GM Sappy's Infiltrators - Dirty War

Game Master Sapiens

May XX, 1942 - XXXXXX - Prague

Map of Prague

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Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Hello there, congratulations on getting in! The campaign proper will start either tomorrow or Monday, you can use this time to tweak builds, backstories, plan for any eventuality and get to know each other!

A few things on my playstyle:
- I generally use Rednal's modified group initiative. After rolling initiative, those who scored higher than the monsters' average can go, then it's monster time, then we go with group initiative.
- I roll many things that happen outside of your action. Initiative, Perception checks when you need one, even most saving throws.
- I try to be as active as possible but I have a hard semester in front of me, so some days may pass without posts on my part.
- And of course, you can write me for anything.

I've thought about it. How about Draining Casting doesn't apply when you use actions that don't consume spell points and you aren't in immediate danger (sort of like taking 10)? It seems balanced and logical to me.

About the refluffing, a stiletto sounds good. In alternative, it could be a larger bayonet or a Langesmesser, a German medieval knife almost as long as a sword.

Thanks for the nod Sappy. I'm really looking forward to this. I'll finish Aedan's equipment this weekend and be ready to go.

FYI, Weekends tend to be a slow posting time for me, I rarely get online during the day (I'm on my phone now, in fact), but during the week I can get in at least a post a day, usually in the evenings, after 10PM EST.

Changeling Occultist 4 / Gunslinger 2

Sweet, thanks GM Sappy.

This will be fun and interesting, I'm sure.

Hey Mina, how long have you been part of the BC? How many missions have Mina and Liliya been on together or how well do you think they know each other?

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Thanks for the selection!

GM Sappy wrote:

Oh that looks awesome, I'll definitely go with that.

Aedan Michael O'Connell wrote:
FYI, Weekends tend to be a slow posting time for me, I rarely get online during the day (I'm on my phone now, in fact), but during the week I can get in at least a post a day, usually in the evenings, after 10PM EST.

I'm in the same boat re: Weekends.

Liliya Vasikova wrote:
Hey Mina, how long have you been part of the BC? How many missions have Mina and Liliya been on together or how well do you think they know each other?

Not very long, less than two years. She could be somewhat green depending on how the game starts, with us being "paired up" since Liliya is more experienced? I'm open to whether this is the first time or whether we've gone on a few missions together, though. It might be good to have a strong connection, since everyone else is with the Laundry.

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Disguise +5, Diplomacy +6, Handle Animal +10, Intimidate +8, K (Geo) +5, K (Nature) +12, L: Laundry +10, Perception +10, Sense Motive +10, Stealth +6, Survival +13

We can "Tweak" you say? Welp, time to utterly rebuild Beast into the most OP thing I can think of. I'm going to have lazor beams for eyes!

...I kidd :p I will go over Beast with a fine toothed comb but I dont think anything will really change.

Draining Casting:
As for the Draining Casting, thats an interesting idea :P I like it but I am not really sure on what would qualify as being in immediate danger. Would in combat but not being threatened count for example? How about rough weather?
Ill look up both taking 10 and concentration checks in a moment.
Done. It looks like the main times you cannot take 10 are in combat and when you are distracted. Were you thinking on having it only activate in combat?
That and we can take it for a test run and see how it plays out :)

Beast Shifter 6 HP 55/55 (0) AC 16, T 13, FF 15, BAC 17 , Fort +11, Ref +8, Will +6
Disguise +5, Diplomacy +6, Handle Animal +10, Intimidate +8, K (Geo) +5, K (Nature) +12, L: Laundry +10, Perception +10, Sense Motive +10, Stealth +6, Survival +13

Oh, everyone.
For armor I just went AC, T, FF, BAC. I didnt include "Physical" in front of AC because it is inferred. I think that this is the simplest way to represent it.

Combat Engineer Alchemist 6 | HP: 52/52 | AC: 19P/19B (14 Tch, 15 Fl) | CMD: 19 | F: +8, R: +11, W: +6 | Init: +4 | Perc: +11 | Bombs 10/11 | SP: 13/13 | Speed 30ft | Active conditions: None.

Hello all; this is exciting!

So, it looks like we have three Laundry agents (two full time and one 'on loan'), and two Chamber agents.

Would it be too much to ask for everyone to repost their backstory here? Or, at least do a summary, so that we all know a little bit about each other.

