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It is the age of the Seventh Reclamation War. One week ago marked the apex of the Blood Moon, and with it the receding of the tides that separated the cursed continent from your own. Hellish nightmares previously unseen poured forth into the Hunters waiting defenses. Monster and Hunter crashed violently.

It was a bloodbath.

The Hunters forward defenses were quickly overrun and new horrors were unleashed into your lands. Even after suffering great losses the Hunters fought on and in the end they were able to stem the tide of destruction before it was too late, holding the line until the sea once again spared them from the seemingly endless stream of abomonations. This marks the first time since the beginning of the War over one hundred years ago that not a single hunter was able to set foot on the cursed lands. A grim omen, possibly carrying with it the final epitaph for all of humanity.

You, brave young hunters whom are just coming into their very first rank, are in Sermosa City. Located on the southern most peninsula of the continent, the city is the third largest in the region. Boasting a population of roughly 75,000 inhabitants the city is both a bustling trade hub and vital recruiting ground for the Hunters. Seated at the head of the city is the prestigious Bremont Graymaw. The Graymaws have a long history of being a family of elite hunters (a matter which is of great personal pride for them) and make claim to having lead Sermosa since its very inception, Bremont is just the latest in a long line.

You have all been called to Sermosa because the Hunters Guild has seen fit to give you your very first rank (a ceremony that is overseen by Lord Bremont himself). Having missed the opportunity to participate in the most recent ceremony, you must now wait one week before you can finally be officially recognized as the hunter you are.

Male Human Swordbound [Complete], Acolyte [Complete], Stalwart / 2

Gallus looks around at his surroundings from his cot. The temporary infirmary wasn't much, just a spare room attached to the side of a local inn. The room looked as though it was normally used as an area for extra seating during times of influx; travelers, merchants, new comers. Tables that looked as though they were to eat off of had been pushed together to create makeshift examination tables and, in the worse cases, surgery areas. The more horrific areas had been separated off by white sheets so as to not disturb any of the faint of heart due to the nature of what lay beyond them. The doctors were more or less competent at their job, however with the growing dangers of the wilderness and the recent end to this most current chapter of the war without end, they were sorely outnumbered. Not every case that came into the aid shelter were of serious caliber, but there were enough to stress out even the most talented of staff.

Gallus sighed to himself "A week. Avram! It's too long. I need to get back to Iron Dale and get them the trade goods. This leg is fine, I'll get through it."

He proceeds to then take a deep breath as he lowers his feet to the wooden floor of the room. He begins to stand, setting all his weight on his good leg. He looks around to make sure none of the medics are watching as he takes a tentative step. His foot his the ground, and he slowly eases his weight onto his leg. Pain lances through his leg as he puts pressure on his knee. Gallus takes a sharp breath, determined to work though the pain. He lets more weight onto his leg. The pain becomes unbearable, and - luckily for him - his leg gives out underneath him.

"RAWGH!! HOW DID I EVEN WALK HERE!?" He screams as he barely catches himself on his cot and steadying his body on his one good leg. The pain still is burning on his leg. He looks down, and luckily sees no reopened wounds at the moment. He thinks back to the journey that brought him here. He still can't believe what happened, and his memory of actually reaching the city is foggy.

Now the medical staff was definitely looking at him, and none of them look to pleased at his little attempt to walk. One of them comes over and shoves a pair of crutches into his hands. "If you have to walk around, at least use these. It's preferable that you stay in bed - but I have a feeling you won't listen to any actual advice we could give you." She states in a huff, and then turns on her heels and struts away. Gallus catches himself staring slightly to long as she leaves. "Hmm...not bad at all." He thinks, smiling as he starts on his way out the door.

Gallus is already dressed in a simple dark blue tunic that is tucked in to a pair of light brown/dark tan pants. He has a belt around his waist, and is wearing simple leather boots. Around his neck hangs a small fang-like tooth that is tied to a small strap of leather. The crutches he is using are little more than just a few pieces of sturdy wood tied together with thick cord. It's uncomfortable, but at least he can move around. As he walks out to the in to the inn, he notices that there are very few patrons around. It's about mid-morning so he assumes that everyone has finished breakfast and he's just a little late to the party. There is a single man sitting by his lonesome in the corner, eating some sort of something. Gallus think's he looks friendly, but then again, Gallus think's everyone looks friendly if they are even slightly human. The only other person in the inn, at the moment that is, is the Inn Keeper. He is a tall, lanky, elderly man with a bad comb over. He looks somewhere in his late 50s early 60s, although he could easily be much older. Gallus walks over and orders a pint of ale and whatever is left from breakfast.

