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Homecoming Information on Google Drive.
Chalion Wiki, helping to explain five of the Gods (the Holy Family) and how they work in the world; see especially The Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls.
Especially For Paladins: Knights of the Cross from the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher) and 'Oath of Gold', the third book in the Deed of Paksenarrion (Elizabeth Moon).

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You aren't adventurers; people don't become adventurers, because people (usually late teens) who do decide to strap on some armor and go wandering off into the wilderness usually perish in quite-deserved ways, like poking a bear with a stick and finding out that the bear doesn't care that it's just a game.

What you are is better (or worse, depending on your point-of-view): you're people who get things done. You're adults, practicing your profession. When something needs to get done that's a little unusual, odds are better than even that you're the person that they'll come to, and maybe there's a bit of silver in it for you. In Mosval, there are something over ten thousand souls, and while there are definitely more accomplished people in town, none of them are as young as you are - though you aren't some stripling 15-year-old-equivalent; more like 22 to 25.

You might have a farm; you might have a business. But when a problem knocks at your door ... it's time to put your boots on.

Homecoming is a game for 4-8 players in a homebrewed world. Short version:

  • Starting Level: 3rd.
  • Starting Gold and Items: 1500gp. No magic items save alchemical items and healing potions at game start. You do not need to purchase your farm, place of business, etc; the 1500 is for your adventuring equipment. Food and transportation is important. (See 'Domain'.)
  • Statistics: 25 point buy; I normally run Homecoming with a whopping 50-point buy, but I'm going to rein that in.
  • Starting HP: Max. It's a tough world out there, baby.
  • Allowed Races: See the 'People' section. Only one of each allowed race, except for humans; there can be as many humans as there are players, if y'all wanna go 'hyooman'.
  • Allowed Material: I'm working with Hero Lab, and I don't have oodles of everything bought, so bear with me. At the moment, Pathfinder Core, Advanced Player's Guide, Unchained (except see Banned below), Ultimate Campaign / Combat / Equipment / Magic, Adventurer's Armory. If you have something you want to bring in, ask, I might have it. (Kind of wish I could just download my Hero Lab campaign settings; if anyone knows how, let me know.)

Classes note:
A class can be reskinned to a certain extent. And to a certain extent, I am willing to do this. However, Do Not Push Me On This One.

  • Restricted Starting Classes: Barbarian, which can only be taken by a greenskin character. Only one Paladin.
  • Banned Starting Classes: Bloodrager and such combo classes; I don't have that supplement, sorry, and even if I did ... I might not permit it.
  • House Rules: Pathfinder Unchained is in use, as follows: Background skills, Artistry and Lore skills, Alternate Crafting and Profession Rules, Skill Unlocks, Stamina/Combat Tricks free for everyone (but Fighters get double Stamina); Unchained Alignment (1-10, any non-neutral starts out in the middle of that alignment); Wound Thresholds; Unchained Diseases and Poisons; Simplified Spellcasting, Overclocked Spells. I am not sure about Spell Attack rolls, mainly because I haven't had reason to dive into spellcasting of late, so this is up for discussion.
    Ultimate Combat is in use, but the Armor/DR and Piecemeal Armor, are out; Wounds and Vigor I haven't played with, so discuss.
  • Skills, Feats and Traits: Characters receive: 2 extra Feats, 1 Story Feat (uncompleted, obviously), 3 traits, and may take a drawback for an extra trait. Characters receive 1 non-class Knowledge or Artistry skill as a class skill; they also receive 4 extra skill points, which must be spent on Profession, Artistry, or Craft skills; if the character puts 3 points into one skill, they can spend the last point as they like.
    Words of Power are used, and allowed.

If you want a trait that requires a certain Faction, talk to me about it; if you have a Faction you wish to be a part of, again, talk to me about it, because while the PF factions do not exist on the Ravennan continent (or in the Homecoming world), there are factions, and I am more than willing to create something similar or interesting for you.

The Place and The People:

The Place
The entire 14,000 square mile area is rather like northern Wisconsin or Minnesota -- lots of rivers and lakes, hordes of trees. The entire area contains plenty of people - almost three hundred fifty thousand - but the majority live in small towns and villages of 500-1000 people. The area is influenced and defined by the distance from and primary influence of the nearest godswood, of which there are six or eight, but only two or three to be concerned about at the moment. Godswoods are druidic circles, the nearest (Crowsfoot) being ten or fifteen miles away from the largest city and location of the game's start, Mosval.

Allowed Races
Human, elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome, half-elf*, minotaur*, changeling*, goblin*, and orc*.

* - I will allow a maximum of two of a combination of these races. As I do not impose a 'race X is automatically evil', and morality is somewhat subjective (see also 'Gods'), neither goblins nor orcs are automatically evil, though both tend towards a certain barbarity due to their tribal structure. Minotaurs tend towards lawfulness due to the 'siege mentality' they possess; changelings tend towards chaos, due to their own slippery nature.

Humans are the majority race (80+%) in most of the 'civilized' area, populating not only the cities of Mosval (over ten thousand souls) and Ice Bay, but also the towns of Hawk River, Threelakes, Rushing Gorge, Moosejaw, Easter Crag, and Edima. Like most places with humans in them, a smaller halfling community coexists, one halfling for every ten humans. While each city and town has its fringe area of villages, together they take up less than thirty percent of the forest and northern grasslands. The primary 'ethnicity' is Ravennan; a gypsy-like wandering group, the Romny, are the other significant local ethnicity. On the coasts of the continent (think early American colonies) exist colonies, founded by various kingdoms and empires across either sea; if there's a Pathfinder ethnicity you want to have, I have something that's close enough. PF took them from RL and so did I, so there are sufficient similarities to work. You'll need an explanation why you're a thousand miles inland, though. And yes, this means that the Ravennan humans are in the position of the American Indians. I'm not unaware of this interesting twist ...

Fifteen miles north-west of the godswood, a quasi-mystic grouping of about thirty upright petrified trees -- which occasionally 'grow' when sung to by the right sort of person - hosts a colony of around 400 elves. A scattering of others live throughout the rest of the area, but less than a thousand have made it this far north; the elven presence is centered far to the south. The Crowsfoot godswood is led by an elven druid, unusual as most elves seek to master arcane mystic power as their ancient shapeshifter masters had.

A treeless tor (semi-plateau) forty miles north of Mosval contains a colony/mine/fortress of dwarves, established around an iron mine which, though its best years are behind it, still produces enough iron to make working it viable. A thriving community of more than four thousand dwarves and an assorted handful of others works the mine and produces goods; it is said (but only said) that the dwarves have tunnels out to the other communities that make up the nine-thousand-strong balance of dwarven presence in the area.

Mosval itself possesses a small enclave of gnomes. Thousands of years ago, the enslaved gnomish people developed fighting techniques using only simple tools and even their own bodies; during a bloody rebellion, they decamped en mass from the Phoenix Empire and fled at great cost to this continent, bringing with them their peculiar mixture of contemplativeness and playfulness. Though they acknowledge and worship the Nine, the philosophy of the Golden Path is the core of gnomish culture, as well as gnomish fighting techniques -- by which we mean the monk class. Truth be told, the gnomes were here first - the initial watch-post was established under the contemplative gaze of the local gnomish 'monastery', an enclave which admittedly possesses an above-ground fortress-like establishment, but which really gets going below-grounds.

Halflings are related to gnomes, but were seperated from their cousins thousands of years before the rebellion, having been brought out of the Phoenix Empire by those humans who left; the core fun-loving nature of their mutual ancestors was fostered, and halfling slaves became halfling servants and friends. Unlike other humanoids, halflings do not possess a single racial culture, instead co-developing and sharing that of the humans with whom they live and work.

Elves being quite rare, half-elves are even more so; you will have to convince me to let you play one. That said, it is more likely for them to grow up in the elven enclave, as humans have less tolerance for the slow maturation of elves or part-elves.

