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Marching order: cross pattern with Anasth on the right, Alder in the rear, Jaxon in the front, and Ariael on the left.

Night watch order: (1) Alder, (2) Anasth, (3) Jaxon, (4) Ariael.

Weapons readied: Anasth (longbow), Alder (longbow), Jaxon (longspear?), Ariael (rapier)



Brunk'rock Hobgoblin mage from the Doomspires. Novice Argent Legion recruit. Here on a special dispensation between Luruar and Doomspires. Doesn't care for Anasth.
Kavar Mughammer Silvershield of the Argent Legion. Immediate commanding officer. Does not like Brunk'rock.
Methrammar Aerasume Half-elf son of High Lady Alustriel. High Marshall of the Argent Legion.
High Lady Alustriel High Lady of the League of the Silver Marches (also known as Luruar). A human woman of exceptional power. She is rumored to be a chosen of the goddess of magic, Mystra.
Glimly Shadowrock Gnome caravan master from Lantan. He possesses a strange talisman that he obtained from a ruin in Luskan. Bob of Helm disclosed that Glimly is a Guardian of the Cloakshadow.
Gresh Gnome caravan driver. Injured on the road to Sundabar and taken to Sundabar by the party.
Bob of Helm Warpriest of Helm in Sundabar. Friend of Glimly. Originally from Cormyr. Met Glimly while he was guarding a caravan from Cormyr to Luskan.
Muriel Loremaster of Old Illusk and Netheril. Currently working out of Sundabar.
Baerven Gnomish cook on the caravan. Enjoys stories.
Irvag the Bear human male. has a blue bear birthmark. runs the Wildlands Rest inn at the crossroads with his dwarven partner.
Starknife of Cormanthor elven male ranger traveling the north. plans on traveling to the moon wood. looks down on non-elves.
Prudhosk Goldhand half-orc merchant at Beorunna's Well.



Silverymoon Member and default capital city of Luruar. This city blends human and elven styles. The city is said to be covered by a great cloak of magic that, among other things, keeps the weather comfortable all year round.
The League of the Silver Marches Also known as Luruar, the League is a confederacy of northern city states. The current member cities are Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, Everlund, Mithral Hall, Silverymoon, and Sundabar.
Sundabar City state and member of Luruar. City is a dwarven and human city. The dwarven section is below while the human section is on the surface. The city guard is known as the Stone Guard. The ruler of the city is a human male by the name of Helm Dwarf-friend.
Luskan Port city on the Sword Coast. Home of the Arcane Brotherhood. Ruins of the ancient city of Illusk lie beneath the city.

Rules Options

Firearms: base 3.5 rules. On critical hit, does base damage x3 (i.e. if base damage is 1d10 then on critical hit it does 1d10 base damage plus 2d10 bonus damage). When rolling base damage if you roll max damage (i.e. 10 on a 1d10), then you roll the dice again and add it to the base damage as bonus damage. On a fumble, the gun has misfired and you must spend a full-round action to clear the gun before reloading.

Monte Cook's Complete Book of Experimental Might:
Assume that we are using all the rules contained within unless contradicted herein.
Healing (as per rules): grace points return at a rate of 1 grace point per minute. health points return at a rate of 1 health point per day. A person can benefit from magical healing character level plus constitution modifier times per day. Magical healing cures grace points before health points.

(1) We are using the combat manuever system which replaces contested checks in the Experimental Might rules. If there is a conflict between the rules, then please ask before hand and I will make a ruling.
(2) We are using the favored class system. Favored class is chosen at first level. when ever you take a level in your favored class you either gain an additional skill point or a bonus hit point (which is allocated as a health point as opposed to a grace point).
(3) We are using the skills system from Pathfinder including skill points and concentration checks. Class skills are the same as their pathfinder counter-part.
(4) The bardic knowledge class feature will be used. Bards gain half their class level as a bonus (minimum +1) to all knowledge checks and all knowledge checks will be considered trained.
(5) All class hit die will be based upon the pathfinder class.

House Rules:
(1) Environmental conditions: There will be one saving throw for extreme heat or cold that would result in subdual damage. If you fail that saving throw, then you will loose all grace points and be fatigued.
(2) Surprise Rounds: due to the nature of pbps I have a general rule that when it is not otherwise obvious that one side is surprised or not, then a perception check vs. a dc 20 will be used to determine if one can act during the surprise round.

Spell Words:


Color Spray - "Dae'zon"