The Knights of Luruar

Game Master Graynore

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Wood Elf Druid 2

Anasth's eyes look up to the black clouds in the east.

"This weather is unseasonal. Rain clouds coming in from the East."

Male Elf Ranger(Demon Slayer)3/Inquisitor(Cold Iron Warden)3

Ariael gathers up the gems and shows them to Alder "Found these on the goblins. What do you make of the strange symbols?

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2
Ariael Lafali wrote:
Ariael gathers up the gems and shows them to Alder "Found these on the goblins. What do you make of the strange symbols?

Alder examines the gems, especially conscious of any relationship they might have to Glimly's amulet.

Bardic Knowledge: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (8) + 3 = 11
History: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (5) + 8 = 13

"I believe we should make for Sundabar with all possible speed. Strange winds, evil runes, and shapechangers; bad omens all. And, Glimly, we would be happy to take Gresh in for treatment."

When the gnomes are out of earshot, Alder says to his companions,
"I don't think Glimly wishes us ill, but I feel he's still holding something back. These disappearing acts and half-explanations are enough to tire an Uthgardt. Give me something real to confront. But for now, to Sundabar, heal our wounds and maybe get some respite from this cold."


you are unsure of the symbols on the gems; however, they don't look like any script that you are familiar with

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder tells the others, "Nothing I recognize, and the script isn't something I've seen before, either."

Wood Elf Druid 2

Anasth nods, but continues to survey the wilderness around them. If the caravan is ready to go, he leads them on; otherwise he helps prepare them for travel before the next attack (if any).

Kythorn 7, Year of Wild Magic

You finish loading up the wagons and start down the road. The day warms up considerably as the wind dies down. A light rain begins by midday and the snow is beginning to melt. Other than the occasional sounds of Gresh moaning, there is not much around. As the snow melts it mixes with the rain causing small streams to appear at the side of the road.

heat improves to where fautige is lifted.

the rain continues into the night after you make camp. That night Glimly comes up to you all "We are nearing the end of the pass. Tomorrow, hopefully we should reach Sundabar by nightfall. I do not believe the city guard will allow my wagons within the gate loaded with smokepowder. Jaxon, would you be willing to take an empty cart along with Gresh into the town? I can give you the money to pay for his recovery. I will write a letter so that Gresh can take the cart and catch up when he recovers."

everyone heals up to 24 grace points and 1 health point from the night's rest.

Male Human Rogue 2

"Yeah, sure." Cal shrugs. "Am I just dropping him off at a hospice or church, or do you want me to stay with him?"

Glimly smiles at Jaxon, "I have a friend at the Temple of Helm named Bob. You should be able to pick him out as he's the one with a heavy Chondathan accent. Just take Gresh to him and leave the wagon with the temple guards. I'll give a letter of credit for Bob."

Male Human Rogue 2

"Sure. Write the letter. We'll get him into the wagon."

there are eight gems that you found

Kythorn 8, Year of Wild Magic

The rain continues through the night and you awake the next day to the sound of thunder. The day goes by quickly. By mid-afternoon, you leave the mountain pass and continue on the road toward Sundabar.

The night is still rainy and cold but you are able to sleep with some difficulty.
all grace points should be recovered. regain another health point.

Kythorn 9, Year of Wild Magic

The rain finally relents. You wring out your clothes before you begin. Glimly and the other gnomes take all the casts out of one of the wagons and set Gresh inside. Glimly turns to Jaxon, "Thank you all for this. There is a small glade to the north of the road just before you reenter the mountains. We will await you there." Glimly hands Jaxon a note that is sealed with Glimly's arcane mark etched upon it.

The gnomes set off on a small trail heading due east as you all drive your wagon northeast toward Sundabar. By mid-day, you begin to climb the road leading toward Sundabar. You see the great city with its signs of industry from miles away. The smoke from furnaces and foundries climb above the city.

A group of dwarves and humans wearing the garb of the stone guard approach you all. "Halt, are you suppose to be Argent Legion soldiers?" The gruff dwarf that calls to you is carries a large maul over one shoulder. The sergeant looks to Jaxon, "And what are you suppose to be?"

