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Alright! This will be the Discussion thread though I would greatly appreciate if people used this Discord till we set everything up. Such as core ideas and what not. As I always have Discord on me and can reply to you faster!

Hogwarts Discord

It is not mandatory just something I think will be nice.

Also one last thing, please dot and delete in the Gameplay area to keep this on your gaming list!

Gotta finish my skills but 95% of my info is in the alias.

Year-1d6 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6

Clan Malkavian Blood Pool 23/30

/me is 5th year GM. Will work on alias in a minute. Fussing with stuff.

Male Human Technomancer 5

I’ll get my alias set up tomorrow - on my phone currently.

This picture will work for now, but will definitely need to change it as the years go on.

Year: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

4th, then, following Vitaliano's pattern.

year 4-7 Year 1-3 then

Here is Anora Evans, no relation, for those who wish to look her over.

And alias is created. I think everything will work.

Avatar pictures are really poor options on this site.

Year: 1d2 ⇒ 2

3rd year for me (only did a d2 since there's only 2 options left).

year 4-7 Year 1-3 then

To be fair, most don't play 11 year olds! XD

Yeah I wish we could upload pics at times.

Can we not do discord and just do it on Paizo? I can't get to discord from work where I do most of my posting. There was nothing about this on the recruitment or I wouldn't have put any work into this.

Discord has a mobile app too, if that helps. And nothing is actually being done on Discord, bar small talk. I think Discord was just a suggested way for people to reach the GM quickly. It wasn't a requirement.

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As I stated you do not have to do discord. It is not mandatory. Both Ptntm888 and PixelsAreGod are not on discord and I've made no push to get them onto it. I don't see why this would have mattered if it was in recruitment or not as it isn't a must have. It's just an optional extra.

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So I had a thought about the classes and I wanted to know what you think. It seemed like each class was composed of that year level students from two houses. For example in Chamber of Secrets the Gryffindor students had Herbology with the Hufflepuff students. (Of course this was changed in the movie to keep Slytherins, mainly Malfoy, close to the main characters) but I can either match them up as I see fit, or you can roll for your class list and we can see what matches up.

My main reason for not doing Discord is I won't turn notifications on for the app and then I'll probably end up missing stuff. Since it wasn't mandatory, I wasn't gonna worry about it.

Why don't you just match them up as you see fit? So far, it looks like at least three people have said Slytherin for their house with one Hufflepuff, so we should be able to arrange a decent grouping together.

Not gonna lie, I'm thinking about rolling a d4 for Kenneth when he gets to his Sorting to figure out where he ends up. I've decided his mother was in Ravenclaw, but he might not have the brains for it.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

That's cool! Like I said it was just kinda a way to make contact faster. Anything that is deemed to be important would be put on here as well. Such as the class list.

We also have one Gryffindor, so we're kinda all over the place! XD

Hey if you want to roll that is cool! Also for those that haven't yet, you may want to roll for your years. I believe 2nd- 4th is what is open so 1d3+1 should make it easier.

Okay, I'm trying not to sound like a grumpy old guy here, but I've been burned before in games on two platforms. Often people say it's just a side channel, but lots of important stuff came up on it. Sometimes stuff that didn't seem important at the time. Other times it was "unimportant" information that was just most of the flavor of a character. Missing out on that really sucks.

If it's truly not that important, then why do we need this? If it's much more convenient, then chances are a lot is going on there.

I would prefer somebody committing to copy all of the discord stuff regularly than somebody judging what's "deemed to be important". It shouldn't be that much. If it is a lot of stuff, then that gets back to this not being an "optional extra", but a major part of where the game is happening.

I rolled and took 3rd year - I thought Greg Douglas-Fir had year 4?

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

No, I repeat, no role-playing will be done on the discord server. It is a way for people who are in the middle of a post to get an answer from me faster than putting it on the discussion here. As I have discord on my phone and it will notify me almost instantly, allowing them more time to finish a reply.

Any clarification, maybe noticing a misspelled word or wrong word because of someone's auto-correct, etc. It is not for role-playing. We aren't even using the character names as our tags.

Anything deemed to be important is reposted here, such as the class question. And it isn't about need, because if it was it would be mandatory, it is a option. For those who want it, if you don't want it don't use it.

Changes will not be made on there, they will get made here. As for posting things here, I am not going to copy and past one or two thing a day, just because I either can't(when I'm on my phone) or it wouldn't matter. As of right now 90% of the talk is random how is the weather while the rest is pictures that have already been linked in character pages.

