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Once the Shimmering Jewel of Jalmeray, the city of Padiskar played opulent host to the wealthiest and most elite. Djinni served humans within its high-domed halls, its markets bustled with merchants and explorers from beyond the Obari Ocean, and its temples were spoken of across the Inner Sea. Sprawling streets, covered with lattices of copper and stained-glass, housed immaculately-kept gardens, and above it all, towering high on a hill overlooking its busy harbor, Khiben-Sald's Castle of Gold and Ivory seemed to pierce the skies themselves.

What caused Khiben-Sald to leave the isle of Jalmeray with every last one of his people, no one knows. For centuries,the Shimmering Jewel gathered dust, the only inhabitants bound djinnis following their masters' last orders. And so Padiskar sat, growing more overgrown and more decayed as time and the nearby jungle took their toll on its walls. It took three centuries before the Arclords, exiled from Nex to the west, landed their ships on Jalmeray and began the process of driving back the jungle. In Niswan, they set about rebuilding and remodeling the city to suit their tastes,forging an eclectic mix of Garundi and Vudrani. But aside from one expedition to Padiskar, the Arclords left Khiben-Sald's city alone.

It wasn't until the Vudrani returned with an army of marids and swept the unprepared Arclords both figuratively and literally into the sea that Padiskar was recolonized. The outer city, which had borne the brunt of the jungle's growth, was reclaimed into several dozen smaller villages, collectively called Padiskar. But even with the Vudrani's return, OldPadiskar remained a mystery. The few who traveled across it in a bid to save time visiting another village swore they felt a malevolent presence watching them, or disappeared within the maze of ancient halls and collapsed towers. Worse,something howled and screamed at the moon from inside the walls of Old Padiskar. Nonetheless, the fishing was good and the ground fertile, so life in the shadow of Khiben-Sald's palace went on.

Last week, a desperate missive reached Prem Gadhavi, the Maurya-Rham ambassador in Katapesh. The daughter of the Rajah of Padiskar had been kidnapped, and it was believed her kidnappers had fled into Old Padiskar. Prem immediately put out a flyer asking for brave men and women to find the Rajah's daughter, and, perhaps, to deal with whatever the Arclords found in the ruins.

Hi all! If you're interested in adventuring in an exotic locale, meeting fascinating new people, and possibly doing more than your fair share of killing, I have a proposal for you! An expedition into the megadungeon of Old Padiskar, an abandoned city and the vaults of the ancient Maharaja Khiben-Sald. I'm looking for four or five players, each with a unique and interesting character concept, to take part in this expedition. While Old Padiskar and the Vaults below will certainly be a megadungeon, the city of Padiskar will have its own unique challenges, especially to outsiders, and social skills will be as useful then as combat skills are in the dungeon.

Character Creation!:

Level: Characters will be somewhat-seasoned adventurers, and are starting at third level. Wealth will be 3000 gold coins, of which no more than 1000 may be spent on a single item.

Sources: All Paizo sources will be allowed. Third Party will not be. I have a hard enough time keeping up with what the Paizo-built classes, feats, and archetypes do.

Races: For this game, I will allow the following races: Aasimar (and variants), Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling,Half-Orc, Ifrit, Human, Nagaji, Oread, Samsaran, Sylph, Tiefling (and variants), and Undine.

Classes and Archetypes: I will be allowing all classes with the following exceptions: Summoners and Rogues must be Unchained, Gunslingers are not permitted, and Sleep Hex does not exist.

Traits: Two traits, one of which must be a campaign trait (see below). I will allow a third trait with the selection of a drawback, provided you okay it with me first. No two traits can come from the same category (only one campaign trait,only one magic trait, etc.).

Statistics: Generate your character's statistics with a twenty-point buy. No stat over seventeen or under eightbefore racial modifiers.

House Rules: Background Skills from Pathfinder Unchained will be in effect.