Well to the north are various tribes of greenskins, some barbaric, some civilized; the entire 'nation' is a hundred thousand strong. From their youngish 'bolkin' stage through the 'goblin' and 'orc' stages, into adulthood as 'hobgoblin' and 'black orc', and reaching full maturity as 'high hob' and 'bugbear', the greenskin tribes form a major presence in Ice Bay, as well as having a center of their own many nomadic groups in White Fang. The Trollheim godswood is populated primarily by greenskin druids who, though their influence tends to favor their own kindred, continue to keep the balance of nature. Half-orcs (and half-goblins, etc.) do not exist, due to the peculiarity of greenskin transformative genetics. 'Bugbear' greenskins sometimes develop as they age into 'ogres' and 'trolls'; those supposedly-giantkind are actually aged greenskins who have managed to continue to grow in strength. (Trolls are not the wiry flammable sort, but rather the big-as-hell tough-as-nails eat-everything Tolkein/WFRP sort.)

Far to the east, in the Appalachian-like mountains, there are known to be minotaur clans (similar to those in Dragonlance), constantly involved in border clashes and mutual antipathy with their hill and stone giant neighbors. There is a small (30-40) outpost in Hawk River roughly fifty miles to the north-east; the clans are known to foster top-notch rangers and archers.

Individual families of changelings (akin to those in Eberron) are scattered throughout the realm. Usually they conceal themselves as humans, in part because of the tales of great and terrible shapeshifters in ancient times which, in a mystic battle for dominance with the dracotaurs, brought cataclysms to the land. If the tales are true, changelings may truly be their descendents - pitiable remnants of once-powerful mages. There are, however, a significant percentage of adventurers among them, most notably paladins.

The Gods and Recommended Reading:

The Gods
There are nine gods in the Homecoming world, and only one real type of extraplanar being; pay attention, clerics, inquisitors, sorcerors, summoners, and witches, because this impacts you.

The five Greater Gods are the Holy Family; The Father, The Mother, The Daughter, The Son, and The Bastard. If these sound familiar to you because you read Lois McMaster Bujold, congratulations; that's exactly where these came from. They have some pretty damn spectacular portfolios, and if you have Domains or Inquisitions, you can give up one (or both) of your free starting Feats in exchange for an additional Domain/Inquisition per Feat. The Holy Family generally want people to do what's right; they tend towards Good, with the Father being Lawful and the Son being Chaotic, while the Ladies being Neutral.

The four Lesser Gods are the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. They don't give two craps about humanoidity, just about power; those with evil intent usually see one of them as a Patron.

Contacting 'Outer-Plane' spirits usually involves contacting the dead; summoning a Being (demon, angel, whatever) gets reskinned as a particularly tormented or sacred spirit or the like. Aasimar and Tieflings don't exist; the dead cannot engender children on the living. Various witch pacts, summoner eidolons, etc. again get reskinned - whether as drawing power into a natural critter (or person!) of that type that is nearby, or having a private channel into a microscopic aspect of one of the gods, whatever.

Contacting 'Inner-Plane' elementals and the like involves a kind of contact with the Lesser Gods, the spell essentially asking them to charge a local portion of the world with a fragment of their sentience. This gets really dangerous with the 'intelligent' versions, but see above - sometimes this gets channelled through a local critter / individual.

Sorcery is handled rather differently. Sorcerers are possessed, bar none, by what is called a 'demon'; these are elements of raw, undiluted chaos that are allowed into the world in order to keep it on the point of the balance between raging life-purging inferno and frozen life-purging crystal. So-called 'bloodlines' (and bloodline powers) are, however, how the sorceror has decided to view his possessed state; a reskinning, nothing more.

Recommended Reading
Lois McMaster Bujold's 'Chalion' trilogy. It's where I filched the Gods (well, the Holy Family and the sorcery) from. Besides which, it's just a darned good read.

Yeesh. Anyhow. I have Hero Lab stuff for most of this, including monetary systems, yadda yadda (which I'll leave off except for flavor), but if you have a question, I will by all means answer.

Two final caveats: one, the critters of the Homecoming world, whether real or magical or bizarre, are balanced with a near-realistic ecology in mind. And two ...

... dragons are not color-coded for your convenience.

i might be interested, how do you feel about the Occult classes, i have a shaman king-esq(the show not the class) character idea i've been working with.

If not i have other ideas

I do not have Occult Adventures; the Shaman is a fusion class like the bloodrager, and so is off the table. Sorry.

What stats are you using for minotaurs? The basic game has them as 6 hd monsters.

As for your Hero Lab packages, you can go to License|View License info and take a screenshot. You can either post that or PDF it and OCR it. (PDF Exchange can do that).

For example:
Pathfinder RPG:
Bestiary 1, Bestiary 2, Bestiary 3, Bestiary 4, Campaign
Setting #1, Campaign Setting #10, Campaign Setting
#11, Campaign Setting #12, Campaign Setting #13,
Campaign Setting #14, Campaign Setting #15,
Campaign Setting #2, Campaign Setting #3, Campaign
Setting #4, Campaign Setting #5, Campaign Setting #6,
Campaign Setting #7, Campaign Setting #6, Campaign
Setting #9, Pathfinder RPG Core, Rulebook Entry Path,
Player Companion #6, Player Companion #7, Player
Companion #6, Player Companion #9, Player
Companion #10, inner Sea Gods, inner Sea Races,
Monster Codex, Mythic Adventures, occult Adventures,
Player Companion #11, Player Companion #12, Player
Companion #13, Player Companion #14, Player
Companion #15, Player Companion #16, Player
Companion #17, Player Companion #18, Player
Companion #19, Player Companion #20, Companion:
Races #1, Companion: Races #2, Companion: Regions
#1, Companion: Regions #2, Ultimate Campaign,
Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Equipment, Ultimate Magic,
Pathfinder Unchained, Advanced Bestiary, Deep Magic,
in The Company of Monsters, The Secrets of

Dark Archive

Could you just give us a 'hint' of the adventures stile? Like, will it be a series of small quests or a single campaign?

It is kind of important for me to choose what to build.

it's chill brah, btw said tv show not shaman the class. actually i kind of don't like the class.

other character i'm interested in playing is a killer for hire/ Assassin who carries more weapons than a typical dwarven armory, human female

Had her around 17 which is adult for human in pathfinder but i can bump her age so no biggie. the long story short, she was tortured by demon, escaped, and is now an emotionless thrill seeker.

that sound like something you would allow, or could fit in well? alignment is True neutral/ bordering on good, she's picky about clients.

Thanks, Philo. Though that doesn't give the options, it's close.

PF Packages:
Campaign Setting #1-5, Core, Rulebook Entry Path, Ultimate Campaign / Combat / Equipment / Magic, Pathfinder Unchained; Advanced Race and Player's Guides, Adventurer's Armory.

Note that this will be an intermittently mythic campaign - you receive mythic power to do mythic / grand-scale things like defending cities at thousand-to-one odds, but it fades when you're noodling around doing 'normal' things.

Sir Longears, Homecoming is ... hm. Not sure how to describe it, framed the way you have it. Isn't a series of small quests typically a campaign? Though I understand you better if by 'small quests' you mean '#1 has no relation to #2'. This is, in that viewpoint, a campaign - potentially extended.

I may be using a simplified XP (2 points for a CR encounter equal to yours, 1 for a CR well below, 3 for a CR well above, a bonus 1 if you do something extraordinarily clever, characters level up when they hit 20 XP for that level), just to keep things easy on me. You should also not be alarmed as to the 'low' coinage to start with; I've found that removing magic items except for alchemy/healing potions makes for great characters.

And yes, you can have masterwork items (they are mundane, after all), but you don't get the 'I made it' discount, sorry. That only applies during game play.

I don't know the 'Shaman' TV show at all, sorry Archae. If it can be defined as a standard class ...

