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Alysendra teleports to wherever Farin is and tells him to instruct the dragons to not hurt ANYONE but giants.

I think Farin was taking the dragons inside the castle, not down on the ground...

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M Elf Age: 252 or so

Wren *facepalms* as he sees the destruction the dragons are causing to the town. He shakes his head and if he could glare at Farin, he would.

"Apparently, I have more trials this day," Wren wishes he could just set off the bomb to explode and end this all right now...the dragons, the giants, this damn castle, himself...all of it.

Then, maybe, then *maybe*, then he'd have his redemption.

Priestess of Desna HP 130/122 | AC:39 | T:18 | FF:37 | CMB: +17 | CMD:27 | SR 23 |Fort:+16*| Ref:+12*| Will:+19* |Resist fire/cold/electricity 30 | Init:+2| Perc: +24 | Speed: fly 60 ft. freedom of movement

If the dragons really are attacking the town and not the castle, Alsyendra teleports to the ground and starts fighting dragons and healing townsfolk.

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Farin quickly (ok, not so quickly - sorry!) realizes his mistake. "Dragons! Return to the castle and destroy the giants there. Do not harm any people, especially halflings and dwarves, but also elves and humans. "

Well, I am neck deep in it now...

Epic Drunk | HP 186/186 | AC 33 T 14 FF 31 | CMD 37 (39 vs Trip/Sunder, 43 vs Trip if standing on the ground) | Fort +24 Ref +12 Will +10 (+4 poison/spells/SLA) | Init +2 | Perc +12

Kraygan watches the carnage with a big O face. ”Call ‘em off Farin! Call ‘em OFFF!!”

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Alysendra flickers as she tries to teleport down to the rooftop where Farin stands overlooking the carnage below. Quickly realizing his mistake Farin sets his mental link with all of the dragons once again. Alysendra panics and begins to float over to the halfling. Once again she tries to teleport below and only flickers as the spell fails, ultimately cut off by some unseen force surrounding the Castle.

The dragons swirl and begin to rise in the air once again as they reform on Farin. With a new command the dragons swoop in through the open doorways and vents. A good amount of time passes before flames blow out windows. Out of the eastern end of the castle Naximarra barrels out of the vent carrying a giant in each clawed hand as she drops them down to the ground below.

The Dragons swoop in and out the the castle at all angles and dizzying speeds. Ten minutes goes by, twenty minutes goes by.... Surely the Castle must be empty by now.

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M Elf Age: 252 or so

Wren floats a bit closer to Farin.

"Farin. Tell them to go. Tell them to scatter to the winds. Tell them so we can destroy the Orb. Tell them that we will make good on our promise. Tell them."

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Farin considers Wren's words. "But..." he starts.

The dragons are evil? Why should I let them go? But then, would my using evil creatures to do good truly be good? I could destroy them all now, but is that really how I want to be remembered? Although, those burnt people below aren't winning me any honors either...

"Right. Of course you are correct."

Turning inward again, he does exactly as Wren dictated.

"OK, it is done."

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Farin calls all of the dragons off. With a new mental command the dragons exit the castle like small hummingbirds. The dragons dart off, taking high into the air as they begin to get some distance. Farin knows that over time the dragons will slowly come back to their senses. This day has changed Farin, while he had stopped the Storm Tyrant he also will be remember for centuries by the Dragons, Naximarra, Akazerath and likely any of their future kin as an enemy of their kind. While he meant good the dragons don't take kindly or easily forget enslaving their kind, orb destroyed or not. Farin is likely to be hunted and stalked for most of the remainder of his life, sticking to the shadows and avoiding highly populated areas unless he were to smooth talk and repent his toll in some way.

With the castle cleared out the Trunau Militia now has full control of a floating fortress. Looking over the land there is some destruction but Wren knows that ultimately it could have been much worse. Much, much worse. Small pillars of smoke rise and cling around as those below are unsure what is going on. Wren groans. Somehow he survived the death he was looking for. Somehow.