Note: I have no clue how "money" works in this game yet, so I'm just kinda assuming that with 2 dots in wealth I have some way to pay for this and not blow all my money.

With his order placed he sits at the bar and tries to idly chat with the Inn Keeper. Gallus mentions the weather and how nice it is out, the Inn Keeper replies in kind.
Gallus mentions the interesting fact that Reaver Thralls have no blood, only extremely sticky green sap, and the Inn Keeper looks alarmed, but smiles and nods.
Gallus recognizes that this means the Inn Keeper would like to continue this line of thought, and plunges into the exciting tale of how he (to paraphrase) kicked the living sap out of a Reaver Willow and punched it in it's ugly mug. The Inn Keeper quickly brings out the food, which causes Gallus to shut up so that he can eat instead.
Gallus doesn't see the Inn Keeper breath a sigh of relief at the silence as he returns to polishing a glass.

Who needs social skills? I'm already making friends!

Male Chymera Upset [completo]/ 1

wow, this is amazing! Koro's calico ears flicked and raised in excitement as he examined the main entrance to the city Sermosa. absolutely wonderful" he again proclaimed loudly. The people of the city walked around him in avoidance, mumbling about how another country boy has made it to the city. Which unknown to Koro was painfully obvious in his current attire and reaction. After spending far too long staring at the entrance he decided to go and see the other wonders the city has to offer.
Koro wandered through the city in search of the wonders but was distracted by an old man outside of a meat shop. The man was hunched over a couple bins of meat, slowly pacing himself and taking his time leapfrogging the bins together to the destination. The old man didn't make much progress before his back would beckon for a break. The old man was obviously in pain. Koro could not stand for this. Being from a small town he was never reluctant to help someone in need.
Sir! Let me help you with that. enthused as he jogged over with a friendly smile across his face.
Oh, no, no youngling, it's fine, just a bit-a-rest and I'll be tip-top again.
Please sir, I must insist.
After fighting Koro for a bit the old man realized wasn't going to give up and lead him to the meat storage. As Koro finished the old man stroke conversation and the two got to talking. Koro spoke of his recent journey to the city and how amazed he was of the buildings while the old man sat and listened to the story's of youth. After a couple hours the old man had his fill of social interaction and went back to tending the butchery sending Koro off with a welcoming gift and thank you cut of meat.
That old man was nice, reiminds me of my own village.
He wandered around the city for a little while longer before finding a place to cook his meat and rest.

Male Automata Acolyte/1

Walking out of the Hunter’s Guild into the mid-morning sunlight, Raserei took a moment to stretch, pausing when a slight groan came from his metal body.
“Hmm, looks like I need to find a quiet spot to do some maintenance, didn’t get a chance to earlier.”

Looking back at the Guild, he lets out a annoyed sigh and begins to walk away. He had just spent several hours finalizing his initiation to become a Rank 1 hunter only to learn that he had missed the latest ceremony and would be a week before he could take part in the next. While he didn’t mind the wait, it did disrupt his plans of traveling with Caravan; the repairs would be done in a couple of days and, unless he could come up with a good reason to delay their departure, would leave without him.

Raserei wandered the city for a ways, lost in thought before coming to a stop in front of an Inn with what looked to be a infirmary attached.
“This should be a good place, most flesh and blood people are pretty quiet once their treated and the healthy ones usually get squeamish and leave so I should be fairly undisturbed.”

He enters the Inn, pulling out his maintenance tools, and is greeted by the sight of a man sitting at the bar with a pair of crutches informing an awkwardly smiling innkeeper of the biology of Reaver Thralls. Raserei catches the innkeeper’s eye, holds up his tools and points towards an unoccupied corner. The innkeeper nods in understanding but, unfortunately, the man at the bar takes this as a sign to continue talking and launches into a rant about his latest exploits that led to him being in the infirmary.

As Raserei performed his maintenance and listened to the man’s tale, he was amusingly reminded of something one of the hunter’s who had traveled with the caravan had said:
“Hunter’s love to brag about their accomplishments and will embellish like no other, you can always tell when there is some truth to the story, however, when the wounds they receive in the story match up with the scars and injuries they have in person.”

When the man stopped his tirade to eat, Raserei turned his full attention to his work and thought about the man’s story.
“He had said something about recovering trade goods that he had been trying to get to his city, if the trip can be profitable enough I might be able to get him to hire the Caravan and, considering his injuries, delay the departure until after the ceremony. I’ll have to bring up the idea to him,” He looks at the man, “but…after he is done eating, I’d prefer to finish my maintenance in quiet.”