In regards to the assassin, understand that, well, there are no demons; the whole 'worldscar' thing doesn't exist, etc. etc. so you might need to do some revamping on your background.

Please understand as well that I like good writing; this includes good concepts which, I apologize ahead of time, must be consistent. No offense, but 'emotionless' clashes radically with 'thrill seeking'. 'Sociopathic thrill-seeker' is possible; look at Sherlock Holmes. ... which is where your murderous twentysomething woman might actually come in, and I would definitely want to discuss it with you. Please take a good hard look at the Skills, Feats, and Traits section, though, because someone like that would most likely be working for the Powers That Be - and I know just how she'd do it, were you interested.

Ugh. Triple post, or something similar.

Sorry, Philo - forgot you asked about this.


Type: Humanoid (Ogre)
Strength: +4
Constitution: +2
Charisma: -2
Natural Armor Bonus: +2
Speed: 30 ft.
Size: Medium
Automatic Languages: Common, Minos
Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Giant, Gnome, Orc, One Other
Senses: Low-Light Vision

Minotaurs are Appalachian Mountain Men sorts, and have 'hillkind' - +2 to Intimidate, Perception, and Climb. They also have a natural Gore attack, with their horns (1d6 plus, I think, half their strength bonus.)

As well, they can acquire the Scent racial trait as a feat.

Well yea the Sociopathic thing is my original idea but some people get really hesitant with words like sociopathic and psychopathic and often get them confused so i don't really use them. So switching it to the actual Sociopathic thrill seeker personality is okay with me.

if your okay with the idea then no offense taken, i only used the description Emotionless because of how some people get when words like sociopathic are used, especially Gm's and the infamous Chaotic neutral debate.

So yea color me interested, i'll work around the demons issue and just put it as something else no big deal their.

oh and your the gm and this is a recruitment thing don't worry much about over posting answering questions and such it's fine

Liberty's Edge

Adventures for regular townsfolk who simply know how to take care of things? Nice concept.
Really focused on good writing? I'm an aspiring novelist.
Thinking I want in on this. I have a lotus geisha bard/grenadier alchemist character I've been working on (comes across as the "professional companion" but that disguises her deadly capabilities and magical abilities) and I think she may fit this perfectly. I'll have to tweak her a bit. It's this character profile, btw, just understand if you look now that she's got some minor adjustments still coming.

I cannot access your character profile, Okala; I think I may need your actual username.

Understand that using an essentially 'Oriental' archetype will require either an Oriental character (Phoenix Empire or Aryind Dominion - i.e. Chinese / Tian-Shu or Indian / Vudrani) or else a very strong story / background explaining why you are not one of those - i.e. why you should be permitted to reskin it. ;) For what it's worth, both the Phoenix Empire and the Aryind Dominion have colony-cities on the west coast.

Language Notes:


Ravennan is the common tongue of the campaign; the Ravennan Empire spanned the entire continent in ages past, not once but three times in the past eight- to ten-thousand years; the last collapse was just under a thousand years ago. 'Old Ravennan' is the archaic form, the Latin of the campaign.

The language of the ancient/fabled shapeshifter overlords, Kolshet, is also the language of dragons. Preserved in almost unchanged form, it serves as a benchmark language, the Ancient Greek of the campaign world.

Like Latin and Greek in RL, Old Ravennan and Kolshet are popular with 'educated' people - nobles, children of the wealthy who have been sent to University down in Gondahar, wizards, alchemists, and the like.

Romnish is the language of the Romny (PF Varisian) gypsy-vagabonds; like Druidic, you cannot learn it at game start unless you are one.

The greenskin tribes share a primary language (Geh-Sahn); this encompasses kobolds (the 'bolkin' stage), orcs, goblins, black orcs, bugbears, ogres, and trolls. Goblins often learn Kalash, a fusion of Geh-Sahn and Kolshet that is used primarily by the hobgoblin and high hob groups.

Note for Rangers: there are three types of favored enemies: orckin (bolkin, orc, black orc, bugbears); goblinoids (goblins, hobgoblins, high hobs); and elder greenskins (ogres and trolls). If really pressed, they are all considered greenskins.

Minotaurs have their own language, Minos.

Giants share a language, Shot'ta.

Elves speak Kith-Sahn; Dwarves, Cho-Hec'ch; Gnomes, Petchenenianach. The Fae (which are nature spirits in this campaign, not otherworldly) speak Fae-Sahn. (Stupid elves.)

Humans colonies from other continents exist on either coast; most if not all the RL-inspired PF ethnicities are represented. They each, of course, have their own language.

The Diviners of the world have developed a sign language, 'Diviner's Handsign'. It is a class language at game start, but can be learned if you find someone to teach it to you. VERY useful.

I will leave this here, it's the profile of the character i will be submitting. I will be adding to it over the course of the day. For class purposes right now i am using Unchained rogue with the acrobat archetype.

Btw (Archae here)

Sorry for the post but important question, Are materials like mithral allowed?

I am very interested. I really enjoy playing homebrew campaigns as the GMs who take time to develop them are usually RPers at heart. Your world looks fantastic and I have read just about everything you have mentioned. I'll work on a concept tonight after work. I just wanted to dot the thread. Thanks for the opportunity to apply.

This does seem interesting.

Which Domains do the particular gods grant? You mention they are spectacular. Also, do they have Deific Obediences? I'm leaning between creating a cleric and a Magus.

Very, very interested in this. I would like to submit my newest creation(s), Mr. Brooks and Ham. Please note the archetype requests at the bottom. A brief history and description are on the character sheet. It is worth noting that the whole "amnesia" thing isn't just a way to cop-out of making a background. I originally had a whole story about being raised in a minor noble family (the nation would have depended on what campaign I was accepted into) before an attack in which Ham made himself known, and Mr. Brooks was disowned. I just liked the idea of Mr. Brooks not knowing anything about his past, and the potential for him to run into people who recognize him. If selected, I will happily adjust him to your guidelines, and change his backstory if you so desire.


I'm considering a human alchemist with the professions of cook and and brewer. Would you allow me take take the "scent" ability as a feat?

Apparently, I missed the "People" section in my sleep deprived haze last night. This leaves me with a small dilemma, since Ham is absolutely vital to Mr. Brooks' character. How badly does my desire to play a skinwalker hinder my desire to get into this game, and how large a bribe would it take to make up for that?

Liberty's Edge

So, I had posted as Okala, but have changed the name to Lotus Blossom (still deciding what final name will be, but this is the frontrunner). When I'm not signed in, I can click into the character page, so see if it's working for you now with the name change. Don't know why that would effect it, but as stated, it worked for me, so let's give it a go. I still need to add in the appearance, personality, and backstory write-ups, but she's there stat-wise (though as a 4th level character, so that will need to be adjusted).

All PF materials are allowed. There are a handful of other materials and items available too. For those accepted and with Hero Lab, I can compile a file.

See here for the gods' domains; this may be missing certain domains (perhaps some of which I wasn't aware showed up in supplements after I compiled the list), but if you inform me of them, or better yet inform me of all the ones I'm missing, I'll be able to distribute them appropriately. I am not familiar with (nor do I, AFAIK, have access to) Deific Obediences, Ixos, so they're not available.

On The Calendar:
Of interest in this link is also the calendar used. The seasons are for each of the Holy Family:

Spring: The Daughter
Summer: The Mother
Autumn: The Son
Winter: The Father

Their holy days are the first of the season, winter/summer solstices and spring/autumn equinoxes. The Bastard is 'god of the unseason', of things out of place. His day comes every two years, immediately after the Mother's Day on the summer solstice in Green Moon, and is this world's version of the Leap Year. It is a day actually outside of the calendar (the next day is 'Monday'), and few excesses that delight in the flesh (particularly drink, drugs, food, sex, etc.) on that day go unforgiven; only the most straightlaced stick-up-their-asses do not cut loose. If you haven't read at least 'Curse of Chalion', you really should.