I dont know how much cross pollination there is between The Black Chamber and The Laundry, but at the very least, those of us in the same agency should have a bit of info on the others, even if it's just 'round the water cooler' rumors.

The short version of Aedan's story is: He is an Irish national who left his homeland due to family problems, and moved to France with his childhood sweetheart. When his wife & unborn child were killed by Nazi spies/sympathizers, he went berserk and killed them with is nascent psionic powers, and was recruited then by the Laundry. He's been with them for about two years, and is one of their most successful new assassins. He is generally cold and standoffish, even around colleagues, though once he gets to know someone he will thaw a bit. On assignment, he tends to blend into the background, playing as a lowly janitor, bus boy, or busking musician hanging out on the corner. Right up until the moment when he gets his target alone, then he's cold, ruthless, and deadly.

To make things somewhat easier, RP wise, I'm cool with him knowing Beast and Tomasz if you guys are. Whether they worked together, trained together, or just met around the office...any of those work for me.

And if there *is* any sort of cross pollination with the BC, same for Mina and Liliya.

The Long Version:
Aedan Michael O'Connell
Engineering Prodigy and Psychic Assassin

Name: Aedan O'Connell
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Appearance: Compared to most, Aedan is smaller than average, standing at just 5'8". However he weighs in at a stocky, muscular 152 lbs. His hands and forearms are moderately scarred from his youth spent bare-knuckled boxing and other 'kids scraps'. His face is pleasantly handsome, in a 'bit o' rough' sort of way and his piercing green eyes miss absolutely nothing. Aedan seems to have an almost preternatural sense of awareness honed over multiple years of dodging bobbies and fellow criminals.

Personality: Aedan is pugnacious and extremely passionate in almost everything he does. He is smart, skilled, and possesses an almost supernatural ability to blend in to the background. He's a born scrapper without an ounce of quit in his entire body.

In his youth he was a much more passionate person, but his time in the Laundry, as well as the various tragedies that befallen him (see History), have left him much colder. Oh, he is able to 'put on the personality', but underneath he is cold, calculating, and merciless.

However, even despite the darker turns in his life, there is still a spark of humanity that remains, mostly stoked and cared for by 'his Jenny', the powerful shard of crystal that resides within him.

Background: Aedan Michael O'Connell was born into a large family of Travelers in North Ireland. From a very early age he displayed a startling intelligence and grasp of the inner workings of machines. He was forever taking things apart, putting them back together, and in the process, making them run better than before. Unlike many of his fellow Rover children, due to a combination of gifts, and a very strong willed mother, Aedan was sent to a proper public school, rather than being home taught as many of his fellows were. While in school he was exposed to the wonderful world of education, studying, and most of all, The Library! It was love at first sight.

Throughout his school 'career' Aedan devoured books on Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, Chemistry, Physics, and any other of the hard sciences he could get his hands on. Despite his strong intellectual bent he was also a passionate and physical boy. This led to several scraps and brought him to the attention of the school authorities. It also brought him to the attention of a young girl names Jenny who, despite their relatively young ages, found herself intrigued by and drawn to the wild Rover boy. The two quickly became inseparable.

As an outlet for his 'aggressive tendencies' he was encouraged to play sports...primarily the rough and tumble sport of Rugby. Outside of school his Father encouraged the boy to involve himself in the bare knuckled boxing that his two older brothers and father were so proficient at. To keep up an air of respectability, he also took 'proper boxing' lessons after school. As a lark, he started teaching Jenny the 'gentlemanly art' as well. Both children excelled at the sport and though only Aedan could do it 'officially', their mutual progress was almost identical and they continued all throughout primary and secondary school Between the various activities, Aedan had an outlet for his more aggressive impulses and was also able to earn enough 'pocket money' to fund his tinkering habits...and also take Jenny out for the occasional ice cream or picnic.

The other thing it did was to create and cement stronger emotional bonds with his two older brothers, whom Aedan was already incredibly close to. His only other friend, outside the Family anyway, was Jenny, and as the years progressed the two grew closer and closer. Though they never officially 'courted' in all their time together, neither ever even gave thought to being with anyone else either and they could almost always be found together when they weren't otherwise busy. Aedan was very careful to keep her separate from his Clan life and and illegal activities his Family was involved in, however. Jenny was a 'good girl' from a local working class family, and Aedan didn't want her even peripherally involved in The Life.

