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GM Wolf wrote:
For each 3 paragraphs of background you gain additional perks: 1 - extra trait, 2 - extra feat, 3 - extra +2 to an ability score, 4 - gain a mount CR 3 or below, 5 - gain a crafting feat, 6 - gain a wish, 7 - gain a magical ring no more than 8,000 gp (You must write the description, abilities, and background of the ring in your crunch as well), 8 - gain a familar or animal companion, 9 - gain a super power, 10 - gain another 'Special' from another class.

30 paragaphs... godamn that's one heck of a challenge. Admittedly, the first 3 rewards are much, much stronger than the rest... at least until you get to number 9 and 10!

Honestly, I'm stunned you're making people play level 5 characters and asking for so much backstory! How the heck are we meant to write that much backstory when we're only level 5?

The Introduction should be on the very first page you link too, instead of in the 'Skills, Feats, etc' folder. Considering the fact that it covers the sweeping changes of these house rules - which are pretty damn significant - it needs to be what you read from the start.

Just noting I'll be interested as a player for either a rotating DM or single DM campaign.

And juuuuuust in time, here is the backstory for my character!

Arcantos the Storyteller:
Arcantos always was... different.

It wasn't bad at first really. He was simply louder than the other kids, more energetic and curious than them. But there was nothing wrong with that, every kid was different after all, so what if he was physically weaker and bullied a lot by the other kids? There's always bullying happening, and his parents, old Oreads who had raised several generations of children before, were fully able to support and cope with Arcantos for his early childhood. Sure, Arcantos’ vested interest in stories and history was unusual, and to the other children, strange. But they knew full well that been unusual and strange with nothing to be worried about. That what was unusual and strange to one individual, with simply completely normal for another.

Except... at around the age of 15, Arcantos began exploring.

See, the thing about Oreads, is that whilst they were content to live in the mountains, away from most major civilizations. They weren’t exactly overtly invested or interested in actually exploring the mountains and its various caves all that much. As long as nothing came out and attacked them, they would not go out there and attack them in turn. Hence, there could have been ancient, unsealed vaults, dark cults performing their twisted rituals, or even those long passages that lead down, down, down into the dreaded Darklands of the Drow, the Duergar and more.

Now, the potential for this actually being the case was rather limited of course. I mean, considering that the Oreads had lived out here in the mountains for generations in peace and solitude, with little to disturb them, meant that these most fantastical possiblities were most likely to be untrue. But, the simple chance that they were true, the simple fact that there was so much out there, amongst the mountains alone, that Arcantos just... couldn’t help but go out there. To go out amongst the mountains, and just... see what was there. To go beyond what was designated as ‘safe’ and ‘allowed’ for a youngling like himself.

When he was first caught for it, his parents scolded him but did not punish him for it. The second time had a light punishment and another scolding. Third came the actual punishment, that he had gone too far in his explorations, and for a while, it worked... but his natural curiosity, his hunger for knowledge, and the potential for stories, made it too much of a temptation for Arcantos, and soon he began to become better and better at slipping away. Of not being noticed as he explored the mountains... at least until he had to start spending a night out, away from the main caves, in order to explore further out. Which occurred when he was nearing his 17th

It was at this moment that his parents were forced to face the truth. Arcantos was... different. Not in the normal, standard way where he had his own quirks and differences, but at his core was still a solid, dependable Oread... and to be fair, when he was asked to do something, he was a solid, dependable Oread. But he more than that, he had no interest in the various jobs of the community. He took no pride or pleasure in the tasks that were so important to their survival. He did his work, then left, taking by the wind... he wasn’t a normal Oread, he was a dreamer... and so they had to choose. Discipline him harshly, try to this spark inside of him, and either force him to conform, or run away from home... or treat him as the dreamer he was. Teaching him how to survive in the world outside, how to survive out in the wilds, how to avoid notice from difficult threats, or talk to others who were not Oreads. To allow him to be a dreamer... and allowing him to be different...

... To this day, Arcantos wonders what his life would be like, if they had refused to support him.

Hence his fate for the next 30ish years was decided. Teachings from his parents, interspaced between expeditions outside, either by himself, or with an adult. Mainly his parents, but eventually with some of the hunters that went outside into the mountainside as well. Through as he grew older, the more expeditions were made by himself. He also took part in combat training earlier than the normal, thus allowing them to discover that he still had the Oread’s affinity for the of the earth itself... no, his affinity for the earth was even stronger than they imagined. Allowing him to manipulate and control it, not much at first, but in time, he would learn how to launch blasts of earth and stone at foes, and how to raise up temporary shields of it to keep him safe. Even how to form a temporary weapon out from the stone as well, one that hummed with the stone’s power.

