inventory. Once he notices you, he puts on a smile that doesn't reach his eyes. "Welcome Legionaires! What can the Goldhand do for you today?"

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder holds out the package without smiling.
"A delivery, from Citadel Adbar. If it's no secret, I'd like to ask what it is we've carried here to you. It's your business, of course."

Prudhosk takes the package. Smiling at Alder, "It is merely some inks and powders a client of mine was asking for. Is there anything that I can help you with? I extend credit to all well paid soldiers."

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder's face softens a bit.
"No, thank you kindly. We'll be off for our next assignment soon, I would guess."
More sympathetic than most Uthgardt to the Black Lion tribe's decision to adopt a settled life, Alder spends as much time as possible before getting word of their next assignment gathering news, information, stories, and songs from his adopted kinsmen in the town.

Gather Information: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (11) + 3 = 14

you are still on the same assignment. you are suppose to return the horses to Silverymoon

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Oops. Forgot. Well, nevertheless, Alder spends some time collecting news and stories before continuing on.

anyone want to do anything before going on?

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