The very sensible calendar used by the Hobbits in The Hobbit is used here, such that the months are all of 30 days. Knowing what date it is, one automatically knows what day of the week it is, for that never changes; the year is thus 360 regular days, 4 feast days, and an extra day every 2 years. The seasonal feast days are not part of any month, but are part of the week, making for seasons of a perfect 91 days (13 weeks). Appropriately, however, the Bastard's Day is part of no week, and is typically the one day every two years where it's a bacchanalia, and pretty much anything goes. (That'll be next year.)

Months are named for the 'moon', typically having to do with the season and particular events.

The elemental gods are honored on a weekly basis, the days of the week being named after them and other significant icons of nature.

Moonday - Monday
Earthday - Tyr's Day - Tuesday
Waterday - (W)Odin's Day - Wednesday
Treeday - Thor's Day - Thursday
Fireday - Frigga's Day - Friday
Airday - Sutr's Day - Saturday

In some lands, Treeday is known otherwise - Grassday, or Sand-day, or Seaday, or Swampday. Around Mosval, though, Treeday.

Most people do not have a full 'week-end', instead having a 3-and-2 or 6-straight work week. Typical days off are Treeday and Sunday. As religious services are held daily, with emphasis on Earthday, Waterday, Fireday, and Airday for particular elements, one goes on whatever day one desires, or has off. Services are blessedly short (roughly half an hour), and are composed of readings from lives of saints, basic religious instruction, and particular prayers for what the priests feel the community as a whole requires.

As a note on who 'your god is' - unless you dedicate yourself to a particular deity, males who are fathers have The Father as their patron, males who haven't fathered anyone have The Son as their patron, etc. Children born out of wedlock sometimes have the Bastard as a patron, or the Son, depending on whether or not they're accepted into the family anyhow; orphans and foundlings (as being 'unwanted') are the Bastard's typical sort, as are homosexuals. Certain races sometimes very slightly favor certain gods (dwarves > the Father, halflings > the Mother, shifters > the Son, gnomes > the Daughter, changelings > the Bastard, greenskins > the Elemental Gods), but it's more a matter of that god's portfolio being of general interest to that race. If you die, unless you dedicated yourself to a particular god, your age/situation-appropriate god will be the one who takes you up ...

On Coinage and Value:

This is more for your erudition and entertainment than a requirement for use; these various coinages exist in Mosval, having been minted by different governments over the past several (many) years.

Copper is the coin of the common man. It's what he pays pretty much everything in, if he doesn't use barter; beyond ten or so miles outside any of the major local settlements (Mosval, the Bones of the Trees, Kedron's Tor), barter is the usual way of the world, though taverns and such take and give enough money for the farmers to know relative values and have a few coppers to spend for beers. This is the equivalent of today's dollar.

Copper Coinage:

  • Thin Penny: the size of the dime, 17.03mm x 1.35mm, 2.75g. Value: 1 CP.
  • Light Penny: quarter-sized, 23.65mm x 1.75mm 6.87g. Value: 2.5 CP.
  • Heavy Penny: half-dollar sized, 30.18mm x 2.15mm, 13.75g. Value: 5 CP

Silver is the coin of the middle class, the merchant, the businessman. A farmer selling livestock to a butcher or grain to a miller may receive silver; this is the most likely time for him to acquire it. Silver is the five- and the ten- and the twenty-dollar-bill of the medieval world; it is the workhorse of the economy.

Silver Coinage

  • Silver Penny: 2/3 dime-sized, a mite: 12.07mm x 1.05mm, 1.26g. Value: 25 CP (2.5 SP).
  • Knuckle: penny-sized: 19.14mm x 1.67mm, 5.04g. Value: 10 SP (1 GP).
  • Crown: silver-dollar-sized: 37.99mm x 2.12mm, 25.21g. Value: 50 SP (5 GP).

Gold is the coin of the rich - the wealthy merchant, the noble, the trader. A truly prized animal may bring in gold, or an amazingly fine (masterwork) weapon or item of armor. Spices in bulk may well be worth their weight in gold, though even some of them are worth more ...

Gold Coinage

  • The Old Chit: About the size of the silver penny: 12.54mm x 1.12mm, 2.67g. Value: 20 GP
  • The New Chit: Dime-sized, 17.93mm x 1.37mm, 6.68g. Value: 50 GP.
  • Thumb: Nickel-sized, 21.19mm x 1.96mm, 13.34g. Value: 100 GP.

Platinum is something the common man never sees, and few merchants as well. Wealthy merchants, powerful traders, high nobles and their factors - these are the people who deal in platinum. This is what you sell your discoveries for if you're foolish.

Platinum Coinage

  • Knocker: Again the size of a dime, 17.91mm x 1.4mm, 7.57g. Value: 100 GP (10 PP).
  • Thumper: Half-dollar-sized, 31.1mm x 2.32mm, 37.8g. Value: 500 GP (50 PP)
  • Hand: Beyond American currency, 42.46mm x 2.49mm, 75.62g. Value: 1000 GP (100 PP).

When money really needs to flow, trade bars are used. The size of all trade bars used within the former influence of the Ravennan Empire were established by law, and have become custom. They are 100mm x 50mm x 30mm -- about 4 inches long, 2 inches wide, and a little over an inch thick.

Trade Bars

  • Copper: 1.341 kg, 5 GP.
  • Silver: 1.573 kg, 315 GP.
  • Gold: 2.895 kg, 21,700 GP.
  • Platinum: 3.217 kg, 42,600 GP.
  • Iron: 1.18 kg, 86 CP.
  • Cold Iron: 1.18 kg, 26 SP.
  • Silversheen: 1.482 kg, 450 GP.
  • Mithral: 2.824 kg, 30,000 GP.
  • Adamantine: 3.771 kg, 65,000 gp.

A note on the last four Trade Bars:

Armor, shields, weapons, etc. made out of those four items is not made entirely from those metals; they are alloyed into the base steel by various processes, spreading the material through-out the steel and changing its properties. Adamantine becomes adamantium steel; mithral becomes mithral steel, etc. It takes a smith possessing masterwork skills to work with these metals and alloy them into 'base' steel. Generally, the steel can be made much, much thinner and still give better protection than standard steel, but ... you didn't really think 50 lbs. of adamantine cost only 17,000 gp, did you?

This, however, leads to very heavily guarded trade caravans transporting a single bar of adamantine ... or a bar of mithril hidden within a hidden compartment.

It should also be pointed out what things cost - and are worth. A simple +1 longsword, excluding the value of the extraordinary (i.e. masterworked) blade, is worth 1,000gp. While the absolute value (GP sale price) is not something I'm going to alter, look at what level of mundane stuff that simple +1 weapon is worth. Practically everything any of you own is equivalent to a +1 weapon. Other comparisons:

  • An everburning bullseye lantern - or a single sleep arrow - is worth a carriage, with enough change left over to live pretty well for a couple of weeks.
  • You can exchange a +1 Keen weapon for a good-sized manor house in town.
  • A Holy Avenger is worth no less than 4 - and maybe 5 - warships. Or a mansion. Or a small keep.

Does this mean that someone 'churning out' magical items could rake in the dough? Well, yes, it does - but there are very few of those, and most of them have More Important Things on their mind. (Nor, really, can you 'churn out' magic items ... nor will I allow you to do that sort of thing.) Most others who are trying to gain that level of competence die during the journey. And when push comes to shove, and we get into the Character Narrative nitty-gritty, Homecoming takes place in a world where magic is 'low', quiet - subtle. Tamped down, if you will. It is the actions of the PCs that will bring the level of power up, where a backpack that's 'been in the family for generations' is revealed to actually be a handy haversack but didn't show it until now ... so be prepared.