Male Human Swordbound [Complete], Acolyte [Complete], Stalwart / 2

Gallus finishes his meal at a hurried pace. It was good, but eating took time that he felt could be better spent elsewhere. He shoveled down the food as quick as could be and washed it all down with what tasted like cider. He stops suddenly. "This stuff is pretty good; I bet it's homemade. He moves towards the Inn Keeper, who looks obviously nervous at this man's approach.

"That cider is pretty good! You make it yourself?" He inquires with a large grin on his face.

"Well, uh, yes. We do. Me wife an' I make it in the back." The Inn Keeper states, gesturing to a room behind the counter.

"Can I get some to go?" Gallus is noticeably excited, and he offers a water skin he has around his waist, it's about the only gear he really has with him. The Inn Keeper takes the water skin and looks slightly astonished.

"Sir - this is full o' water?" He says looking worried.

"Oh, yeah. Just dump it out. I don't need it too terribly." Gallus laughs and puts his arm on the counter as he waits for his cider to come around. He casts an eye around the little inn and notices a man fully encased in metal, wearing leather armor, and apparently intently working on something. Gallus raises a hand and waves. "Hel-" Gallus stops himself,"He's working on something important, it'd be better not to bother the man. I was raised better than that." He smiles, happy that he was able to catch himself before being too rude. He turns back around just in time to receive his Cider-Skin back from the Inn Keeper. "Thank you very much!" With his skin strapped back on his belt he picks up his crutches and proceeds through the entrance.

It's getting closer to noon now, and the light hits Gallus' eyes hard. He squints and waits for his eyes to adjust to the new light. "Left or Right? Decisions, Decisions." Eventually he closes his eyes, spins on his one good leg, and chooses that direction. As he is walking along he takes a deep breath. The fresh air feels good in his lungs. He carries on down the road, wondering where it will take him. As he passes by people he smiles and waves, or nods, in their direction. "Pleasant day Miss! Good day Sir! Have a great afternoon Kids!" Most of the people seem to receive him well, a few others are taken aback by his forwardness, but are too polite to say anything. Eventually Gallus takes a turn, then another, and yet another, and arrives to a dead end alley. He is about to turn around when he notices something.

Sticking right above a stack of wood. Cat ears. Black. "It's back. I thought I had chased it away, but it's possible it followed me all the way. I'll have his hide for this!" Using one crutch to hobble over, and the other to swing as a weapon he calls out. "Stand and face me like a man you disgusting theif. You thought I would let you go with two little kicks!? HA! I am Gallus Lorde, Hunter Rank 1, and I shall destroy every hope you could have held dear. NOW, COME AT ME!!"

Note: 1)Gallus has had a run in with an annoying cat creature that stole his honey, or tried to. 2) Gallus has no "fuse" it's all just boiling right below the surface at all times. 3) Koro is a cat.

Male Chymera Upset [completo]/ 1

The alley way that Koro decided was a good place to cook and rest in was small but homely. Filled with a random assortment of wood and other nick nacks. First thing was first a fire. Koro brought out his pack and took a tinder pile out of a pocket and strategically placed it in the alleyway over some borrowed wood. With the help of his flint and tinder Koro was able to create a fire.
After waiting for the fire to stoke Koro began to cook his cut of meat the old man was nice enough to give him. He slowly spun the meat till the outside was golden and scrumptious. oh, yea perfection. he says as he puts the cut of meat in his mouth.
"Stand and face me like a man you disgusting theif. You thought I would let you go with two little kicks!? HA! I am Gallus Lorde, Hunter Rank 1, and I shall destroy every hope you could have held dear. NOW, COME AT ME!!"
Koro flicks his calico ears as he stands up from behind the pile of wood looking at a crutches man beligerantly yelling at him. Still with the cut of cooked meat in his mouth he looks around confused and finally points to himself with worried eyes. fwwme?

Male Human Swordbound [Complete], Acolyte [Complete], Stalwart / 2

"Oh! Uhh -" Gallus stops swinging around one of his crutches and settles down. He scratches his head, obviously embarrassed. "No, no. I though you were someone else. You have one of those...uhh..." Gallus searches for a feature that he could say someone else probably had, "ears." He finishes lamely. "Well, I am Gallus, as you now know. You are...?"

Before Koro is even able to get his name off Gallus' face lights up as he notices the fire and meat behind Koro. "YOU HAVE FOOD!? Why didn't you say so you" Gallus rushes around Koro, laying down a log for him to sit on. He reaches out, grabs a small strip of meat, and quickly throws it in his mouth. "Aow. Ish hawt!" He says, chewing with his mouth slightly open to let out some of the searing heat. He uncaps his Cider-Skin and sets to drinking. "Ahhh. You want some? It's good - homemade so I'm told." He smiles to Koro as he proffers the skin and a seat next to him, as though this was his fire.

