[PFS][PBP Gameday VI] 8-06: Reaping What We Sow (1-5) (Inactive)

Game Master Lady Ladile

Subtier 1-2



[dice=Thunder Spirit]1d20+4[/dice]

Grand Lodge

After a break from PbP Games for several months, I decided to offer a game or two for this Gameday.

Some information:
- GM is based in Europe
- please post at least once a day during combat, less on weekends
- GM will most likely post several times a day during working hours
- if you can't post for several days, please drop a note, your character will be 'botted'

This is a level 1-5 game. If you are interested in this session, please post a link to your character sheet (where I can see the character level etc.). It's first come - first served. New players are welcome! This game will not start before September 4!

I'd like to sign up for this: low tier.

I'll pick a character after my son's off to school.

Grand Lodge

OK. I think I'll go with my level 2 Druid swarm monger. Just need to convert to digital.

Hello Baerli, long time no see. I would be delighted to join. Checking which one is free

Silver Crusade

OK. Forget Halipan. My Occultist Haunt Collector is free and much more thematic for this one. Plus he's already digital, and I just need to add his first Chronicle.

Player: Tim M (Blake's Tiger)
Character: Quentin Wintrish
PFS #: 230524-12
Faction: Silver Crusade

Sovereign Court

Helikon here. I would like to join with Geirood. If she is ready by then. If not Felix

I would like but I have not my character yet.

Silver Crusade

If we're playing low, I'll bring my melee druid. He'll be free and level 2 by the time the game starts.

Player: Peter (AKA Amazing Red)
Character: Argor Zadok
PFS: 20056-24
Faction: Liberty's Edge

Liberty's Edge

I'd be interested in doing some reaping. The Thundering Spirit should be level 3 by the start of Game Day.

Liberty's Edge

Also, an innocent bystander, unaffiliated with The Thundering Spirit might show up :p

Grand Lodge

That means, so far we have:

- Quentin Wintrish (Blake's Tiger)
- Geirahöð Bjornsdottir (Helikon)
- ? (Gayel Nord)
- Argor Zadok (Daxter)
- The Thundering Spirit (Cwethan)

I'll close recruitment for now!

Liberty's Edge

If any 6th spot opens up I would be happy to join.
Seems like a level 2 character would be good (have a couple so can choose which fits the party best).
Note: I DM-ed this a year ago when it came out, at Paizo-Con France (I too am based in Europe) so would take a back seat, but cannot remember much to be honest...

Grand Lodge

This makes us six players.

Game is full! Recruitment closed!!!

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