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“The witch Bandora has escaped her prison and has unleashed a monster to conquer Golarion! Find a team of adventurers with attitude!”
Hallo, SirGeshko here, playtesting my Power Rangers rules. I need between 3 and 6 players to create a team of Power Rangers to take on the witch Bandora and her crew of monsters, and save Golarion!
Please reference the Power Ranger house-rules here. I plan on running a session at 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 9th levels, just to test the major features of the rules.

Character Creation Guidlelines
20 point buy
Core Rulebook Races only (keeping it simple for the playtest)
Paizo classes only. No Summoners, and no animal companions / familiars / mount options.

Build your character for these four levels:
Level 1: Ranger Suit, 150 gp wealth
Level 3: Ranger Suit, Power Weapon, 3,000 gp
Level 5: Ranger Suit, Power Weapon, Combo Weapon, Zord, 10,500 gp
Level 9: Ranger Suit, Power Weapon, Combo Weapon, Zord, Megazord, 46,000 gp

Work with your fellow players to come up with a team theme, especially when it comes to combining your weapons and Zords. Animals or other beasts, Elements, and natural phenomena are common themes. Distinct colors are a must (no Red and Crimson Rangers for instance).

Is this going to be on roll20?

Also, for the power suits, if we take powers that require us to specify an attack, can we apply them to weapon attacks?

Oh, and will there be a skype group?

Dotting for interest.

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This is going to be play by post, here on the Paizo boards. My 5 month old is currently taking priority over my gaming, so I can't devote a significant chunk of time, at a time.

Opuk0, what kind of power do you mean? Can you give me an example?

Reach is the one I'm looking at, at the moment. Elemental attacks also calls out natural attacks

I'm thinking the theme should be everyone as a different type of dragon. And I call red for obvious reasons. So are there evolutions that we can't take or are they all available? I say that because getting a tentacle attack or something from being morphed seems odd and not intended.

Working on a ranger cavalier with Opuk0. Pretty hyped for this.

I was just wondering about how were handling the more offensive based evolutions/suit powers, seeing as most of them refer to enhancing natural weapons like claws, fists and fangs.

The Magic Weapons evolution for example only makes mention of giving natural weapons the magic quality, which is kinda useless to power rangers unless we all go monk/brawler/unarmed figther or had natrual claw weapons so i was wondering if were ruling that it now extends to our martial beat sticks too?

@Amazing Red: didn't even think about that as an option, seems so obvious now 8p. I like it, but I think elements are also cool (Was kinda designing a Fire based guy, but I can swap it for ice or something else if the need arises)

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I don't want to ban evolutions in the playtest, because I want to find flaws in the system.

I would say you could take those evolutions, but they would need a swift action to activate with your weapon. Keep in mind the weapons are going to be upgraded as you level, so they can be flaming or frost or what have you.

I think with a dragon theme, a tentacle attack would not be intended... but if you were the Octopus Ranger? (or, to keep it Pathfinder, Aboleth Ranger?) A tentacle would be incredibly thematic.

Well I mean, we've already found a flaw, that being that natural attacks really wouldn't fit in too well with the ranger theme which has always focused more on being a master of karate and friendship for everyone.

Perhaps rather than using the eidolon list for the morph suit, a more 'suitable' (do not excuse the pun) list could be made?

As for being X Ranger, since we're going to be starting at level 1 and going up, maybe we have different ranks going up?

So for example Wind>Storm>Sky>Bronze Dragon?

That also gives me the great idea of basing all of our rangers off pathfinder monsters.

Hey Widget, since your guy is fire, you can be the Goblin Ranger!

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If you guys want to create custom evolutions I'm all for compiling a list.
I'll also add the specific houserules and exceptions that come up for the evolutions like the reach and energy attacks that I made above.
For the purposes of this playtest, evolution level restrictions are ignored. I would appreciate staying away from the size increasing evolutions, as they break theme (I remember only one Ranger who could change his size) and step on the Zord's toes. I'll decide which ones should keep their level restrictions based on how they play out.