It's uncertain whether Gallus even remembers the incident a few minutes prior, but right now he is trying to seem as friendly as possible.

Male Chymera Upset [completo]/ 1

Confused by the situation Koro is swallowed by Gallus's initiative and accepts the drink. Koro first takes the cut of meat out of his mouth, of course. He then takes a swig of the cider and finds it most pleasing and satisfying. "Thanks for the brew." Koro says as he reclaims his spot next to Gallus's new seat. these city folk are weird but must be the only way to meet people around here since everyone is so busy.
"Names Koro, nice to meet you stranger. I'm a one star hunter too just came from the country this morning!" he offers Gallus another slice from his cut he acquired earlier. Stokes the fire with another piece of borrowed wood and begins to make small talk with his new friend. Of course inquiring as to how Gallus acquired his injuries.

Male Automata Acolyte/1

“There, maintenance done. Now I just need to talk to…” Raserei looks around the room and sighs, “Great, he’s gone, how the hell did I not notice him leaving? The man has almost no volume control. At least he can’t have gotten too far, and a man on crutches should be easy to spot. I’ll ask the infirmary for his name though, just in case.”

A quick stop by the infirmary gave the man’s name as Gallus Lorde and, in turn, let Raserei know that the town he was speaking of earlier was Iron Dale, a 2 days travel away and well worth it for trading. “This is exactly the thing that the Caravan would be willing to wait for, I really need to find him now.” Raserei thought as he exited into the streets.

Assuming the man would be heading towards the market district to obtain transport, Raserei hurried in that direction for several minutes when, almost out of his hearing, he heard far behind him: “Stand ………………. man ……… thief. …………………………………………………. I am Gallus Lorde, Hunter Rank 1, ……………………….. NOW, COME AT ME!!"

“Figures,” mutters Raserei as he turns around and begins to run, “he went in the direction that makes the least amount of sense. Hopefully this time he will stay in one place long enough for me to actually talk to him.”

Male Human Swordbound [Complete], Acolyte [Complete], Stalwart / 2

Gallus looks to his furry compatriot. "This thing? He asks patting his leg. "I got it in a fight for my life. Ya' see, there were these terrible Reaver Thralls terrorizing the trade road between here and Iron Dale. I knew something had to be done and there was no one around but me, so I knew what I had to do. I jumped down off the road and was ambushed by one throwing the remains of a wagon at me. I deftly dodged out of the way, and with one mighty swing, I sundered it in twain. Then I sensed that there were at least 7 more. I rushed into the forest, and took a few of the by surprise. My bravery must have stunned them because they never even got a swing in!" Gallus laughs heartily. [b]"I knew there were a couple more left around someplace, so I gallantly went off looking for them. And then I found them, the sick things, surrounding this tree with the face of a man. It was disgusting, so I did the only thing I could..." he pauses dramatically, "I SLASHED AND BURNED1!! He gives another hearty laugh and claps Koro on the back. He taps his forehead as he says, "I used my wits you see? I grabbed my trusty fire bomb and lit it with my flint and steel. Then, with one mighty throw, I lit the tree and it's fiendish spawn on fire. That sure riled them up. I followed it up by charging as quickly as possible. With a few slashes I opened up it's face and punched it hard within the Reaver Willow's heart. It stunned it for a moment, and I took the opportunity to catch it by surprise and cut through it's evil ways. That's when it's Thrall's caught me off guard and got a lucky swing in. It took a chunk off my knee, I took their heads...and that's the story of how I single handedly stopped a Reaver Willow infestation." He laughs again, and then stops. "OH! I have some bark from the accursed tree; you wanna see? It's back with my thngs, let's go!" He lifts up the Cider Skin as he stands up, "Besides, we're out of Cider!" He looks excited and starts to totter off to the exit back towards the main road.

Male Automata Acolyte/1

Raserei had arrived at the alley entrance to see Gallus sharing a meal with a cat based Chymera and once again regaling the tale of his injuries. The Chymera was listening with interest and Gallus obviously enjoyed telling the story so Raserei decided to wait until he was finished to make himself known.
As Gallus began to move towards the street, Raserei detaches himself from the wall he was leaning against and calmly walks towards him stating: “Gallus Lorde, not sure what I find more impressive about you, that you survived such a difficult encounter or the fact that I could hear your shout nearly halfway across the city.” Raserei stops near him and offers his hand, “Name’s Raserei Weiland of the Weiland Traders and soon to be Rank 1 Hunter, I had heard your story earlier and was going to offer help in getting the trade goods you mentioned back to Iron Dale. I was a little too focused on my work and missed you leaving it seems. Would you mind if I accompany you and your friend back to the Inn?"