While he'd been growing up and going to school, The 'Family' had expanded their criminal enterprises while the two were away at school. Aedan had largely kept out of that side of the family business...his parents wanted him to keep up his 'respectable' status, so as to give them someone legit to front their various enterprises. Aedan, knowing this, but also not actually wanting to be part of that side of Rover life anymore, had gone along while privately vowing to get out of the life altogether after school, with Jenny at his side, of course.

Unfortunately, under the direction of his two older brothers, who had taken things over when their Da 'retired', the Family had begun getting into more, and more serious crime. Now, instead of the odd bit of money laundering, or protection schemes, they were into smuggling, robbery, cons, extortion...all were fair game and Aedan's brothers were hip deep in all of it. The only thing consolation that he had was that they hadn't gotten the Clan involved with the IRA, unlike many of their fellow Irish, domestic terrorism. As far as the Travelers were concerned, while the IRA might have noble goals, many of the methods they espoused were too much for the Families, especially when they ended up hurting innocent civilians...notably children. However, again, Aedan was officially 'kept out of the loop', so, in general, life was good.

Unfortunately, it was not to last. Three months before graduation from Secondary school Aedan got a frantic call from Jenny. She had suspected for years that Aedan's family were involved in shady activities...after all, 'everybody' knew about the Rovers. And now several 'shady characters' were in her Father's pub, busting up the place and hurting people.

Aedan rapidly made his way to Jenny's family pub and got the shock of his life when he found his oldest brother, a couple of cousins, and a few other Clan members breaking up the pub and beating a couple of the patrons. Aedan's brother was, in fact, standing over Jenny about to bring down a chair on the girl, who already had a split lip and torn shirt. Without thinking Aedan practically flew across the room, snatching a chair out of the other boy's hands and dropping him with a quick rabbit punch. In a furious, unbelieving voice Aedan began demanding answers. He was shocked even further when his father came out of the back room, dragging the bloodied form of Jenny's dad and a bag from which wads of cash and bags of white powder were practically spilling out. The man had obviously been severely beaten and was, at best, half conscious.

With an inarticulate cry Jenny sprang at Aedan's dad, only to be brutally smashed aside. Red rage descended and, unthinkingly, Aedan charged his father. Unlike Jenny, Aedan had not only training, but killer instinct on his side. The two traded brutal, punishing blows for several minutes while the rest of the family looked on in mixed anger and confusion. Aedan, feeling betrayed by the evidence that, not only was his family obviously involved in drug dealing, but his Da's brutal assault of his best friend...a young woman, whom he realized in a blinding moment of insight, that he had far more than 'friendly' feelings for, pushed Aedan far past him limit. He wasn't pulling punches and was using every iota of his hard won skills. Such was his blind fury that he was actually winning against him vastly more experienced, and much more ruthless, father.

Aedan had managed to stun his Da with a brutal blow to the solar plexus. When his father went down, Aedan snatched up a nearby chair, intending to bring it down on the man. He only intended to knock him out, but Aedan's rage and near homicidal state triggered far more than either was prepared for. Where Aedan's hands touched the wooden chair leg, minute bits of crystal 'grew' from the wood and the simple chair became something much more deadly. Unfortunately for all concerned, it was at that point that Fate stepped in. Aedan's oldest brother, a decent fighter in his own right but nowhere near as good as his little brother, darted forward into the fray. Whether he planned to help Aedan, his Da, or just stop the fight would never be known. Aedan caught a glimpse of his charging sibling and tried to pull his blow...unfortunately his momentum was such that it didn't entirely work. The crystal impregnated chair caught Aedan's brother on the side of the head and a soundless, heatless 'micro-explosion' of psychokinetic force enhanced the blow, spinning the boy around with a horrifying crack. The older boy dropped like a stone, blood flying.

Aedan immediately dropped to his knees beside his downed sibling, crying frantic denials and trying to determine if his brother was still alive. Before he could do more than reach out, however, he was snatched back by his shirt collar and a powerful fist slammed into his temple, sending him into black unconsciousness. He woke an indeterminate time later, beaten, bloody, and with several broken bones. Beside him lay the limp form of Jenny. With a weak cry he scrambled to his knees, feeling for a pulse. Thanks be to God it was there...weak, but there! Looking around Aedan discovered he was in a dark of his family's series of safehouses. Being rather familiar with their layout he discovered that they were being guarded by one of his distant cousins but that noone else was there at the time. However, he also found quite a bit of drug paraphernalia, bags of compressed heroin, and other 'tools of the trade'. The profound sense of betrayal broke something deep within the boy. With a heavy heart he incapacitated his cousin, took several weapons, a small bag of necessities, and a large bundle of cash from the safehouse. With Jenny in his arms he fled into the night.

