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Game Master Patrick Curtin

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Shadow's Status

Folks, apologies for the longer than intended absence.

It has become pretty clear that working full time and running a side business and raising a child, something has to give. Unfortunately, Paizo is it.

My sincerest apologies for that long delay I was hoping to catch up for weeks but it's clear that's not going to happen and even when it does, any week I can fall behind once more.

Oh I understand Shadow.

Soemtimes I can't believe I'm still here. (As in, online at all!) :)

RL can be SO demanding of your time! ;P

Best wishes, hope to see you around.


Everyone, I have been absent since about mid-September. There are a lot of different reasons- several work, personal, family issues needed to be dealt with. Also, the recent revelations about Paizo and how they treat their workers left a very sour taste in my mouth. I was debating shuttering my games altogether. Today, I saw that the workers are forming a union, which I am very pleased to see. With that in mind, I am planning to take some time this weekend to crank my games back up. Thank you for your patience.

Understood Pat, Believe me,

Hopefully RL will allow us to 'see' each other in game(s) again soon! :)

I'll try to keep up! ;P

Hey all,
Apologies for my extended absence.
RL has been kicking me in the 'nuggets' lately.

Between dealing with 'back to normal busy' on top of 'still covid requirements', I have had cascading equipment failures, AND dealing with employer requiring me to get vax by 'deadline', but I have had the antibody infusion, so I CAN'T get the vax by 'deadline'.
Add to that a son who is having extreme self esteem and anxiety issues,...

Sorry, oversharing.

Point is, I am not ignoring the games, I luv the games and the characters, and the folks I share them with. I am just dealing with a lot right now. I will catch up as soon as I can. Promise.

Hope to see you all in -game soon!
Thank you,


Anybody home?

'I'm sorry. But the wizard you are trying to reach is currently out of his mind. Please try again later. Maybe after the holidays, once he has had a chance to try and pick up what is left of his sanity. Thank you!'


Hi folks

A big Happy New Year and some apologies

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. It comes from a lot of sources. The TL;DR is that I haven’t had a lot of time to do anything. So, one of my resolutions was to get back to the things I enjoy. This is one of them.

I hope that I can begin again, and get back to speed. Wish me luck, and we’ll see how it goes. I do enjoy running these games, and I don’t want them to die.

Hiyas Monkey!

Glad to see your smiling avatar!

I understand the overwhelmed.(Even if most of mine IS my own doing) ;P

I hope sincerely that it is just 'busy overwhelmed' and not 'bad overwhelmed'. Big difference there. :)

All the luck! Always! And prayers too if you need them.

I'm hoping to be able to (regularly) join all of my online amigos once again too. I have not exactly been setting any posting records myself recently. ;P

Looking forward to seeing your highly entertaining and flavorful posts again!

"Quickly Robin! To the RPG mobile! We haven't a moment to lose!" :)

Hey all!

Forgot to post, (Just got home from work, 10:30pm)
I am leaving at the crack of stupid in the morning. Going to visit the Daughter and see if the Rat (Disney College Program) is treating her well. :)

Be gone for the week.
Honestly, going to be too busy to post. :)

See you all when I get back!


HP 97/97 (106/106) | NL 27 | Burn 3/7 | AC 18 T 13 FF 15 | Init +3 | Per +12 LLV/DV 60ft | Save: F +10 R +9 W +3 | El. Over +2 Dex/+2 Con
Save related:
(+1 vs. emotion effects); +1 insight to all magic schools; +2 vs. disease and mind-affecting effects
Defense / Resist / Weakness:
Defensive abilities: fortification 5%, negative energy affinity | Resist: negative energy 2, undead resistance | Weakness to consecrate (CL -1)

Wow! The game’s still alive. I’m impressed. :D

The game is alive!!!! ;)

It is ME that feels dead.
(You ever need a vacation, to recover from your vacation?!?) ;P

It's just MOSTLY dead

"MOSTLY dead, is slightly alive. With ALL dead, there's only one thing you can do. Go through it's pages and look for useful plotlines." ;P

OI vey,
It never rains, but it pours!

FYI all, not only am I my usual busy, but I caught Covid. Again. :(

So if I vanish (Again) it aint on purpose I swear! :)



Ugh. Feel better Rags. I’m still waiting for my first dose. I actually think I might be genetically resistant- I’ve been exposed several times, even before I got my vaccination shots.

Well that would be a GOOD thing to be resistant to!

Having had it at least twice (I think what I passed off as a 'cold or mild flu' earlier may also have been covid?) I can promise you it sucks.

Even so, I've been very lucky, never had to go near a hospital for admittance or anything.

The good news, my Dr was prescribing me an 'antiviral' fro treatment, turns out it was that NEW treat-covid pill that literally JUST came out! (Even teh ER didnt know about it it sounds like)

The bad news? I was impatient. If I had KNOWN what it was, I would have waited and picked it up from the drugstore, and save myself a few hundred dollars in ER co-pay fees! (AND over 6 hours of wait time) ;P

Ah well, live and learn. ;)

I am feeling better now (Thank heavens!) although it would be MUCH better if I hadnt had a poor night sleep last night! :(
But I am well enough, and it has been long enough, that I am now allowed to return to work with a mask on.
(YAY?!?) ;P

Stay well all!