Items directly addressed:

Alas, no. I am willing for you to be able to purchase something that will enhance your smell Perception checks as well as the defensive side of your social abilities (Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Sense Motive) by +1 or +2, the social side so long as you're within 5-10' of the person, because you can 'smell something off about them', but the Scent ability is well out of a human nose's reach.

One thing I forgot to mention - and thank you for reminding me - in the 'People' section are Eberron-style Shifters. They are another offshoot of the devolved, ancient shapeshifters, seperate from the changelings; some few gain the capacity to go 'full critter', but it is in the form of one particular animal, not an ability to assume several different shapes. (This is where 'lycanthropes' come from in this campaign world. For several shapes, see druid. ;) ) As I do not have the Hero Lab information on Skinwalkers, and I do have them on Shifters, shifters are what I am going with. They would be another asterisk'd race. Please understand, however, that while you might be more than a bit nutso (which, if you're a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde sort like it seems, you clearly are well off your rocker), your shifter heritage is not, and cannot be, in any way a surprise to you; it's like being shocked at age 25 that you have feet and hands. (I would also require a full name for 'Mr. Brooks', lest ... things go very badly indeed for you, sir.)

Lotus Blossom:
Several things. One: you are REALLY going to have to sell me on the idea of a half-elf geisha. Two: I do not have access to the 'Grenadier', which I presume is an Alchemist archetype; pick another one. Three: I do not have access to the 'Lotus Geisha', which I presume is a Bardic archetype like the 'standard' geisha; stick with the standard geisha, or go for something easier. Four: you are REALLY going to have to sell me on the idea of a half-elf geisha.

Ashling Frostwing:
Please, please re-read the opening three paragraphs of this thread. I know you haven't spent your skill points yet, but understand in a city of ten thousand people, a murder is actually a Pretty Major Thing, which means a Murderer For Hire ... is not a day-to-day job you can have. When I spoke of a high-functioning sociopath and pointed you at Mr. Holmes, it was for a very good reason. You don't have to be lawful to uphold the law; you don't have to be good to catch killers. A place in the Provosts (the detective force, as compared to the City Guard 'beat cops') would be the place for you. Hint hint. Which might mean that instead of feeling nothing, you felt a burning need to find psychos like your brother was and personally put them into the ground ... and getting a Provost's badge was the only real way of doing it.

All: Please understand that yes, you are being limited as to class and archetype choices, and I'm going to jab daggers into your character's kidneys to see if they're wearing their background protection (because they a) have to make sense, and b) have to come close to fitting in). And yes, I understand that the styles you may be used to are going to be cramped this way - but if I don't have access to the guts of the character (which will include being able to get an in-depth look at the entire class, archetype, etc.) in Hero Lab, I flat-out will not allow the class, archetype, whatever. If the character doesn't hang together, it will surely hang seperately - and that is a very likely possibility for at least one of your characters in the very first scenario. If there is an alternative (such as for Toodles or Alynthar or Ashling) or a suggestion, I will try to work with you. Do try to work with me in return.

Okay, expressing my interest here. I'm curious as to why the Hybrid classes aren't allowed, but I think I can deal. Especially with Combat Tricks allowed. I think... I think I'm going to go for a Lore Warden Fighter... specializing in Trip...

sorry but with that i will drop out, to many restrictions and such for my liking, have fun guys

The Wyrm Ouroboros wrote:
... but if I don't have access to the guts of the character (which will include being able to get an in-depth look at the entire class, archetype, etc.) in Hero Lab, I flat-out will not allow the class, archetype, whatever.

I don't have the hybrid classes in Hero Lab; 'nuff said.

Also: guns. Guns guns guns.

See here. Guns are allowed, even infrequently seen ... and they've been around for quite a while. But they're frickin' dangerous for those who haven't the training or the Grit.

Mr. Brooks' first name is "Theodore," though he rarely uses it, preferring to remain formal at all times. He may very well have been aware of his alternate form, prior to his amnesia, and may even have had conscious control over it. Now, however, he is unable to take either his animal form or his mutagen form without Ham taking over. As for his sanity, Mr. Brooks is perfectly sane. Ham, however, is dangerously psychotic and extremely violent. This is part of what originally drove Mr. Brooks to become a "problem solver"- having situations in which violence was appropriate, and therefore Ham could let loose.

Also, the Personality box on Mr. Brooks' page has been updated to explain his reasons for entering the adventuring business and an explanation of why Ham doesn't go on murder sprees.

Liberty's Edge

Okay. I like her as is, so I'll work up a different character concept. Thanks for all the specific feedback you're giving. It's helpful in forming my ideas/framework for this.

EDIT: Considering just going straight up old school ranger. Probably elven. Local hunter as place in society, skill with hunting/tracking/etc. becomes convenient as issues arise in town. Seems more in keeping with where you're going here...I think...

SECOND EDIT: Would a summoner whose eidolon appears human-like in form be passable in town or is that too out of the box? I was thinking some sort of backstory along the lines of sibling passed away so "summoner" paid massive amounts for a local coven or some such to bring his sibling back, but the spirit is still bound to another plane, so it's a ritual summoning sort of thing for temporary reprieve from the "other side" or something and the gaining of evolutions is the proof that said sibling is becoming more and more "other" as they spend time in said other plane. I think it adds some interesting story idea as he tried to keep their secret and such. If that's too far out there, that's fine, but it just struck me as potentially viable and fun to roleplay.

A few more questions.

1. Would you be willing to use the variant multi-classing from Unchained?

2. Would you be willing to use the Dervish Dance feat? It's from the inner sea world guide?

3. If I go with the Magus, I was planning on being a (Blade Bound, Kensai) whose mother is a disgraced noble woman from the Aryind Dominion who married a Ravennan trader and moved inland from the western colonies back to his home. The Magus' occupation would be helping train the local guards persons and help her mother with her school for blade work. Does that sound legit as a starting idea?

Dot for interest.

How long did you have in mind for a recruitment?

I'm trying to think on how I'd want to approach your guidelines with this background. Story feat Thief of Legend or Monument Builder are appropriate for Roonie considering his background. While I'd prefer Aegis, I understand you don't have it on Hero Lab. I'm thinking maybe Wizard (Illusionist)?

My major concern is that I have several ongoing recruitment's, that I'd like to end before formally submitting, as I'm in the middle of completely rebuilding my PC, and using a back up work around.

Shadow Lodge

Interested in this. For variant rules, I think Spell Attack Rolls could be good to speed up combat, it would make one less roll the GM would have to make. Wounds and Vigor I haven't played with either, but it seems to just make things more dangerous for the PCs in general but a better payoff for crit-fishers.

Just to be clear, there are no Half-orcs in this setting? I ask because I was randomly generating some characters for fun and was thinking of using the next one I generated. Lo and behold, it is a half-orc sorcerer, but they aren't included in your race list. I'm pretty sure you did that on purpose, but I just thought I'd ask.

Not sure what I want to stick with just yet, but this seems pretty cool.

EDIT: Found the clarifying statement by actually reading the whole thing.

I am thinking about building a CG human evangelist cleric of The Son (Feather Domain). Do the deities have favored weapons? If not, I would need to take weapon prof to use a bow. He would be more of a frontier priest who works at a very small church outside of Mosval and travels to "pastor" nearby farms and villages. He would also be a winemaker and a hunter.

One of the gods of the Quintarian and Quadrene religions, also called the Son or the Brother; god of the hunt and of war. Acolytes wear red-orange. Symbols include "weapons and animals and wine casks".

Mechanically, he would inspire, buff, and heal the group while providing ranged support.

Okay, everybody keeps mentioning professions. Is this something else that I missed? Or is it just a common way of adding flavor?

Ah. I see it now. I'll have to give that some thought. It definitely fits in with the idea of Mr. Brooks being an intellectual, which is exactly what I want.

Avatar and name for my archer cleric. ~GM Mason

God, I love you people sometimes.

