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Full Name

Rosza Juette de Vieuxpont Lissemanteau, Écuyere d'épée, daughter of Léon de Vieuxpont, le Comte de Baudin












She sometimes swears by or at S'Allumer, but is about as devout as an ocean is dry.







About Rosza Juette de Vieuxpont

Body d8, Speed d8, Mind d8, Will d6, Species d4, Career (Dilettante) d8 and Career (Highwayman) d6.


Initiative: 2d8
Stride: 1, Dash: 0(4), Sprint: d8, Run: 16(20)
(Parentheses are non-burdened scores)
Rapier: 2d8, d6, Close, Dmg +2, Impaling, Fencing
Main Gauche: 2d8, d6, Close, Dmg +2, Parry d8, Fencing
Pistol: d8, d6, Short, Spark d10, Dmg +2, Slaying, Loud, Reload/10
Parry (with Main Gauche): 3d8, d6
Dodge: d8, d6, d4
Armor: d6, d4
Soak: d8


Skills(Dice from Marks/Species/Dilettante/Highwayman) Favorite
Academics: (d4/-/-/-) Accounting
Deceit: (d8/-/-/-) Matters of Class
Digging: (-/d4/-/-)
Dodge: (d6/d4/-/-) vs. Ranged Attacks
Gossip: (d4/-/d8/-) At Parties
Inquiry: (d4/-/d8/-) vs. Those of Your Station
Melee Combat: (d8/-/-/d6) vs. Multiple Opponents
Negotiation: (d6/-/d8/-) When Lying
Observation: (d4/-/-/-) When in the City (Bonus 1 die from SMELL)
Presence: (-/-/-/d6) Intimidation
Ranged Combat: (d6/-/-/-) When Aiming
Riding: (-/-/-/d6) Her Favorite Palfrey, Sachéverél
Stealth: (-/d4/-/-) When in the City


Ally: Guillaume de Larraine-Lissemanteau (Marbled Polecat, Dilettante)
Ambidexterity: (No offhand penalty. Draw two weapons at once. Bonus d12 to Parry when using two weapons.)
Carousing: (Bonus d12 when, but not limited to, gossiping with other drinkers, negotiating with drunk people, deceiving someone to believe that you’re drunker than you really are, and winning drinking contests.)
Combat save: (Respite)
Contortionist: (Retreat w/o Moving, when Knocked Down, when Grappled)
Dilettante's Trappings: (Game Session)
Extra Career: Highwayman (d6 career die in Melee Combat, Presence, Riding)
Gang of Irregulars: The Boys (1+2d8, d4 vs. 3 to determine how many at beginning of play Session/Chapter, Guillaume assists and generates bonus d8 on a 4+ on 2d6)
Increased Trait: Body
Increased Trait: Career (Highwayman)
Increased Trait: Speed
Language: Calabrese
Melee Guile: (Use Mind instead of Body for Melee Combat)
Nobility: (Bonus d12 in Noble Matters, High Justice, Special Favors)
Personality: Daring (bonus d12 on Appropriate Roll (Respite))
Rider's Trappings: (Game Session)
Springing Strike: (On Melee Win, Sprint away from target in straight line)
Streetwise: (Claim a bonus d12 when inquiring about past or future crimes, or when deceiving others about your own shady activities)


Pistol, Rapier, Main Gauche, Expensive Outfit, Genuine Letter of Recommendation (from her father le Comte), Signet Ring (Silver), Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Hat, Cape, Dice, First Aid Kit, Whetstone, Spurs, Riding Crop
Potential Other Equipment: Destrier or Palfrey, Harness and Saddle, Saddle-Holster, Two Saddlebags, Grooming Kit, Blanket.
Coin: 0Đ

Personality: Daring (bonus d12 on Appropriate Roll) (Respite)
Motto: Fortune Favors the Audacious
Flaw: Enemies (numerous!)
Goal #1: Uncover the Nature and Identity of Cedric's Further Conspirators
Goal #2: Begin developing a network of informants in Triskellian - Underworld, Mercantile and Noble!

XP: 5 (32 spent (5 from re-training Local Knowledge)

Sometimes, you may be rolling two Skills at once. If a Trait is included with both Skills, then yes, you may include the Trait Dice twice. For example, if you’re asked to roll Deceit and Inquiry dice together, and your Career is included with both, you may include your Career Die twice.

"It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul."

-- William Ernest Henley, Invictus

(Note to self: (dice)xdy + z(/dice) where ( are brackets)