Iobaria: The Fallen Empire

Game Master Corerue

A group of Mercenaries set off with their Mercenary company into the dark lands known as Iobaria. Braving the fallen realm and what dark history lies therein to make their mark, make some gold and perhaps become heroes...

Ambushing the Raiders!

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Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Quite likely, though with the other hobgoblins having 'anti-hero' points I find it quite likely he still has something up his sleeve. Not to mention the friends of his coming up next.

Sure ruin my little mini celebration. =p

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Such an activity makes me smile, almost as much as browbeating this dog into being my brand new mount will make me smile.

The black-armored hobgoblin raises his blade and strikes out at Rhavenna...

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (15) + 7 = 22
1d8 + 3 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 3 + 3 + 2 = 10

His blade slashes across the Centauress's flesh with practiced ease. "Ya bleed easy slave 'taur, but..." His tail whips around as he taps his Mounts sides. "... I have what I need now." One of the creatures tentacles reach out and recover the dropped lance as it growls in anger. It's eyes begin to glow and Wallace barely has time to avoid being thrown off as Rhavena lashes out with a hoof aiming for the tentacled horrors head before it finished what it was doing...

Hoof Attack: 1d20 ⇒ 7
Spellcraft DC 19 to identify spell as it is casted.

Her hoof met no resistance as they vanished completely...

Appearing far closer to the ruined fortress and abandoning their companions completely...

The last Hobgoblin screeches at the disappearance of the Hobgoblin leader as it nocks another arrow and prepares to fight to the death...

Updated Ini

Livain Your Up!
Enemy Hob/Wolf 1 (down -1 Stabilized) - Hob 1 on foot - 120 ft away
Hobgoblin Garrison Siege Engineers
Something Vile
Hobgoblin Garrison Archers

Spellcraft - Successful roll may look.:

The Hobgoblins black tentacled beast casted Dimension Door, allowing it to rapidly escape the battle...

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (7) + 10 = 17 :(

Round 5, Init high, ' AC 23, HP 17/9 Arcane Pool: 2/5 Spells: color spray, read magic, detect magic, ray of frost, light

Spellcraft: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (10) + 10 = 20

1d20 + 7 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 7 + 2 = 15
2d6 + 5 ⇒ (2, 1) + 5 = 8

Livain drops from her perch and uses her wings to gently glide to the ground. Upon landing she fires her bow and smiles as the remaining goblin receives another present.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Ah, I see. he isn't dead because he has a template that grants him DR or the diehard feat. So our damage is either minimized or flat out ignored. The charge from last round would drop his AC by 2 and the combined damage from us all should have dropped him otherwise.
I take from the attack Rhavenna made that the wolf provoked an AOO casting a spell like ability in melee. That being the case Wallace would try to use the lorekeeper touch on it. If Wallace is denied an AOO please ignore that piece.

Wallace takes the moment provided to seek the black wolfs flesh with an open palm.

Lurnin' touch: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18 targets touch AC.
Sprll Krafpth: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17

Wallace frowns as the creature vanishes. "He fled with the magic, retreating to regroup with his allies. We should regroup with ours."
The human states as he looks to the retreating wolf.
"Unless you feel you can hit him from here Rhavenna. I doubt that Hobgoblin is in any fit state after the damage we dealt him. One good shot could likely end him."
If you will recall Rhavenna has the Air blessing. which lets her as a swift action bless a ranged weapon to not provoke Aoo's in melee and removes all the range penalties said weapon possesses. If they are still within 1100ft of us they could be targeted with a shot from her longbow.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Nope. Don't get blessings until level 4

The goblin archer jerks as the arrow drives them tot he ground alongside their beaten mount. The sound of combat over where Xiang Yu and his companions are still fighting continues, as does the beating of drums and the growing chorus of Hobgoblin chants.

Ini Updated
Hobgoblin Garrison Siege Engineers Going
Something Vile Going
Hobgoblin Garrison Archers Going

Finally the chanting ends with the appearance of a large beast that pushes its way partially through the collapsed front opening of the ruins. Its white scales glint lacklusterly in the sun as it looks around, surveying the area before it before pressing more out onto the open field. As it emerges it reveals it draconic nature as it has a pair of leathery wings which it spreads wide and, despite their torn look, give a powerful rush of air as it tests them with a powerful wing beat...