Eventually, as Arcantos began to map out and become more aware of the mountains, he began visiting some of the non-Oread communities as well, learning how to talk with different cultures and with different people, as well as other languages, such as the language of the dwarves, who were the only ones that actually knew of the Oread’s existence, and from the mottled villages at the mountain bases, he learned elvish and orcish from the half-elves and half-orcs found there. He also started to get to know the wildlife found within the mountains, learning about them and how they live, how to approach them and show them that he is not an enemy but a friend... and how to avoid them when they were angry, protective or territorial.

Indeed, it was the last of these, not long after his 48th birthday, that would furthermore end up being a deciding factor of his life. As one day, he would come across an injured wolf, one who he was able to comfort and reassure, to bring home to tend to its wounds... a wolf that showed intelligence that was more akin to a human than a beast... a wolf that stuck by his side afterwards, showing no desire to leave and return to his pack... a wolf that would eventually reveal the reason for its injury... that just as Arcantos was touched by the land, it too was touched... but it was touched by the sky, and carried the power of lighting cracking between its fangs.

Arcantos would name him Ace, and the wolf had stuck with Arcantos ever since. Living for many, many years more than a wolf normally would. Whenever this be because of the lighting that he carried for so long, or the bond that he established with Arcantos, or for an entirely different reason, no one would really know.

The support of his parents... the finding of Ace... two events, which Arcantos could trace back to being monumental events that changed the course of his life. And yet, when asked which one was the most significant of them all, Arcantos would not point to these two, but one more. A third that would happen five years after finding Ace. That amongst the the lower reaches of the mountains, on the far outskirts of the range, further than he had ever travelled before, would Arcantos find within a cave a small, thin rectangle of crystal, untouched by the muck that it lay within... a crystal, that as soon as he grasped, would flood his mind with voices, with people, with stories.

That crystal was a Cyrstal Bookmark, an item of great magical power, that aided unique individuals who channelled the narratives of stories, the ancient worlds of the past, and the roles that so many heroes and villains alike had played before, and focused that into reality. Using the power of their mind to note just manifest a blade of psionic power, but imbude themselves with echoes of history. And this item, this bookmark, would guide Arcantos into doing so. For one year he would practice and learn the art of how to summon the 7 roles, and how to wield their psionic weapons. Learning how the correct seance’s needed in order to call them forth into his body, how many he can handle at once, and how to force one role into the background to allow another to spring forth...

And then, he left.

He made sure his parents new of course... but with the power of legends at his fingertips, he couldn’t ignore the call for adventure anymore. Sure, he wasn’t yet an adult in the Oread’s eyes... but most people didn’t know that, so why did it matter? Plus, he was more world-savvy and experienced than Oreads decades his senior! He had gifts and abilities that few could hope to replicate, and a strong, intelligent companion by his side that was loyal to a fault. Why would he want to stay for another 7 years, when he could leave now, and start his adventure already? Hence, why he did. Determined to take who he was, and forge a new legend, a new story that would be told for years to come, of the earth-mover, and his loyal lighting-fanged companion.

Arcantos the Storyteller would be known by all... or he would die trying.

Jereru wrote:
There is no practical difference between c and k in this case. But anyway. Where did you took the name from? I've always thought it was custom made for AoM.

I didn't say I didn't take the name from AoM. Just that it wasn't intentional, and the difference between the C and the K is very important.

Rednal wrote:
And here's a good guide for what player characters should have to be minimally effective, viable, or at maximum for their level.

Huh, thanks!

hustonj wrote:
Power gamer charts are meant for people who want to win the dice chuck and forget this is a cooperative storytelling event.

Different Kinds of Players

Jereru wrote:
A nice Age of Mythology reference.

Actually, that's Arkantos, and the reference isn't intentional.

I probably should have focused on my fluff as well... but, as it is. Have some Crunch for my character, Arcantos the Storyteller.

General fluff is that they've always been more curious than the other Oread's in which he grew with and was often exploring the mountains. Eventually, he found Ace, who was isolated from his pack due to his intelligence and affinity with lighting and bonded with him. Further exploration of the mountains led to a cave, with a crystal bookmark residing within. Upon finding it, knowledge flooded him. Knowledge of a wider world out there, one that needed heroes and beings... and with the bookmark's gift, he could become one of those heroes.

So he, alongside Ace, left home in order to set out in the open world and become legends.

Okay, I think I'm just going to have to assume that all of the requests for my character was allowed and go ahead and make them... with only 3 days left in recruitment, I don't think I can wait around and hope the DM answers affirmative and still have time to make a strong character!