Three weeks later the two young adults...Aedan had just turned eighteen and Jenny was less than a month from her birthday...wearily disembarked off the boat in France. They had lost themselves in the streets of Dublin, but Aedan knew that, so long as they remained in Ireland...hell...anywhere in Great Britain...he and Jenny were vulnerable. So with a few healthy bribes the two were able to acquire false identities and made their way to the Continent. It had taken a fair amount of convincing on Aedan's part, aided, unfortunately, by the death of Jenny's Da at the hands of Aedan's - her Mum had passed when Jenny was a child and it had just been the two of them running the pub, but eventually the girl had agreed. At some point in their running the two had finally plucked up the courage to express their true feelings and were planning to get married once they reached safety. Now, it seemed, they had managed it. They looked to start over...a new life in a new country, and hopefully being able to forget the horrors of the old. Despite the rumblings that were being heard about the rise of facism in Germany, neither could imagine something like actual War breaking out.

Four years later things had improved for the two young people. They'd been married in a quiet ceremony at the local protestant church within a couple months of arrival and found a small apartment to share. Aedan had managed to get Jenny and his real educational accomplishments attached to their false identities, and with the money he'd taken from the Family, he had enough to afford to send them both to college at the Sorbonne. Jenny studied acting and dance while Aedan followed the path of his beloved math and engineering. Both graduated with degrees in their chosen fields, and job offers began to arrive. When they'd arrived in France Aedan had made a vow to his Jenny that he was done with a life of crime and was going to devote his life to her, and he had stuck fast to it. Life was, in general, good for the two young lovers.

While the two had been in the bubble of school, the world had moved on. Hitler had invaded Poland and the rest of Eurpoe responded. However, in school, in the heart of France, the War was far from their thoughts. One of the offers Jenny had gotten was from a small theatre troupe based in Paris, and with Aedan's encouragement, she was quick to accept the offer. Aedan found work with a company that support material for the military, headquartered in Paris. The two were able to continue to afford to live in Paris, and, despite the horrors going on in the world around them, one early Summer night, Jenny announced to Aedan that she was pregnant. They began making plans for a future for small family. Life was, despite the odds, truly beginning to look up.

Unfortunately Fate wasn't quite done making Aedan it's chewtoy. Unbeknownst to them, the owner of the theater group was actually a Nazi sympathizer and spy. One night while waiting to walk Jenny home from a rehearsal, Aedan noticed that something was 'off' about the man. Long buried instincts began to pluck at the young man, and without stopping to think about it, he followed the man. Those same instincts caused his footfalls to be cat quiet, and drove him to keep to the shadows. What he saw, when he got to the man's office, shocked him to the core. Two other men were there, and all three were speaking German!

Aedan listened to the conversation...he'd picked up a fair proficiency in the language as part of his studies...and was appalled by what he heard. The men were planning an attack on several government buildings. Aedan knew he had to get the information to someone and started to back away. It was at just this moment when Jenny came bouncing happily down the hallway. Her rehearsal had gone exceedingly well and she wanted to share her minor triumph with Aedan. Aedan tried to stop her, but before he could do so the door to the office was ripped open, exposing the three men...who had guns drawn. Aedan immediately leapt on the offensive. Despite his vow to leave his former life behind, he'd never stopped boxing, using it as his preferred way to deal with stress and stay in shape while in school and working. He dropped the theater owner like a poleaxed steer, but both of the other men had managed to fire their weapons. One shot his Aedan in the are and the other missed. The young man moved forward and managed to knock out the second man, but the third fled before Aedan could stop him.

The young engineer turned towards his wife...only to stop in horror at the sight of her, collapsed in the hallway, blood staining her dress and pooling underneath her. Aedan leapt to her, cradling her in his arms and begging her to be ok, and trying anything he could to staunch the horrible wound in her chest. Though she lingered for a few moments, even had time to whisper her undying love for him, she died there in his arms. Rage and pain swept through the young man, desperate for an outlet. He found it when he heard stirring behind him. The German, the one who'd 'missed' him was waking up. Aedan slid out from under his Jenny, grabbed a nearby stool, and allowed his rage to explode!
Later, when the authorities arrived, they found him once more sitting on the blood soaked floorboards, Jenny's lifeless body cradled in his arms, and he mindlessly crooning an old Rover lullaby to her. Behind him the room was like a charnel house. Two corpses...only identifiable as two due to the number of limbs scattered about the room...charred, melted, with other incredible, unexplainable wounds on their dismembered bodies. Aedan was arrested and taken away quickly.

