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Napheen came up to help her fellow knights. Getting Seth form Catriona so that she could sit back down in the waiting area. Jonith and Marrik were not there, which meant they must have been up next. Drafen was passed out on the group.

"I thought it best to let him sleep, Marrik already vomited and Jonith is so far gone he laughed like a fool." Napheen told then both as she dropped Seth some what unceremonially on the ground, and he gladly remained there.

Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!


"Hold your liquor so well." Seth answered. "Though I guess I've never been much of a drinker. I hate the taste of it honestly." He explained, though his speech was a bit more difficult to understand. "How you do it?"


Seth took the help, honestly unsure if he could do it alone. "Heh, you have my thanks." Seth muttered in a low groan. "How do you do it?"

As it is the holiday season I am not in a hurry to move along. Almost everyone has something going on I'm sure!


You met it!
Seth's blade came out of his hand as Catriona banged against the side of his helm again.

When Catriona asked him to yield he simply groan and said "Fine, take it." Then fell back to the ground. "If I keep this up I'm going to be sick..."


"How is my broken are a deflection!?" Walden asked a bit peeved at the comment. "Not like it something I can control!"

"Walden, calm down." Landon said. "He's just trying to goad you." He sighed as the group followed him to the stalls for the wine bottles then the knight to an area they could shoot. With a sigh he turned away saying "Let me go get my bow and quiver."

Walden stood there, a bit bored actually. "Ser Trimar might I ask you something about your time as a page?"

This is mine, not your mine:


Seth staggered back a bit when Cat rung his bell. "I, would guess, so." Seth said some what slowly. Though he tried once more.

Attack: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

However the ringing in his ears threw him off greatly!


"My parents didn't want it." Walden explained. "This is what being a knight is, they said." He added with a sigh.

"Almost as bad as mine." Landon said with a slightly laugh. "I've no problem shooting against Feylinn, but we are going to be doing this tomorrow yes? Why do it now? And where? The arena is being used right now..."

Feylinn seemed a little confused at what Trimar was doing, yet also seemed happy that someone would stick up for her.

Seth's staggering form seems far more difficult to hit than his normal stance would be. One could even think it was the start of a new style. Either way Seth tried to strike back.

Attack: 1d20 + 6 - 2 ⇒ (14) + 6 - 2 = 18

Seth's strike was far closer to home than that of Catriona's was, her armor giving off a resounding clink when the metal met.

Up in the stands a voice called out. "Come on Cat!! Kick his butt!!" Looking up it was none other than Aline sitting close and watching the whole thing.

Note yet, remember you get three passes so if Seth doesn't get a point then you have to fight it out with swords. The swords you get are not sharp but they will still break bone. So to speak.

Attack: 1d20 + 6 - 2 ⇒ (6) + 6 - 2 = 10
CMD: 1d20 + 7 - 2 ⇒ (9) + 7 - 2 = 14

Seth also failed in his third pass. The crowd was laughing at the drunken fools, the distraction planned was working well!

With three passes done and no points on either side the knights must now fight in blade combat. Both Ser Seth and Ser Lady Catriona are given blunted longswords as they dismount their horses. They would not slash but would easily bruise and even possibly break bone. The horses are taken away and the two stand 60ft apart.

These blades do non-lethal damage with no penalty to the wielder. You go till one yields or passes out.

Seth seems a bit more drunk that most others, as he staggers about 30ft foreword.

Sorry this took so long, roll20 which has all of the knight's character sheets redid the blood pathfinder sheets again and some of them didn't make it over so I had to rebuild Seth and Napheen. Gonna have to look over the rest of them and see who else is messed up.

Attack: 1d20 + 6 - 2 ⇒ (5) + 6 - 2 = 9

Seth seemed to have a bit of a problem dealing with his horse when Catriona got to the field. He was likely thankful that she was late as when the charged down the field his pulled his horse a bit too wide, making both lances miss.

The first pass was over.

The AC for Seth is 18 just to help you out so that is you miss you can type it up as you please!

It took Seth a while to turn the horse around to the other side and take a new lance.

A helper also handed Catriona a new lance, as was custom to ensure the one before wasn't weakened.

With that, the second pass began!

