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OOOOOOH a medieval pun!

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Female Weasel Dilettante

Rosza pouts momentarily at Natalia's rejoinder. "It could, I admit, but then where next should we look for samples of writing that we may, in fact, confirm?" The ermine sighs. "Think you that a servant in the House Rinaldi would more likely be involved in such entreprises than one of the masters?" She shuffles the looking-glass back into the drawer whence it started, but is not so helpful as might be in getting papers put away.

The ermine is entirely too nosy about other peoples' correspondence, and somewhat more reluctant to study the peculiar writings which Quinn produces. "I cannot imagine I'd be ought of a help about things magickal. Do the Rinaldi donate books to the library? Perhaps one might have a dedication... I dare say a gift would be more likely signed by the giver than some amanuensis."

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

"A scribe may write down his master's words, saving the master time," Natalia replies. "The scribe would not be involved in the enterprise, but his handwriting would still be on the paper. I'm not doubting that it is connected to the House, but I would like things a bit more certain, rather than the ideas we have now."

"Actually, that is a wonderful idea, Rosza! I'm sure that they may at least have donated some, and only the doner would have signed it! Brilliant!" Natalia exclaims, acknowledging Rosza's cleverness. "The Librarian should have that information."

Natalia seems a little torn, wanting to both look for clues in Quinn's notes and signatures with Rosza.

Tiger Taoist, Sworddancer

"Let us start with Rosza's suggestion. We can discuss magic when others are asleep if need be, but not so nice to wake others for questioning." Quinn smiles, having caught Natalia's torn look she realized it was probably better to finish what she started.

Female Bat : Star Elementalist

"But Quinn, the party is tonight! We can't just keep working, we have to dress soon," Natalia replies. "And I want to see the dress that you're going to wear. I'm sure it will be wonderful and exotic."

Female Weasel Dilettante

"I should think that whatever evidence the no-doubt enormous Dunwasser library might hold should still be there on the morrow, but the fête, as noted, is tonight." The ermine inclines her head thoughtfully. "And that concerns me a touch more immediately. T'is not like a brawl at sword's-point, where one may rely on bravado and happy accident. There is too much of business and strange alliances implied in this letter. If those we seek are anything like as powerful as might be imagined, we must move slowly to set up a sure strike, not rush forward in hopes of finding opportunity. That sort won't be put off by someone flashing a blade's tip before their whiskers."

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