Quercus Thousandborn wrote:

I remember discussing a build with a friend who did something curious with some oracle, paladin, something creating a distributed health pool shared among the party added with the quick-action self heal of the paladin. He was able to distribute the damage of lvl/2 people evenly, so if one of the group is singled out, he could keep him going by sacrificing the hp of everyone else, while healing himself up.

That was the most impressive healing shenanigan I'd seen in Pathfinder yet. Probably doable with the gestalt rules quite well.

Isn't that what DSP's Vitalist does? Or at least, I'm pretty sure DSP's psionic/collective classes can share damage out like that.

Wandering Wastrel wrote:
Fury of the Tempest wrote:

Honestly? I wonder why they need to keep things level locked at all.

Instead of having level locked to such a significant degree, why can't they just have the feats in four different tiers... lets called the 'Trained', 'Expert', 'Master' and 'Legendary'. With the all the feats in the same tier being about the same level in power as each other, giving you greater diversity and options as you level up, until you unlock the next tier in feats, and can select from them instead?

Not sure whenever or not the lower-tier feats should have some form of auto-progression through.

I really like this idea! My suggestion was going to be open up the feats to more classes but let some classes pick them earlier (e.g. Rogue and Ranger can pick Quick Draw at lower level than anyone else).

But tying the feats to the proficiency system really brings things together, in my opinion.

Glad you like the idea! As for your suggestion... well, doesn't that basically mean you'll be able to access the tiers quicker than others?

Like, say... a fighter able to gain access to the Expert Martial feats faster than the other classes? With the cleric able to gain access to Master Divine feat faster than the other classes?

Data Lore wrote:
Naw, I prefer the level locked feats to "tiers". They work better with M/C archetypes and they make it easier for developers introduce level appropriate abilities at the appropriate level.

Eh... I think for the multiclassing archetypes you could do a degree of level locking, with them being the only level-locked feats.

That, or have general tiers that apply to characters in general, and not just with their abilities... I guess like Paragon and Epic from 4E.

iNickedYerKnickers wrote:
I agree. There is no good reason -- thematically, naratively, mechanically, or otherwise -- that a Rogue cannot be a legendary swordsman or a cleric legendary in armor w/o multiclassing.

Probably because a Rogue is focused on sneak about, unlocking doors and disarming traps rather than swordplay? With a cleric focused on praying to his god, learning new magic, and healing people to be that good in armour?

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WatersLethe wrote:
That's why if PF2e can loosen up Class Feats (sort them into larger level brackets, for example) and make general feats more impactful (by introducing combat feats), I think PF2e will be well positioned to hit most of the good points of PF1e *and* provide skill customization through skill feats too.

Honestly? I wonder why they need to keep things level locked at all.

Instead of having level locked to such a significant degree, why can't they just have the feats in four different tiers... lets called the 'Trained', 'Expert', 'Master' and 'Legendary'. With the all the feats in the same tier being about the same level in power as each other, giving you greater diversity and options as you level up, until you unlock the next tier in feats, and can select from them instead?

Not sure whenever or not the lower-tier feats should have some form of auto-progression through.

I never like playing a full-caster myself except a druid, and that's because of their ability to transform into an animal and go to town in combat!

But yeah, a lot of good materials here, and my character is going to be quite martial happy as well! If everything I want is accepted tho... I'm really gonna push what this game lets me do.

Sorry for a second question elsewhere... but would I be able to use Legendary Games' Bestial Kineticist with my Animal Companion? In the same vien of above, can I have access to the Kineticist Magic Items?

Specifically, I'm looking at the Kinetic Blademaster Glove, the Crown of Focused Power the Ring of Elemental Strength, the Robe of Elemental Resistance, the Vest of Elemental Defense, the Burn Shard, the Crystal of Elemental Knowledge and the Teardrop Ioun Stone. Not all at once mind you, I don't have enough money to access that much, but having access to some now, and the rest later, would be very much appreciated.

Also, can a Soulknife pick up a Martial Tradition? I know they don't have proficiency with all martial weapons, but to quote Sphere's of Might: 'Some classes who do not gain proficiency with all martial weapons but whose class description implies a strong martial background may trade their starting proficiencies for a martial tradition with GM approval.', and I'm hoping a Soulknife, which focuses on using a blade of psionic power as their weapon, would fit.

Dαedαlus wrote:
I was the guy who made the vampire lord for a level 15 Tristalt one-shot you were in a little while ago. As I recall, it nearly ended in a TPK.