Attack: 1d20 + 6 - 2 ⇒ (16) + 6 - 2 = 20
CMB (Looking at Helm): 1d20 + 7 - 2 ⇒ (4) + 7 - 2 = 9

Seth's lance struck true, and it rang Catriona's ears, but luckly it slid off the top of Catriona's helm leaving the helm on Catriona's head.

Congratulations!!! I too hope everything goes well, and you welcome a healthy baby!

@Francis: Get well soon mate, I totally understand illness having you down.

Okay so Gawain is still with us, just super super slow by life!


Drafen thanked Catriona softly as he nibbled away on the bread like a mouse. It was easy to see this was not what he had thought of when he agreed to do this.

"Maybe it is just the booze talking!" Jonith said some what proudly, "Come on!" He began as he looped his arms around Drafen and Catriona. "Lets get to the horses!!"

Napheen came up dragging a drunken Marrik who looked... very green. "There you are, Seth has already gone ahead. Catriona you're up against him first. Go on ahead and I'll get these two to the waiting area."


Walden blinked twice at Trimar before saying "My arm is still broken Ser knight." Walden pointed to his arm which was in a sling.

"Gareth broke it during their joust remember?" Landon said.


Gawain found Arthur back in the booth for him. "I just sent Napheen to get the those who joined for the drunken joust. Seth is getting his steed ready and I hope Catriona is doing the same."

Hufflepuff Table

"Oh yes yes I was! Healing the muggles of the pox you see. Learned how to do so here, at Hogwarts from Helga Hufflepuff herself." The Friar said "I was one of the first students here in Hogwarts itself, came in 992!" He chuckled. "Ah I miss those years... But I am glad to see so many new faces!"

Looking to Francis the Fat Friar shook his head. "No, I was mostly in the muggle world at the time. The poxes was running through them and I had to help. Though... that seemed to be my downfall... or maybe it was my habit of pulling rabbits out of the communion cup... Who knows at this point hmm?"

Slytherin Table

The baron gave a grim laugh, and it has the feeling that it isn't real. "A fast thinker you. Resourceful." He said before he floating back. "Maybe we have an interesting group this year." The Baron ended with as he moved back to the older years.

"My brother told me a great deal about the Blood Baron." Allusic began when the ghost had left. "He mostly ignores the younger students, but he is good to try and get close to. There is a poltergeist in Hogwarts known as Peeves, and my brother found out that he is terrified of the Blood Baron. So if you get in good with the Baron, then Peeves is more likely to leave you be." She said.

"That's good to know." Sariphn began. "I'm sure the ghosts know everything about this place... Might be worth spending time with them." He suggested. "Though I don't think Anora here will have the stomach for it." He teased.

I was going to put up the first bout today, but we had a power outage most of today! Life, isn't it wonderful... So I will post the first bout tomorrow after work! Also if there is one on the list you really wish to face please let me know. The list is as followed.


Okay so rule just the drunken joust!

First all you all take a –2 penalty on all attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. In other words you have the sickened condition.

When you are attacking your opponent you can choose one of three places to hit. The Shield, the Chest, or the Head. Ones Shield is the easiest to hit, Chest being second, with the Head third. Hitting the shield will get you a broken lance if the damage was enough, hitting the chest might lift the opponent out of the saddle if you follow up with a CMB check, and hitting the head might knock off the helm also CMB needed.

So what happens is you'll roll your attack, tell me what area you're aiming for, and roll the follow up as well. So it is the following.
Sheild: Attack and Damage
Chest: Attack and CMB
Helm: Attack and CMB

The game is based on points. Broken down as the following.
Broken lance 1 point
Removed Helm 3 points
Unseated opponent Instant win.

The goal is to get as many points as you can in three passes. If there is a tie by the third you get off the horse and sword fight it out.

Any questions before I post the beginning?

Yep! I'm hoping to move us along tonight when I get home and if that doesn't happen it will be Saturday!

The hall as a whole

As the students ate away the hall grew slightly colder, however it was likely no one really noticed. What was properly noticeable, very much so, were the ethereal beings that began to fill the room. Ghosts, the ghosts of Hogwarts. They flew over the tables just below the candles, and a few even came down to speak with students.

