GM Sappy's Infiltrators - Dirty War

Game Master Sapiens

May XX, 1942 - XXXXXX - Prague

Map of Prague

Additional rules: Variant Multiclassing is allowed. Background Skills are in effect. Automatic Bonus Progression +2 (you count as level 8 on the table). There will be very few magic items, they will be strange and powerful.

Campaign Traits:

Black Chamber Operative: You have been trained in the Black Chamber's enhanced interrogation techniques. Once per day, you can cast detect thoughts as a spell-like ability. This only works on a single target, who is aware of it, and is painful for them. DC for Will Save is 10 + 1/2 character level + your Cha modifier.

Independent Contractor: You avoided government recruitment. Perhaps you were a mercenary, perhaps you came from a country without such an agency, perhaps you are a freedom fighter. One way or another, you've had to learn your way into the world. You gain a +1 bonus to two Knowledge skills of your choice, and one becomes a class skill for you. If all Knowledge skills are already class skills to you, increase one bonus (your choice) to 2. Once per day, you can reroll a Knowledge check.

Laundry Operative: The Laundry has the widest archive on magic in the world, and you picked some things up. Choose a cantrip (except those on the cleric and druid spell list). You can cast that cantrip at will. If it allows a save, the DC is 10 + 1/2 character level + your highest mental skill modifier.

Razvedka Operative: Stealth and secrecy are vital to survive in the cutthroat environment of the NKVD. You get a +1 bonus to Stealth and Bluff, and one of these (your choice) is a class skill for you. If both are already class skills for you, increase one bonus (your choice) to 2. You also have an additional language point.

Special Forces Agent: The militarization also means that many highly skilled soldiers are drafted into Magical Enforcement. You are among them, and if you ever though that you were trained for everything, well, you just found out that you were wrong. You gain Quick Draw as a bonus feat.

Weapons and Armor:

All weapons misfire only on a natural 1.
Autofire means that, as a full-round action, a weapon fires 8 bullets and attacks all targets in a 60 ft. cone, albeit with a -4 penalty (possibly added to range penalty). Autofire weapons firing single shots get a -2 penalty, and another -2 penalty for each shot fired in the turn. All firearms threaten on a 20 and have a x4 critical modifier. Firearms are never masterwork unless their wielder is a Gunslinger.
Rogues with the Sniper Archetype get proficiency with Sniper Rifles.

- Light Pistol: Simple, Light, 2d4 damage, capacity 8, range 30 ft., 1 lb.
- Heavy Pistol: Simple, One-handed, 2d6 damage, capacity 10, range 40 ft., 2 lbs.
- Machine Pistol: Martial, One-handed, 1d8 damage, capacity 16, range 30 ft., 4 lbs., autofire
- Semiautomatic Rifle: Martial, Two-handed, 2d6 damage, capacity 8, range 80 ft., 15 lbs.
- Shotgun: Martial, Two-handed, 2d8 damage, capacity 4, range 40 ft., 15 lbs., scatter
- Assault Rifle: Martial, Two-handed, 2d6 damage, capacity 40, range 40 ft., 15 lbs., autofire
- Sniper Rifle: Martial, Two-handed, 2d10 damage, capacity 4, range 150 ft., 20 lbs.
- Grenade: Splash Weapon, explodes one round after it's been thrown. 4d6 damage, range 10 ft., 1 lb.

Ammunition is divided between Light Handgun Ammo, Heavy Handgun Ammo, Rifle Ammo, Sniper Rifle Ammo and Shotgun shells.

- Light Armor: fatigues reinforced with a flak vest and metal plaques on the vulnerable parts. Either +4 PAC and +2 BAC or +2 PAC and +4 BAC. Max Dex +6. 7 lbs, ASF 15%, ACP -1.
- Medium Armor: flak jacket going over a light, hardened chainmail, metal plaques over padding to protect from any kind of weapon. +5 PAC and +5 BAC. Max Dex +3. 20 lbs, ASF 30%, ACP -3.
- Heavy Armor: Experimental tactical suit, only available to special forces. Either +8 PAC and +6 BAC or +6 PAC and +8 BAC. Max Dex +1. 35 lbs, ASF 50%, ACP -5.

Enemy soldier uniforms will be available if needed.


Each character gen get one requisition pack. Your other personal funds will only buy mundane, non-weapon items (although you can buy anything that could be reasonably found in 1942 Great Britain). Everyone gets a free Radio and can also get a free Healer's Kit. Should you have specific needs, tell me and I may add others.

