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Welcome to Gameday VII! Please check out the discussion tab and read my expectations and policies before posting and dotting in. Other than that, the first six in are the six who will play!

The tier isn't set yet, so feel free to decide amongst yourselves.

Please dot in then post the following information about your character.

Player Name:
Character Name:
Character Class & Level:
Day Job Roll:

Have you played or GM'd this scenario before?:


Dr. Mavrik "Drift" Drix
Mechanic (Ecocortex) 2
Day Job: Pending after I apply my last Chronicle.

Have you played or GM'd this scenario before?: Nope.

He just leveled so gotta do some housekeeping on him.

Not named yet
Solarian I'm thinking, level 1

I'll roll up a level 1, but since there's time I may use my soldier or mechanic if the games end in time, but since it's not Sheildbugs groups' insane posting rates, we'll see.


Player Name: PaleDim
Character Name: Sefel Lamunesh
Character Class & Level: Technomancer 1
Day Job Roll: N/A (I think)
Have you played or GM'd this scenario before?: nerp

I have a level 4 soldier I can use, otherwise I will make a new character if everyone wants to go low tier.


Player Name: CoreBrute
Character Name: Jazzy Sewstringer
Character Class & Level: Envoy 1
Day Job Roll: +11* in Profession [Musician]

Have you played or GM'd this scenario before?: No. I have done neither.

*I have a profession kit that gives me a boost to my profession, hence why it's so high.

Player Name: Jason Schimmel
Character Name: Kiff Kiffington
Character Class & Level: Solarion 4
Day Job Roll: none?

Have you played or GM'd this scenario before?: I have GM'd it.

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ALRIGHTY! We are full! Probably.

Vrog Skyreaver and XperimentalDM, it looks like we're going low tier. Vrog said he was ok with that.

XperimentalDM, are you ok with low tier? Let me know, then I will get HMM to close registration if you are.

I am. I'll get a character created and posted shortly.

I'll being Flex-naught my Android Operative.

Full yet?

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Griza wrote:
Full yet?

We are, unfortunately. Is it showing as open? I will message the powers that be again.

EDIT: Nope, it is showing as full on the website.

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