Hufflepuff Table

"Welcome! Welcome to Hufflepuff!" A fat jolly spirit said dressed in medieval monk robes. "Hufflepuff was my house you know! Oh what fun to see new faces, though it is so few... But no matter, be joyful that you're here! Many call me the Fat Friar, but Friar is easier if you wish." He said with a smile on his face almost the whole time.

"I didn't know Hogwarts had ghosts...." Shelly muttered, obviously unsure how she felt about this.


"Charms, they're very useful." Allusic answered, she paused in her eating to watch the ghosts flow into the Hall. "I wondered when they would show."

"Potions." Sariphn answered as he simply glances at the ghosts, shook his head and went back to eating.

A ghost covered in chains and blood was slowly making his way down the table. His attention seemed to be more on the older students than the newer ones. But he did eventually make it down the long table. "Ah the new ones, glad to be in the best house hm?" He asked.

"As always." Allusic stated. "This is the Bloody Baron everyone, my brother told me about him."

"Thank you for the introduction, but I don't believe one of you new years is happy to see me. Might actually faint." He said, pointing to Anora

I am redoing the class list, and I think this time it will actually look better, going with an A-B block this time.

Hufflepuff Table

"Maybe through the classes?" Shelly asked in return. "As for sleepovers, we could have them in our own house! Dorms could be one big sleepover! Oh! We could also study together!" She added cheerfully.

Slytherin Table

"If so no one ever says." Allusic answered as before she politely ate a piece of her meat. She chewed before continuing "But my brother said he had three different teachers and this is his fourth year. One of those was even Dumbledore himself, I guess that was a year they couldn't find a replacement."

"I wonder if we'll have the Head Master as our teacher this year. They say he's the greatest wizard alive at the moment." Sariphn said, obviously excited about the idea.

I will run this so long as there is one person who wishes to play! I'll give a bit longer for the other two to reply.

So, first I owe you all an apology. I am a terrible GM when it comes to online games it seems. I had been working on consolidating the rules for the drunken joust and the rest of the type ups for the remaining tounery. I didn't give a thought to how long it was taking me till now, and in doing so I've let each of you down. I apologise, for my failings. Better a player than a GM it seems...

To those who are still around, I am still willing to try, but I don't know if things will be any better... Maybe I need to set up an alarm schedule...

So, if you're still willing I will try! If not, I did enjoy what little I got to play with you all, and I wish you all nothing but the best I really do.

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Hufflepuff Table

"My mother went to Hogwarts, she said that each of the dorms were in different parts of the castle. She was a Ravenclaw and said that hers were in a tower. Though she spoke nothing more about it." Shelly said. "When I pressed a bit she said it was in case I ended up in another house, as you're not suppose to go into another house's dorm room.

"Aye, now that is true." Tristan, a boy just a bit up the table from the group spoke out. "Going into another House is a real big no no, removal of points and even harsh detention." Tristan went on to say. "Oh! I'm Tristan by the way, Tristan Daivs. My pa was a Hufflepuff, he's going to be so stoked I got in as well!" He chuckled.

Slytherin Table

"Oh fine! Keep the rest of your information. I'll learn it all eventually." Sariphn said before he took a large serving of mashed potatoes and spooned them into his mouth.

"Though with what information you gave I will say this, if you mother is good at baking spells then you might become more popular, everyone has a sweet tooth... well save maybe some of the teachers." Allusic said as she cut her meat up into bite size pieces. "You know Dumbledore made a comment that has me curious about something." She added before she pointed up to the empty chair at the head table with a knife for a moment before going back to cutting. "That is were our defense against the dark arts teacher should be sitting, and my older brother said that they can never keep a teacher there for more than a year, so do you think that is what the Head Master was talking about when he mentioned a new change?"

Posting update tomorrow!


Sorry that took my longer to get out then I wanted... I passed out when I got home....

Hufflepuff Table

Rachel jumped when Francis began to accost her with a few questions, and it was more that it came all at once. "It is just something that is said!" She stated defensively. "I think it was founded in the 900s... but I can't remember completely..." She admitted. Rachel was quiet for a moment when Serafina brought up the war. "Yes, it could be that maybe a family member took her in? Maybe the family member was a squib? That would explain why she would have been raised like a muggle. After all squibs often leave to live in the mortal world."