Additional Information: Aside from your character's stat block, I will be most impressed by inclusion of the following things. First, a well-thought-out backstory, along with a few NPCs. The backstory doesn't have to be a novel, and too much is as bad as not enough, but I'd like to see something, and the NPCs are there to see that your character has a connection to the world. Second, a personality. I'd like to know about how your character sees the world, what his or her goals and motivations are, and a couple of quirks. Third, I'd like two appearances. The first is an idea of what the character looks like when he or she is "on the job". The second is how he or she might dress in a comfortable environment without any threats. Finally, there's a spoiler marked interview. There will be a few questions that need to be answered in character so I can see what your character's voice sounds like.

Campaign Traits:

Choose one of the three traits and one of their respective subtraits. You gain both of these bonuses. I will allow limited reflavoring of these traits if you work with me on said reflavoring.

Arclord Agent: The Arclords have never forgotten their humiliation at the hands of the Vudrani, and yearn to return to Jalmeray. Prem Gadhavi's call for heroes might be exactly the 'in' they need; having a Rajah in their debts would be quite useful. To this end, they've sent an initiate to apply for the position in the expedition. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (arcana), and Knowledge (arcana) is always a class skill for you.

Unopened Eye: As a trained initiate of the Arclords, you have a greater mastery over a few of your spells. Choose two arcane spells. You either increase the DC of those spells by 1 or the duration as if one caster level higher. This choice must be made when the spells are selected, and cannot be changed.

Closed Hand: Though you can trace your lineage to Nex's retinue, you've never exhibited a special talent for magic.Instead, your mind has been assaulted by magic so many times it's grown resistant. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Will saves.

Padiskar Native: You grew up in Padiskar and remember the Rajah as a kindly uncle. News that the Rajah's daughter had been taken into Old Padiskar filled you with a sense of purpose, and you've volunteered to return home to help find her. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Knowledge (local), and Knowledge (local) is always a class skill for you.

Black Sheep: Growing up on the wrong side of the law in Padiskar, you had to watch your step. From the time you committed your first crime, your hair-trigger reflexes have kept you one step ahead of the law. You may have come too close to getting caught in Padiskar, and you were waiting the law out in Katapesh when you heard the expedition advertised. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Reflex saves.

Favored Son: While the villages and towns that make up Padiskar are a shadow of their former selves, the fields are still fertile and the ocean still teems with fish. You may have been in Katapesh to sell the harvest at the city's markets and bazaars, or perhaps to purchase goods for your family. You gain a +1 trait bonus to Diplomacy against citizens of Padiskar, and once per day you can roll twice on a Diplomacy check.

Outlander: The mysteries of the Impossible Kingdom attract foreigners from across the Inner Sea, and an opportunity to explore a city not touched since Khiben-Sald's departure is one many would jump at. Even with the threat of the horror within Old Padiskar, you're convinced your knowledge you've acquired in your explorations so far will help you recover the Rajah's daughter, and perhaps something of more value than that. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (dungeoneering), and Knowledge (dungeoneering) is a class skill for you.

Mystic: While you've served the deity you follow faithfully (or perhaps not-so-faithfully), stories of the Vudrani temples of Jalmeray have always intrigued you, and you've had several dreams in the past week or two of your god or goddess and one of those temples. An opportunity to visit one of Jalmeray's temples seems like a divine gift to you, as does your improved connection with your deity. Choose two divine spells. You cast those spells at +1 caster level.

Explorer: The legends of Jalmeray's gold-domed halls and impossible beauty have always inspired you, and you may have been in Katapesh to catch a vessel to the Impossible Kingdom when you heard the call for heroes. An opportunity to not only document the exploration of an ancient Vudran city, but perhaps to come away with a few ancient artifacts, was all the motivation you needed to inquire further. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Appraise checks, and if you have Bardic Performance, you gain three extra rounds of use per day.

Mercenary: You may have been a member of a band of sellswords, or perhaps a bandit in the wastelands of Geb and the deserts of Katapesh. Either way, the plight of some Vudrani princess doesn't interest you so much as the payment and prestige for success, and you think you're tough enough to get to that success, one way or another. You gain a +1 bonus to Fortitude saves.


The streets of Katapesh bustle and shouts of merchants and peddlers compete with each other to be heard. A fine dust fills the air, which smells as much of sweat as perfumes in the hot autumn sun. You navigate the chaos of the Daystalls, gradually making your way toward a sprawling mud-brick building. As the ivory-and copper doors to Prem Gadhavi's estate open, a beautiful, coffee-with-cream skinned woman bows gracefully before you before turning and beckoning you forward. The room she leads you into is near-black, with only a hooded lantern set on the desk. Nonetheless, she guides you expertly across the thick rug and into a padded seat before retreating to stand near the door, her sari swishing as she walks.