Male Human Swordbound [Complete], Acolyte [Complete], Stalwart / 2

Gallus stares at Raserei for a few moments, and looks genuinely confused. He looks him up and down a few moments before suddenly brightening up and a giant grin spreads across his face, "METAL MAN!" he exclaims clapping the automata on the back. "I saw you over at the Inn. I wanted to meet you then, but unfortunately you seemed rather busy and I thought it rude to interrupt your work. This here is Koro, The Cat." He gestures to the Chymera in the background as he quickly shakes Raserei's hand. "So, you think you can get a caravan over to Iron Dale for me? I mean, I couldn't go for a week because of some annoying medic telling me what I can an' can't do." He kinda grumbles lowly for a few moments and looks noticeably irritated. The next moment it's gone and Gallus is happy again. "Anyway we're going to go check out some KILLER Reaver Bark that I have back at the Inn. you are more than welcome to come; the more the merrier!" He continues to strut past the Automata without waiting for much, if any reply, fully trusting that he'll follow. He gets the to the end of the alley way and then stops. He looks left, then right, then left again. He then marches to the right and hopes he recognizes something.

Male Chymera Upset [completo]/ 1

As entertaining as any heroic story usualy is, the one Gallus told was rather long and uninterrupted. The meaning of small talk thrown out the window and a tale rehearsed occupied the space. All the same I guess, making friends with other hunters is almost always beneficial. This one may be the death of me though." As Gallus finished his story he became readily exited about some bark. Which to an ameratur craftsman like myself did sound appealing.
After snuffing the fire and packing my things again. I sent off to follow my new friend Gallus, only to be interupted by another interesting fellow. A metal man ,also a rank 1 hunter by the name of Raserei. The man inquired about a business venture but all the same, he was in the group. Like Gallus stated the more the merrier.
Well, as Gallus already mentioned the names Koro. He said smiling as he gestured kindly to Raserei. Seems like a ragtag triauge is forming, at least one of us has some real experience in the field. He then follows the group happily to their new destination.

Male Automata Acolyte/1

After Gallus’ rather boisterous greeting and departure, Raserei gives a friendly nod in response to Koro and follows after. Fortunately, luck seemed to be on Gallus’ side this time around and, with only an occasional correction by Raserei, were headed in the correct direction of the Inn. Raserei had been planning on talking business with Gallus on the route back but his constant greetings to passersby interfered with this. Instead, Raserei chose to lag slightly behind and make small talk with Koro asking about where he was from, how was his trip to the city and if he had checked in to the Guild Hall yet to confirm his presence for the ceremony at the end of the week because: “Those who don’t check in are usually assumed to have died in transit to the city and taken out of the proceedings altogether.”

Male Chymera Upset [completo]/ 1

Engaging in small talk with Raserei was nice. It was a welcoming contrast to Gallus's over-the-top nature.
"Oh yea I'm from a small town about three days away from here. The trip wasn't too special. Made it here without problem. Turns out sticking to the trade routes are the safest means of travel. That or I was just lucky. Either way I'm not a hero, just a small town kid looking forward." In regards to the hunters guild Koro stopped in his tracks and realized that he had not gone and checked in.
"Oh, shit I haven't done that at all! I''ve just been walking around all day taking in the sights. Well I guess I don't even know where the hall is in the first place..." Koro stares puzzled at Raserei.
"Mind if we make a quick stop before lunch guys?" Koro nervously laughs as he puts his hands behind his head.

Male Human Swordbound [Complete], Acolyte [Complete], Stalwart / 2

Gallus stops dead in his tracks. He was about to shake the hand of a passerby, but his hand drops limply to his side. The passerby's hand hangs in the air awkwardly for a moment, a smile tight across his face. He looks confused at Gallus' sudden change of character, but shakes his head and continues on.

Gallus wheels around and stares at his compatriots. "You haven't been the Hunter's Hall yet Koro!?" We need to go there immediatly. NOTHING - not even my astounding Reaver Bark - is more important than being a Hunter!" Gallus' usual playful tone has been replaced with a much more serious tone, and there is a fiery look of determination in his eyes. "I know the way, let's go!" Gallus starts marching off in the opposite direction of the Inn. He has his arms around the shoulders of his new friends, and is leading them to the Hall in a hurried fashion. He never waves, or says good morning, all that matters to him is Hunting. This is a very different Gallus than before. He even seems to put more weight on his bad knee, as though he doesn't even realize it's hurt.