We've got three Rangers! Once you guys hash out a theme, any new players will follow that theme, so make sure there is some room for expansion!

My vote's for Monster Rangers!

So here's a more concise list of questions as I read over the google docs

1. The feat we get from ranger, is that something we always have, or can we only use the feat when we're in our ranger suit?

2.The d10 hit dice for Ranger suit hp, are we just taking average or max?

3. You mention this in the other thread, but does all our equipment go away when we put on the suit? Including weapons?

4. Also something I meant to ask earlier, do we get the usual 2 traits or no?

I can get behind monster rangers! I can defiantly change my fire dude to a White Winter Wolf Ranger!

Horror/Monsters/Circus themed Rangers?

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The bonus feats on the chart are only available in Ranger Form. The Suit has bonus feats, the Zords and Megazord each get their own bonus feats.

Good call on hit points, we'll do max 1st level, average every other level, using the PFS chart.

All equipment, save your morpher and the weapon granted to you, meld into your suit and become non-functional.

Yep, 2 traits. Try to weave them into your backstory please!

Monster Rangers? Hmm, I can still be a dragon ranger so that works for me right?

And also if our equipment becomes non-functional, it makes equipment much less important to where I don't know what to spend my money on.

So would that mean that everyone would be unarmed at first level when they morph even if they had beforehand weapons?

Does this take place in any particular part of Golarion? Where is our 'Angel Grove' exactly?

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

You are considered armed when morphed, meaning you don't provoke attacks of opportunity with unarmed strikes. They still do 1d3+Str damage unless you have improved unarmed strike.

Hm, you bring up a good point Amazing Red, perhaps Stat boosting items can still work? Armor enchantments? What do you guys think should stay active while morphed?

Your Angel Grove will be wherever makes sense for your group. If you all come up with asian themed characters, it'll be in Tien-Xia. If you're all elves, probably Kyonin. This is collaborative, so it's flexible based on what you come up with.

I think taking a cue from wildshape would be prudent and say that all static(always on) items still function. So stat belts, cloaks of resistance, rings of protection, etc... And whatever the signature weapon is. Just no armor or anything that requires activation.

Improved Unarmed Strike doesn't improve the damage dice but okay!

We don't get the claws evolution for free right?

Sounds interesting! Are you still looking for people for this?


Luichon Dondarrion, the Roc Ranger!
Chaotic Good Half-Elf Two-Weapon Fighter
"What's the worst that could happen? Now, let's Roc!"

The high-speed, thrill chasing, daredevil vigilante of ((to be determined town/city)) is none other than Luichon Dondarrion, a half-elf of 22 who's been patrolling his streets from atop rooftops with his agility and grace ever since he was a wee lad. Fighting with two cutlass and darting from rooftop to rooftop, Luichon dive bombs criminal scum from above, picking them off like prey.

((If more is needed, I'd be more than happy to write it.))

Late to the party but IIIf you are still looking for people??
If so.. I'd love to be a geeky sort I guess.

random thoughts, questions, ended up loong and kind of rambling:

So this ranger template stacks on top of the racial? Or does it replace most of the racial stuff?
So you get race, then add the ranger abilities, and chose a class?
Were you wanting it to be the secret sort of rangers? OR the style of rangers that somehow no one ever realizes its them?
Season 1-3 they hid. But later (mostly these days) the rangers (in jpn and us) seem to morph wherever they want but no one seems to notice (I assume the flashes somehow erase people's perceptions for a moment)
an an alchemist still pull out extracts and throw bombs? (Particularly as everything melts into your suit currently)

Are we mostly testing almost only combat? Meaning... is this going to be a "today’s episode mission! Fight this monster!" sort of thing or is it just going to be normal style game then BAM need to morph!

I would point out in the Japanese version (Since you referenced Banda) and in the US versions (since you used power rangers) they have had rangers take a stance and "hammer space" pull out items they were carrying on their human person. So you could possibly allow pulling out items; such as ropes etc., as some specific slower action that speeds up as you level up.