An ancient, wavery voice, filled with stress and pain, speaks, breaking the room's silence. "I apologize for the dark, but the light gives me such a headache anymore. Nalini tells me you are here to answer my call for help. That is good." The lantern moves, and there's a brief flash of lamplight. The old man's face is wrinkled and covered with dark spots, and his neck seems almost too thin to support his head, which rests against the chair's back. Then the lamp closes and all is dark again. "I have a handful of questions. It is important we send the best-suited in our attempt to retrieve my granddaughter Yamuna. Let us begin."

1. What do you offer the expedition? What are you best at?

2. What areas do you struggle in?

3. Have you any experience with Vudra or the Vudrani?

4. What training, formal or otherwise, might you have that would be helpful to this expedition?

5. Do you have any duties or obligations that could conflict with our expedition? Would you explain them to me?

About Me:

Hello again! I've been playing on these forums for almost a year, and have been a fairly consistent poster in my games.I've run three games here. The first, a Curse of the Crimson Throne game, had to be dropped due to a death in the family, an almost-move across the United States, and some other life issues. The second, a Carrion Crown that I inherited, was also dropped for the same reason, but I was able to find a GM who's keeping it going before I left it. My Kingmaker game is still ongoing, and the players are perhaps two thirds of the way through the first book. I've also had a number of characters in a variety of games on the boards. Check my aliases if you'd like.

In real life, I'm a 25 year old male. I have a bachelor's degree in History with an unofficial focus in South Asia (India and Pakistan) during and immediately after the British Empire period. I live in Colorado, which is Mountain Standard Time, and work as a literacy aid at a local elementary school. As such, my hours of posting range from between 5:30 AM-7:00 AM, and between 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM. I am totally unavailable aside from that time. I'm not currently involved in any face-to-face gaming, but participated in a 3.5 campaign that went three years every other weekend, as well as a few other games.

As a GM, I enjoy using Google Docs to support my maps and often spend time searching Google for images to better convey the pictures I try to paint with words. I've also used Youtube clips when specific sounds are needed, but am sure to warn people that the links go to sound before they click it. I'd love to say I can commit to 1 post/day, but sometimes it'll be more and sometimes it'll be less. I do promise that I will do what it takes to keep the game moving along.

Recruitment will close on the thirtieth of September unless there's a noticeable period without submissions, in which case a 48 hour "last-call" will be issued. I will have a decision made by the first of October, barring issues on my end or an overwhelming number of submissions. Oh! One more thing. I've seen and been in a number of recruitments that encouraged active role-play amongst the would-be players. I only want to see In Character posts for the interview questions, please.

Good luck to all!

Got a character concept in mind, a Cleric of Nethys with the Scroll Scholar archetype with a focus on history. Will have the crunch and fluff up some time tonight.

OK, the fact that Gunslingers are out has narrowed down the number of possible directions for this character I have in mind. I had six possibilities and now I have five. Working out which one would be best is going to be fun!

Either way it's definitely gonna be a halfling.

I would love to build a character for this! I know you said all classes with those exceptions, but wanna be 100% sure; are occult classes allowed?

I like this idea. I'm currently trying to decide between an Unchained Monk and a Kineticist.

@N. Specter: Occult classes are indeed allowed.

I've definitely going for the Unchained Monk route myself... I have an idea for a wisdom oriented build.....

This sounds very interesting. My first thought is Archaeologist Bard, but I am sure I'll think of other ideas too.

I'm going to polish up my cleric and submit her :)

Arknight wrote:
I've definitely going for the Unchained Monk route myself... I have an idea for a wisdom oriented build.....

Oh, good. I'd just now decided fully on my Kineticist, so we won't be stepping on each other's toes.

Dotting! Love mega dungeons, especially home brew!

Sovereign Court

Definitely interested in this. Because I'm usually playing PFS, the opportunity for something more exotic is interesting. I'm thinking about a Samsaran Shaman with the Ancestors Spirit and the Speaker for the Past Archetype.