Very soon the group reaches the front of the Hall. Suddenly Gallus breaks out into a large smile. "Ah, nothing better than this place. Now don't worry boys the lady hunters will be all over me, play your cards right and they might be after you too." He smiles and looks from one friend to the other. Slowly his smile fades as he keeps looking back and forth. "You know...if you are into that. I mean there'll be boys...and cats...machines?" Gallus winces a bit and then stays quiet. "Whelp. No time for this now, we have some official business to take care of!" Gallus up to the large doors of the building and, bracing himself against Raserei, he uses his good leg to push the door open and lead his new friends through.

There isn't t many people in the guild hall. There is a gruff looking Reptilian Chymera at a table with a large shield on his back; he's drinking from a large tin stein and minding his own business. A girl stands behind a counter looking generally bored. She's dressed in bright colors, in this case the blue, white, and yellows of Sermosa City. She's quite young, around 19 or 20. As the trio come in she quickly stands up and a smile stretches across her face, it looks more than a little forced. "Good Afternoon! Welcome to Sermosa Hunter's Hall! How may I assist you today?"

Gallus looks from Raserei to Koro with a look that says Leave this to Me. He walks up the to young woman, looking as smooth as he possibly can. "Why hello there, all you can help me with is your name. Wink. That's all I need to do. Ok. I've got this. I'm Gallus Lorde." He reaches the woman, who doesn't stop smiling. "Uh - Hello. I need your name." He then blinks twice. Gallus stares for a second longer, and before she can respond he goes and sits down at an empty table facing the corner of the room. "I want to die." The Reptilian Chymera snorts into his drink, and then resumes ignoring the things around him.

Male Automata Acolyte/1

Raserei stares after Gallus for a few moments before turning back to the receptionist, shaking his head sadly, “Well, that was depressingly awkward.”
The girl, recognizing Raserei from earlier in the day, gives a more relaxed smile as he gives a kindly nod “Nice to see you again miss, just here to get my new acquaintance,” he gestures towards Koro, “Koro Hays I believe it was, confirmed for the Ranking ceremony later this week. And, if you could, check to see if Gallus Lorde has been confirmed as well?
A quick shuffling of papers confirms that Gallus has been checked in for the ceremony and, with a little more shuffling, says “Ah, Koro Hays, everything appears to be in order, just need a signature on this,” she holds out a paper and quill, “and we will inform you what is required for the ceremony at a later time.”
The paper lists the various regulations of the hunter’s guild and states that by signing it, the new hunter understands that they are expected to follow these regulations, that they could very well die at any time during their jobs and that, if required, will be called to the North to defend the front.
Raserei nods farewell to the receptionist and as he begins walking towards Gallus says to Koro: “After your done with that we should head back to the inn quickly, Gallus looks like he needs a desperate change in the mood.

Male Human Swordbound [Complete], Acolyte [Complete], Stalwart / 2

"Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. DIE." Try as he might, Gallus seems unable to will himself into non-existence.

As Koro finishes up his paperwork Gallus stares at the corner of the room sullenly, every now and then testing his knee to see if it had miraculously healed within the few hours he had been sitting.It had not. Raserei mentions something about Gallus wanting to leave and he realizes he's faced with an option; Option A) Admit defeat, leave, and never return A.K.A "The Cowards Option" or Option B) Valiantly stay, order lunch, reassess the situation, and attack accordingly A.K.A "The Hunter's Option".

Gallus, even though his voice is already deep and loud, puts on an even deeper voice. "No no no, HA-HA! I'm Gallus Lorde, a little depression is no match for me!" He thumps his chest exuberantly, although he refuses to turn around and seems to be intently yelling at the corner. He is noticeably shaking, but whether he is laughing or choking back tears is questionable. "Let's get lunch here. I'm told they serve a fantastic steak."

Gallus gets up and shuffles over to a small counter tucked off to the side of the main desk area. He stares intently at the ground as he walks, refusing to look in the direction of the Greeter or his friends. Some muttering can be heard as he places his order with the cooks and hands them a few coins. He shuffles quickly back to his seat and continues to stare into the corner.

The Reptilian Chymera stares in wonder with a smile cracking at the corners of his mouth, showing large fang-like teeth. "Hisss-s-s-s" That's meant to be like a snake laughing...kind of a stuttering hissing sound, not sure how to type it out. He gets up and struts over to the Greeter's counter. In a rough, gravely voice he says, barley above a whisper, "Thanksss for the ale, it wassss good. I'll have to treat you to ssssome." He winks and brushes her cheek. She giggles and blushes as he turns around and walks out of the Hall staring at Gallus the whole time.