Silver Crusade

Male Celestial Cleric of Myself 10/Radiant Servant of Me 10

I seem to have picked it up from a choir concert last weekend. (Yay for live performance. Boo for spreader events.) So far it's been more of an annoyance than anything - I am vaxxed and boosted and low risk to begin with. Hoping to be back on my feet quickly.

Gotta LUV live performance events! :P

Get better quick!

Silver Crusade

Male Celestial Cleric of Myself 10/Radiant Servant of Me 10

Yes, I was feeling much better after about 4 days. Thank you!

YAY for felling better! ;)

BOO for having to return to work when you do! ;P

Sorry all.

RL is so,... ARRGH!

That is all.

(For now) ;P

Hey all,...

Sorry for continued vanishing act.
I'm keeping up best as I can. Honest. :)

RL is just being SO,... ARGH! right now.
A real.

Busy at work? Check.
Son college orientation this week? Check.
I RUN the Auditorium where they HOLD Orientation? AND my workers are ALL getting sick? DOUBLE Check.

And, just because you are all online friends. And I'm an oversharer anyway,...;P
(Only read if you really wanna know how someone is doing when you ask "How are you?!?") ;P


SO let's play "Good news/Bad news with Rags!"
BAD news- Rags has Cancer. Again. (Prostate this time.)
GOOD news- It is the least aggressive kind I could have, AND it is so small an amount it was almost missed by the testing samples.
BAD news- good or bad, the treatment is the same. Only the urgency of the treatment changes. :P And surgery recovery is measured in weeks. I dont have weeks I do not have something happening at work. :(

So, I WILL be fine. Guaranteed.
It's like taxes. You pay them all through the year, but you STILL have to do the paperwork to prove it. ;P
Same thing. Basically.

SO, If i vanish (again) I apologize in advance. Just dealing with LIFE. Positive and otherwise.

See you in the game! :D


Very sorry to hear that Rags. Here’s hoping that your recovery will be swift and painless


You have spoken it, Therefore it must be so! :)

Silver Crusade

Male Celestial Cleric of Myself 10/Radiant Servant of Me 10

Yes - I hope for a quick and thorough recovery!

Me too! :)

Forgot to mention, I'm headed out of town for a week to visit my Oklahoma family.

I'll try to check in, but my free personal/interweb time will be limited at best. I'll catch up when I return for sure!

Happy Fourth of July/Grilling day to all! ;)

Latest map.

Silver Crusade

Male Celestial Cleric of Myself 10/Radiant Servant of Me 10
Treppa wrote:
Latest map.

That one doesn't show our subsequent movement.

Celestial Healer wrote:
Treppa wrote:
Latest map.
That one doesn't show our subsequent movement.

Latest we gots.

Hey all!
I'm Back!
More or less. Mostly less. Physically returned at any rate.

Made it back safe and all, had a nice visit with the family, just had to jump straight back into work. BIG surprise! ;P

Catching up!

Hope all are well?



Hi guys. I am probably going to stake out some time to track down the latest iteration of yonder map (since I’ll have my tower online for Friday’s RoW game. Sorry, but I’m my new office 5 days now, so access to my tower is a lot tougher to manage

New office?

Sounds exciting. I hope this is due to a move up? :)

(Work or home, moving upwards?) :D


New job, new office, no teleworking (yet)



Apologies folks. My Sunday game was canceled and I ended up caulking things. Do, i will attempt to update soonish

No worries!

Hope all had a good weekend!

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Oh my,... <Facepalm>

You know what 'Ash' hates more than Eddin being his usual self?

Eddin being actually funny! ;P


So the wizard will be out the rest of the week, I have to go and rescue my daughter from the Evil Rodent Empire.

(She has been at Disney College Program since Jan. Time for her to come back to the real world. Or at least back to University!) ;P

So, I will TRY to be online occasionally, but I probably won't have the time.

See you next week!


Hey all. This month has been a bear, but I am hoping to get up to speed soon. Thanks for your patience!

So I survived my surgery. (Yay?)
But I literally cannot sit up right now.
I can recline, or I can stand. (I am typing this standing at my desk right now) ;P

Hopefully on my next Dr visit (Tue, Sept 6) I will be able to sit up straight again. THEN I can catch up on everything. :)

Have a good week!



All - apologies. I am working to get back into things. I don't know if it is age or what but time dilation is getting to me. Suddenly I blink and I haven't posted in six weeks. I can honestly say it has been a very busy six weeks, but I do hope to do better.

Time dilation.
I wonder if I can convince my boss that is the problem with some of my projects? ;)

Hey, it makes sense to me! :)

Have a good week all!


Sorry, been busy this last week, (Week long kids rental show-musical)

Apparently I am 'officially' cleared to return to work JUST in time for it to get Freakin busy., Welcome to my life. ;P

Still can't PHYSICALLY do anything, but at least I can be there in person to point out what everyone else needs to do. ;P

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