General concept would be that he (or she) has left Tian Xia to follow in the footsteps of one or more past incarnations who traveled this way, perhaps even one alongside Khiben-Sald himself. I'd plan on leaving the specifics vague, so that if you'd want to integrate them, you'd be able to fill it in as needed. If it stays as backstory the whole way through that's cool too. Thoughts before I get too far ahead?

Hmm, with a kineticist in the pool I'll go for the Unchained Rogue, just got to figure out a proper race for it...

Question! Is the table in the SRD accurate for ifrit lifespans, or do they have standard human lifespans? I heard they changed tieflings and aasimars to have human lifespans, so I want to be sure.

@Dhenn: Seems like a solid concept. I'd be interested in seeing more.

@Newbonomicon: Good question. I'm not sure there's an official (RAW change to the elemental races' lifespans, but it makes sense to me to change them. Sylph, Ifrit, Oread, and Undine have standard human lifespans, same as Tiefling and Aasimar.

Sweet! Gonna build an occult class! Muahahahaaaa!

OK, I've thought about my concept some more and I think I'll be going with a Halfling Sorcerer.

For a bit of story, I was re-reading Towns of the Inner Sea and was most intrigued by the entry on Pezzack, a town that is within the borders of Cheliax but is very much a centre of revolution against the current rulers of the nation. I was thinking that this Halfling Sorcerer would be one of the people on the merchant ships that ended up trapped in the harbour and has spent the last year or two trying to get out by any means necessary. However, in that time she befriended a few of the insurgents and her powers manifested. These two things combined to help her find the freedom she sought, and she made her journey eastward by earning passage on several different ships with her amazing cooking skills.

Sound good?

@Objection: That tentatively sounds good. Go ahead and flesh it out some more.

A concept comes to mind: A Tiefling born in Padiskar whose physical demonic traits manifested particularly strongly, leading to fear and distrust throughout most of his childhood, and made him an outcast. He proved to be a bad apple, turning to crime and banditry and eventually fleeing to Kaladesh to lay low for a time and get himself forgotten. He returns seeking glory and wealth out of the adventure, and perhaps to make his prior misdeeds forgotten in the face of his success.

Just a clarification to make sure I understand well:

The outer city, which had borne the brunt of the jungle's growth, was reclaimed into several dozen smaller villages, collectively called Padiskar. But even with the Vudrani's return, OldPadiskar remained a mystery.

Am I correct in my understanding that the people of New Padiskar are of Vudrani origins, and that a character in the Padiskar Native category of class traits would therefore potentially be Vudrani themselves, strongly impacting their answer to the third interview question?

Edit: Another question:

I've picked Black Sheep and Magical Lineage (Shocking Grasp) as my character's traits. Would you okay picking up Reactionary as a third trait in exchange for taking both the Paranoid and Umbral Unmasking drawbacks? (I know technically only one is needed, but I don't feel either of them alone is really sufficient, and I quite enjoy the flavor behind Umbral Unmasking. I'm greatly amused by the thought of picking up Condescending on top of the other two, but it sort of feels like overkill, and would essentially mean I'm completely useless to the party in social segments of the campaign.)

Alright so my idea is going to be a gnome scryer wizard with a strong focus on animal knowledges. He will be an explorer gnome whos desire is to travel the wilds so that he can learn and document all of the wierd and wonderful beasts of the animal kingdom, and has focused his magic to the task (such as scrying on wild beasts so he can observe them in their natural habitat).
Now since he is a gnome wizard he will have a max int of 16 or 17 so his DCs won't be sky high but I think I can live with that. As for his campaign trait he will be an outsider→Explorer as he siezed his chance to experience the native inhabitants (the princess is just an excuse for him), even though the mechanical benefits won't be great for me.
One neat thing about him is that he keeps notes on absolutely everything and carries with him a few massive stacks of paper, scrolls and journals. This means that I can always write extra bits and pieces as I play and progress about the many different animals or characters he meets, and that I can keep writing stuff even if its not my turn :)
Which reminds me of a question. What about crafting (in my case scrolls) both in game and pre-game?