Wood Elf Druid 2

Anasth is mostly silent as they approach the guards. He doesn't feel much like talking anyway.

Male Human Rogue 2

"Just a courier delivering a package." Cal shrugs. "There a problem?"

The dwarf sergeant snears, "If you're soldiers, where are your commissions? If you're traders, where are your permits to enter the city?"

One of the human guards walks toward the wagon and sees Gresh in the back. "Hey Stonehammer! There's an injured gnome in the cart."

The dwarf looks grimmer, "Now would be a good time to start talking. What happened to him? Where'd ya get the wagon and the Argent Legion tabards?"

Male Human Rogue 2

"Oh good Gond." Cal said in exasperation. "I didn't say I was a trader. I'm not here to trade. I said I was a courier. The injured gnome is my package. Here's the letter from the merchant I work for. Sorry, we didn't think to stop at the notary for permits while we were out in the wilderness being attacked by greenskins three nights in a row. All we're here to do is drop off the guy who's too hurt to keep traveling and then keep going. We don't plan on staying in your precious city any longer than we have to."

Wood Elf Druid 2

"Commissions? I don't think we were given any commissions. Just told to wear these tabards and go." Anasth muses out loud.

The dwarf looks to Anasth, "Oh yeah, who's your commander? What tree loving simpleton would be stupid enough to send raw recruits out on the road without proper kit, horses, or commisions?"

Looking to Jaxon, "Let me see that." The dwarf's face softens a little. "Bob of Helm aye. I've met him. Old Cormyrian warpriest. That's a strange stick at your side. What's it do?"

Wood Elf Druid 2

"Oh, kits we have. But Commander Kavar Mughammer was quite insistent that we manage on our own."

The dwarf frowns, "Well, you'll need to follow us to the Legion Commander." The stone guards form up around you and escourt you into the city. The high walls tower over you while the ice covered moat between the walls drops down as you cross over the bridge through the gate. While the city of Silverymoon is one of elven beauty, Sundabar is one of economical efficiency. The roads are crowded with merchants and craftsmen. Smithing and woodworking appear to be the industries of choice.

After several minutes you pull up infront of a small citidel like building with the markings of the Argent Legion. The stone guards march you into the entryway where you are met by several of your brother at arms. After several minutes, the Legion Commander comes out and listens to your story. The commander is a dwarf in full plate with a broad axe strapped across his back. The commander laughs, "Kavar? Crazy Feldbar rock head. Well, you soldiers are welcome to stay here for the night before you set out." Turning to the stone guard sergeant, "Sergeant Stonehammer, thank you for your assistance in seeing our brothers at arms into the city. I trust there will be no further problems." At that, the stone guards leave but Stonehammer casts one last doubting glance your way before he leaves.

You have successfully reached Sundabar. Everyone receives 200xp placing everyone at 1,400xp. DING! Level 2. please place all advancements in the discussion thread.

Male Human Rogue 2
DM Gray wrote:
That's a strange stick at your side. What's it do?"

Cal shrugs. "It's a wand of noisy puncture wounds. My own design."

Stonehammer smiles at Jaxon, "My favorite kind of wand."

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Sorry for the long silence...some unexpected travel these past few days.

Alder looks around, misliking the feel of the city that so unlike both the Silverymoon of his childhood and the forests and hills of his years with the Uthgardt. But he takes some time to socialize and share and ask for any news from the other Argent Legion soldiers.

Alder's gather information check. I assumed that you would increase your diplomacy skill.1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

Alder spends some time talking to the fellow troops. Grim news comes from the south. The hidden realm of Evereska is under attack and it seems that a great floating mountain was seen above the dire wood at ruffly the same time as the attack began. A large detachment of Argen Legion troops has rushed south to assist with the battle. Whispers are that the Archwizards of Old Netheril have returned.