Soldier Package:
- Any armor
- Up to 2 Two-handed firearms and up to 2 pistols. 100 rounds of ammunition for each weapon.
- Up to 2 non-firearm weapons, masterwork quality, optionally silvered.
- Up to 2 daggers or similar small weapons, optionally silvered.
- Up to 5 grenades.
- up to 4 1st-level potions.
- Up to 500 gp in consumable Slotless Wondrous Items (like feather tokens).

- Medium or Light Armor, camouflaged for a +2 circumstance bonus to Stealth.
- Up to 1 Two-handed firearm and 1 pistol. 50 rounds of ammunition for each weapon.
- 1 pistol silencer. A silenced pistol muffles the shot's noise, but does not cut it completely. Perception checks to hear a silenced shot suffer a quadruple distance penalty.
- 1 non-firearm weapon, masterwork quality, optionally silvered.
- Up to 10 light weapons, optionally silvered.
- Up to 3 grenades.
- Specialist Kit. Grants a +4 circumstance bonus to Disable Device, Disguise, Knowledge (All) and Survival. A Specialist Kit has 10 uses.
- Night Vision Device. Grants Darkvision 60 ft., but forces a -4 penalty to Perception for things outside the cone of vision.
- Up to 6 1-st level potion, up to 2 2nd-level potions.
- Up to 3000 gp in consumable Slotless Wondrous Items (like feather tokens).

- Light Armor. This armor can be forfeited for 500gp of extra Slotless Wondrous Items credit.
- 1 handgun. 50 rounds of ammunition.
- 1 non-firearm weapon, masterwork quality, optionally silvered.
- Up to 2 light weapons, optionally silvered.
- Up to 8 1-st level scrolls, up to 3 2-nd level scrolls, 1 3rd level scroll.
- Up to 4 1-st level potions, 1 2-nd level potion.
- 1 1-st level wand.
- Up to 2500 gp in consumable Slotless Wondrous Items (like feather tokens).

Changes to Skills:

Background Skills will be in effect, but changed somewhat, as follows.
Knowledge(arcana): This will be used for all monster identifications. Don't expect to learn too many details about a monster, you'll get the gist of it.

Knowledge(dungeoneering, religion): These two become Background Skills.

Knowledge(engineering, geography): These two are NOT Background Skills.

Linguistics: This is NOT a background skill. Languages have three levels: School Level, which means that you can understand if it's spoken slowly and can make others understand you, Proficient Level, which means that you can understand almost everything, but still have an accent, and Native Level, which means that people won't recognize you as a foreigner. You start with your mother tongue at Native Level, each rank in Linguistics or bonus point of Intelligence gives you a language point, which can be used to learn a new language at School Level or to improve your proficiency one step (School to Proficient, Proficient to Native).
Therefore, a British character with 16 Int and 3 ranks in Linguistics would have 6 points, so for example he could know: Native Level English (free), Native Level German (3 points), Proficient Level French (2 points) and School Level Italian (1 point).
Spells like tongues can only get you to Proficient Level.

New Skill: Drive (Dex)
You can drive most ground and sea vehicles. Ordinary driving does not require a check, but car chases, races and uncommon vehicles (like tanks) will. Those who have Ride as a class skill gain Drive as a class skill.

New Feat: Air Force Training
You can use the Drive skill to pilot aircraft.

Languages of Magic:

-Irish Gaelic. It is used for some folkloristic rituals tied to spirits and fey.
-Sanskrit. As expected from a language tied to Hinduism, it is uniquely suited to transmutation rituals.
-Hebrew. Hebrew rituals deal with crafting (think the Golem) as well as illusions.
-Sumerian. A dead language to deal with dead things. Excellent for necromancy.
-Latin. When you need to banish a demon, Latin is your choice.

Clearance Levels:

- UNDERGROUND STUDENT: Basic Laundry clearance. Those cleared at this level know of magic, the existence of the agency, and its rules. From this level onward, the penalty for spreading info is death.
- REVERSE CHARLEMAGNE: Laundry-Black Chamber-Razvedka joint anti-Nazi operation. Those cleared at this level know of the information sharing and cooperation accord, as well as the Ahnenerbe-SS existence.
- RUTHLESS WIDOW: Your operational cell (party). Only you and your handlers are cleared.
- HIDDEN HARPIST: The mission in Ulster, thwarting an attempt at unleashing a Banshee on Belfast.
- ANTHROPOID: The operation to kill Reinhardt Heydrich, senior Nazi officer.
- ANTHROPOID AFFILIATE: The occult side of the above operation. Your current mission.