With the defeat of Volstus, and the successful prevention of the cloud castle’s catastrophic fall to the ground, the menace of the Storm Tyrant is finally at an end. However damaged it may be, Ironcloud Keep is one of the most marvelous artifacts a mortal can imagine.

Spirit and Jorgan each let loose a might gust of wind from their rear ends as Renfal is extracted. the ghostly giant wanes in the air. "Well done." he looks around at the damage done to the castle throughout the fight. "The harm done to the castle is extensive. It is only a matter of time before its magical engine fails with no hope of reprieve. Please you must disembark. Allow me to take the necessary steps to avoid further misfortunes." His somber voice drifts.

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M Elf Age: 252 or so

Wren sighs, looking down at the destruction upon Trunau. He shakes his head.

"How is it possible for us to have done better? Or sooner? How did we succeed at all?" Wren doesn't have the answers, still not believing his eyes.

He looks at the rest of the party, and the one remnant who left with him those many many months ago. Seems like years.

Jorgan. Poor guy. Seems so shellshocked by all this. We've lost a piece of him.

Kraykeg. Solid as a yak.

He floats over to Alysendra and Farin.

"This here is Trunau, our home," he says, showing them where he had come from. "I might even have a shop around here still." Wren looks to see if he can point it out. "As thanks for helping us, I'll offer you a lifetime 10% discount on leather goods." He offers a wry smile and goes to see if anyone he knew in Trunau still lives.

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Male Halfling Infiltrator Ranger 4 / Unchained Rogue 12 | HP 113/113 | AC: 36 Tch: 26 FF: 19 CMD 3428 | F +13, R +22, W +11 | Perc +27/+33 Traps SM +15 | Active: Heroes' Feast, Ext Heroism

"Trunau? Never been there. Might be best for me to lie low for a long time. Farin the Dragon-Hunted Giant Killer. Hmm. Sometimes its best to let the legend live on by changing a name, maybe a disguise. Of course, dragons are tricky too."

Epic Drunk | HP 186/186 | AC 33 T 14 FF 31 | CMD 37 (39 vs Trip/Sunder, 43 vs Trip if standing on the ground) | Fort +24 Ref +12 Will +10 (+4 poison/spells/SLA) | Init +2 | Perc +12

"BARAK TRUNAU!!" Kraygan roars over the parapets at the sight of dragons flying off and his adopted home still apparently in one piece. Tears streaming into his beard, mixing with beer and leftover trail rations, he thruts the Hammer of Thunderbolts high, and cheers and cheers, never having believed they could win.

When Spirit gives up the ghost, he wonders if maybe something can be salvaged from the castle.

"Oy, Renfal!" Kraygan calls to the ghost. "Though it'd be nice to have a floatin castle, we could still use a settled one. Maybe on that hill o'er yonder? We'll carve out a place fer it ter land. And if it crashes, we'll re purpose it fer a good cause."

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M Elf Age: 252 or so

"Maybe we should offer Renfal his body back, via the truest of resurrections. He has earned the honor, I would think," Wren suggests, but unable to do the magics himself. He looks over at Alysendra, to see what she might think of the idea.

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Renfal smiles for the first time in what seems like a long time. He looks around. "No need dear elf, the giants I knew are gone, and so I must go as well."

With Kraygan's suggestion the Cloud Fortress lowers to the ground, allowing the Trunau Militia to exit safely. Renfal embarks on his final task. Directed by the commands of its last cloud engineer, Zephyr Hall begins drifting toward the highest clouds, soaring slowly and majestically as the celestial music of harps plays for the final time in the deserted halls of the cloud castle. The citadel takes on a more misty form as it rises, eventually transforming into nothing more than a castle-shaped cloud as Renfal’s soul finally begins its journey to the afterlife.