Pretty sure it did end in a TPK honestly

Question. Can I pick up the Elemental Brethren Kinectist archetype? Whilst on the Sphere's of Power website, it's not a SoP/SoM archetype, but instead was taken from Kineticists of Porphyra III. Its quite a flavourful archetype, and I feel like it could fit my character very well.

Honestly, I do like that idea. Whilst I'm... ambient on the Skill checks and the DCs against them, as there seems to be a lot of player perception and biased involved in them so its impossible to get a good idea about what it actually means... I do think that there needs to be greater and more concise differences between the different tiers.

Dαedαlus wrote:
Oh hey Fury! Good to see you again. I promise that my munchkinry with Eglian isn't carrying over here ;P


I honestly have no idea what you are talking about.

Hmm... considering the flavour and power level of this game, I honestly think a Kineticist would be absolutely perfect for this game! After all, how more amazing and awe-inspiring can you get, than someone who can manipulate and mould the very elements themselves to their will?

As for what class I play them with... well... honestly, I'm kinda thinking of picking up the Soulknife on the other side. Because honestly? The idea of dual-wielding two different blades. One made out of the elements themselves, and the other made out of the sheer force of my mind, is f+@+ing awesome!

... Not sure if I want to go for a Living Legend Soulknife, for that awesome thematicness and quite a few strong abilities... or just stick with the standard soulknife for the flexibility it offers... pity that there aren't any more Soulknife archetypes outside DSP... shame there's no way to get a mind blade and full manoeuvre progression either. As getting full Thrashing Dragon would really help the build... no Sphere's stuff for a Soulknife or Kineticist either, though I vastly prefer Path of War...

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Megistone wrote:
I think that just adding a good sized example of static DCs, as many have suggested already, would go a long way to make the intended rule more clear to everyone.

This. So very, very much this.

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... Oh hey David. Fancy meeting you here!

As for my thoughts... near bed time, so I'ma make it quick:

The Rogue ability to phase through walls? That should be level 16 at least, if not level 14, instead of level 20.

Dracomicron wrote:
Actually, there is a significant difference. 4E D&D used one health pool and healing surges that you could activate on a short rest, and Pathfinder players didn't seem to like it.

How much of that is because of the system itself, and how much of it is because its 4E?

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See, on the one hand, I really don't like the far extremes. I mean, sure it can be hilarious. But those type of shenanigans isn't exactly the type of shenanigans you would want to allow without a very, very good chain of rolls.

But on the other hand, I would likely have a better chance than to succeed on a 10 or 9 if its something I've really focused on. Like succeeding on a 7 or an 8 where the others would struggle to succeed with at 12, 13, maybe 14. I want a better chance to succeed than what 2E itself is giving me so far, but I don't want to go to the extremes of doing a difficult task on a 2 or 3.

Tridus wrote:
Not surprising. The forums are appealing to a specific subset of players, which, while offering valuable feedback, is not a statistically valid sampling of the entire playerbase.

Aye, that's the thing about these forums. They always seem bigger and more important than they actually are, especially when the devs communicate directly with us. But when it comes down to it, we're likely a small fraction of those who playtest and give feedback.

Phantasmist wrote:
Fury of the Tempest wrote:
Phantasmist wrote:
But, accessibility means that there are only 3 actions and a reaction. This interferes with my house rules that I don't want to give up.
... Sorry, but, can you explain this to me? Because I fail to see how the fact there is 3 actions and a reaction not interferes with you implementing your own house rules.
I'm equally confused are you suggesting that I should just drop the action system and all associated mechanics to implement pathfinder 1e system plus my my own house rule. I could do that, yes, then I guess your right. But, why would I want to, why not just stick to what I have and like? You're right, I'm wrong in that it's possible, but why would I?

That's... that's not what I said? At all?

I said that the Pathfinder 2.0 Action System, doesn't stop you from implementing house rules in regard to that system, as it seemed to be that your complaining that you can't use your super awesome houserules any more in a completely new edition?

Which, quite frankly, is a bit of an absurd complaint, because why would you expect otherwise? And complaining about how X edition doesn't allow for Y house rule is not a criticism of the system in the slightest and unhelpful to the n'th degree.

OddLore wrote:

I like the critical 10 mechanic. It is elegant.

I think it will be as defining for Pathfinder 2 as the double roll for advantage / disatvantage is for 5e.

Theoretically talk here - would having both mechanics make it too easy to get good crits?

Actually, in terms of price that's an important fact to take into consideration. The Doubling Rings.

This is a level 3 50gp item that lets you apply the Potency Runes from one weapon you are wielding in one hand, to a weapon in your other hand that has the required expertise for those Potency Runes.