Midioto was nervous in the dark room, but as with everything else in his life he carried with him an excitable aura as he responds to Mr. Gadhavis questioning.
You want the best? Well I am definitely the best there was in my field, not that there was many of us mind you, not many people want to study ani... What? What can I offer to you? Well I know the native wildlife like few people you would know. I can keep you forewarned of any dangers that they might posess long before they become a threat. Did you know that the black bears in this area will charge if they feel threatened. You can tell that they are about to when... Did you say I was off topic? Sorry about that, you were saying? Yes I do get easily distracted sometimes, you see I get so fascinated by some of these creatures that I forget to run, and I'm not very strong in a fight, why they could positively maul me with little effort if they got the chance. That and my friends back at the academy always said I talk far too much and far too fast. You agree? Well I never! Off topic again? Sorry about that. Do I know of the Vudrani? Well of course I know of the Vudrani! I did do my homework before coming here and I have learned all that there is written about them, however I have little experience actually dealing with the native populace. However my academic training would serve me well in dealing with them, both peaceably and forcefully, if needed. I am a full wizard mind you, and I have at my command the full arsenal of the arcane. That goes double for any outside threat that might rear its head on the journey.
Midioto seems to fidget a bit, drumming his fingers on the table in an anxious manner before continuing.
Sir Gadhavis, I must be honest, my aims lie not in your granddaughter nor in retrieving her. My self appointed task in this expedition is to study the local wildlife, you see it hasn't been done before. At least not adiquitly, and it is my life's mission to do so. If I have to rescue a princess along the way to do so, then I will do so competently and wholeheartedly. So long as you allow me my studies then I will assist you.
Do we have an agreement, Sir?

About Me:

Hello to you too! I have just started up again on these forums after a year+ hiatus and am currently in 1 game that is posting very slowly (about 1 post a week), which is not enough, so I started up another and am currently about 2 days into it and fighting dragons :) I figure that one more campaign should be "enough without being too much" so here I am :)
I usually play very martial characters, which I am very good at, and rarely (if ever) play any kind of arcane or divine character, so I will probably make mistakes, but live and learn :)
In real life I have a disability that prevents me from working so I have ample time to post and can do so multiple times, however I occasionally have a few difficulties as a result.
As a player I enjoy helping out if/where I can and often volunteer to do things like make a list of applicants, or look up rules or help with maps (I'm not very good tho ^-^), or things like that.

Well that should do for now, next I will get some crunch up then work on a back story :)

I'm building my character sheet over here: Sahr-Kharil I prefer not to post as an alias until it's accepted.

The background is up.

@Cydrius: Yes, the people of the island of Jalmeray are predominantly Vudrani. It would certainly have an impact on the interview questions.

As for your second question, neither of the two drawbacks by themselves is particularly crippling unless you intend to be aided a lot, but I think together they should be fine.

@Gobo Horde: No crafting pre-game. There will likely be some time for crafting during the game, but not Kingmaker-esque levels of it.

Agnos is ready! His crunch is available on his mythweavers sheet here, but I can copy the important stuff onto his character page if you'd rather not have to check another website for everything. I have kept Agnos' family background vague so that it can be incorporated into the story if desired.

Nearly two decades ago, the wife of a disgraced Vudrani nobleman went behind her husband's back and called upon a spirit of fire, so that he may grant her a wish. "I wish," she told the creature, "That my family will be great again." The spirit, wicked and proud, saw that there was no greater lineage the woman could have than to bear his own child, and rather than call upon his magic, he forced himself upon her. When the deed was done, he vanished, returning to the City of Brass.

When the boy was born, the woman tried to bring herself to toss him to the wild, that she would never have to see the fruit of her shame, but she could not bring herself to abandon her own son. She gave him the name of Agnos Efreeti, and fled to raise him alone. She kept him from the world, urging him to keep his power and lineage a secret, but he always yearned for adventure. Now at 17 years of age, Agnos has heard the call for help from the rajah's men, and seeks to join the crew he sends into the mysterious depths of Old Padiskar.


Agnos offers the old man a quick greeting in Ignan, the strange, popping language he's instinctively spoken all his life, then reverts to either Taldane or Vudrani, whichever his host began in.