In a general reply to a question, no, I'm not allowing the Variant Multiclassing. That said, if you want a class with a big chunk of skill points at game start, such as Rogue, you need to take at least 2 levels of it. No pansy-footing around, please. (I'd personally prefer single-class characters at 3rd level, just for my own confusion, but I waive that preference.)

Ashling Frost-Wing:
Sorry it didn't work out. Had you been able to shift from 'Thrill Kill Psycho' towards 'Dexter', she would have been a key character for the first adventure. That had been the only issue I'd seen; ah well. So long.

I was at first very, very leery of this idea; thinking about it during work today, I realized a number of ways he could be Very, Very Useful. I believe I would like several things from you:
  • The name of the supplement skinwalkers are in; I believe I should probably trade the Eberron shifters for the skinwalkers. Since all skinwalkers would be required to have a 'type', and since you already do, well, I think it would work out.
  • Thank you for a first name. Now roll 1d4+1 for how many towns you have had to leave.
  • Roll 1d4+1 for how long you've been in Mosval.
  • Please be generous with your Knowledge (Geography) rating; other Knowledges, especially History, Nature, and a language or two, would be a boon. That thought out, then consider being 'known as a talented dabbler in alchemy', with your real, known income coming from being a tutor to wealthy & highborns.
  • With Ham being your 'combat form' (per se), be aware that I will push some issues onto you - Mr. Theodore Brooks needing to make daily 'contests of will' (1-in-400 chance of failing - Ham needing a 20 to get free, Mr. Brooks failing only on a 1 to rein him back in), limited time (transformation time) for Ham to be out but resisting 'going back', possibly resulting in painful headaches, and - most dangerously - some of your combat skill simply not being available to Mr. Brooks. This is a HERO Games multiform, including a split personality; trust that I know how to make this very interesting for you. I also reserve the right to 'run' the voice of the other while you're running the one in control of the body.
I have very much come around to the Jeckyl & Hyde nature of the character; do continue.

Lotus Blossom:
An elven ranger would be wonderful; it would allow me to bring in some needed RP first at the Bones of the Trees, then at the Crowsfoot Godswood, at which you as a ranger would be a not infrequent visitor. I must confess to not having a wide knowledge of Summoners, but what you suggest is certainly possible within the game world, and would make for a very compelling story. The choice is yours.

I love you in specific, man. Because reasons. I don't know if you can message me here; I can't figure out how to do it. If you know how, PLEASE do so, I have an idea for your Magus Bound Blade Dervish Dancer I think you might adore.

Roonfizzle Garnacle:
... seriously, that's your chosen name? ;) I prefer rolling starts, up until I decide I'm full; I believe 6 characters will be a minimum number. I do apologize in advance, but no, I am not allowing any psionic classes - one, because I don't have them; two, because I am very, very not familiar with them in their current state; and three, because of a bad taste left in my brain from a previous RPer who made a total psychotic bastard powergame character via psionics. If/when I manage to get the psionic stuff (which is well down on my list), and if/when your character (if you're playing) gets killed, then you can have a chance to change my mind.

In regards to your wizard (Illusionist) idea, as I presume you have Hero Lab, I can have additional information for you - there are different opposition schools for Homecoming. (Of course, I gotta find the frickin' bastards ...) As I reeeeeally don't like this whole 'Sin' thing, that goes by the wayside; however, there is also a planet-wide Council complete with Dragonlance-like Towers that helps to police the mages and (very quietly) assist in their general interest. As a mage, however, you may be able to start right in the thick of things, taking over as a key-position player. Mages, you see, are like fellas who like to build trebuchets - the government likes to keep them close.

Half-orcs do not exist, no - but in this campaign, full orcs essentially take over most of their potential advantages, including the half-orc racial traits. Ice Bay, for which read 'Mos Eisley', is replete with 'citified' orc and goblin households. An orc sorceror would allow us to explore the greenskin side of things. +2 Str, +2 Con, -2 Cha, darkvision, intimidating, orc ferocity, orcish weapons. Tough hit against the CHA for a sorceror, but ...

Note that coming south is entering 'the land of the prejudiced'; your kin's homelands are around and north of the east-west trade road that passes through Ice Bay; while you would be a power to be reckoned with, you would be the black man in the white neighborhood in 1960's Little Rock, y'know? But there would be great stories for you ... and at 7th, you would have the choice to surrender a feat and undergo the transformative ritual that would make you a Black Orc (+2 more to STR), and at 11th (I think) again to surrender a feat for another +2 to STR and various other interesting things as you became a 'bugbear' ... 15th into an ogre; 20th into a Tolkeinesque troll. The greenskin life cycle is a truly fascinating thing.

Thank you, btw, for the opinion about the spell attack rolls, etc.

Mason, Bro. Fletcher:
Oooo, I love you too - someone who knows whence he speaks. As a spellcaster, you are of course a minor saint (*wink*), and depending on your knowledges, you might actually be a Divine; you of course know that this allows us to bring the sacred into the game. Yay!!

Like the huge number of available Domains, the gods often have a generous number of favored weapons. The Son prefers hunting weapons, of course: the light lance, short sword, shortbow, and spear, but as a god of war, he also favors the crushing warhammer and mace. I fortunately don't have to explain the Son to you, though I will note that while much of the realm is Quintarian, there are pockets of Quadrenes as well as various Elemental cults.

Mosval does possess a sizeable church, however, and as both a petty-saint and with some fair knowledge, you would likely be at least a sub-Divine. Being a petty-saint of the Son, however, I can very easily see you roaming a circuit of the many, many villages in the twenty-plus-mile radius of Mosval whose produce keeps the city alive.

Now, about those opposition schools ...

Pure Magic Specialist:

While the concept of wizard specializations along the classically recognized schools of magic dates to the first human mages, only the discovery of the ancient shapeshifters' runic knowledge revealed the full power of highly-focused attention to detail and extreme specialization.

Once it was understood that each school of magic was counterbalanced by two specific schools against which they were, for want of a better word, designed, the early magoscholastics developed methods of further refining mastery over their chosen arcane specialties. The Seven Schools soon became defined as much by what they opposed and couldn't do as by what they became especially proficient in. By refining and specializing, they traded arcane versatility for greater strength in their chosen fields. Not unsurprisingly, they describe their schools as 'pure', and other 'lesser' practitioners as practicing 'impure' magic, and though disagreements over dominance have flared into war more than once, the Nine Magi, the overseers of the world's magical orders, have managed to end such things quickly.

The Pure are as follows:

Magic (Abjuration): Manipulation - most often the removal - of magic is the focus.
* Prohibited Schools: Conjuration and Evocation.
Mind (Enchantment): Altering the way the mind works is the central element of study.
* Prohibited Schools: Evocation and Transmutation.
Senses (Illusion): Changing perception of what does and does not exist.
* Prohibited Schools: Transmutation and Necromancy.
Dimensions (Conjuration): Focuses on time, space, and crossing barriers.
* Prohibited Schools: Necromancy and Abjuration.
Elements (Evocation): Controlling raw power and the elements it forms.
* Prohibited Schools: Abjuration and Enchantment.
Matter (Transmutation): Altering the material world in minor and major ways.
* Prohibited Schools: Enchantment and Illusion.
Life and Body (Necromancy): Meddling with the very stuff of life itself.
* Prohibited Schools: Illusion and Conjuration.

Pure Magic Specialist
Wizards, the only ones capable of specializing in a school of magic, are the only ones who can truly reach the level of focus and obsession required to become a Pure Magic Specialist. The choice to so obsessively focus in one school-arc of magic must be made when a character first becomes a wizard.

Once the choice to do so is made, it cannot be changed.

Benefits: A pure magic specialist wizard receives two additional spell slots of each spell level he can cast. These bonus spell slots must both be used to prepare the same spell from the wizard's school of specialization, allowing the wizard to cast that spell twice (as he has prepared the spell twice). The wizard cannot use these slots to prepare two different spells, even if they are of the school he is specialized in.