They have a level 11, 1300gp greater version that lets you apply weapon property runes.

Ranger is meant to be Animal Companion abilities but never gets the ability to let the AC take a single action without you telling it to take an action.

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.... Yeah. What else is there to say, really?

Quick Preparation is OP. Even if its a level 14 feat I wouldn't be happy about it in all honesty. This is much more like a level 20 feat as it is, or perhaps a level 14 feat if you have more restrictions on it.

Phantasmist wrote:
But, accessibility means that there are only 3 actions and a reaction. This interferes with my house rules that I don't want to give up.

... Sorry, but, can you explain this to me? Because I fail to see how the fact there is 3 actions and a reaction not interferes with you implementing your own house rules.

Agreed. More positivity is good. I mean my own thoughts, which most people are skipping over, was a mix of good impressions and bad stuff as I didn't want to come across as just negative.

That, and there are some elements of the playtest that I generally love. Goblin Alchemist seems like he'll be pretty damn fun.

Dasrak wrote:
It may be a new edition, but for the time being my sensibilities are calibrated based on my PF1 experience.

... Well then. I fail to see why your even bothering to bring it up, considering you just admitted your own failings in regards to basing this new edition on a completely different experience.

... You know, whilst I honestly see where you're coming from with your point out averages not taking the range of damage into account, and that is quite important to consider as well. Not only do I think you're taking it too far, but...

Well. There's also the [i]feel[i/] of damage. Rolling a 12d6 attack feels a lot more impactful than hitting someone three times with 4d6 imo.

Dasrak wrote:
I think the bigger problem is that most of the ancestry feats kinda suck, so the few that don't suck look like amazing must-haves by comparison. In that respect, Burn It doesn't seem particularly problematic. It's the kind of feat that looks like a strong pick in core-only, but will likely be mediocre or even outright bad after a few splatbooks with more options release. It's a conditional bonus, so all it takes is another feat that gives a slightly larger conditional bonus to make it completely non-viable.

Considering the fact that it's a level 1 feat that gives you a bonus to damage at +1/2 the item or spell's level... I really don't see there being any feats coming out any time soon which gives you a stronger conditional bonus.

And honestly, casually dismissing it as being power-creeped is an extremely cynical view.

As for the fact that most of the Ancestry feats kinda suck... eh... I would say its more 50/50 really between those that outright suck and those that are at least passable.

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Yeah, I have to agree that the playtest handbook really, really, really needs to focus on making a lot of their terms and jargon a lot more understandable and easier to read, as whilst I didn't particularly have any trouble with making sense of everything, I have to admit that it wasn't exactly the easiest of rulebooks for me to see how everything connections to each other.

Seriously. Formatting is like, my biggest issue so far.

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... Yeah, pretty much agreed here.

I like a lot of the system changes, and I have a love for quite a few of the combos that we get... but I really think we're too weak at low-levels and some of the stronger level stuff just isn't strong enough either.

Just, let us do cool things at low-levels as well, and help us flesh our characters out as being different. At the moment, there's just not enough differences between two level 2-4 characters of the same class and same initial start imo.

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You know, if you're criticizing people's instances of maths. Giving us actual maths to showcase your points is a good idea.

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Okay, I just spent about half a day going over the playtest document and doing my best to pay attention to pretty much everything it has or doesn’t has, and now I have my initial thoughts about it!

- Burn It seems to be the strongest ancestry feat par none. Unless everyone and their mum has fire resistance at high levels. If you want to be a Bomb-Focused Alchemist or a Blasty Mage, Goblin 100% seems to be the way to go just for that feat. Really hope we get over options like it for other classes later on.

- Alchemist. Very strong class. Lots of fun combos and abilities. I like it! ... Nothing more to say, really.

- No god of righteous combat using negative energy to smite down foes? Only way to be a good cleric but use negative energy is by worshipping the neutral god of magic? D:

- Druids are awesome. Wild & Animal order especially come across as awesome. And they still have their summoning capabilities, awesome.

- Fighter. The Open/Press keywords definitely give the fighter a lot more to think about, and are a lot less kid-friendly than before because of it... I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing tbh. Love some of the feat chains though, especially the extra reactions.

- Monk. Really wish the original stances got more focus, instead of transitioning purely into the other stances.

- Why do we only get master and legendary proficiency in heavy armour? Why can’t we get master and legendary proficiency in medium armour as a Paladin or Fighter?

- ... So is the Paladin the new Ranger now? Most of the others give me a strong Favoured Enemy Vibe.

- Shield of Reckoning doesn’t clarify if the Retributive Strike is a free action or not.