1. What do you offer the expedition? What are you best at?

"I cannot call myself wise in the ways of the world, my friend, but there is a fire within me that calls me to adventure."

To demonstrate, the young man simply snaps his fingers, and a small flame erupts from his hand, no larger than a candle.

"There would be more, but I have no desire to alarm you."

2. What areas do you struggle in?

"Wonderful question, my friend. As I said, I am inexperienced, but it may also be important that I note how difficult it is to light a fire in water. If forced into such a situation, I fear I have no way to protect myself."

3. Have you any experience with Vudra or the Vudrani?

"Of course. I must say it is a shame we have not been formally introduced, but I still call Padiskar home. You will understand if I am not eager to speak of my family history, I am certain."

4. What training, formal or otherwise, might you have that would be helpful to this expedition?

"A bit young for formal training, aren't I? No, I am afraid I have little to offer besides my natural talents."

5. Do you have any duties or obligations that could conflict with our expedition? Would you explain them to me?

"None at all, my friend. I am happy to help."

@GM Aest: would Tainted Spirit be an acceptable drawback?

Part of what I have in mind for background involves him having been unwanted as a child, and I'm thinking it's because his parent thought that the bargain was going to involve a boon for him, and not the child who became the character. And when the child survived with the boon instead, the parent cast him aside.

@Arknight: Yeah, that would be an acceptable drawback. What's the trait you're thinking of picking up?

Here's an idea of what people are thinking about so far. I'll keep this as up to date as I can.


The Pale King*, Bard (archeaologist)?, (dotted)
Edinoiz*, Unchained Rogue, (dotted)

DekoTheBarbarian*, Cleric of Nethys (scroll scholar) (dotted)
Feth*, Cleric of Sarenrae (dotted)
Dhenn*, Samsaran Shaman (Speaker for the Past), (dotted)

Sahr-Kharil, Tiefling Magus 3 (Background is up)
Midioto, Gnome Wizard 3 (Interview is up)

Agnos Efreeti, Ifrit Kineticist 3, Padiskar Native (black sheep) (Applictation is complete)

Very interesting! I'm going to start working on a Sylph Occultist.

Liberty's Edge

Interested, seems like you need some meat shield Martial Character. Let me see what I can come out with...

GM Aest wrote:
@Arknight: Yeah, that would be an acceptable drawback. What's the trait you're thinking of picking up?

I'm thinking Open Palm of Irori (different naming on d20pfsrd) and Tactician for the normal traits, and Padiskar Native (Black Sheep) as the campaign trait.

Would it be possible to reflavor the Black Sheep a bit as more of a Lost Son style? The background I have in mind, the character is the son of a Vudrani merchant princess who had visited Sandpoint and been involved with one of the people there. He's half Vudrani and half Varisian, but raised in a temple of Irori on Jalmeray (maybe in Padiskar itself?) so he's not exactly a criminal, but maybe close enough in the eyes of the culture...

Also, another bit of crunch: would you allow taking the feat Ability Focus and applying it to Stunning Fist?

Here's my submission, Ceaser Hamill, Cleric of Nethys. Have all of his crunch but traits and equipment done, though I know I'm taking either the Outlander: Mystic or Explorer trait.

Scarab Sages

Okay, I'm going in for it. Raseed Tawfeek.

Halfing Medium (Relic Channeler), ghoul hunter, lover of food and stories, disciple of the Dawnflower and tender to orphans.

Taken the Outlander (Mercenary) trait, but he's not a callous mercenary, he's just lived through a lot and sells his sword for whatever a person can afford, so long as it is righting a wrong and preferably killing some undead.

Character Sheet


1. What do you offer the expedition? What are you best at?

Sadiqi, I am called to this expedition, The Everlight has told me that a grave darkness rises and I am needed to fight it, and the slayer of my kin may be connected to it. I am a swordsman by the grace of the spirits, though should the need arise I can call upon others I have known for aid. Dawoud when called grants me spells as a magi, Roun the strength to defend the weak, Gadir, bless her soul forever, a closer tie to the Dawnflower, Rashad the wits of the street that I never could learn myself. The spirit I rely on the most though is Zakariyya who lends me his speed and skill with a blade. I can convince a guard to look the other way or a madam to hide a street kid or ex-slave in need and I have often had need.