The retreated Hobgoblin commander sits astride his war-beast as the creature looks to him for direction. He waves his bloodied blade in the direction he had retreated from and the creature let loose another tree shaking roar.

More to come, work calls me... Blah.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"Dammit!!" Rhavenna shouts stomping a hoof in anger. "That @#$%^er just took my #$%^ing lance as a trophy!" she says as the roaring drowns her out.

"A @#$%$##ing dragon??!!?"she says incredulously, resheathing her blades and going for her bow.

Maiathreen feels the scales on the back of his neck shift much like the hair on a dog at the sight of the dragon. His red and gold eyes shift like fire as he speaks out in draconic to who he can only assume is Dresskel. He stands still with Soul Taker out to his side a red and black aura swirling around it.

"Kii tir wux faestir nomenoi nurilt drekimi?"

Why do you work with these lesser beings?

:Master...please tell me you know what your doing?:

Correction Rhavenna, he took his lance. He did the Drop lance action too. Lol xD But loved the post!

As she stomps her foot in frustration she finds her lance suddnely oking out of the muck around her hooves. the same muck that had consumed one of the downed pairs of foes...

The Lance though appears unharmed, in fact it appears to be refreshed, its wooden stock appearing more vibrant as if it had been allowed to sit and feed...

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

"It looks draconic but I doubt it is a true dragon like Aradacemorn. Such a creature would not have escaped the silvers attention were it truly what it appears to be." Wallace states after an intake of breath and a repressed urge to facepalm. I am going to tear Hawk a new one after this, if men of ours aren't dying already there is a good chance letting that thing past us will assure it. The human thinks darkly as he looks to the beast.
" Regardless we are going to find out soon enough, its coming for us now. Livian, Rhavenna pelt the thing with arrows. Try to avoid clustering if you can, keep trees between it and you. It might shoot fire or some other elemental death at us depending on how much of a dragon it is. Maiathreen, go after it in the air. If you can keep it occupied with you we can chip at it from range until it is weak enough we either drive it off or it is set up for a death blow." Wallace states quickly looking to his various allies.
"I'll do my best to get your wounds healed, whatever that thing is I fear Hawk and Xiang-Yu are under enough pressure just dealing with the brunt of the hobgoblin forces. If we can do it bringing this thing down would break the Raiders morale in half and lead to a decisive victory."
Wallace looks to the crumbled keep and the wounded commander.
"I want that commander alive at the end of all this. There is much more than meets the eye to what is happening here and I want to find out what before the proverbial trap finds our leg. It will be much harder to do if we need to find a caster to speak to his corpse. I can get far more out of a living creature anyway. Perhaps I can even find the commands he uses for that mount of his, magicking out of battle like that seems a highly useful trick to have." The human states with an appraising edge to his words as he examines the commanders war mount.

That is to say Wallace wants Mai to either fight defensively or use the Full defensive action so serve as a barrier between our wounded archers and this new draconic beasty. Half dragon templated critter or full dragon I am pretty sure its got a good chance to kill our wounded PC's if it gets a full attack/lucky crit off. With Mai's already boosted AC and defensive actions I'd make my bet he stands a good chance of weathering some attacks.
Perhaps not right now but I think Wallace is going to try and obtain leadership of the company eventually. He is of the opinion that Hawk is an excellent soldier but a mediocre commander. Running the show the best he can due to a sense of duty to their deceased former leader. Obtaining more information by perhaps waiting and ambushing the next raiding party to leave the area or other such tactics would have resulted in far less damage to the mercenary company than this bull headed maneuver.

Wait!!! I'm in melee I get an AoO!!!!

AoO: 1d20 + 10 + 2 + 2 - 2 ⇒ (7) + 10 + 2 + 2 - 2 = 19
Never mind move along citizen nothing to see here.