Some indeterminate time later...weeks, months, he couldn't recall, he found himself sitting in an interview room in prison, across from a man in a three piece suit...a man with an impeccable Oxford accent. The man explained that the French police were able to find evidence of the man's plans and Aedan was going to be released. However, the man, who identified himself as 'Mr Smythe-Wentworth', had a proposition for Aedan. He said that his 'department' had registered some interesting facts about the crime scene. Notably the levels of sheer destruction, as well as some of the...odder wounds on the corpses. Aedan, not really caring one way or the other, just sat, staring dully at the man, not answering.

With a sympathetic look the man handed Aedan a business card and a small silk bag. Smythe told Aedan that if he 'wanted to put some meaning into the meaningless, and maybe repay some of the bastards who were truly responsible for Jenny's death', that Aedan should call the number on the card, then left. After several minutes Aedan opened the bag and into his trembling hand fell a small gold ring, a glittering diamond set within. When the guards eventually came to escort him from the prison he was still staring at Jenny's ring with tears burning twin tracks down his cheeks.

It was less than five minutes after his release that he dialed the number.


Just two years the man secretly known as Aedan Michael O'Connell sat down at a small cafe in <<CAMPAIGN CITY>>, enjoying a rare sunny day and sipping at a cup of tea. That call had led to a job offer which would 'more properly utilize his unique skillset for the benefit of his native country'. Training, studying, and many hard months had followed. But Aedan had learned to harness the Power within him that he'd only managed to access accidentally before. He'd once more become hard, distant...and infinitely more deadly.

When he first started training, Aedan's instructors had found that his access to his powers was...sporadic, at best. It was frustrating to all concerned. It all came to a head one night when, while in a fast paced sparring lesson designed to force him to bring forth the psychic powers his handlers knew he was capable of, he'd instinctively grasped the ring dangling from a chain around his neck. The weapon grasped in his other hand had suddenly sprouted deep amethyst crystal grains and, when it hit his partner, exploded with power, nearly killing the man.

Continued experiments with the ring...more specifically the diamond within, had proven that Aedan could use the stone to access his powers and apply them to any weapon he was holding, but only with the two were in contact. In an effort to make him more efficient, Aedan decided to have the stone permanently grafted to his flesh...a piece of Jenny, always with him. Laundry healers implanted the stone at the base of his skull, and he had the gold, along with his own band, which he'd never stopped wearing, melted down and merged, then turned into a single ring that he now wore on his right hand. A plain, heavy band to always remind him.

With his control firmly established Aedan quickly advanced through training, then into the field. In no time he became one of their most successful assassins. He was almost universally assigned to German targets, and almost always those who were known to, or suspected of, dabbling in the dark arts of magic. In the months following the implanting of the diamond, Aedan began to once more hear Jenny's 'voice' deep within his mind. Eventually that 'voice' spoke to his conscious thoughts, advising him, bearing him up when he was down, and being a balm to his tortured soul.

During his time working for the Laundry much of Adean's humanity had been stripped away, and probably would have been lost completely if it hadn't been for one thing...or more precisely, one amazing who'd defied all the laws of Heaven to be with the man she loved more than life itself. At least, that's what Aedan believed.

And in the end, that's all that mattered.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

About cross-pollination: up until WWII, the Laundry and the Black Chamber did not see eye-to-eye at all. Their objectives often clashed, and they tried to keep from interfering with each other as much as possible.
However, due to the deteriorating situation in Europe and the US entering the conflict, the REVERSE CHARLEMAGNE project was activated, so that Black Chamber, Laundry and Razvedka could make a united front against the Ahnenerbe-SS. Agents within the same agency will likely know each other at least by name (although precise details would likely be classified under different clearances, unless you acted together), but you would hardly know those from a different agency.

A few notes on some clearances/codewords:
Strong geases placed on every operative make it so that any information regarding a project can be communicated only to those who have the corresponding clearance, in any form. You would be prevented from speaking about REVERSE CHARLEMAGNE to anyone without the REVERSE CHARLEMAGNE clearance, and they would have a compulsion preventing them from reading any such classified dossier. If they tried too hard, results wouldn't be pretty.