Several miles in the distance you see the castle reappear, lowering on top of a hill, just in the distance of Trunau. The ground crumbles and settles beneath the lofty weight. While it may never fly again, this fortress will take quite a bit to defend, especially if the orcs were to ever get their hands on it. With word the Knights will likely request more troops at their disposal for the defense of the land.

Turning back towards town you see quite the crowd forming. Whatever your choices one thing is clear, you are now heroes of legendary stature who have saved the civilized nations of Avistan from subjugation and conquest at the hands of the Storm Tyrant and his army of giants and orcs.

Go ahead and roleplay out what you will be doing for the years afterward, otherwise that is the end of the Adventure Path!

----------------------fade away to the future-------------------------------------------------------

"Just as this story began, so too does it end." The elderly dwarf leans back in his chair as the small fire crackles in the hearth of the Inn. The small group of adventurers that listened to the tale seems to have grown in number as Torgan shuts the book. Everyone looks wide-eyed and in awe to be in the presence of one of the legendary heroes.

Several questions begin to arise from the group.

"What happened to teh Storm Tyrant's body?"

"Did the Dragon's ever find Farin?"

The questions cease as the inn door slams open. Standing in the doorway is an unlikely group. In walks a pair of dwarves. "Cousin, when you buying us that round of Snakebite #755 you promised?" Kraygan and Jorgan smile as they rush to embrace their cousin they had not seen in some time. As for Vanderhoff and Calrianne, they both disappeared the night before their wedding in a small town named Rosler's Coffer, not to be heard from again. Though that was several decades ago. A small statue has been erected in their honor on the center of town.

The statue has also recently had the addition of both Alysendra and Rogzul. Alysendra dying of old age in her sleep while Rogzul continued to live a rather violent life, leading a large tribe of orcs across the lands to carve out their own name.

Farin constantly on the run had several rumors about his name and was said to be seen all over the world, collecting riches. Some rumors include seeing him riding atop the back of a large red dragon while other say he made amends and turned the orb over for destruction and was killed in the process as the dragon's served their vengeance. Though of course these are all rumors.

Torgan laughs. "Where's that cranky-ass elf been hiding at?" Kraygan rolls his eyes, "You know Wren..." The clearing of a throat from the entrance stops Kraygan. While the dwarves look to have aged some time the elf in the doorway looks to have only aged a few years, though Wren walks with a cane.

Clank...clank. It pops on the hard floor. "Only cause I have to clean up your messes dwarves." The dwarves roar with laughter as the Trunau Militia is joined together once again, just as they have every few years since their adventure. The Inn is full of joy and merriment as the party goes well past Wren's bedtime.


Thanks for playing it out Fellas. this was my first AP to run and I definitely learned a lot from it all. Not only that but this AP went through a lot. The birth of both of my children, the death of both of my parents and another deployment. This AP's certainly take years on the forums and I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking through it all.

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Male Halfling Infiltrator Ranger 4 / Unchained Rogue 12 | HP 113/113 | AC: 36 Tch: 26 FF: 19 CMD 3428 | F +13, R +22, W +11 | Perc +27/+33 Traps SM +15 | Active: Heroes' Feast, Ext Heroism

I know I only came for the end, but it was great fun! I am currently running two groups - one starting book 3 and another finishing book 2. Anyway, thanks GM!

Farin tried to live a quiet life, but he just couldn't do it. The rumors that followed his name were largely exaggerated, and often simply untrue... some of which he starting in a tale of two of his own making. One story that was true, however, was that the greater legend, Akazerath, was hunting Farin. In disguise as a human, the dragon got very close once... only by sheer luck did Farin happen to escape the trap that was waiting. After that, he became far more wary, and even found ways to disguise himself.

In the end, though, Farin grew old and tired of running. It a great show, he appeared in front of a crowd one day, and sang a ballad of his adventures, challenging to dragon to a final confrontation. And in that village, he waited for months until one day, Akazerath appeared. While an entire village watched, Farin bravely stood in front of the dragon and apologized for his actions in using the orb. And then he waited to be eaten...