2. What areas do you struggle in?

Ah my friend, I am not a learned man, outside of knowledge needed for the killing of ghuls and finding good food and better friendship. I am also a poor liar though I can charm the merchants of the bazaar. Without the blessings of Dawnflower and the gifts of those who have gone before me I am just a man trying to extinguish the darkness.

3. Have you any experience with Vudra or the Vudrani?

I have sampled the delights of their foods and bartered with their merchants in the

4. What training, formal or otherwise, might you have that would be helpful to this expedition?

I am trained in calling the spirits, Sadiqi. I can feel the ghosts of the past. I trained, briefly as a temple dancer

5. Do you have any duties or obligations that could conflict with our expedition? Would you explain them to me?

I owe my sword and my soul to the Everhealing Light. Should you ask me to dishonour her then we may, to my dismay, have a disagreement, Uncle. I must also honour the memories of my fallen friends and comrades each morning so that The Dawnflower will grace me with the gifts that let me fight the darkness.

Finally Sadiqi, I abhor the practice of slavery though what can one man do against the tide of suffering washing forever through my fair city?


Born to a loving family in Katapesh, Raseed had a happy, unremarkable childhood. Until one day he came from running the bazaars with friends to see a sight that has stayed with him ever since: ghouls cracking open his parents ribs to feast on their heart's blood. Fear gripped him rooting him to the spot and he let out a keening, wail. As the slavering mouths of the ghouls moved forwards to make Raseed their next victim a blade snapped down severing the lead ghouls head. A patrol of guardsmen alerted by his scream stormed in, led by Roun. After a quick and brutal struggle the ghouls were dispatched. Roun placed his helm on Raseed head and carried him to the nearest temple of Sarenrae but not before he grabbed his mothers hairbrush from where it lay on the ground, leaving him to the priestesses care and to consult on how a pack of ghouls were in the city.

Raseed spent years at the temple. But the visions he had seen that night never left him. It was always there. He eventually realised that the vision was stronger when he touched his mothers hairbrush. He took this idea to the priestess overseeing his care, Gadir, who then tested him to see whether he could feel auras in other objects - he could! She called in a tutor to nurture these fledgling arts, and began his initiation into the church. Training in the scimitar was a mandatory part of the training in the church of Sarenrae but Raseed could not gain the hang of it. Petulanetly claiming that his instructor was giving him a badly balanced blade he asked to swap blades. As soon as he touched the sword he knew it was different. He was still terrible at the sword. However, he asked to keep the blade and bemused his tutor accepted. The next morning he prayed over the sword and sang to the spirit within. And then he knew how to swing the blade.

He trained hard and learnt well.

And then they struck again. Undead horrors. It was a massacre.

Raseed swore then and there that he would bring his sword to all undead and that his fear of them and where the dwell would never hold him back (he's realllly scared of the dark but won't let it show, mechanically reflected in the Shadow Scarred drawback).

He's spent the years since as a ghoul hunter for hire, taking whatever the person can pay. He spends the money from wealthy clients to pay for his lifestyle but
will also take for example, nothing but a sugared date from a street child as payment.

He has sought information since then trying to find out who orchestrated such a well planned attack on a temple of Sarenrae, to what end, and how they had so many undead within a populated area. He has come up blank until recently when a ifrit mystic called Abdoullah planted the tip that it may be worth Raseed's time to investigate a Vudrani looking to put together an expedition to Old Padiskar.

He is also allied to the Bellflower Network and has supported their efforts in Katapesh, through a contact called the Beggar King.


A lithely muscled halfling sporting a pot belly. Raseed has a face that has seen much sorrow and is aged before his time but is still quick to laugh and the lines around his mouth are smile lines. He wears an immaculately white khaftan and red blue slippers. He has a battered Jingassa around his neck (not worn, slung from a chain hanging in between shoulders), and a scimitar in a rosewood scabbard at his waist. He has a bag of baklava in one hand that he is handing to urchins.