"That is true!" Shelly said. "My fifth cousin turned out to be a squib, he works in the muggle world now. Something to do with taxes..." She added, obviously trying to think. Then she shook her head and smile. "I wonder how it will be for her then. Raised like a muggle yet seated around pure-bloods? Poor thing." Shelly said with a sigh before she ate more off her plate. "So, why don't we talk about something happier? Do you think our dorm rooms will be nice?"

Slytherin Table

"Well there is always a first." Sariphn said with a nod to Ken and Anora. "And what about your parents?" He asked Anora.

"Don't answer if you don't want to." Allusic told Anora simply. "Make him figure it out, we're suppose to be cunning after all." She stated as she teased Sariphn.

I'm not talking about the opening for Slytherins, because all of those are written by blank for blank. No the one I pulled that quote from is this page


Hopefully it is the same for a computer as phone, but anyways I'll be leaving work soon! So hopefully post is just two or so hours away.

I totally understand that! I will move us along tonight when I get home. Busy work day and this is kinda all I can post at lunch.

Also according to JK Rowlings own site this the the opening thing on Slytherin house.

Slytherin produces more than its share of Dark wizards, but also turns out leaders who are proud, ambitious and cunning. Merlin is one particularly famous Slytherin.

They do say that Hogwartshas been around 1000 years or so, thus I agree the timeline shouldn't line up, but according to the creator... they do... so yeah...

Welcome back! Hope you had fun!

Hufflepuff table

"Merlin came after the founders." Rachel said with a small laugh. "Also the four founders were friends, for a while at least. Till Slytherin left. So the hat had to be made before that." She said as she tried to think of what else she knew. "I think that's about all I know. I could write to my dad though! He'd know more."

"It would have to be your uncle Travis, as that area is also were my aunt works!" Shelly said with a nod in agreement. "I'll have to write her and tell her that I'm in the same house as you! She'll get a laugh."

Both however stopped and look at Serafina and Francis in confusion. "Did you two just say there is a muggleborn in Slytherin?" Shelly asked, which was quickly followed by Rachel saying "There's no way!"

Slytherin table

"I don't know about out of style, but is seem like only the old families keep them." Allusic stated as she used her fork to point to Sariphn as if that made her pointed. "But yes. I am Allusic Carrow."

"And I am Sariphn Selwyn" Sariphn said with a proud smile. "So Ken, what do your parents do?" He asked.

Allusic leaned in over the table a bit, looking at Anora picking at her plate. "Let me guess, first of the family in Slytherin?" She asked.

Hufflepuff table

Shelly, the one who had followed Serafina to the Hufflepuff's table turned to the young witch and asked "Bones yes? I think my aunt works with a Bones in the ministry. I can't remember the name though..." She said as she tried thing, "Oh well! It will come to me!" Shelly smiled. "I'm Shelly Goodwin by the way!" She said joyfully.

Then, Rachel answered Francis's question "He was Godric Gryffindor's hat." She explained. "They say a small piece of each founder lives in the hat, but I doubt that."

Slytherin table

"I take it your family doesn't have an elf?" Sariphn asked some what sarcastically. "Must be a half-blood then, don't worry you have your place." He added almost absent minded.

"Few keep elves now anyways." Allusic spoke up before she took a bite of a roll.

When the last of the students had been sorted Professor McGonagall took out her wand and with a wave moved the stool, sorting hat, and scroll away. Then Professor Dumbledore stood up from his Head-Master chair. "Before we begin the feast, I have a few things I wish to say. Many of you are aware of what happened this past year, and while I expect you to celebrate it, encourage even, I ask you not to get so caught up that you forget your studies. Now to our first years, please note that the forbidden is off limits to all. Also because of a last minute change to our roster of teacher your schedules will not be given to you till after breakfast at your first class tomorrow. But lets not worry about that now." He said as he looked down his half moon shaped glasses at the students with a small smile upon his lips. "And with that I've only two more words to say... Dig in!" He held up his hands and the tables where filled with wondrous looking food! Whole turkeys, racks of lamb, roasted chicken sat alongside mashes potatoes, peas, corn, copped carrots, and dinner rolls. Drinks is glass jugs sat with juices of all kinds in between the pile of food.