The few soilders that are left spend most of their time complaining about missing out on the grand war to the south. A few of the soldiers don't have much respect for the foreign war citing the need to keep troops to defend agianst any orc hordes. Most dismiss the rumors of orc hordes forming in the mountains.

Of concern to all has been the strange and unseasonal weather coming in from the east. Word is that it is not isolated to Luruar but spread across the Western Heartlands, Cormyr and the North.

Male Human Rogue 2

"So can I make this drop off, or what?"

Wood Elf Druid 2

If there is a day or two of downtime, Anasth will spend some time wild shaping into an eagle and flying around a bit to see if he can get a good feel for the geography, the strange weather, or anything else that might be visible from a higher and sharper perspective.

1d20 + 18 ⇒ (18) + 18 = 36

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

As Anasth, Alder, and Ariael visit with their brothers in arms, Jaxon takes the cart to the cathedral of Helm. It appears as less than a church and more as a fortified keep. At the entrance, you are met by two humans in full plate with bastard swords. Both guards wear long blue cloaks. After receiving Jaxon's message, the guards assist in brinding Gresh into the cathedral. An older looking man with a long scar on his face approaches "Take the gnome to the infirmery." The elderly robed man turns to Jaxon, "Greetings young man. Are you the guardian of this injured creature? What caused his injuries? How will you pay for the care of your friend? We allow terms of service in lieu of payment."

Anasth: your stay is for as long as you like. The gnomes are waiting for you in a glade outside of town. The question is how long you feel comfortable leaving them alone and delaying your time to report at the citadel.

Wood Elf Druid 2

I figured I could just look around for a bit, then come back and return to normal. Not planning on spending too long a time, unless I find something really interesting, then I'll let the others know and investigate further.

Male Human Rogue 2

"Uuuuuhhh, sort of? We got attacked by greenskins. I was told to deliver him here. I have this letter. Nobody said anything about any kind of payment or services."

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Will update character as soon as I'm back home on Saturday night/Sunday morning

Alder shares the news and rumors he has gathered with his companions when they reunite, and if Jaxon is still at the temple when he's done shooting the breeze with the soldiers, he goes to seek him out and offer any assistance he can with arranging for Gresh's care.

The priest reviews the letter that Jaxon handed to him. "Hugh, it looks like this Glimly Shadowcloak has guaranteed payment and asked that Protecter Bob of Cormyr verify it. Very well. We will see to your friend. It states that you have a cart and horse that are to be stabled here until Master Gresh has recovered. Will you be remaining?"


While Alder chats up the other soldiers, Anasth walks outside of the barracks and morphs into an eagle. Taking flight, he circles the city. There are three gates into the city. The city is surrounded by a double wall with a moat between the two sets of walls. All roads lead to the middle of the city where the grand hall of Helm Dwarf-friend resides. Surronding the hall, most of the caravans stop shortly to sell their wares or buy more stock before heading out. Above a couple neighborhoods, a few arrows and bolts fly toward you; most likely hungry people seeking food.

Wood Elf Druid 2

Anasth returns (as safely as he can) to the barracks.

Male Human Rogue 2

"Naw. I gotta get back to work. Thanks for taking care of Gresh."

Cal stables the horse and makes his way back to the main gates to wait on the squad of soldiers.

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

After sharing the news with his companions, Alder gets ready to turn in for the night (assuming it's too late to start traveling again).

" Did the priests say how long until Gresh can travel? Will we have time to wait for him, or should we go on to be sure we make Citadel Adbar in time?"

Male Human Rogue 2

"He didn't say. I don't think we're waiting for him. Gimli wouldn't have arranged storage for the horse and wagon if we were."

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder considers. "I think a night of rest here would do us good, if the folk of Adbar will allow it. Glimly and his talisman may be bringing the dregs of the North down on him, but their disappearing act should see them through the night. Let's provision and rest and get an early start tomorrow."

Alder tries (discreetly) to see if there might be any sage or learned folk whom he might ask about the talisman.

Gather information:
1d20 + 8 ⇒ (18) + 8 = 26

He then seeks out a fletcher for 10 arrows to replenish his stock. (-5 sp)

Jaxon, want to see about appraising or exchanging some of those gems?

