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A veteran Pathfinder exploring the Fenwall Mountains of Varisia has begun sleepwalking, traveling through the dead of night in the same direction each time. The following mornings, however, he awakens injured and lost in the wilderness, never reaching the mysterious destination that drew him from his bed in the night. Something is calling Kalkamedes, something powerful, but unless he can make it safely to the source of his somnambulism, that power will remain a mystery. It falls to a team of Pathfinders to escort the sleepwalker to his destination and uncover the true nature of the strange phenomenon overtaking Kalkamedes's dreams.

I am recruiting up to 6 brave adventurers for the escort in CORE mode. Tier is 1-5, with me being open to either subtier depending on player/character interest.
We'll be kicking off at the start of the upcoming Play-by-Post Gameday: August 25th.

If you're interested, feel free to post below, with the following information:

Player Name
Character Name

Silver Crusade

Riceak Hawklight
Silver Crusade
Half[Elf'Cleric of Sheyln' Should be 4th by then.

Silver Crusade

I like your games!


Silver Crusade

Being 4th level should help a bit! :)

Dark Archive

Interested !

I have several characters available :)

Interested! Will bring a brand-new... something. Full disclosure, I've played this in Classic; it's long, but definitely a memorable adventure.

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I did this in standard ubrhink like 2 years ago.

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I accidentally posted in your Standard thread by mistake, but I'd like to chime in with my Core druid.

Player name: Rennaivx
Character name: Birgitte Erlendsdotter
PFS ID: 200250-3
Faction: Grand Lodge
Details: Human druid 1

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@ Helikon.
Many thanks for the link. If it's okay, I will generate a character this weekend and submit in a day or so.

Dark Archive

I hope there's room for another player. I'll submit Renedar:

Player Name Beatrice
Character Name Renedar the Young
PFS ID# 123480-13
Faction Dark Archive
Race/Class/Level Half-Orc Monk 4

I already played this in standard campaign already. If you prefer players who don't know the scenario, I can understand that.

Sure, I would be delighted.
And you should know you are prio 1a in all my games beatrice

Dark Archive

That's nice to hear! Thank you very much!

You can dot in the Discussion thread

The Exchange

Player Name Andrew Watson
Character Name Chandu
PFS ID# 44523-24
Faction Exchange
Race/Class/Level Half elf Bard 4yet.

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I might have a 3rd level sorcerer rather than the cleric

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Hi, are there still openings available for this table?

So far only two dotted in the discussion thread!

I think there is still one slot free.

Liberty's Edge

Player: Ben C.
Character: Alic Darkwater
PFS ID#: 265445-1
R/C/L: Human/Ranger/1

Grand Lodge

Hi all. I'd love to join you with a Druid, if you still have room.

Player: Harry
Character: Lini but credit will go to Stormy when she reaches level 4
PFS ID#: 3387-15
R/C/L: Human/Druid/4

Just noticed that this alias is level 7. I'll fix that right away if I hear I am in the game. :)

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