Older students began filling their plates and the Great Hall grew louder with the voices of students and the clinking of plates, knives, forks, and spoons.

Sorry, I wanted to get this post out before I had to go to my in-laws to house sit, their internet is... so bad! But that didn't happen! So here it is!

Francis Scamander:
"Ah! A Scamander, haven't had one of you in a while. You are a, kindhearted one. Not afraid to take the harder road if you must... Yes I know where to put you!"

The hat called out "Hufflepuff!

"Sariphn Selwyn" was called and the hat cried "Slytherin" upon touching his head.

"Tomas Trevor" followed as a "Gryffindor"

"Kenneth Williamson" was the last to be called, and McGonagall looked down and motioned for him to come to the stool.

It cool! I save me greatly as I still wasn't feeling too well.

After Serfina took her seat McGonagall returned to the list of students, calling for "Hugo Boyle" For the hat to cry out, "Gryffindor" almost as soonas it touched his head.

"Hycous Bulstrode" proudly stepped up when his name was call and grinned boldly when the hat cried "Slytherin"

"Elizabeth Campbell" followed placed in "Ravenclaw"

"Allusic Carrow" took the seat and accepted the cry of Slytherin" with grace.

"Tristan Davis" soon joined as a "Hufflepuff"

"Anora Evans" was now called upon. Her new friends watched as she took a seat upon the stool, eyes closed tight as the hat was placed upon her head. A few moments passed, then finally "Slytherin" Anora slowly stood and walked to the Slytherin table, glacing over to Serafina with a sad expression.

"Oliva Francis" followed after Anora and became a "Gryffindor"

"Maricros Flint" also joined the "Slytherin" group

"Marvin Foster" turned out to be a Ravenclaw

"Shelly Goodwin" joined Serafina as a "Hufflepuff"

"David Griffin" also was called to the "Hufflepuff" table

"Patrica Johnstone got called to "Ravenclaw"

Naomi Jones to the "Gryffindor"[/bigger

"Lane McMillan" followed as a [bigger]"Ravenclaw"

"Irma Morgan" took a seat at the "Gryffindor"

"Jennifer Newell" went to "Ravenclaw"

"Vincent Parkinson" of course became a "Slytherin"

"Patrick Peters" was given the title of "Gryffindor"

"Rachel Rees" became a fellow "Hufflepuff"

"Kelly Rogers" did as well when the hat cried "Hufflepuff"

"Francis Scamander" was then called.

The plan is to call all in order and I was going to do a thing for each of you but Serafina did her own, which is fine, so if each of you wish to do your owns like she did that is fine.

I'm going to be moving us along shortly.

Professor McGonagall returned with a scroll in her hand just a few moments later. "We're ready for you." She told the new students before she had them follow her into the Great Hall.
The hall was filled with five long tables, four of which held fellow students from the other years who looked upon that first years with a mixture of interest and nostalgia. But the grandeur of the hall is what drew the first years attention. The large hall was lit with not only the brazers upon the walls but the candles that floated above their heads and.. into the... Night sky?!
The fifth table was the faculty table though what caught the eye was not that, but the small stool that sat just above the three steps that lead to the table. Then upon the stool, a ragged old hat. Professor McGonagall lead all of the first years right up to the stairs. "Gather here please." She said before looked to the hat upon the stool.
Soon the hat began to twitch and pull open at the seem then, it began to sing!

”A new year has come to be,
Which brings new students unto me,
To look at see where they’ll be at,
For I am the old sorting hat,

Only four you need to know,
In whose houses you will grow,
Be Gryffindor if your courage is strong,
For with those you’ll get along,
Else Ravenclaw if you’ve wit beyond measure,
To them that is the greatest treasure,
Maybe Hufflepuff if you’re hardworking and loyal,
Those here are unfazed by toil,
If not Slytherin if you’ve the ambition,
Where you can learn skills for any mission.

Yet I implore you to remember this,
Four makes one else it is amiss,
Each of us a part to play,
Only together can all find their way."

