Tales from the Great Bazaar

Game Master Patrick Curtin

An attempt to build a canonical Planescape campaign from the ground up. Starting as young teens living in the streets of Sigil and ending....?

Timekeeping in Sigil:

Sigil has no sun, but her sky lightens and darkens on a 12-hour rotation. The light is weak, those creatures who have a distaste for sunlight only need worry from 10am-2pm (2BP-2AP). The hours of the day are broken into four sections:

Before Peak (BP)
After Peak (AP)
Before Antipeak (BAP)
After Antipeak (AAP)
Peak is high noon. Antipeak is Midnight. Note that in normal parlance 'Peak' also stands in for 'Day' and 'Antipeak' stands in for night, adding to all the confusion =)

12am-1am: Antipeak/ 1 AAP
1am-2am: 2 AAP
2am-3am: 3 AAP
3am-4am: 4 AAP
4am-5am: 5 AAP
5am-6am: 6 AAP
6am-7am: 6 BP
7am-8am: 5 BP
8am-9am: 4 BP
9am-10am: 3 BP
10am-11am: 2 BP
11am-12pm: 1 BP
12pm-1pm: Peak/ 1 AP
1pm-2pm: 2 AP
2pm-3pm: 3 AP
3pm-4pm: 4 AP
4pm-5pm: 5 AP
5pm-6pm: 6 AP
6pm-7pm: 6 BAP
7pm-8pm: 5 BAP
8pm-9pm: 4 BAP
9pm-10pm: 3 BAP
10pm-11pm: 2 BAP
11pm-12am: 1 BAP

One 30 day period is a "cycle" It is split into three "tendays" : Primus, Secundus, and Tertius. Ten cycles make a Sigilian Year. The cycles are:

  • Primus
  • Secundus
  • Teritus
  • Quadrus
  • Cincus
  • Sixtus
  • Septus
  • Octus
  • Nonus
  • Decimus

The years are usually named by an event after they are done. I.E: Year of the plague, year of the Demon Dancing, etc. The Guvners often number them by their factol's tenure, : I.E: The 14th year of Temburan's office.

Sigilian coinage:
Copper= Greens. Named for the verdigris that these coins soon collect in the Cage
Silver= Stingers. K nicknamed because of the silver allergy many residents have. The silver of the coinage stings their palms.
Gold=Lady. A stylized representation of the Lady of Pain graces Sigil coins
Mithral =Hammer. The mithril coins are forged in the Outlands by dwarvish craftsmen. They feature a set of crossed warhammers on the tails side.

Price index:
1 hammer=50 Ladies
1Lady=10 Stingers
1 Stinger=10 Greens

The Lady's Bank also issues letters of credit for large sums of money. These are paper instruments that can be redeemed for hard coin.