I would also note that whenever rangers were hit hard enough to knock out their ranger forms their clothing is always damaged, so "magic slot" items being useable could be valid via that.
Plus if it doesn't work for magic items while in ranger form, then basically the only reason to buy magic empowerment was for non-morphing times. Since morphing time is basically the same bonus at higher levels. So whether or not they work, its good buy or not buy stuff like that dependent on it. Though if things don't work I’m not really sure what anyone would buy.

Were you hoping to follow most of the ranger weapons in us/jpn style? I.e. 80% of the weapons had a range and close range function that required an action to switch over. My favorite example being Zack's axe. He could spend a moment switching it to a blaster that was strong. Then we had Jason’s sword which was stronger close range but had a lightly damage long range function. Then we had stuff like Tommy's dagger or Trini's daggers that had just about no long range function.
Or would that be a function of "improve" using to gain the throwing property and we just throw the weapons? Or were you intending to create a new property to add a range blast, the more points the more damage or something? Be hard to balance that though.
Or is it simply a matter of choosing the appropriate weapon? Like an Axe butt for sack’s ranger axe? And Jason's blast is a class ability or a power point put into say lightning via summoner point thing?

Lastly, Enhance and Improve racial ability. Do you carry the weapon normally, then when you morph the ability then applies to the weapon, and it changes its look into a "ranger" look?
Or do you chose the weapon, get it for free, and it can only be brought out when morphed (and possibly at higher levels able to pull it out yourself. Since a while after being a ranger they started hammer space pulling them out).
Secondly. If the exist normally, then when you morph it "morphs" the weapon also. What happens if your weapon is enchanted already? Do they stack? I.e. at .v 10 can I have an axe butt +2 non morphed, then when I morph it becomes a +5 +2(special ability only) or just overwrites it to be a +3 +2(special ability)? What if you had made it +1 then only put special abilities on it?

Edited grammar Or at least tried.

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

@Amazing red, sounds good. Always best to use existing rules when possible!

@Opuk0, you're correct, I'll change the document to reflect the free feat. And the claws evolution is not free for the Ranger suits.

@Skub and ZSwordsman, I believe there's still room, my count is:
Opuk0- Roc Ranger
Amazing Red- Dragon Ranger
TheWidget- Winter Wolf Ranger
Alex G- ???
Skub- ???

I'll answer the rest of ZSwordsman's questions when I get to my computer.

Garen, the Red Dragon Fire Ranger here!

I was thinking that he is part of the watch who's been on the lookout for said vigilante if that is ok. He uses brute force much like Jason from season 1, bashing people with his shield.

OKi dokie. I'll try sketching something up. but. I need to finish my final project first tonightish. So, if it fills up prior to that it happens I guess haha.

What theme did people choose then? It sounds like monster theme? So basically look through the beastry and find some brand of monster NOT roc, dragon or wolf. ?

Oh.. so are we restricted on weapons or anything? or is it just "official paizo stuff only"
for instance fire arms like the dagger pistol, and later on tech guide laser pistol (high level. .but it would be neat for the ranger weapon.. As a kid my favorite weapon was the transforming ones and those side pistol/short swords)
Lastly just had a thought on the enhance/improve abilities. Do you have to provide the weapon yourself, or is it just part of the suit, if so. Do you pay for it? can you change it later on? or are you stuck with the material etc it is at lv 2/3


Faethor Dondarrion, The Icy Winter Wolf Ranger and OLDER* twin of that uncouth oaf Luichon.

A Daring Champion Cavalier of the Order of the Flame (Ironic, i know) he's returning to his home town after completing his tenure as a squire for the order. Atleast spends 30 minutes of his morning routine on his hair, but is firmly on the side of justice. He loves his mama which is why he's coming home at all... to look after his douche of a brother.

*citation needed

@Garen: It would be an honor to have the Garnado chasing after me

I will leave this to better players.

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

Ranger template is in addition to the benefits of your race and class.