The Great Hall clapped though Head Master of Hogwrats, Professor Dumbledore held up his hand to quiet them again. The Professor McGonagall spoke. "Now when I call your name you will come forward and I shall place the sorting hat upon your head." With that and a flick of her wrist she unfurled the scroll and began.
”Kyle Allen” McGonagall called out, and a lad with dusty red hair and slender frame marched up and took a seat. She placed the hat upon his head and soon it cried ”GRYFFINDOR”

”Mylissa Alexander” A dark haired girl with tanned skin answered by skipping up to take the seat and get the hat upon her head. ”RAVENCLAW”

”James Barter” Lad with blond hair and pale complexion slowly stepped up to take the stool, eyes slightly closed when the hat touched his head. ”HUFFLEPUFF”

”Serifina Bones” McGonagall called as she looked down into the group of students.

Okay I'm going to have to retry the post tomorrow, I got sent home early sick and am in and out of sleep and so I'm not confident in my posting abilities for something so long. I really am sorry.

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That's fine! I understand that life doesn't always make time for what we want to do. Of this, I am well aware.

I just went ahead and made a new one. Seemed easier.

Here we are!! I'll set up a discussion from this board for it once every one either makes their first post in the other on or dots and deletes and I see the character all on that character page.

Edit: I just made a new discussion. Felt it was easier honestly. So I'll move this to inactive once everyone who is active in this moves over.

Water pushed to small boats against the stone dock as all of the new students stepped out of the boats and got onto the dock. Hagrid was waving for all of them to make their way up a set of stone stairs. "Com' along! We don't wanna be late now."

New students shuffled through the area, all talking about the amazing sight they had just seen. Their first real look upon this fabled school that parents, older siblings, or teachers told them about. May seemed very excited, other a bit nervous, and even a few said it wasn't what they expected.

The group of students where finally pushed along as they headed up the long stone steps and finally found themselves inside the castle walls of Hogwarts. The history of this place showed in every area they came to. Soon the group was stopped after they twisted around a small stair case with a tall noble yet stern looking woman in emerald green robes and a black witch hat standing upon the landing. She was an older woman but the air around her was one of authority. "Welcome to Hogwarts, I am Professor McGonagall." She began as she gave them a nod. "In a few moments you will step through those doors," She turned slightly a pointed to glass door behind her.

"Though before you could do that however, you must be sorted into your houses. There is Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin." She explained swiftly yet some how slow enough for them to grasp. "While you are here, your house is like your family. Your triumphs will earn you points, though any rule breaking... and you will lose points." She told them as she looked down at each of them to see that they understood before continuing. "At the end of the year, the house with the most points will win the House Cup."

Then she turned slightly and told them "The sorting ceremony will begin shortly." Professor McGonagell said before she turned and walked through the glass door, leaving them there for a moment.

I'll be making a new one shortly. I'm just catching up on a few things.

I'm thinking the end of the boat right so that the group and still be talking about the sight of Hogwarts and such.

So H.B. may not be joining us. When I PMed him to tell him to go ahead and jump back in he said that he might not be rejoining and asked were we would be starting. I explained and have yet to hear a single word back on yes or no... So I don't think he will be rejoining us...

Does this change anything for any one? If not we'll just hit the ground running.


Jonith laughed heartily and nodded "Aye, there can only be one." He said then paused for a moment. "Is that a saying? Why do I feel like that is a saying?"

Drafen leaned foreword as Catriona said. "I've never had that much ale at once in my life..." He told her as he gave a groan. "Have to hold it down else I'll have to drink more..."


Feylinn seems to swell a bit with pride when Trimar addressed her. "I would say my aim is fair!" She declared,

"So long as the target is the size of a troll." Walden said to Landon and both chuckled a bit.

Feylinn's face turned a bit red as she glared at her fellow pages.


Gareth sighed as he took the letter. "Sure, why not." He muttered before he got up and started walking. "Heard about the drunken joust by the way, you still seem sober so I doubt you'll be in it?" He half heartedly asked.

So I sent H.B. another PM to let him know he can jump back in. Make sure he's okay with all of this then we can jump back in feet first!
I was going to do this on Tuesday but... illness didn't agree.

Anyways! While we wait I thought we could hash out some core details of the train ride. That way the core parts are the same but the smaller detailed interaction are left to each of us!

Such as Anora would share her cookies with all of you, and show you the spell that she knows, as well as inform you all that she is muggleborn.

Oh dear, he's going to get everyone into so much trouble! XD

So that means we have:

Everyone okay with this?

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