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Kenneth_Williamson wrote:
I rolled and took 3rd year - I thought Greg Douglas-Fir had year 4?

You are correct, I forgot to update my physical notes that I took to work with me! Thank you for reminding me! ^_^

Okay, if you assure me that it's not important stuff, then I'll go with it.

So what year are we starting out specifically? This is important to characters with muggle connections.

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I promise Philo! Anything and everything that I believe would be important will be posted here! I'll even make sure to post it here first.

We could go with 1980 or 1981. Harry's parents dies October 31 1980, so if we start in 1980 that gives some time of worry and fear. If 1981 then Voldemort is dead and most death eaters have been taken away. Not all of course just most.

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Also I need either ElbowtotheFace to take year two or Axolotl.

Yes I know there are 8 people here, I thought it might be a good idea to keep even numbers and to have a cover if case someone drops out.

I can take Year Two. I missed all the action!

I think '81 would be for the best

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

ElbowtotheFace said that he will take second year. So Axolotl if you really want a year we can work something out if not, Free ride! ^_^

The GMs are
First Year- Timeskeeper
Second Year- ElbowtotheFace
Third Year- Phntm888
Fourth Year- PixelsAreGod
Fifth Year- Viltaliano da Riva (Jing)
Sixth Year- DarkestHeart
Seventh Year- Philo Larynx

Now later this list will be put in the info tab, and I will also put lists of what year level each spell is by the year so that those who GM that year will have an idea of what would be taught in class.

I'll float--maybe someone will drop out. :)

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Cool cool! I will get us going when I get home tonight. Which will be in like an hour. So long as there is a majority vote on the starting year.

Also mad mad mad props to you H.B.! I would have never thought of looking for an animal picture over a character picture! That such a creative idea I love it and will try to steal it since I have pictures under the name! XD

1981 is perfect for me.

There aren't many good kid pics, although I've found a good online picture for H.B., when he's a little older! :D

Helloooo There

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

Okay, so two have expressed the wish for 81 over 80 so unless I am stopped that is the year we will be starting in and the first post should be up shortly!

81 is good.

Well um... this is a problem. I cannot post. It acts like I posted as in saying I've posted using this alias yet won't show the post...

Oh, right, I’m good with 1981 too.

Pureblood, Slytherin Year 1, Male Finesse 1 | Intelligence 2 | Spirit 2 | Power 2 Wand: Laurel (Hexes)(Doesn't Work for Others), Dragon Heartstring (Stunning Spell), 12" Supple Flexibility


Okay so I've asked for help from the people who run the site.... now we wait. I hope to have it up tomorrow if they don't get to me tonight.

What is your security clearance, citizen?

I've seen this happen before, where you post but nothing shows up. The last game I saw this in the GM ended up creating a new Gameplay thread. You could see if creating a new Gameplay thread, then unlinking the old one one fixes the problem.

Female Human (I believe) College student 4

I'll see if it will let me do that. It didn't let me unlick the current one when I tried last night.

Okay! See if you can see it now. I made a new forum!

The Computer is your friend.

I'm not on the computer! XD
I'm on my phone!

Go here!

Try that!

I was able to post in the new Gameplay thread.

Good Good! I sent a PM to those not in discord and the link to those in discord. So hopefully this will work.

Also for those who want a pet, just choose one of the core 4: Cat, Rat, Owl, or Toad.

I couldn't find a pricing for them in the book and I feel like your parents would have gotten you one with your school stuff anyways. So enjoy!

So, GMing related question: How long and how frequent are classes typically at Hogwarts? I'm trying to figure out the scheduling for Year 3.

Oops, I wrote in a buzzard (hawk)--same as an owl. Is that ok?

Classes run Monday to Friday and go from 8 to 5 I believe. Because they never seem to have classes after dinner aside from astronomy which takes place at 10 pm.

Sure, not worried about it HB.

So, while Googling online, I found a lot of stuff indicating classes were 9 to 4, except for Astronomy. Do we want to go with that, or use 8 to 5?

Pureblood, Slytherin Year 1, Male Finesse 1 | Intelligence 2 | Spirit 2 | Power 2 Wand: Laurel (Hexes)(Doesn't Work for Others), Dragon Heartstring (Stunning Spell), 12" Supple Flexibility

Yikes, I'll be the first to admit I have no knowledge of Scottish slang or is that Gaelic? >.<

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