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A small band of mariners find themselves press-ganged into service on the Wormwood, led by the fearsome Barnabas Harrigan. Will they turn their misfortune to glory on the high seas, or will folly lead them to an ignominious watery death?

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its all good, I had hoped to join, but it was not meant to be...

anyway, several of my games are kind of inactive or I dropped them and was never removed from the active player list.

I redid minerva for another skull and shackles game looking to start up. I don't know if I'll get in, we'll see not sure how that will turn out.

I saved a copy of this submission just in case. if you want a possible recurring cameo or villain, let me know and maybe Lady Minerva will harass the aspiring pirate lords....

Thanks DQ! All of the submissions were fantastic, so I hope everyone gets a chance to get their characters into a game somewhere. :)

=1/11/20 Closed Recruitment=

TheEmeraldDuke and TheArchlich please post here when you have a chance, no rush.

If someone else is seeing this pop up in the recruitment thread, sorry but we're not taking on other applicants for the time being. (If you look at the game and you're super interested, however, post here or PM me and I'll let you know if openings arise in the future.)

I have sent you the char gen requirements, let me know if you need them again. They are the same as in this thread (we're in a weird interim-sandbox between AP books at the moment, so no one has leveled) except you can purchase gear with WBL.

Where we are in the game: This version of Skull and Shackles has taken a roundabout course: We've gone from Wormwood Mutiny to the official alternative to book 2, the Plunder and Peril Module (the party's current base is therefore an ancient lighthouse-temple-fortress called Ghoral Rey to the west rather than "the Rock" to the south). We then went into a sandbox exploring the Shackles to built up some infamy and plunder more fully, as well as give newer party members a chance to settle in. We are just finishing this sandbox period--it's a bit up to the party how much time they spend wrapping things up, but they've just handled a big boss fight and ended an ancient curse, so it's good times for all.

The party will likely recruit you in the nearest port to them at the moment, Hell Harbor, but if you have other ideas or suggestions I am open to them. Once we've wrapped things up we are officially headed to book 3.

Campaign Notes: This is a "heroic" Skull and Shackles game, rather than a grim and gritty one. While the protagonists are lawless, loot-hoarding pirates, there's not a lot of torture and slavery going on. Dark things can happen (and are written into the plot as you may be aware) but this is more, at least from the characterization of the PCs, of a brightly colored, Errol Flynn swashbuckling tale. The party is mostly good-aligned (neutral alignments are fine however) and seeking adventure, not cruelty or power.

Posting Expectations: I ask that folks post once every 1-2 days (more often is of course fine), and that if you anticipate an absence longer than two days, to please give a heads up in the discussion thread. If there is a situation where you are checking in on the thread but feel you have nothing to contribute at the moment, please post in the discussion thread that fact, so no one is waiting for a response that will never come. Unexplained absences of two weeks or more will result in removal from the game. Unusual or emergent circumstances can be appealed, but generally I expect folks to be able to beg, borrow, or steal access to a phone or computer to at least take 30 seconds to check in and say, "Shit has hit the fan, can't post for awhile, will check in when I am able."

As you work on your backgrounds, can you try to work in one of the following:
= You are a former crewmate of a monster-hunting ship called Aurora's Kiss and served alongside our current bard Threnody and rogue Lark. The Aurora's Kiss was destroyed several months ago when it got caught in the middle of a battle between the Free Captains and the Chelish Navy. You went down with the ship and awoke from a two-week blackout in Port Peril, having miraculously floated to safety and being rescued by a dockworker. (Or other helpful soul.) As far as you were aware you were the only survivor, but you have begun hearing rumors of a new ship captained by someone who fits the description of Aurora's Kiss's doctor's mate Lark, and the first mate, horns and tail and all, definitely sounds like the rigger and singer Threnody.
= You last were in the city of Plumetown, perhaps simply seeing the sights, or perhaps seeking an audience with the oracles known as Keeba's Eyes. You heard a pirate-adventurer ship Besmara's Whim was recruiting and they sounded like your cup of tea, but you were unable to sign up (one possible reason: you received your audience with Keeba's Eyes and missed the window). You may have met Kahuranga the sea-witch and his tidepool dragon friend while you were there.
= You have recently escaped being press-ganged by Barnabas Harrigan of the Wormwood, scourge of the Shackles. This was only just within the last few weeks--you were knocked out and pressed to serve on his ship, which was woefully undermanned at the time. You gained the impression that his former first mate and much of his crew disappeared when theoretically taking a ship to sell, but the crew never showed up in Port Peril to be picked back up by the Wormwood once the sale was complete. Ship and crew have disappeared, and Harrigan was furious. He has attacked and tortured many of his own crewmates since, and life on the Wormwood was miserable, but somehow against all odds you escaped (maybe you were thrown overboard and left for dead during a storm, maybe you escaped during a battle with another ship). You've been curious about what happened to the other half of his crew, and if they found a better life elsewhere.

Feel free to adjust details and add your character's twist, this is just to help give ties to the existing party members, and the last of course also helps you be relevant to the AP's overall plot as well.

Other Stuff: This game uses hero points. I award hero points for truly amazing, descriptive stunts and sometimes for key plot achievements, and you gain one point when you level. Your hero points do not exceed a maximum of three, so hoarding them does not do you much good. If a party member does something cool that you think should earn a hero point, but I haven't given one, by all means suggest it. Sometimes I forget. I don't give out XP but rather characters level with the story, so most rewards in the game are hero points, loot, or something good developing in the plot and/or gaining an ally.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Dotting :)

EDIT: I might actually step out since I got in a different S&S and can give the chance/spot to someone else to play.

Fair enough. You are welcome to apply if you don't think playing in two versions of the AP would be confusing or spoil things. I trust players not to metagame. My game took a lot of different liberties with how things went so there so it should have a different feel.

I don't want to spend a lot of time in recruitment right now so we'll see what happens with the Emerald Duke.

Thanks Quake! I’ll definitely apply, then. :)

Hi Quake! Archlich here with my character. Thanks for the opportunity!

Sorry I am late, the weekend was busy and yesterday was my anniversary (6 years and counting). Thank you for the opportunity.

I am in the process of drafting up a freebooter ranger. I should have a profile with most of the pertinent details ready for review later today/early tomorrow.


OK, so I am still working out equipment for him, but here is my submission: Chad Wassen, sylph freebooter ranger and ship's carpenter.

Guys, thanks again! I'm gathering feedback from the gang and looking things over. Hope to respond by tomorrow.

Thank you for the opportunity. I am in the process of hammering out his equipment as we speak (using ultimate equipment as a prime reference) but that should (hopefully) not take too long. If anyone has any questions or comments (especially given I gave small references to two of the active players in my backstory as it made sense to do so) please do not hesitate to voice them.

Same here. I wrote the story in a more “loose” way but it should tie to the existing group regardless (I just followed one of the suggestions from Quaker! Heh).

Feedback received from GMDQ, making some adjustments accordingly.

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Folks, keep tweaking as you need. I think both characters will work well with the party and I think a 5 person party will be good to have for what's coming next. Go ahead and introduce yourselves in the discussion thread when you have a chance. The party is wrapping up some sandbox sidequesting in Yoha's Graveyard, and are then returning to Hell's Harbor to resupply, where they can recruit both of you. They had been working on spreading Infamy in the town so you'd have caught word they were nearby, but perhaps missed meeting them before they departed Yoha's Graveyard.

I'll let you know when to come in. I can't say exactly when, as it depends on how long it takes to finish everything up, but I'm guessing a week or two from now (maybe sooner, but it depends on what they do)--so there is time to chat ooc and keep working on your character sheets.

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