- UNDERGROUND STUDENT is the basic clearance level for Magical Enforcement. It means that a person knows about the supernatural world. All Laundry, Black Chamber and Razvedka members have this clearance, as well as a few liaisons in the other agencies and government offices.
- REVERSE CHARLEMAGNE is the broadest keyword that includes the three-agencies cooperation. Most of the field agents, bureaucrats and supporting personnel have this clearance, as well as more specific ones relating to their competences and assignments.
- RUTHLESS WIDOW is your task force. You are cleared to it, as well as your Commanding Officers and the chain of command upwards.
- HIDDEN HARPIST ## ### ##### ########## ### #### #### ###### ### RUTHLESS WIDOW #######. ## #### ##### ### ## ######## ####### ## ####### #### ######.

Draining Casting:
Yes, basically it would activate in combat and other dangerous, time-critical situations (swinging from a rope over a precipice and so on).

Cool! Thanks for the additional info Sappy. It's basically like the various levels of Top Secret stuff in the military, but enforced by magic so you literally can't talk about it, even if you wanted to.

As for fellow agents, like I said, Aedan has been with the Laundry for about 2 years, and the first six months or so were likely training. He's an assassin of high value magic oriented/using/studying targets, mostly in Germany and/or German occupied areas. He's also got a serious mad on for the Nazi's in general, especially other spies, and REALLY especially those who aren't Germans, but who turned traitor to their own countries.

Would that mesh with either Beast or Tomasz?

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And it's really, really unpleasant if someone forces you to talk about it...

Tomasz is a Polish nationalist; he fights whomever currently has their boot on his homeland. Yesterday that was the Russians, today that's the Germans, tomorrow it will be the Russians again. That said, the tactics the Ahnenerbe-SS used when they took the Saxon Palace, and the documents they may have recovered from it, terrify him - and he survived WWI. The world would be better, so he thinks, if they were wiped from the face of the earth. (It helps that, OOC, I've read The Atrocity Archives and know what the Ahnenerbe-SS' "final solution" was.)

Also, figured I should say that 'Tomasz Szymanski' is pronounced roughly like 'Tomash Shymanski' in English.

Changeling Occultist 4 / Gunslinger 2

Liliya has been with the Black Chamber for 12 and a half years, since she was roughly 14. I would say a lot of that time has been spent honing her magic and marksmanship, especially the first 4-6 years.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Gameplay thread is up! Time to strike at the Reich!

Beast Shifter 6 HP 55/55 (0) AC 16, T 13, FF 15, BAC 17 , Fort +11, Ref +8, Will +6
Disguise +5, Diplomacy +6, Handle Animal +10, Intimidate +8, K (Geo) +5, K (Nature) +12, L: Laundry +10, Perception +10, Sense Motive +10, Stealth +6, Survival +13

Sure :)
Beast is an old veteran in the Laundry, he has been around for about 20 years, since just after the first world war. He also has a +10 Lore: Laundry modifier as he knows a thing or to (that I, ooc don't know ^_^).
Beast was initially drafted into an top secret research facility as an experiment (voluntary or not) for cellular regeneration and the creation of super solders. Here Beast gained his Healing Factor but a few years later the facility burnt down. Beast survived, and the government needed to do something about the loose end that they had picked up (it couldn't be known that they were doing human experiments) so they recruited him into the Laundry.
Now, Beast has been around a while and has been on quite a few missions, including some where he was the only one to survive. Beast has lost many people over the years and it has made him quick to make friends but slow to form deeper relations.

Combat wise, Beast fights with 2 claws and the ability to mutate as needed, as well as with a significant regeneration ability.
Utility wise, beast can do a couple of things, including tracking by scent, Enhanced senses, fast movement and disguise capabilities.

Im curious, what was the Ahnenerbe-SS' "final solution?"

As for Draining Casting, sounds good :) Lets go with that.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Due to a wild idea, each one of you will also get a free Native-level language tied to magic, as part of your training in the supernatural.
They may be useful from time to time, but they won't have gameplay enefits yet. If you think it clashes with your background drop me a note and we'll work out a solution.
These languages can be picked up as usual with language points (you can change your layout now if you want).