Restrictions: A pure magic specialist does not get to customize his choice for opposition schools - that choice is selected for him when he chooses his specialization. These restrictions are more significant than those most wizards follow, and are known as prohibited schools. A pure magic wizard can {b}never{b} prepare a spell that is in one of his prohibited schools - he treats these spells as if they were not on the wizard spell list. If using a spell trigger or spell completion item to cast a spell from one of his prohibited schools, he must use the Use Magic Device skill to do so.


Mages who are 'less dedicated' typically (but not always) possess the Pure Magic specialist forbidden schools as their own opposition schools; the Pure Magic Specialist of their school generally represents them among the Nine Magi, though there the leader of the Nine is always a generalist.

Usually, when you want to private message someone you click on their name and it pulls up their profile. Right where it says how often they post, there should be a link to send them a private message.

Strangely enough, your profile doesn't seem to have this link, and I do not know why. You may want too look into it. I'm also curious if you can see the link to send people messages.

Ixos wrote:

Usually, when you want to private message someone you click on their name and it pulls up their profile. Right where it says how often they post, there should be a link to send them a private message.

Strangely enough, your profile doesn't seem to have this link, and I do not know why. You may want too look into it. I'm also curious if you can see the link to send people messages.

I think he has to go into setting and allow others to message him.

Dark Archive

Can you tell me more about druids and dwarves? I'm thinking about a Dwarf Druid with a big conection with the earth and mountains.

EDIT:I am aiming the Mountain Druid archetype (APG) with the Mountain Domain (UM).

My idea for him is to have a shrine or temple in the mountains that would 'ease' the Earth spirit, preventing avalanches and earthquakes. From time to time he comes down to the town, buying supplies and ale. If there is a path across the mountains, he could also help with the crossing, or mediate with their inhabitants (giants).

The Exchange

(Formerly had submitted Lotus Blossom)
Here is my ranger. I decided to go human. I think he's really catered to fit into your story world. I still need to a lot the skill points and do a tweak or two, but otherwise, he's ready for your consideration. Thanks!

EDIT: FYI, I know he has an extra feat listed, I'm still debating which one to eliminate. Also, he will either have reactionary or tracker of the society as a trait. Didn't know if you'd allow tracker since the Society isn't a thing in this story world. If you're good with it, I'll add to the backstory to explain how Brand's father was part of some sort of group and this "Society" had more knowledge of tracking and such, but if you're not cool with that, I'll just leave the story as is and go with reactionary.

To be honest, I was at first leery of the campaign. Not because it doesn't sound awesome, but because so many world building campaigns are poorly thought out. As time has gone on, you've made it clear that you've put a great deal of thought into this, however. In addition, you just made me *very* happy, as you suggested a number of things that I really wanted to do anyway, but was hesitant to ask for. My suggestion for the transformation is that any time Mr. Brooks is taken below 3/4 health, or maybe just whenever blood is spilled (or something like that), he has to make a moderate will save, or Ham takes control, whether he likes it or not, and then he has to make another, easier will save after combat is over in order to take control back. However, I did make an edit to the personality, which I think is important to explain why Mr. Brooks became an adventurer. "In the earliest years of his memories, Mr. Brooks had difficulty keeping Ham under control. Ham is guilty of several murders in various countries, and though none of them have been tied to Mr. Brooks, the clues are there for an astute mind to connect. In more recent years, the two have come to a form of agreement, in which Ham is permitted to take control in most combat situations, so long as he does not harm innocents. In return, Ham will only come forth in instances of combat, and no longer murders any who do not attack them first. Furthermore, Mr. Brooks will actively seek out jobs and contracts which provide opportunities for violence, so that Ham may have what he considers fair payment for staying quiet." The possibility of limited time in Ham's form is something I considered, but it seems to harm the playability of the character, and I'm not sure that it works, from a story perspective. If, for some reason, Ham were unable to take over during a fight because there have already been several fights that day, Mr. Brooks would effectively be screwed (I *really* like the idea that Mr. Brooks isn't as good a fighter as Ham is. I was actually going to request that one whether it hurt my chances of getting into the game or not).

Now. Mr. Brooks has had to leave 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 1 = 4 towns, and has been in Mosval for 1d4 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5 years.

Made the edit regarding Mr. Brooks being a tutor for the upper class- thank you for that.

Next, the house rule stuff. Firstly, could two of those extra skill points go into Knowledge Geography and History, rather than a craft or profession, since Mr. Brooks' profession basically is knowledge? Second, I don't have a copy of Unchained, and can't find a PDF. How do these new rules effect me? What I saw on the SRD doesn't *look* like it effects me, but I'm not certain.

What are the story feats that we have available?

Mr. Brooks' new character sheet, fully created for this game, is now available at http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=603924

Have I forgotten anything?

Oh! Did forget one thing. What's your ruling regarding Master Chymist and Sneak Attack? If I take the Vivisectionist archetype, does sneak attack increase with levels of Master Chymist? Or do only bombs increase?

Eureka, I found it. Messages enabled!!

Sir Longears:
This is a good idea, and it's workable. I would have a couple of caveats, however, just because of worldbuilding.

The nearest serious mountains are roughly 90 miles away; not only would you be that far away, you'd be involved in a druid circle twice displaced from the one nearest Campaign City, as well as rather significantly seperated from the major dwarven presence. If you wanted to go to the nearest frequently-used pass through the mountains (which are to the west), you'd have to head further north to another godswood (technically the Kelshin Rock Godswood is a godsring - stone menhir, you see).

But all is not lost!!

Although the dwarven stronghold, Kedron Tor, is technically within the influence of a different godswood (Darknest, 35 miles away, compared to Crowsfoot, 36 miles away), it sort of forms its own little domain - and that domain could Definitely Use A Bloody Mountain Druid, thank you very much. (Reminder: a druid wouldn't prevent avalanches and earthquakes, he'd instead release them in lesser temblors or have them occur when there's minimal risk of damage. Nature can't be withheld, but it can be directed.) While the majority of giants live well to the east (for a RL comparison, y'all are near the Rockies, while most of the giants live in the Appalachians), you WILL be going that way eventually - so having a druid (most of whom, note, move from godswood to godswood every few years, so they keep a connection to nature and the earth instead of the people who live on it) who has experience with giants would be a good thing.

In regards to the dwarves in particular, they are like the elves - they were actually created (technically from the same 'base stock', but let's not get into that) about 25,000 years ago as servitor races - the elves for farming and that sort of thing, the dwarves for mining and building. Both have homelands to the south-west, but the cataclysm 13,000 years ago during the conflict between the so-called Dragon Kings* and the shapeshifter wizard lords that caused tectonic upsets turned the fertile elven coastal plains and valleys into the Shattered Land, an archipelago off the new coast, while the dwarves suffered ... much less, but still suffered. The 'general standoffishness' between the two races is a distant echo of the refusal of the dwarves to assist elven refugees; they were starving themselves, you see.

In the Mosval area, the dwarves came up this way about 4,000 years ago, establishing minor strongholds and colonies in rock masses as they explored for usable veins. In Kedron Tor they found iron, as well as a particularly 'sweet' heartstone mass; as an aside, as a mountain druid, the heartstone mass would be one of your special cares, determining whether or not it is appropriate to carve out a portion of it, what the changes might be to the associated stone (i.e. the entirety of the Kedron Tor rockmass), that sort of thing. The tor mine's primary veins played out some time later, but the central location and the stone mass in the middle of a forest made it perfect as both a stronghold and a colony. Kedron's Tor now houses over 4000 souls, mostly dwarven, and is the central hub for another 5000 dwarves spread across the area.

The dwarves would very much like to get their fingers into the rock masses to the north-east of Ice Bay, around White Fang. Those semi-mountains (that area is similar to Michigan's Upper Peninsula) is rich in iron, but the problem is that it's greenskin homeland up there. Popular rumor is that the dwarves have been doing exploratory tunnelling from communities north of Kedron's Tor in order to burrow into the place from below, but while everyone agrees that seventy-five to a hundred miles is a long damn way to have to cart iron ore through underground tunnels before smelting the stuff, everyone who's not a dwarf agrees that dwarves would be likely to do it if they thought they could get away with it.