As Wallace finishes speaking a hooded figure drops from the canopy above. Using the squishy tentacle wolf corpse to break their fall. She pulls back her hood and reveals herself as one of Hawks party. Some of you know here as Yalanda the combat healer. "Captain sen..."

The beast gives another roar as Maiathren addresses it, the roar was dripping with mockery...

1d20 + 22 ⇒ (17) + 22 = 39

... its eyes quickly scanned the woods, honing in right on the area where the insect was in the trees as it bellowed in response.

"Dresskel qiilaan wah nid ulfah, daar ulfah qiilaan wah Dresskel pusojur!"


"Dresskel bows to no creature, these creature bow to Dresskel insect!"

A large fog cloud expanded outward around the creature. Obscuring it from your sight and enveloping the recently escaped Hobgoblin commander and its black beast as well. "Dresskel hind ken pruz ruz olm kiir! Fah das hi aav niin!


"Dresskel hope taste better than crow child! For soon you join them!"

As the fog billows outward the hobgoblins chorus dies down, leaving an eerie silence to prevail over the clearing. Broken by the sounds of combat winding down from where Xiang Yu and his party were fighting. In the quiet the twanging sound of bows from somewhere in the trees.

Yalanda clears her throat, as unnerved as the rest of you. "The Captain sent me to heal ya if needed and by the look of it ya need it."

Actions take two rounds. You may make two rounds of actions so long as they do not initiate combat in the first round out of the two.
Channel Energy: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 2, 6) = 9
CLW on Rhavenna: 1d8 + 6 ⇒ (7) + 6 = 13

"Who else is injured?"

Hobgoblin Garrison Siege Engineers
Something Vile
Hobgoblin Garrison Archers

Back to the party!

As Yalanda works on the group a second fog cloud expands in front of the first, further obscuring the clearing...

The sounds of combat were indeed winding down over where Xiang Yu and the rest were fighting...

The Hobgoblins remain quiet and don't appear to be making the first move this time...

Livain quickly checks the corpses for any quivers or useable equipment that might help them.

How big is this guy? Large gargantuan huge?

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

"well unless you happen to have a means to banish fog I think we will be retreating now." Wallace states toward the advancing mist.
"I have a trick I can use to get rid of it once but I doubt it will do much if this thing can summon fog repeatedly."

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"Yeah, running into that would be suicide." Rhavenna says in frustration.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

"It's unfortunate we can't summon the attentions of the dragon who showed us how to get here. A dragon that would stoop to helping Hobgoblins would likely be enough of a threat for him to aid us."
swiveling his head Wallace glances at the group as a whole
"Any objections to retreating at this point? Regrouping with Hawk and Xang Yu seems like the best option unless someone has a plan for how to deal with that fly death wall over there."

Just eyeballing a +22 perception narrows down the options for what that dragon is. More so if we make the assumption that its a white. That being the case I'm pretty sure its large and I'm also pretty sure it will kill us with both claws behind its back. Dragons are rather famously under CRed in D20 settings and present significant dangers even for characters within the level range to fight such a creature.

Maiathreen lets out a growl of irritation as he steps back to speak with Wallace. "Retreat?! This filth doesn't deserve to call its self a dragon. I want its hide for a bed roll so it may spend the rest of eternity on the ground!" He says as fire flickers across his fingertips and smoke wafts from his mouth as if he wished to breath fire like a true dragon.

Sigh sitting in the hospital waiting for the day to end still have ummm 10 hours to go.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace looks to his ally one eyebrow rising, before lowering his voice some to avoid the dragons attention "Well I did have the thought of taking all the alchemist fire we happen to have. With something clearing the way to see, allowing someone to go about body checking the dragon, igniting all the vials which they would be carrying." The cleric states as he looks casually at the vials on his hip.