- So the fighting gets a free AoO and a free Shield Block if they want to... and the Paladin, despite being the Legendary Shields dude, doesn’t? Or a free Retributive Strike? That seems bad.

- Also, if your giving characters the same feat. Shouldn't you just come up for a term to refer to these feats and have classes able to access these groups? Like 'combat' or 'divine' or 'arcane'?

- Not convinced on Ranger’s Snares.

- Also, where’s the Rangers ‘Your AC can make 1 action even if you don’t command it this turn’ ability? Druid’s have it. Paladin’s have it. Cavalier’s have it. So why don’t Ranger’s have it?

- Also familiar’s suck. Apart from the extra Cantrip, none of abilities for master or not are off any use.

- Sorcerer is awesome, good at blasty and focusing on a single spell. I like it.

- Wizard is surprisingly awesome too. Universalist wizards get an extra spell at each spell level? Which Focus Conservation turns into an extra spell at each level but the two highest? And does Superior Focus just add +1 more use, +1 more use per level per day? Either way. Universalist Wizards be laughing at all this spells they have!

- Also metamagic’s suck. I mean, seriously. Not a single one gets my interest except the -10 resistance once.

- Formatting. For the love of god. Please. Stop formatting everything alphabetically! Have the general feats in one group, then the skill feats organized by skill! Organize the different spell lists by level and type! Organize the different magical items by type! Please, format properly!

- Oh and on the topic of formatting. Clean up the classes, please. We don't need every class reminding us about skill increases/skill feats/ability increases/ancestors feats when their all the same! Please, cut the damn space and leave them in the tables!

- Plus, have the powers that feats grant you displayed in the feat block. Making us go and check the spell, later on, is just frustrating.

- Ritual’s are neat though, and potentially hilarious. Pure Fighter party, coming right up to resurrect your dead folks!

- Multiclassing. Clerics give me 2 slots in level 1-8 spells. Rogue's give me 1d6 sneak attack damage. Seriously, what the hell?

- 100% not sold on Trinkets.

- Why bother with Twin and Charge keywords when only one weapon has Twin and only one weapon has Charge?

- Also Snare’s should not cost gp when normal weapons & armour cost SP. That’s just still.

- Not sure if the lower level consumables shouldn’t be in SP as well, especially the bombs...

- Oh and on that note, sad there isn’t any non-level 1 bombs. Considering Alchemist specified you can only empower level 1 bombs, I was really hoping there was more than just the level 1 collection, but nope! Sad days.

- Really don’t like shield’s needing to be raised. Can’t they give us a permanent bonus, then an increased bonus for raising them instead? Oh and why can’t cover stack with shield AC? That’s just silly.

And there we go. My initial impressions. Mix of good and bad imo, and we’ll have to wait and see how everything unfolds!

... So.

Let me get this straight.

I make a post. Explaining how I have trouble with the tones of my posts, and can easily make mistakes in how people will most likely interpret my posts.

And you respond by saying that the post is evidence that I am a slick, manipulative troll. Then you go back and re-read my old posts, and state that I have been an antagonizing bully?!

... I just... Wow. Just. Wow.

Are you even the slightest bit aware of how colossally stupid and self absorbed such a response is?! Let alone the fact that your basically rejecting the fact that I am autistic, because you apparently forgot that austism is a huge spectrum that affects people in various different ways?

Just. Wow.

If this is what your actually like Yasss. I am more than happy to leave. It's only a matter of time before such stupidity and narrow-mindess causes the game to self-destruct!

... You have got to be kidding me.

Like. You have GOT to be kidding me here.

I make a post, opening up to you about my difficulties. Openly admitting to you my flaws and apologizing for it. Hoping that my explanation will help you understand why there have been misunderstandings in the past, and how these misunderstandings might help us avoid them in the future...

And... and you see this as an attempt to manipulate you? You see me as some type of slick, manipulative troll, for making a post opening up about my flaws and disability?

That after I took the time to give you time to breathe and think about the decision rationally, that after I gave everyone else time to mull the situation over, and did my best to reach out to you, in order to work best the issues that you've only just fully communicated to me... your going to be going with a 'gut feeling' here?

Just... what?

... If this were play'd upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction...

Alright. Been a day or so since the decision was made. Enough time for the initial emotions to cool down, for other voices to join in the conversation and state their own opinions on the matter. Enough time for people to step back, and look at the situation in a more rational matter. Hopefully now, we’ll be able to properly discuss this matter.