* - not actually dragons, but the Gos, a supposedly two-armed, four-legged 'lizard-tauric' race deeply connected to the natural world. As mythical as the shapeshifting Kolshi'ichanth who vied against them for control of the planet.

Brand Philogynne:
Human ranger works. Even just as a hunter, you would as a matter of course have had contact with the druids of the Crowsfoot Godswood - whether you seeking them out for advice and a spot of healing help, or them 'wandering' not-so-purposelessly past your forest cabin. In regards to the background, I WOULD recommend you nix the 'I protect the nearest village!!' bit; considering that the couple were merchants, you might instead start offering yourself for hire as a scout and guard to caravans heading north to Ice Bay. (This would dovetail nicely, as the second adventure is due to head in that direction, and it'd be nice for someone with IC experience on the route.)

In regards to the skills and feats, don't forget the bonuses you receive for the campaign - 2 to start, 1 story, 4 skill points, yadda yadda.

First things first - per se. Okay, last things first.

Master Chymist: as the Vivisectionist Sneak Attack is replacing Bomb, I am of the general opinion that the sneak attack would increase. The issue comes with the fact that sneak attack is a 'as many as you can get away with', while the Bomb ability is (Level + Int Mod) per day. Yes, sneak attack is added only once every other level, but that's still an additional die on any flat-footed or flanked target - which while with a party, can be very damn frequent. While it is a thing for the future (at least three levels, if I don't miss my guess), I would be inclined to say that you can add additional dice as if your Master Chymist were adding to your Alchemist level to your sneak attack a number of times a day equal to your Alchemist + Master Chymist levels + Int Modifier. (It balances it out, I think.)

Skinwalker: supplement name, g#%$#$mit. If I don't know it, I can't acquire it; if I can't acquire it, you can't use it, and then you're unhappy. Make yourself happy.

Ham vs. Mr. Brooks: yeah, get ready for a wild ride, because seeing Master Chymist, for all intents and purposes you're already suffering from some of the side effects of Mutagenic Form. From what I can tell, Ham would be defined as neutral, tending towards chaotic and evil; he doesn't care about laws, and likes hurting things for the sake of hurting them. This makes the struggle between the two personalities particularly ... piquant.

Reading the rules for feral mutate, I'm going to tentatively rule that those apply (take a crit, fail a Fort save, adding in 'take precision/sneak attack damage', including being surprised and taking damage), and the 'mutagen form' times per day include the times per day you can shapeshift. Taking your beastform mutagen pretty much automatically gives Ham control.

If Ham is still in control and you're still in combat (but, for example, you're trying to have him not do something particularly nasty to someone), it'll require that DC 25 Will save to wrest control from him. If you don't have times per day left and you get hit, he may still emerge, but with a handicap - I'm thinking that you lose track of what damage you take, what your HP total is, because the body is thinking it's in its 'superform', but ain't. Which can mean you fight fight fight fight, then suddenly drop dead. And if it's Mr. Brooks fighting ... I'm thinking a -1 per die to your damage rolls, because while Mr. Brooks may have the knowledge and speed, he lacks the viciousness.

I am presuming you don't have Hero Lab; that's okay, with a complete sheet (use the URL tag for links, dammit!!) I can recreate him, and 3rd level isn't tough. You might consider some investment, though. ;) The Unbound skills makes for 'background' and 'adventuring' skills; that'll adjust your skill expenditure some more. I'll allow you to spend your skill points on Geography/History, but you still need 2 points in Profession: Tutor/Teacher/whatever. And you can be Professor Brooks. Or Master Brooks, you know ...

For those of you with Hero Lab, I have an import file for you, found here; I confess that not all of the items (lookin' at you, ethnicities) are completely converted from the copying I did from PF stuff, but most of the items and suchlike are in there. You'll need to click BOTH 'The Wyrm Ouroboros' and 'Homecoming' as sources, just FYI.

For humans/halfling ethnicities, those who grew up in the campaign's area are Valen.

I sent you a private message as requested. You can find your messages at the top of the screen near your name.

'Spose I might be interested in working something up.

I've got a concept for a homesteading elf, complete with a wife, kids, and a pleasant farm. Had a bit of stint on the wrong side of the law back in the day but is long since retired in that regard.

I'll be using the Spellslinger archetype (before anyone wants to tell me how how bad it is just know that there's a niche build I wanted to try out). That said, I saw your posts about firearms but I may have missed it: exactly what level of firearms is allowed? Is it possible to get a revolver as my starting firearm or am I to be relegated to the musket, pistol, or blunderbuss?

Down the road, if I do manage to get in, it'd be nice if we could get Heroes of the Streets allowed at some point. I wanted to take a dip into Eldritch Archer later on.

I'd be interested in playing a Dwarven Cleric of the Father, taking Protection and Artifice domains, and working as a smith by trade. Either the BattleField Healer or Lost Legacy Story Feat.

Link to Homecoming Hero Lab Files Update.

You'd still most likely (as in 99% chance) be living in the Bones of the Trees. The village in the Bones lives in tree houses two hundred feet up, upon petrified trees (try burning that, HA!). Think Lothlorien if the trees were broken off while the trunks were still 10' in diameter, the branches extending a hundred feet out from the trunk - still stone, able to support massive weight, but ... dead. (Supposedly. The rare treesinger is a very strange beast indeed.) You would be farming the ground around the base of the trees, and out somewhat from there. Other than that revision, sounds good.

Current local technology is that of 'simple' on my list; my apologies, but you are at the moment relegated to the front-loading pistol, etc. However, there are a couple of firearm enthusiasts in Mosval town (whom you probably know) who tinker with the things, and who are experimenting and developing revolver (whether pistol or 'pepperbox rifle' sort) technology. So they're on the near horizon, as it were.

As for Heroes of the Streets, I'd like to, but I will confess that the main thing holding me back are the classic money concerns. (I should set up an account. ;) )

Horst Ironbrow:
Sounds very handy. If you have questions, let me know. You especially I encourage to read 'Curse of Chalion', if you don't know the book already; the religion is integral to the story there, and thus reading Bujold's book would give you many insights that'd take me forever to describe.

... I gotta make a list of players, see whom I have interested, etc. gaah.

If it's a question of availability, I don't suppose it helps that the vast majority of Pathfinder content is available, legally, for free, online. For example, the Eldritch Archer.

I'll consider what you said but, frankly, I'm not too interested in living up in the trees. I'd rather set up my ranch out in the boonies if it's all the same.

Can we take any campaign traits?

Character Sheet:
Horst Ironbrow
Neutral Good Dwarf Cleric of The Father of Winter-3

HP: 33
AC: 20


Birthmark: A portwine warhammer in the middle of his forehead.
Glory of Old
Iron Liver

Feats: Extra Channel Selective Channel, Steel Soul, Power Attack
Story Feat: Lost Legacy - His father was Chief Warder of the fortress.

Craft: Weapons - 6*
Craft: Armor - 6*
(*+2 when working with metal or stone due to Craftsman Alt. Racial Trait)
Diplomacy - 6
Heal - 9
Knowledge: History - 4
Knowledge: Religion - 4
Sense Motive - 9

Artifice: Mending at will, damage constructs (1d6+1)
Protection: +1 to Saving Throws

0: Detect Magic, Create Water, Light, Purify Food and Drink
1: Bless, Bane, Magic Weapon (D) Sanctuary
2: Hold Person, Spiritual Weapons (D) Wood Shape

Channel Positive Energy 2d6 7/day, DC 12

Equipment: MWK Half Plate, Heavy Wooden Shield, WWK Warhammer, Hand Axe, Dagger

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