"It would however be suicidal for anyone not highly resistant to fire, and likely still have the person in question die on the dragons claws even if they were to include a smoke stick or two as a getaway smokescreen. But as the dragon in question would be clever it would realize it could just breath a cone of death into the general area and kill whatever was hiding in the smoke. What a shame it would be were at that exact moment a tanglefoot bag were to enter its windpipe. Why with that sort of surprise distracting such a creature I imagine it might not notice a group of warriors beating on its hide between the asphyxiation and burning."
The human states with a lazy half grin on his face, an disturbing hungry glint to his eye.
" But that is all hypothetical as my opinion of this encounter is that we are heavily outmatched by the creature we face. At most the dragon would likely recover and slaughter anyone who enacted such a plan. It would however have a much larger chance of success than just growling at it ferociously and trying to kill it with your sword"
The plans audacity matched only by Wallace's terrible effort at appearing anything but interested in the possible results of such an action.
Did I hear a call for one hairbrained scheme? Though all of this hinges on people having said alchemical items available. Wallace has some alchemist fire and a smokestick but we will need more than he is carrying in order to make something that would occupy this critter. he also has a tanglefoot bag. we would need quite a bit more alchemist fire and more tanglefoot bags to give this a fair chance.

One must wonder if you are aware of my resistance to fire and that I have the ability to see through smoke.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace? the man who gets a freebie Knowledge:X relating to any target that he touches? Nah, he clearly has no idea what your racial abilities are.


Scouring over the bodies of her opponents she is able to scrounge up 56 black shafted arrows, a dark wood longbow of exceptional craftsmanship (despite the filth that clings to it...), an unidentified vial and a pouch with 38 gp in it.

The rest

As Livain is scrounging items off the corpse of a nearby hobgoblin. Yalanda flinches as the fog bank increases again. The fighting dies off completely where Xiang Yu and his party was last heard as the twang of multiple bows are answered by the pained cries of hobgoblins and their mounts alike.

"Dunno what ya have planned but the Captain is getting everyone patched up, he's sent for reinforcements as well. I'll be nearby if you need me." With that she dashed off towards where Xiang Yu and his companions were.


The trees shift as a couple figures move towards the billowing fog cloud. "In position Captain."

"Don't fires unless it advances."

The others nod and raises their bows, aiming arrows with glowing runes at the fog cloud at the center of the clearing.


Xiang Yu pulls his blade from the downed Hobgoblin before quickly beheading it. He limps along, anger etched into his features as he reaches the next Hobgoblin on the ground. "Yu you have to stop."

He reached the downed enemy, raising his Naginata high he gives a low grunt as he brings it down on the unconscious creatures throat. Cutting half way through its neck and ensuring it did one thing. Die. "Yu your injured Sir, stop moving."

The hobgoblins beasts were just as defenseless, however they were far away. He stabbed his Naginata in the ground and drew out his bow and ended them with several swiftly shot arrows. The beasts roar from the direction of the fortress draws the Samurai's ire as someone shouted at him from behind to stop again. Yu never looked back as he shouldered his bow and spoke coldly to whoever it was that was distracting him. "They crippled her and now I will cripple them."

He recovered his Naginata before marching off towards the source of his rage.

His party, battered and bleeding watch him leave as someone works furiously on his downed mount. "Godfrey stop him."

Godfrey turned towards the person addressing him as he ran a hand through his sweat soaked hair. "Are you mad? He's not gonna stop until they are dead or he is. However I am betting on him and I sure as hell don't want him turning that blade on me."


Moments later~

Xiang Yu approaches with Naginata across his shoulders, its blade dripping with blood as he marches his way in the direction of the fog clouds. However he isn't quite past your group yet...

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"He's not able to see past the fog of rage he's in...caught up in avenging his beloved companion and mount." Rhavenna says while nocking an arrow and training her bow on the center of the fog.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace, having been halfway finished with his impromtu plan shrugs. "With Xaing Yu here the plan just gets easier. Maiathreen, here's my alchemist fire, lamp oil and a smoke stick. try to get behind the dragon and use it so you don't block sight for Xaing yu. Livain, a tanglefoot bag. Wait for an opportune moment and it. Rhavenna, back up Xaing Yu and go after the dragon. If we had something to keep it on the ground with I'd suggest using that but all we hve is easily broken rope far as I can tell. I'm going to use my lords blessing to open a door for us, consider that the signal for all this." The human then tilts his head and glances to the approaching Tian man "And if it all fails we still have the option of trying to beat the thing to death while holding out for the reinforcements that are supposedly coming."