-Aedan knows Irish Gaelic. It is used for some folkloristic rituals tied to spirits and fey.
-Beast knows Sanskrit. As expected from a language tied to Hinduism, it is uniquely suited to transmutation rituals.
-Mina knows Hebrew. Hebrew rituals deal with crafting (think the Golem) as well as illusions.
-Liliya knows Sumerian. A dead language to deal with dead things. Excellent for necromancy.
-Tomasz knows Latin. When you need to fight a demon, Latin is your choice.

Since Sumerian and Sanskrit are not in Google Translate, you can use any language you like to represent them.

F Ninjablade 6 [ HP: 38/38 | AC (Phy): 17 / (Bal): 18 | Fort +4 / Ref +12 / Will +6 | Init +3 / Percept +9 (Low Light, Darkvision 90) ]

Hebrew definitely works with me!

We're getting a killer snowstorm tomorrow so I may lose power / internet, but I'm going to try to get my crunch moved over to my alias otherwise. I wanted to make sure I got a post up first. And let me know if the dialect / accent gets annoying, I can tone it down.

I dont know how many of you follow the weather on a National or International level, but I am one of the 30 million people in the Northeastern US who is currently under a "Severe Blizzard Warning". Where I live, Winter Storm Stella is poised to dump between 12 and 24 inches of the white fluffy stuff, so there's every possibility that I may be sans internet for a bit tomorrow and potentially the next day. I will *try* to get online if I have connectivity, but dont look for me.

If it pans out that I do lose InterWebz, and you want to move things forward Sappy, please feel free to NPC Aedan as needed. He's just the type to sit and be silent/surly in a briefing anyway. :)

All that being said, I will *try* to get a post in tonight. I have a few other things to do and I have to head to bed early, because according to the Weather Channel I'm going to be having to dig my driveway out when I get up tomorrow. :p

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Latin works; I had meant to put it in his backstory that Tomasz is Catholic.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Oh, dear, a blizzard does not sound fun. Stay safe, see you when you're out of danger!

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Perhaps I wasn't very clear, after the geassing it's Fredericksen who's giving you the briefing.

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Oooh! Any chance I could get Irish Gaelic? Beast was basically created by fusing a Fey creature into him, and he gets his Healing Factor by drawing on that Feys power. Heck, he even turns into a psudo-Fey when he gets under extreme stress :p
If not, I could probably free up a few skill points here or there to gain fluency.

Wilhelmina "Mina" Wagner wrote:
And let me know if the dialect / accent gets annoying, I can tone it down.

If you can pull off an accent, go for it, all the power to you. It is something I have tried again and again to do and I can never get it to work :(

However just put a translation in a spoiler underneath in case we are too lazy or unable to read it and you should be good :) A bit more work for you, but eh?

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Good luck with the lovely white fluffyness!!!

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Sure, you can take Gaelic instead. You all, remember that Sanskrit may help you from time to time...

Well, I survived the blizzard. Dealing with the 2+ feet of snow certainly kicked my butt though. :p

I'm must flyby posting to let everyone know I'm ok. Since Beast wants Irish Gaelic as well, I'll move some lang points around and get Sanskrit. I cant exactly give up Gaelic, since Aedan is Irish, and grew up there. :p :D

Speaking of...going to Belfast?!? AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

EDIT: OK...Removed Spanish: School, and downgraded Russian from Proficient to School, and took Sanskrit: Proficient. If we all survive to level up, and it seems like it's going to be important, I can always put another point into it.

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Arklytte wrote:
Well, I survived the blizzard. Dealing with the 2+ feet of snow certainly kicked my butt though. :p

Woof, my condolences, we ended up getting next to nothing. Sometimes it pays to be coastal.

Hi all, GM Panic here, from table 2.
O your off to Belfast, sound good.
Team 2 are heading to cold Sweden,

can't wait to see what shenanigans
both teams get up to.

:) happy to know your well post snow storm, guys.

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I was just thinking... Since the characters have only a general passing knowledge of other members, perhaps we can come up with 3-5 rumors for our characters based on their backstories. I think 1-3 rumors WITH factual basis behind them, and 1-2 "out-there" rumors. Adds a little bit of flavor to the RP, especially if the others believe the "out-there" false rumors. It would be even better (and entertaining) if our characters were well aware of all these rumors and did nothing to discredit the false rumors.