And I think it is best to start with an explanation about myself. As a high-functioning member of the autism spectrum, I have difficulties in certain areas of social interaction. The subtleties of conversation and more important the tone of a speech from the choice of words and statements is undoubtedly the most challenging part of social interaction for me. Once you take into account that the fact that communication over the internet is done almost entirely through emotionless text, without any further social cues like body language or facial expressions.

It is, quite frankly, a recipe for misunderstanding.

For example, when I made my post last page, pointing out the fact that Zadiel hadn’t actually used his Spontaneous Resurrection. I was simply amused at how Nameless’ dramatic rescue had been forgotten twice now. Probably because it really wasn’t all that dramatic and was a rather anticlimactic reveal of himself to the others, an error on my part. Monkeygod however, from what I can tell, took my post as a complaint. Going with his following post discussing ‘your whining’. Which in turn, lead to the recent... discussion between myself, Monkeygod, and the rest of the people involved in this RP. Which, I admittedly did not handle with the greatest of grace, reacting in a far too defensive manner at the start, and for which I apologize.

Then there is the straw. The passive-aggressive post that I made with Nameless. I completely and utterly failed to realize the fact that it was a passive-aggressive response until I showed a good friend of mine what I had posted. As up until he laid it out to me, I simply wasn’t able to see where my error was. Again, I apologize for the fact that my post was actually passive-aggressive, despite the fact that it hadn’t been the

Which, now leads me to the reason why you are uncertain at my continued participation in this roleplay Yasss... my attitude. On a personal level, I do not believe that my attitude has been such a significant issue that it would require me to be removed from this game. However, as I am very aware of the fact that it is very easy for me to misjudge the tone of my posts and the mood of other people. I can only offer an apologize for whenever my actions have caused you grief and frustration. The sheer potential, scope and possibilities that this game has provided is unlike any other game I have ever come across before, and I do not think there has ever been a game that I have ever been more excited about and invested in seeing develop over time. The fact that I have not come across as this is a fact that I can only apologize for... and hope that my explanation has helped you understand that it has never been my intention to cause trouble within this game.

If, after this explanation of how many of these mistakes have come about... If, after my apologies for the mistakes I have made... and if, after the others have voiced their own opinions on the matter, you still wish for me to leave... I will. I don’t want to. I don’t want to see my journey in this game stopped short before it could really begin. I don’t want to miss Nameless having a chance to grow and develop, to face the sins of his past, and come to terms with who he is. I don’t want all of the work and effort I’ve put into recording all of his numbers and abilities (and still forgetting half of them!), to go to waste...

But, you are the DM Yass. It's your call in the end.

... And as for that post of mine, where I gave into my anger and frustration? I can only give you my deep, sincere apologies for that post. Alongside a wish that I had been able to delete it, once the spur of the moment emotions had passed, and I realized how stupid of an action it had been.

Quite frankly, the fact that Paizo denies me the ability to delete or edit my posts after an hour has passed, just makes it so much easier for me to make mistakes...

Side Note:
The way that Nameless has been teleported away from the others, and into another universe, does open up a... different method of moving forwards. One that could allow me to best showcase my investment into this game, and avoid further conflict with the rest of participants of the RP for a while.

I roleplay Nameless on his own, having to follow the lead on the Apogee Society, and how it might reflect his purpose in the multiverse, without the aid of the others.

A private, one on one roleplay would allow a full demonstration of my enthusiasm of this game, how much I wish to see Nameless grow and evolve, as well as exploring this fantastic, diverse, multiverse of yours Yass. Whilst at the same time, reducing the potential of a miss-step of mine creating unnecessary conflict within the group, and more grief for you. Hopefully meaning that I would be able to show you the best parts of my personality and attitude, instead of just some of the worst factors involved

Still, this is only a suggestion, and it would likely create more work for yourself Yasss. So feel free to just discard everything in this spoiler.

Yasss Queen wrote:
Nope, way too passive aggressive for me, I'm sorry Fury, I've tried quite hard to make room for you in this game but in the end you are just too much of a disruptive presence for me to make this work. I'm going to have to ask you politely to leave this game, you are dragging it down far more than you are adding to it.

... I.... beg your pardon? How is that passive aggressive? Its just Nameless' line of thought in the current situation. You said that you don't want to argue about this... but, I'm sorry, I'm not leaving because your misinterpreting my actions.

Especially now, when I've listened to the complaints of the other RPs here, and have just committed myself to take a more active role in the RP where possible.

Frustratingly, I timed out on the hour as I was typing up an edit to better ensure that it did not come across as passive-aggressive.

You know, talking of Legendary Games and Vital Strike reminded me of the fact that Legendary Games has some very enjoyable Vital Strike upgrades for a Vigilante... so I think I've found the first way I'll be levelling up, gaining Vigilante Talents and abilities with the Exposed Vigilante archetype.