This rounds action Full round summon monster 2. Next round summon air elemental, have it take on Whirlwind form. move the air elemental's 5ft wide by 10ft tall tornado column through the fog until it is gone.
Given: 2alc fire, 10 lamp oil, smoke stick. Maiathreen. 1 tanglefoot bag Livian.
Basic Idea is for Maiathreen hit the dragon from behind with firey smokey death. Livian is going to peg it with the tanglefoot bag and either get it to swallow it or entangle the dragon when the stuff explodes all over it.
Rhavenna does her thing and beats on the dragon when given half a chance.
And hey if none of that works we let Xaing Yu and the amazing NPC archer brigade pelt the dragon until it decides we aren't worth its time.

Size for the white dragon is Huge btw~.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

So throw all of that out the window

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

"And with that I have nothing else to tilt this in our favor. The fact that we went into this unaware is something I am going to give Hawk an eyeful for." The human says as he continues to prepare his spell. " If we survive this that is." Wallace mutters biting back a deep anger as he glares toward the previous battlefield. "But just like last time we can't outrun that thing and hoping it gets hungry and flies home isn't going to help when we are on its door step already. We have no path but forward. He shrugs and looks to the centaur of the group " Rhavenna I have some rope, if you can grab a limb and keep it distracted. I'm going to run back to my mount and try to do the same, I don't think there is anything else I can do but I have some powerful acid that might at least burn the thing. Take it if you feel like it will help."

Upon further review the DMhas made a Boo Boo. Dresskel is large. Sorry about that~ :/

Also, Tanglefoot bags are revised in my games. They can be used against Huge or Larger flying creatures as I see them being vulnerable to precise strikes on their wing joints. As such, any creature that fails the reflex save and has under good fly ability. Has difficulty staying aloft or taking off. Just FYI.

Hawk bites back a curse as Xiang Yu breaks the woodline and enters the open field. "Cover him." Is all he mutters as he raises his bow, aiming at the fog bank.

The fog bank billowed outward, providing a decent amount of cover from the ruined fort and the hobgoblins therein as Xiang Yu strode out about twenty meters from the tree line. By the time he had reached the spot another fog bank was billowing upward and on top of what was already there. Undaunted, Xiang Yu leveled his naginata towards the cloud and called out powerfully. "Lái ba Dresskel ràng wǒ de liángyuán liú mǒu jǐyǔ nǐ tōngguò dìyù!" He swung the weapon around and displayed his profound skill with it as his challenge rang across the clearing.

In response the fog bank burst outward and standing in the midst of the fog was Dresskel. The large creature looked arrogantly down on the smaller creature challenging it. It's mocking laugh didn't affect the angry samurai a bit as Xiang Yu stood poised with his Naginata in his hands.

All allies recieve a +1 to Attack and Dmg +2 to charge and +2 on will saves against fear.

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Well I think my next purchase will be a boat load of alchemical objects for our team. Clipping a dragons wings is something Wallace will always want to have as an available trick. And it means Tanglefoot arrows are going to be glorious once I manage to get Livain a supply
Also I'm assuming that unless we enter the fog could we can only hear Xiang Yu engaging. If we cn see well enough to hit the dragon then Wallace summining an air elemental is kinda pointless.

" Alright, that will do as a distraction. Maiathreen start moving over the fog cloud to get in position to flank the dragon. Livain move up so you can use that tanglefoot bag, Or fill it full of arrows. Whatever seems more useful at the time. Rhavenna if you could do the same thing you did to that war dog to the dragon over there it would be great. Once I get rid of the fog that is."

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

"You must be out of your @#$%ing mind if you think I'm attacking a dragon with rope." Rhavenna says, her eyes trained on Dresskel as the monster emerges from the fog, her bow ready to fire. ”I’ll take a shot and then charge him.”

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

Wallace gives a tight lipped grimace, and releases a single predatory exhalation as he looks at the dragon ahead " I think that anyone seeking to even get near that thing after all we've experienced at the hands of its kin is on the wrong side of sanity."
The human smiles at the centaur, though it does little to hide the tremors in his hands.
"But then I don't believe I've ever said I was sane, and it seems like I'm in good company."