I'll go first:

  • Liliya talks to the spirit of her dead brother through her rifle.
  • Liliya actually fought in WWI as a sniper and
  • Liliya is actually a member/sleeper agent of a secret Razvedka program sent to spy on and keep tabs on the Black Chamber and/or Laundry.
  • Liliya is not human, but actually a rare offspring from some monstrous creature called a "hag".
  • Liliya adopted the moniker Vědma from a childhood name the other orphans called her.

Beast Shifter 6 HP 55/55 (0) AC 16, T 13, FF 15, BAC 17 , Fort +11, Ref +8, Will +6
Disguise +5, Diplomacy +6, Handle Animal +10, Intimidate +8, K (Geo) +5, K (Nature) +12, L: Laundry +10, Perception +10, Sense Motive +10, Stealth +6, Survival +13

I cant believe I forgot about this but I took a few points in linguistics to gain both Irish Gaelic and Sanskrit. He lost a few points in intimidate to do so.

Beast Shifter 6 HP 55/55 (0) AC 16, T 13, FF 15, BAC 17 , Fort +11, Ref +8, Will +6
Disguise +5, Diplomacy +6, Handle Animal +10, Intimidate +8, K (Geo) +5, K (Nature) +12, L: Laundry +10, Perception +10, Sense Motive +10, Stealth +6, Survival +13

• Beast has died at least a half-dozen times.
• Beast was born in the wilds, raised by wolves.
• Beast is well known for his long "vacations" out in the wilderness.
• Beast has walked away from at least a few death traps
• Beast has "gone feral" and ripped a few people limb from limb with his bare hands.
• Beast has some sort of unnatural otherworldly side to him that rarely comes out, but it is not natural.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

- Aedan is going to join the carousing in the streets.
- Beast is heading to the Barracks.
- Tomasz is getting to the police station.

Mina, Liliya, what are you two doing?

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

In about 6 hours I'll post, botting Mina if necessary.

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Sorry gang, something major came up this week, I should be able to get a post up in ~3 hours.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Little notice, Paizo isn't showing new posts, so you'll have to check by hand until they fix it.

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I'm waiting for Beast to post since Liliya was following him, really.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Tomasz, you are at the police station, your post seems to be reacting to the Barracks.

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It is indeed; I'll post a correction.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Lovely. You others are quite silent, everything alright? Liliya, you can go ahead without waiting for Beast if you wish.

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Paizo had a bug for a few days where new posts weren't showing; it could be they don't realize things have moved on. You may want to send them a PM, just in case.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

I have sent PMs, let's hope the new week brings people back.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Ok, I'm moving things on in about nine hours, if those missing are not back by Sunday I'll mark them as MIA and look around for more.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Since it seems that Aedan and Beast are effectively MIA, would you rather continue in a team of three or have me call on two more candidates from the recruitment thread, in case they want to play this table as well?

F Ninjablade 6 [ HP: 38/38 | AC (Phy): 17 / (Bal): 18 | Fort +4 / Ref +12 / Will +6 | Init +3 / Percept +9 (Low Light, Darkvision 90) ]

I'm okay with moving ahead with just the three of us and giving them a bit more time - I've at least been having a ton of problems with the forums this week, even beyond the "not seeing notifications for new posts" thing.

Male Unique Kenku Warrior 1/Expert 10/Slacker 3

We can try to continue. I'll post again for Liliya sometime today

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I'm ambivalent; I haven't been playing with either of them nearly long enough to be attached to them or their characters so if we want to switch them out that's fine. At the same time, I'm OK with giving them another week if we'd like to see if they come back. Has someone PM'd them?

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

I have PMed them twice, to no avail.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

OK, so let's continue with the three of you for now, if they're not back by debriefing we can look for someone else. I'll adjust the level of the challenge accordingly.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Do you want me to advance to the next morning? The investigation will be peppered with clues, alternative approaches and red herrings, so I'm confident you'll find a way whatever you like to do.

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I had planned on taking a walk past the warehouse, with Liliya if she'd like to join me. It can wait 'til the next morning though.

Guess what? Yet more busy days.

Ok, at this point I have to ask what to do, because frankly I'm lost.
Is it just an unfortunate series of coincidences, or did I do something wrong? Would you like a different mission, less investigative and more combat-heavy? Should I turn this into one or more solo adventures? Really, anything I can do to get this game back on track?

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Everything's fine on my end; I was waiting to see if Liliya was going to confront the man or direct Tomasz's attention to him.

Once we've either lost or confronted or ignored him, I'd planned on checking out that canning factory.

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