THUD Gallus' head his the table. His shoulders shake. Everyone is pretty sure he is quietly bemoaning his loss.

"Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. Die. DIE."

Male Chymera Upset [completo]/ 1

"Thanks Raserei, and I agree with that statement." Koro says as he looks back at Gallus, "poor guy." Koro then greets the receptionist and starts signing his papers for the ceremony. While the girl waits for Koro to finish signing the paper she looks confusingly at Gallus as he sits and mopes at his failed attempt at social interaction. Koro looks back as well “Don’t worry, I’m sure he means well. But, I do believe I am done with the paperwork. Thanks for the help”
“No problem.” The receptionist says with a smile. “Be seeing you soon!”
Koro then goes back to rejoin the soiree, only to see Gallus as he re-summons his courage to talk to someone else. Events past and Gallus again is asking for his death. Koro puts his hand on Gallus’s back in attempt to Console him. “Hey Gallus, you know I haven’t known you for too long but your a real good guy. Don’t worry about that stuff. That Reptilian lookin’ guy seemed like a real A-hole, High on his horse for no reason. You, -you Gallus you got a lot of heart. I can see it.” Koro then gives Gallus a good old country hug.

Male Automata Acolyte/1

Raserei had sat down across from Gallus but was now looking away, to avoid laughing at the situation, and musing about the humorous misinterpretations some might get from seeing Koro’s friendly attempt to cheer Gallus up. Then, as another chymera hunter walked by the receptionist, Raserei saw something that might help Gallus get over himself.
“Looks like you wouldn’t have had a chance with her anyways Gallus,” Raserei says quietly, leaning in, “Considering her response to the Reptilian hunter and that she seems to be secretly checking out every chymera who walks past her desk, I think she prefers men who are a little more… animalistic. So, you can sit around moping about the girl that would never have been or you can take the Hunter’s option: eat a hearty meal, down some alcohol and try again later on another girl.”
Raserei says with the equivalent of an amused snort, “that’s how I saw most of the Hunter’s who journeyed with the Caravan handle it at least.”
Speaking louder, Raserei leans back and continues, “Anyways, I’d like to get back to the inn soon so you can show us the Reaver bark that you took as a trophy from single handedly wiping out that Reaver Willow infestation.” Feigning a stretch, Raserei looks around the room and notices that people are looking towards Gallus with some renewed respect.
Glad that he succeeded, Raserei continues on in an amused tone, “And, considering some of the crafting tools Koro here looks to be carrying, I’d say he is looking forward to seeing it as well.”

Male Human Swordbound [Complete], Acolyte [Complete], Stalwart / 2

Gallus looks from Raserei to Koro, a huge grin across his face. "You guys are good people!" He then wraps his thick arms around each of his companions and pulls them into a bear hug, laughing the entire time. Then the food comes. It isn't carried by any single man, but wheeled out by a small team. There is a roast pig creature, steaks, breads, all sorts of various steamed and fresh vegetables, smoked fish, and two barrels of ale. Gallus looks sheepishly at his friends, "I eat my feelings." he mutters as he starts to pile food onto plates. He begins to dig in before he suddenly stops himself. "OH! Eat, everyone eat! There's plenty to go around! Ha-Ha!" Gallus waves for everyone in the Hall to come gather around. He stands up on the table, brandishing a large leg of some creature as though it is a sword. He sweeps it around the room as everyone gazes on. "Who wants to hear the tale of the sneaky Reaver Willows, and the Gallant Gallus Lorde?" All the Hunters in the room, already laughing and cheering for the good food and drink fall silent for a moment. Suddenly a roar of approval breaks out and hunters start to cheer and raise their mugs. Gallus, speared on by the praise of those around him, begins to act out the fight between him, the Reaver WIllow, and her thralls.


Gallus gets up from a table in the center of the room. He holds his hands up in triumph and lets loose a bestial roar. The other man that is still sitting at the table rubs his arm. Now it's 15 - 0 in Gallus's favor and suddenly he's made back most of the money he spent on the party. People are starting to look wearily at their coin purses, regretting their decision to bet against the young buck. "Well boys, I know to quit while I'm ahead, HA! Maybe next time mates?" Gallus runs over to his companions and pulls them away from the food, drink, and revelry. "It's time we should be leaving, getting a little rowdy in here." He breaks down in laughter at his joke. He does his best to steer his friends out of the Hall even though he has an injured knee still.