Priestess of Desna HP 130/122 | AC:39 | T:18 | FF:37 | CMB: +17 | CMD:27 | SR 23 |Fort:+16*| Ref:+12*| Will:+19* |Resist fire/cold/electricity 30 | Init:+2| Perc: +24 | Speed: fly 60 ft. freedom of movement

I was also only here for the end, but it was a blast! Thanks for running, and thanks for everyone having such interesting characters!

Alysendra watches the castle settle onto the hill, already thinking ahead to the future. Who will defend that castle from giants? How will we make sure it never flies again?

She accompanies the party to Trunau, visiting Wren's shop and the dwarves' house. She searches for her father, who she left here to convalesce, only to hear he left several days after she did. She remains near Trunau, and offers to help defend the castle as a continuation of her debt to Trunau. She serves as a scout and patrols the area around the castle, always alert for signs the giants were returning.

Decades pass, and eventually Alysendra retires from active service with the knights. She keeps in touch with all of her former colleagues, through magical and mundane means. Farin, Wren, and the dwarves receive monthly letters from Alysendra that always seem to find them no matter where they are.

One beautiful spring day, as she rested outside the castle walls, her old friend Penthae came to call.

"Hello, old friend, it's good to see you. But I have not summoned you, indeed I have not for many a year," she greeted the azata.

"True, Mistress, but I have come nonetheless. You have labored long, and deserve rest. You did not summon me. The Lady of Stars herself sent me, to visit you one last time on Golarion, and to bring you home."

When they found her a few hours later, Alysendra's spirit had departed, but her face still bore a smile. The small envelope in her hand was inscribed with a single name. The people of Trunau would ensure that it was delivered, a last act of gratitude for one who had spent so long as a bulwark against the evil that surrounded them.

Epic Drunk | HP 186/186 | AC 33 T 14 FF 31 | CMD 37 (39 vs Trip/Sunder, 43 vs Trip if standing on the ground) | Fort +24 Ref +12 Will +10 (+4 poison/spells/SLA) | Init +2 | Perc +12

Thunderbringer. Stormkiller. Tyrantbane. Giantslayer. Few dwarves could boast of the deeds and titles Kraygan claimed after the fall of the Storm Tyrant and his army. He drank his fill on the credit of his fame, and overstayed his welcome many times in places where one could fill a cup. Many times he considered returning to the lands of the dwarves and proving his heroism to his own people, but the Hold of Belkzen is a rough and dangerous land, and every new generation in Trunau faced challenges from orc hordes, giants bent on revenge, or monsters run amok, and Kraygan found that he just couldn’t leave it undefended. Decades passed, and as happens, the next generation grows up on many stories of heroes - but also evidence of tall tales and drunken foolery. Legends fade, threatened to be replaced by myths. Who would believe a dwarf could survive against such overwhelming odds? Might as well believe that the indentation in cobblestones outside the smith’s was made by a dwarf tossed over Trunau’s walls by a catapult.

About once a generation, just as Kraygan’s fame was fading, a new threat would rise, and so would he, whether from a drunken bender, or dirty haystack, and ride forth with his Hammer into the fray, igniting his legend anew.


Dwarves live long lives. Animals, unfortunately, grow and pass quickly by comparison.

A group of statues, three yaks, accompanied by a ram, was commissioned by Kraygan to be constructed in a small park near the Ramblehouse. Crafted from beaten bronze riveted with steel, they were larger than any normal animal of their kind, and it didn’t take long for the children of Trunau to discover a secret hatch in the belly of one yak. The chamber within was large enough for a handful of occupants and held a minor enchantment that kept the temperature comfortable. If one climbed up to the head they could view the town and the keep on the hill through the statue’s eyes. A small plaque inside bore three words.

“Here be Giantslayers.”

Thanks for running this AP Tyr. You did an amazing job, better than most seasoned GMs in my opinion. If you run another campaign, keep me in mind as a loyal player.

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