Round , Init , ' AC 19, HP 17/17 Arcane Pool: 1/5 Spells: color spray, read magic, detect magic, ray of frost, light
Buffs: shield, inspire courage, arcane accuracy

"At your service!"
She gives a nod at Wallace then winks at her husband with a small smile.
"Let me help you get that bed roll you wanted mi amor."

She steadies herself and locks eyes on the dragon. She nocks an arrow to her bow and swiftly draws back. With the images of those slain children in her mind she releases an arrow with a promise of revenge. As quickly as one was released another was nocked then fired right after. She continued to do this each time more furiously than the last. The color in her eyes gave way to the black and her once kind demeanor shifted into something primal and predatory. It was the look of an angry mother out for blood. Every time an arrow released her lips curled into a vicious smile. The white dragon in her was present and she did not hold it back anymore.

Arrow: 1d20 + 7 + 4 + 2 - 2 ⇒ (13) + 7 + 4 + 2 - 2 = 24
R-Shot: 1d20 + 7 + 4 + 2 - 2 ⇒ (20) + 7 + 4 + 2 - 2 = 31
Crit : 1d20 + 7 + 4 + 2 - 2 ⇒ (10) + 7 + 4 + 2 - 2 = 21

Arrow1: 2d6 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (6, 2) + 3 + 2 = 13
R-Shot: 2d6 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (2, 2) + 3 + 2 = 9
Crit Happens?: 2d6 + 3 + 2 ⇒ (1, 1) + 3 + 2 = 7

So its a free action to drop something....I have a 70ft fly speed...what happens if i fly over the "dragon' and just drop all of it in a nice bundle?

Male Male Human Evangelist cleric 4 HP 40/44 AC:17/13/14 F+7/R+4/W+9 Init+3 Perception+13

From the environmental rules.

Dropping an object on a creature requires a ranged touch attack. Such attacks generally have a range increment of 20 feet. If an object falls on a creature (instead of being thrown), that creature can make a DC 15 Reflex save to halve the damage if he is aware of the object. Falling objects that are part of a trap use the trap rules instead of these general guidelines.

If you drop it the dragon gets a DC 15 reflex to take half. using a standard to actually make an 'attack' would mean you get to make a touch attack on it using your rather high dex/BAB. What with the improvized nature of this little bundle I'm fairly sure a successful reflex on the dragons part would negate it for the most part.
Least I think that's how it would work. Corerue is entirely welcome to correct this misguided interpretation at any point.

K-Arcana: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (15) + 10 = 25 Making sure he is a dragon Corerue has me all confused with his worry inducing ooc stuff
K-History: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (15) + 5 = 20 Name Dresskel have I ever heard it before


Having married a white dragon~ You can tell near instantly that this one is a white dragon, although far less intimidating with its tattered wings and battered scales...

Dresskel is the name of a young white dragon that was a scourage across Northern Iobaria. It destroyed several villages, ransacked outposts, plus it ruined multiple major logging and mining operations. However it was supposedly killed by warriors from Veka decades ago and its sizeable horde at the time was ransacked and made Veka into what it is today. It's the reason that weapons from Veka are remembered historically as being the best in Iobaria around the time you and Livain were fleeing that plague ridden land.

"Dresskel...strange I've been thinking this over and the name sounds familiar. Wait Dresskel, that was the name of a dragon that had raided along northern Ioberia only he was supposedly killed years ago. Also while this Dresskel is a true dragon he seems lessened notice his wings and scales both are battered." Maiathreen says as Wallace is handing out the alchemical items.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

As Liv unleashes her barrage, Rhavenna sends her shot streaking towards Dresskel as well.

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18
1d8 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12

Round , Init 7, Altitude ' AC 24, HP 25/25 Arcane Pool: 4/5 Spells: fire grip, read magic, detect magic, arcane mark Buffs: shield, inspire courage

Alchemist's Fire: 1d20 + 6 + 1 ⇒ (10) + 6 + 1 = 17
Damage: 1d6 ⇒ 3 Well...that was slightly underwhelming. Total of 4 points

Maiathreen spreads his wings as Livain and Rhavenn both launh their arrows at Dresskel. He takes off into the sky a red streak. At the appex of his ascent he throws one of the bottles of alchemists fire at the white dragon.

