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Regionally Appropriate Greeting, Everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great December thus far, and ready for a brand new online convention, TPKon!

TPkon will be held online, via Roll20 and Discord, on Jan 20-22, 2017.

General GM Registration: Has begun!

Player Registration: To be Announced, but will be done through Warhorn

Scenario Support Submitted to Paizo: December 19th, 2016

Convention Session Slots (All times EST US [UTC-5]):

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

Friday, January 20th, 2017
A 9 AM to 3 PM
B 3 PM to 9 PM
C 9 PM to 2 AM

Saturday, January 21st, 2017
D 3 AM to 9 AM
E 9 AM to 3 PM
F 3 PM to 9 PM <--The Multi-Table Special will be in slot F
G 9 PM to 3 AM

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017
H 9 AM to 3 PM
I 3 PM to 9 PM
J 9 PM to 3 AM

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----
GMs will submit sessions to us via the submission process detailed below.

We will then manually import those sessions into TPKon's warhorn page on a regular basis.

The PFS Registration process for TPKon will be as follows:

1) Go here and check out what sessions are already scheduled.

2) Decide what scenario you would like to run and what slot you would like to run it in. (Make sure you are eligible to run any scenarios you submit - you meet the GM Star Requirements for exclusives, for example.)

3) Go here. Click the "Submit A Game Listing" link at the bottom of the session list page.

4) Enter the requested information, making sure you enter the following information correctly:
>Primary Paizo Alias (We suggest you click your profile on Paizo and copy the alias from the end of URL. Example: - Don't submit the whole URL, just the name displayed at the end of the URL.)
>Your PFS Number (No PC number)
>Your Email that you used on your account. (This MUST be your Paizo associated email address or you will not get scenario support)
>Which Slot you wish to run your game in.
>The Scenario you wish to run in the Slot chosen above.
>Check the "Core?" Checkbox ONLY if you are running this session as a Core Campaign game.
>"Session Full" is currently locked and cannot be marked.
"URL to Signups" can be ignored - this will be a link to the TPKon Warhorn once all sessions are imported.
Enter any Notes you wish to include. (This will be public, so anything you "note" will be publicly view-able.)
** Please double-check all values before submitting session. **

NOTE: If you make a mistake while entering a session please do not resubmit your game,just reply to the confirmation email with any changes you need to make.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----

>Scenarios and Time Slots may be subject to approval/changes to avoid conflicts, et cetera.
>All sessions must be run using, that is the unofficial VTT of TPKon.
>GMs can use Google Hangouts, the built in A/V in Roll20, or Discord for audio/video in games.
>Private Games are NOT allowed. All games must be listed for open/public registration.
>Non-English games are welcome and invited - please indicate Non-English languages in the Notes section of the form when submitting your session.

GM Boons:
Every GM that runs a game will automatically get a GM boon, if we hit convention support. (Each GM gets one boon, regardless of how many sessions are run.) Table/Player boons, if we hit convention support, will also be available at every table run and GMs will receive emails on how those work prior to the convention. Both players and GMs are eligible to win Table/Player boons. Only GMs can receive the GM boons.

Paizo Scenario Support:
Free Scenario support, if we hit convention support, will be provided by Paizo for games submitted to us through the form above by the December 19th, 2016 deadline.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at, reply to this post, or contact us through the Discord Server at , in the #tpkon text channel .

(The Convention's PFS "Help Desk" will be on Discord during/prior to the convention.)

Look forward to seeing you all at TPKon 2017. =)

Imhrail (Discord: Finegas) & Sayok (Discord: Sayok)
The untitled! & Venture-Agent

Sovereign Court

We will be opening player registration Thursday December 22, 2016 at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST. If you register for a game, you are committing to being present and on time for the game in question, please try to arrive 15 minutes before the start time. If you are late for the official game start time by more than a few minutes, your spot will go to the waitlisted if there are any.

Warhorn Signup link

Sovereign Court

Player Registration is Live!

Liberty's Edge

Starfinder Superscriber

Just found out about this... I haven't been paying enough attention to the forums!

Is there need for more GMs, or do we think the number of sessions there are right now will have trouble filling?

Liberty's Edge

Starfinder Superscriber

(Ah, I see why I didn't see this. Wasn't looking in the "recruiting" thread, as I thought that was a PbP recruiting place. There may be others like me. It's probably worth also posting this announcement to the PFS Grand Lodge Online Play forum, to get the word out to more players.)

Sovereign Court

Good idea :D

Question it is too late for submit our table for the multi table event?

Sovereign Court

Its not too late to submit a table for the multi-table event, however we do have a lot of GM's signed up to run it, and scenario support has passed. So there is a decent chance you won't get a table to GM, but it never hurts to submit, because who knows we may get a huge influx of player between now and then :D

The Exchange


I just came across this and I tried to go to the worhorn site to register, but it's just blank with no scenarios listed. I did find the list of available scenarios on but again the links all go to a blank worhorn event. Am I missing something or are they just not up yet?

Also, I'm new to online pfs games (played table top for years and organized play since living city) so if anyone could point me to a faq or give me a brief summary of how it works I'll be good to go.


The Exchange

I figured out how to sign up for events, but still not sure about how the actual gameplay and chronicle sheets work :)

Sovereign Court

1) Sign up on warhorn (which you've done :D)

2) About a week before the Con or so GM's will be emailing their players requesting relevant information and providing a link to the Roll20 VTT (Virtual Table Top) game they'll be running.

3) Using the link above you'll be able to log into the Roll20 VTT and the appropriate time and play.

4) Once the game is done the GM will then email out the chronicles to players, who can print them off for their own records.

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