Secret Rangers, we wouldn't want Bandora targeting your families, would we? ^_~

Yes, alchemist still gets bombs while morphed, though I might restrict that depending on how the playtest goes.

I'd like to run it as a normal Pathfinder game, with Power Ranger storyline.

I might allow for some hammerspace items in the future, but currently it is not allowed.

I'm going to follow Amazing Red's suggestion and use the same restrictions as the druid. That means static bonuses apply, but armor does not.

The weapons are either created when you morph, or transformed into the Ranger versions. For this playtest, Improving and Enhancing existing weapons does not stack. In essence, the Ranger version overwrites the mundane weapon. The only exception I can think of would be the Paladin weapon enhancements, or a similar effect.

As far as ranged options for weapons, if the weapon you chose has a ranged mode, so does the ranger version. If you want to create a special ability to shoot a beam of energy, submit it, and I'll help you tweak it, and add it to the house rules.

Okay, so if we enchant our weapons the normal way, it gets overwritten when we morph right? And do we have a Zordon of some kind to bring us together?

I totally can not think of a monster at all haha. or class for that matter... I'm surprisingly having a hard time coming up with anything.

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

That is correct.
Yes, I have a Zordon-like NPC who will bring you together and provide some support.
Given that the three Rangers so far are Urban, I'm leaning towards starting you in a city in the Inner Sea. Any preferences/suggestions?

ZSwordsman, what's your favorite monster?

Only city I know a lot of would be Almas

We could go Absalom.

Don't really have one. Almost all of my previous games have been home games, gm created, mostly with Human enemies. Occasionally a dragon, or bear shown up though. or a golem.
Don't know much about the traditional pathfinder world either haha. Weird like that I guess.
Was looking through the beastry but haven't seen much interesting that would fit in..

Guess I could be a Frog haha. alchemist or investigator maybe. Would afford some small healing abilities that way. (Was considering a Feral Hunter then realized half it's abilities are summon related while I was looking at the neat spells haha)

Frog would be awesome. Or a golem ranger would be different than what we have to far.

Mmmmhmm. Golems are a pretty Rock Solid choice

dotting for later.

Haha. Golem ranger it is.
Which makes me wanna be a caster focused on flinging rocks or acid.
Oh.. Haha.

I could be an Earth/stone Oracle... Focus on flinging rocks haha. Mostly on those revelations ... Plus I could toss a heal or two, though I don't know how to be a primary healer. but could do a side healer alright.

Could take "wasting" curse and intead of rotting it could be turning into a golem of some. kind..
Not sure of what ranger weapon to use with relation to that.

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

If you want to follow tropes, typically a large heavy guy carries something equally large and heavy... a maul, warhammer, mattock, etc. No one says you have to follow that, though, if you want to use a sling or dagger, more power to you!

Ditto on the heavy weapon, though a heavy-crossbow or a big musket would work too.

So what should we call our team?


Jokes aside, Monster Rangers would probably be the default. But lets see... Hmm, since we're doing monsters it's hard not to fall into evil sounding names and such.

Team Ravage?

Ah, just saw the listing up above

For color I was thinking Sky Blue/Azure?

Monster Force, Operation Golarion, Inner Sea Rangers, Bestiary Squad, CR Rangers.....

Are most golems big heavy brusers? I've had one that focused on slam attacks, and mots of the others were flinging crap..

Mostly I likeed those stone revoluations ; Mighty Pebble, Stone Throwing, Shard Explosion, and Steel Skin (later level).
THe range isn't great but 2d4 thrown rock +1to hit and 1/2 str is kinda amusing. Sorry for having help requests

thought one. Using just arock:
I wonder. Could the ranger weapon be a rock? Are improvised weapons valid for rangers? In theory "stone throwing" makes you proficient but there are traits that would fit in fairly well. Like have the ranger weapon look like a stone or metal hand.Oh wait! Can it look like Bismuth? Either just a brick of it, or shaped into a semi gauntlett shape. . Bash people with it, or throw it. (can use the ranger improve to get called i bet) Rock Punch! As long as it doesn't break anyway. Though prior to ranger weapons I guess I'll have to pick up random rocks maybe
Outside of ranger form, I guess I can carry a bunch of rocks. Or hope that there is always a "rock" near by.