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

Forgot the inspire courage buff to attack and damage

Dresskel roars in anger as two arrows pierce his hide, he looks around in rage for those attacking him as several more arrows streak out of the trees...

2d20 ⇒ (16, 13) = 29
2d20 ⇒ (13, 15) = 28

... another set of small streaks of blood start to run as Dresskel rages. He inhales as the fog clouds dissipate. Revealing the twin Ballista glistening in the distance as the Hobgoblin's appear to have readied siege weapons!

Two arrows launch skyward, one releasing an ear piercing scream while the other reach's the highest point of its arc and explodes with a dense cloud of dark smoke that hung heavily in the sky like a shadow.


He inhales, so much that its belly distends momentarily, its scales slide apart enough to show what appear to be blue cracks running along its chest and underbelly. Glowing with a baleful dark blue like that of mountain water for a moment before the dragon released a blast of blistering cold breath that covered the ground in ice crystals and slammed into the defiant Xiang Yu. As the dragon Exhales Xiang Yu started to run forward, into the blast, headlong towards the dragon. His injured leg didn't slow his stride any longer as his battle spirit drove him onwards!

DC 21 Fort for half: 12d4 ⇒ (3, 4, 2, 1, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2) = 33
1d20 + 10 ⇒ (14) + 10 = 24
16 dmg to Xiang Yu

The Hobgoblin's do not fire their ballista's, appearing to be waiting for a clear shot...

Hobgoblin Garrison Siege Engineers 500 ft away 60ft high- Done
Something Vile - 250 ft away - Done
Hobgoblin Garrison Archers 500 ft away 60ft high - Done

Xiang Yu - 80 Feet away Running
Hawks Party
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Hawks Group

The arrows called to his other fighters, many cursed as they were fighting Hobgoblin skirmishers and knew that the signal was a call to regroup. They continued to struggle against the enemy in the brushes...

Hawk / Enemy: 2d100 ⇒ (66, 51) = 117

The fight was near dead even, the only reason they were prevailing is because they had superior tactics and magic to draw upon while the enemy was using strength of numbers and explosive vials...


Aside from the smoke in the sky, several more smaller explosions sound in the distance. Smoke and even some flame rise some distance away as a struggle continues elsewhere...

...errr is dresskel something vile? If so I did not reach him last turn, 70 feet is a bit less than 250. Also you made me think of Smaug with the breathe discription it was awesome.

Dresskel appears to be a very tattered and battered looking white dragon, he is larger than a Clydesdale by a fair margin but just under a giant in size, however he is long and still retains massive muscles akin to draconic might.

J.R.R. Tolkien, fav author despite how long past he is BUT Yes Smaug's breath weapon in the movies was awesome and I had to copy it in description to give players a little more of an O~h S%$~! moment. Glad it was enjoyable.

I did mention that he moved to the center of the large clearing in the beginning which took the hobgoblin's some time to cross and get into the forest but Dresskel is intelligent enough to wait and not get hemmed in by trees. Granted he isn't smart enough to remember little insects carry pointed sticks that hurt a lot...


Fog Cloud isn't dispersed completely, my bad there. So summoning the elemental would be a good idea still. Dresskel revealed himself with that blast of draconic breath. I couldn't sell that it somehow
DIDN'T clear a small path to him but the hobgoblins are mostly obscured behind him.

Was there anything I wasmissing for you guys? Charging atm is impossible as you still have the tree cover atm, Mai is still flying upward to drop his bomb and Livain is high enough that the trees do not obscure her aim correct?

Yalanda continues to keep up her singing but casts spells to bolster your party...

Casts Haste - Livain, Wallace and Rhavenna are affected. Sorry Mai

Part y is still up!

Female Centaur Ranger (Skirmisher/Divine tracker) 4

So haste would up my speed to 70 ft per round or 140 ft on a charge. Is that still too far to pull off?

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