Outside the moon is shining down on the empty street, the sounds of the party are dampened with the closing of the Hall's doors. "AUUUURRRGHH! I! AM! THE! IRON WALL!" Gallus pumps his fist in the air before the cold of the night hits him and he quickly retracts his arms against his chest. "Brrr...perhaps we should get back to the inn...besides those medical people might be worried that I decided to not come in for my checkup. Ha-Ha-Ha." He continues to laugh as he wheels around and heads in the direction of the Inn.

-he hopes.

Male Chymera Upset [completo]/ 1

"Oh my, such extravagance." Koro says with a smile and eyes of excitement. As the food wheels out his mouth waters, the aroma intoxicating. Gallus rises and beckons the entire guild hall to join in the feast. People start flooding to the table, drinks are being poured and offered around. Gallus of course offers Koro a drink. "Oh, I don't... um I don't drink much." Koro says pandering and consoling his memories. "You know, one won't hurt haha." Koro accepts the drink and is taken in by the party. Cheers everywhere. Soon his drink is demolished and a second, a third. No end in sight. Koro fall's quickly into a drunken state, vision blurred. The memories flash in his mind.
"*hickup* this is why I don't drink." he says slurred, as he trips and falls flat on his face. *Thud* Koro rises again flicking his ears as he rubs his face. "Are you ok?" a sweet voice consoles the young hunter.
"ugh, mhmm" Koro slurs as he rubs his face some more.
"Lets get out of the way at least." The person leads Koro to a nearby bench. Koro finally stops rubbing his face and looks up to study the person helping him. Two or three images of the same person dance in front of him. One thing he knows is that she is nice to look at. (But that could be the alcohols spiteful help) "Thanks, for the he...*throws up*" Koro then promptly passes out to the side of his pile of filth.

*Time skip*

Koro finds himself laying down in the corner of the hall with a blanket draped over him for warmth. His whole body is moved, then moved again.
"Koro, Koro, come on, we are headed to the inn." shaken up and awake Koro slowly rises with some help. He then sloppily follows his friends to the next destination. Hopefully it's the inn.

Male Automata Acolyte/1

When Gallus’ impromptu party began, Raserei chose to move to a good vantage point and amuse himself by people watching rather than taking part in it himself. While Automata are unable to get drunk in the normal way, they can ‘open up’ to the emotions of those who are and develop a sort of contact high which has about the same effect. Raserei had debated doing so but, after seeing Koro begin to knock back the drinks and Gallus being who he is, realized that he would have to be the one to guide the group back to the inn.
“Well,” He mused as Koro downed his fifth drink to a roar of cheers and Gallus pantomimed his battle with the leg of meat, pausing occasionally to take a bite from it. “this should be extremely amusing at least.”

***Let’s do the time warp again***

The party had gone about as Raserei had expected, great, and had been extremely interesting to watch. Gallus’ story ended with good natured laughter as he attempted to finish his story with a flourish but had landed on his forgotten bad lag and toppled off the table into the surrounding crowd. He had quickly gotten back up of course and, to prove that his injured leg didn’t represent his true strength, began challenging people to arm wrestling for money. Meanwhile, it hadn’t taken long for Koro to drink himself unconscious but, before Raserei could move to help, the receptionist was by his side helping him with practiced ease to the corner of the hall. She had returned a little later with a blanket, placing it over with him with more care than necessary.

“Like hell I’m telling him it was her,” Raserei had thought amusedly, “maybe I’ll tell him it was a pretty boy instead. That’s what he gets for forcing me to be the responsible one.”

Raserei heard Gallus call for the end of his contest and begin making his way toward Koro; Raserei met him halfway and, after waking Koro up and departing into the cold night, led the unstable duo back to the comfort of the Inn and Gallus’ haranguing from the doctors.

Male Chymera Upset [completo]/ 1

A warm yellow glow crept up to Koros face, gently caressing him as the sun got higher in the sky. Waking up was less inviting as the suns rays sounded. Slowly Koro opened an eye and quickly felt a burning glare aimed right at him.
“uhhhh” Koro murmured as he rolled over to the darkness letting his back protect him against his new enemy. He opened his eyes again to find himself in a homely room, not too homely though as to please many different guests that might visit. A feeling horrible feeling rose from his stomach
“Not again” He gasped as he covered his mouth to keep down the remnants of last nights feast. He ran towards the window throwing it open, vomit rained from Koro’s mouth as he experienced vertigo. He finished his unsightly business and collapsed back over
“Now I want to die.”

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