At the very least, I finally got the Mythic part of his character complete.

Would the 350-400ish points of damage still make Roland's head explode? Don't mind, just curious mainly.

... You know what Monkeygod? Your right. You are absolutely right. The power disparity between the different characters of this game is tremendous. Where on the one hand we have Alyssa, who at this moment in time is only a little stronger than your average commoner, and on the other hand we have characters like Vulture King flying around, who is a literal, and mechanical, God. Nameless’ own power levels, and the huge amount of resources and abilities that I’ve been pouring into his character makes the situation even worse, meaning that its nigh-impossible to give the party a challenge that is on par of all of their abilities without simply curb-stomping several of the weaker members into the ground.

But, isn’t that half the point of this game?

Yasss specifically stated that they were accepting anything and everything for this game. Whatever character you wanted, whatever flavour you wanted, and whatever mechanics you wanted. No matter how ludicrously overpowered or stupidly stuffed full of abilities that might make them. Or, no matter how surprisingly, laughable weak and pathetic it might have made them. Such an broad and open character creation means that it's almost impossible to avoid there being a significant disprancy of power between characters. Perhaps not to the extent that we are currently seeing... but undoubtedly expected to a rather significant degree.

Because of this, you can’t try and DM this game like this is an ordinary campaign, where you try and draw up challenges that challenge the entire party, and give them each an equal time to shine from a mechanical standpoint. This is a game where you have to balance the mechanical challenges of the characters, with the thematic and emotional challenges of the characters. Characters such as Alyssa, Zaidel and Kei? They will likely need mechanical challenges just as much as thematic and emotional challenges. Tough, powerful opponents that they will have to work together in order to overcome, learning how to work together as a team and pooling their abilities. Allocating their resources in the best possible manner to defeat the threats against them.

For a character such as Nameless however? The challenges have to be more on the emotional side of the RP. Testing how the endless march of time had left the powerful warrior numb to the world around him, and the struggles of his allies. Seeing whenever or not it is possible for someone with such a storied pass could come to regret the many sins he had inflicted over the aeons of his life, without being driven to the point of insanity due to the weight of these sins... and seeing how long his investment in the party, and their individual quests may be, when even now, there seems to be little he can find that can challenge him.

This game was always going to have a power disparity. Trying to eliminate it, is just going to eliminate what makes this game so unique and fascinating.

Monkeygod wrote:
Just remember, I have access to books that you can't play with, lol

Are you sure about that?


I'll leave that up to Yasss whenever or not that fix is implemented. Sure, it would be a pretty significant nerf to Nameless' DPS potential... but even the nerfed version lets him easily do 350+ damage with a single attack, so it's not like its going to make him incredibly weak for it.

Monkeygod wrote:
How in the Nine Hells do you have well over 1k added to your damage? Is it all from Mythic Vital Strike??

Well, not all off it, various different Mythic, Epic and 3PP sources came together in order to give me a damage bonus of 89 (at the time of writing). It's simply that Mythic Vital Strike took that 89 damage, and multiplied it by a factor of 16.

Would Careful Stab be of use at this moment in time to ensure that I don't accidentally end up killing Roland? Or if not, I believe that Golden Legion’s Stayed Blade would allow me to not kill Roland if I don't want to.

I'm kinda indecisive about it honestly. On the one hand, not knowing his own strength, and accidentally obliterating foes that he had just intended to knock out, does very much fit Nameless' forte... on the other hand, is meant to be so damn good, that he's the type of guy to hit someone that damn hard... but not actually kill them.

... Then again. We do have a god around here. Reviving him shouldn't be too much of an issue, right? And I could always pick up GLSB later, to reflect the fact that my character has better learned how to control his incredible strength.

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... So Mythic Improved Vital Strike is kinda, slightly... broken.

Neat! I'm going to guess that it's Knowledge, Local?

Knowledge: 1d20 + 49 ⇒ (15) + 49 = 64

Yasss Queen wrote:
Kammella has been mentioned at bit and she had a post of her own at one point but she is an up and coming character that the party will get quite involved with shortly. At the moment she is a virtual unknown to the multiverse at large, but I can drop a knowledge check if you like for rumors. Otherwise we can play it out more natural and RPey.

Hmmm... whilst it might be tempting to go for a Knowledge Check if she isn't well known to the multiverse at large. I think it would actually make for a better RP for Nameless to actually be as clueless as everyone else when get to meet her. Especially when she's sending lackeys out for Nameless' blood.

What about Roland King through? Same result?

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