Though that sounds kinda complicated. So maybe just a big crossbow is smarter.

sling or sling glove:
Sling is a simple weapon I already have. Sling gloves are more stylized and could look like a cool ranger weapon (and free action reload) but requires a proficiency feat (I don't think I know another way) Would pick up improved unarmed strike later, since rangers need to be able to martial arts! Sling Gloves is in Paizo's adventure armory. Visually this is neat "punching" and rocks fire. Sadly no closer range ability though.
Sling Gloves 1d4 ×2 50 ft increment. 2 lbs.Bashing take –4 penalty when throwing a stone at an adjacent target and cannot use the weapon to attack creatures in your space.

(I could also use sling staff, if I change my race to Halfing. Not the biggest of things, but I liked elf. Also can be used in close combat)

I don't know though would the sling damage use the sling's or would it use the stonethrowing ability that says rocks do 2d4 (2d3 for small)? I know slings could use normal rocks, at one size smaller damage and -1 to hit. but the stone throwing ability says " You can hurl rocks up to two categories smaller than your own size. " that -1 is harsh though.
Unless those stone ammo count as rocks for the rock throwing skill?
So would it use the original damage and to hit? or the stone throwing EX specific damage and extra to hit?

Though I'd be one weird golem... Dex, cha, then str and i guess maybe some Int. (characterwise)
Might be easier to just pick up a crossbow or that stone crossbow my friend mentioned (no clue where that is though)
I just realized this is very close (sling gloves at least) to Toph from Avatar the last air bender. How weird.

Currently. I'd like to be the PowerRanger of Stone/Metal Golems. Oracle class.
Zellos Zelgadis. A young elf. Zellos works for his coin and joy at the library (assuming that's a thing?). He has a small obsession with books. As a child the first book he found was one about the origin of earth and natural metals and found it highly interesting. (If sling gloves this is where he read of it).
Colourwise I like Amytheist (purple) I think.. though that clashes a bit maybe?

as for name.. Creature Squad, MonRan (monster rangers) Amalagam Rangers. but really anything works fine I imagine.

Edit: Just realized Morphing allows for some feats itself..
So I could throw normal stones as a normal person. (prefably throwing sling ammo just for the ease of drawing it and for book keeping of carrying and buying them). THEN in morph the first feat could give me Exoctic proficency: Sling Thrower.
That would differentiate things a bit and makes me feel fun.. since somehow morphing gives you mastery of a weapon they've never touched before (looking at you billy)
Seems just about perfect. Once I know what does what damage. No double dipping on weapon focus etc.. but it seems pretty neat. And maybe not quite as obvious to Bandora that my fighitng style is exactly the same haha.
I guess I'll mock up the mythweavers at the right levels and in the ranger forms.

Hope I'm not to late. Got a character idea.
He would be a martial artist monk. Eventually getting the pummeling style feat line.

I've got a few questions:
- would the eidolon evolutions that work on natural weapons work on the monk's unarmed strike?
- Seeing as I would focus on unarmed attacks. I'm not certain what I would do with the power ranger weapon? Or would a cestus actually give me my extra unarmed damage? Thoughts?
- Also have no good idea for what monster to pick. I was maybe thinking basilisk and that I would emulate the petrifying gaze with my stunning fist attacks? Or maybe something that has one hard hitting attack (the thing I would emulate with pummeling style)? I'm open for suggestions.

Dungeon Delvin' Pathfindin' Rangers, gotta go with the pure poetry of the originator guys. Or Power Rangers: MurderHobo Force

Also, Red, if i don't at least hear one instance of 'WE NEED DRAGONZORD POWER, NOW!' i think we can all agree the play test will be a failure. No pressure pal XD

And for home turf, Almas seems pretty fitting. Big city in the most freedom loving region of the inner sea (as far as i can remember), what could be better for our angel grove proxy?

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