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People who get things done.

Homecoming Information on Google Drive.
Chalion Wiki, helping to explain five of the Gods (the Holy Family) and how they work in the world; see especially The Curse of Chalion and Paladin of Souls.
Especially For Paladins: Knights of the Cross from the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher) and 'Oath of Gold', the third book in the Deed of Paksenarrion (Elizabeth Moon).

You aren't adventurers; people don't become adventurers, because people (usually late teens) who do decide to strap on some armor and go wandering off into the wilderness usually perish in quite-deserved ways, like poking a bear with a stick and finding out that the bear doesn't care that it's just a game.

What you are is better (or worse, depending on your point-of-view): you're people who get things done. You're adults, practicing your profession. When something needs to get done that's a little unusual, odds are better than even that you're the person that they'll come to, and maybe there's a bit of silver in it for you. In Mosval, there are something over ten thousand souls, and while there are definitely more accomplished people in town, none of them are as young as you are - though you aren't some stripling 15-year-old-equivalent; more like 22 to 25.

You might have a farm; you might have a business. But when a problem knocks at your door ... it's time to put your boots on.

And today, Problem just knocked.

Portions of setting info found in Google Drive. More as I manage to get them done.

Homecoming is a game for 4-8 players in a homebrewed world. Basics:

  • Starting Level: 3rd.
  • Starting Gold and Items: 1500gp. No magic items save alchemical items and healing potions at game start. You do not need to purchase your farm, place of business, etc; the 1500 is for your adventuring equipment. Food and transportation is important. (See 'Domain'.)
  • Statistics: 25 point buy; I normally run Homecoming with a whopping 50-point buy, but I'm going to rein that in.
  • Starting HP: Max. It's a tough world out there, baby.
  • Allowed Races: See the 'People' section. Only one of each allowed race, except for humans; there can be as many humans as there are players, if y'all wanna go 'hyooman'.
  • Allowed Material: I'm working with Hero Lab, and I don't have oodles of everything bought, so bear with me. At the moment, Pathfinder Core, Advanced Player's Guide, Unchained (except see Banned below), Ultimate Campaign / Combat / Equipment / Magic, Adventurer's Armory. If you have something you want to bring in, ask, I might have it. (Kind of wish I could just download my Hero Lab campaign settings; if anyone knows how, let me know.)

Classes note:
A class can be reskinned to a certain extent. And to a certain extent, I am willing to do this. If it goes too far, though, I will put a stop to it.

  • Restricted Starting Classes: Barbarian, which can only be taken by a greenskin character. Only one Paladin.
  • Banned Starting Classes: Bloodrager and such combo classes; I don't have that supplement, sorry, and even if I did ... I might not permit it. Otherwise, anything in something I don't have. If I can't load it into my Hero Lab, it isn't available.
  • House Rules: Pathfinder Unchained is in use, as follows: Background skills, Artistry and Lore skills, Alternate Crafting and Profession Rules, Skill Unlocks, Stamina/Combat Tricks free for everyone (but Fighters get double Stamina); Unchained Alignment (1-10, any non-neutral starts out in the middle of that alignment); Wound Thresholds; Unchained Diseases and Poisons; Simplified Spellcasting, Overclocked Spells. I am not sure about Spell Attack rolls, mainly because I haven't had reason to dive into spellcasting of late, so this is up for discussion.
  • Hero Lab Packages In Use: Campaign Setting #1-5, Core, Rulebook Entry Path, Ultimate Campaign / Combat / Equipment / Magic, Pathfinder Unchained; Advanced Race and Player's Guides, Adventurer's Armory. Ultimate Combat is in use, but the Armor/DR and Piecemeal Armor, are out; Wounds and Vigor I haven't played with, so discuss.
  • Skills, Feats and Traits: Characters receive: 2 extra Feats, 1 Story Feat (uncompleted, obviously), 3 traits, and may take a drawback for an extra trait. Characters receive 1 non-class Knowledge or Artistry skill as a class skill; they also receive 4 extra skill points, which must be spent on Profession, Artistry, or Craft skills; if the character puts 3 points into one skill, they can spend the last point as they like.
  • Words of Power: In use, allowed, even encouraged.

If you want a trait that requires a certain Faction, talk to me about it; if you have a Faction you wish to be a part of, again, talk to me about it, because while the PF factions do not exist on the Ravennan continent (or in the Homecoming world), there are factions, and I am more than willing to create something similar or interesting for you.

Current Players and Characters:

Ixos: Nissa Alami - A human woman who wields a living sword.
Alynthar: Prof. Theodore Brooks - A mysterious professor with a dark side.
Kubular: Burhul Dha'zeek - An Orc Enforcer for the mob who straddles the line between civility and barbarity.
GoatToucher: Horst IronBrow - Dwarven Cleric of the Father of Winter and a widower father of two strapping lads.
Sir Longears: Baltor Stoneheart - A once reluctant druid who has embraced his calling.
PippinTook: Brand Philogynne - Hunter of greenskins and caravan guide.

House Rules:

Firing Into Melee / Soft Cover:
If you are firing into melee past your friend, you do NOT get a -4 to hit because of the friend, but the opponent DOES get a +4 'soft cover' bonus. (To stack them is the most gross double-dipping I've seen in a while.) However, if you miss by 4 or less, you check the same roll against the appropriate AC of the soft cover (e.g. if they're facing away, probably their flat-footed AC, but if towards, their full AC), because you have hit your friend - or at least the soft cover. (This is why the wizard hides behind the plate-armored warrior.) Precise Shot if used eliminates the chance of hitting the other person; Improved Precise Shot eliminiates the soft cover bonus.