Alder does some quite asking around and learns of a sage in town who specializes in Netherese and Ancient Illuskan knowledge. She has only been in town for a couple months and has been searching every library in the north for further information. People say that she is paying good money for further leads. To contact her, one is suppose to go to a small tavern called the flowing mug and ask for Muriel.

We can stay in the town for a little while to give everyone a chance to level up. Alder, Jaxon and Ariael are still not done

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder seeks out the Flowing Mug come evening and asks for Muriel, eager to see if some information could be exchanged.

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Anyone who wants to come with is more than welcome; up to you whether your character would be interested.

Wood Elf Druid 2

Anasth transforms back into eagle form and flies to Alder's shoulder, trying not to dig his claws in too much as he settles there.

Male Elf Ranger(Demon Slayer)3/Inquisitor(Cold Iron Warden)3

Ari quietly asks "Mind if I come along?"

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2
Ariael Lafali wrote:
Ari quietly asks "Mind if I come along?"

Alder nods, as Anasth settles down on his shoulder.

"By all means. I have a feeling that anything we can learn about this amulet will be of value to all of us."

Male Elf Ranger(Demon Slayer)3/Inquisitor(Cold Iron Warden)3

"Think we should ask about the gems too?"

Alder and Ariael walk into the Flowing Mug. Alder has an "eagle" on his shoulder. A couple of people look at you and you hear something about an inappropriate relationship between yourselves and nature followed by some laughing.

A robust woman in a staind apron slaps the one that made the comment on the back of the head, "You be mining your manors or I'll have you over my knee yet." This only illicits more laughter from the patrons. The woman with the quick hand walks toward you, "What can I do you for?"

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

"Good evening. We're looking for Muriel."

"Muriel eh? Have a seat in the third private room down the hall. She's back there now." The waitress moves on toward the kitchen.

Walking to the back, you come to a small room with a table with eight chairs around it. There is a small woman with emarld green eyes and black hair at the table reading a book. She looks up and sees all of you, "Well, well, well....don't you all look inviting? What would you be doing in my private dining room?"

Wood Elf Druid 2

Anasth, still as a hawk, releases a small, muted screech. But after that goes back to looking around.

1d20 + 14 ⇒ (18) + 14 = 32 (+3 in bright light)

M Human Bard (Eldritch Might Variant) 2

Alder bows slightly and smiles.
"My name is Alder, and this is Ariael. We are soldiers of the Argent Legion, and we believe we might have some information of interest to you. We are told that you have knowledge of the old empires of the North, and so perhaps you will be able to help us as well. I see no advantage in playing my cards close, so I will lay them out.

Some days ago, we came across a traveler bearing a strange amulet, engraved in what I believe to be either Old Illusk or Netherese."

Alder describes the amulet in detail.

"It is clearly an item of some magical power; its bearer seemed able to conceal himself in times of danger, though his control over the device was uncertain. What is certain is that the wilder denizens of the North have been seeking this amulet and its bearer. We have fought orcs, goblins, and ogres in our efforts to defend this traveler, before we knew what he carried. We are pledged to protect the good peoples of the North, and our ignorance of what this amulet is and why the foes of Silverymoon are seeking it make that job more difficult.

So this is what we know. I give this information freely, in hopes that it might interest you, and we would be deeply grateful if you would be able to help us understand this thing and what it might mean."

1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

She smiles, "Please have a seat. What do you intend to offer for my expertise?" She sips on some spice wine while she waits.


You notice a long jagged scar on Muriel's neck. It appears to be covered with some type of makeup but you notice it.

The room has several cracks in the wall that you can see a couple of mice within.

Muriel appears to have a long, thin object inside her left sleave.

Wood Elf Druid 2

Anasth flaps down to the table, paces along its wooden length til he's standing in front of Ariael, tilts his head back and forth, then points to the pouch where the gems are carried with his beak.

Muriel raises her eyebrow at the birds actions. "Your pet seems to be trying to tell you something."

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