When armoured for battle he wears loose grey robes with blue banding over a well made steel breastplate, he has grey, scaled leather arm protection and soft leather boots studded with steel discs. He has a bandoleer holding a mace and a dagger and his scimitar at his hip. He wears a longbow over his shoulder. A prayerbook, a broken money pouch and what appears to be a shrivleed human tongue (rarely shown) reside in a pouch at his waist.

@minoritarian: Cool character. It looks like there's a little typo in your interview where your answer to a question got cut off.

@DekoTheBarbarian: Stat block looks good to me. I await your fluff.

@Arknight: I'd rather the monster feats be used for monsters, not for PCs. I think that was their intent when they were created, even though you may qualify for it.

GM Aest wrote:
@Arknight: I'd rather the monster feats be used for monsters, not for PCs. I think that was their intent when they were created, even though you may qualify for it.

No problem, thought I would check. :)

Also, what are the HP for 2nd and 3rd level? Average or roll? :)

Here's my submission! Some things are currently being worked and I hope to improve it a lot more.

I got a drawback (Sentimental) because I think it fits well the character. Please let me know if it's okay :)


Hello! I'd like to apply with Gosk Tereus, the Nexian representative. Former Nexian Legionnaire, turned agent. A sergeant-y type, dashed with a bit of secret agent here and there.

For the crunch, I'm thinking human or half-elf Cavalier 1/Exemplar Brawler 2. Focusing around teamwork feats, and will continue into bardic performance and so on later. Combat role would be frontliner, which would work best with at least 1 or 2 more melee people, but it's still flexible.

I'll provide the rest of the character information tomorrow. Or today, if I can't sleep.

The Nexian Agent's Interview:

The man nodded, closing his eyes the moment he entered the room. Listen. Smell. Feel.

1. "What do you offer the expedition? What are you best at?"

An invisible smile flashed in the darkness. "Well, sir. I got six years of frontline and uneven warfare. Not unlike adventuring, in fact. I operate best in a team, sir." The man stood still for a moment, then continued. "The foremost advantage would be, I'm pretty damn good at tactical advice. Mostly on small scale."

2. "What areas do you struggle in?"
There we go. Waiting for a moment, the figure crossed his arms. "I wasn't given exactly the best of educations. I lack... academical knowledge. I defer to others' judgement on such matters. Not the best archer, either, but I make do."

3. "Have you any experience with Vudra or the Vudrani? "

"No, I only know the basics, sir. Somewhat unorganised on a grander scale, ferociously independent." He smiles again. "Heard that they like exaggeration, as well. And they revere like a thousand gods."

4. "What training, formal or otherwise, might you have that would be helpful to this expedition?"

Putting a hand to his face, the man raised his fingers in the darkness. Who knows, maybe he sees in the dark? "As I mentioned, sir, asymmetrical combat. Nexian legionnaires aren't pushovers." Taking another small pause, he continues, taking down another finger. "I can also handle situations by talking. Not the best at that, sir, to be honest. Got the desire to do it, but not the natural talent."

5. "Do you have any duties or obligations that could conflict with our expedition? Would you explain them to me?"

Heh. Sensed that one coming. "As I'm sure you're aware of, sir, I still work for Nex. As of the moment, I'm sent here to investigate whether or not the ruins of Old Jalmeray are worth Nex's time and effort, be it in coin, trade, or, hopefully not, military matters. I'll be filing a report every forthnight, and I'll be detailing... most of the findings in there. If it poses a problem, I'll be presenting the report to any Jalmeray representative you see fit, in order to make sure I'm not revealing anything outside these matters." Finishing with this information, the man takes a small pause. "Although, for the task at hand, sir. I'm sure you can see, if I fail to complete the mission, I am risking the name of Nex being connected to my theoretical inaptitude. On the other hand, if it is completed favourably, it will improve the opinion of us." The man smiles once more. "Plus, I'm not a complete ass. We're there to save a girl, politics be damned. Sir."

On behalf of Sarh-Kharil

The cloaked man nods politely but silently before following the attendant in. His purpose there is obvious, and there is no need for him to speak.

"I apologize for the dark, but the light gives me such a headache anymore.”

”It is no problem. I am none too fond of bright lights myself.” In respect to his host, the figure lowers his hood, revealing gaunt traits and a pale figure. A thick scarf hides his neck nonetheless. ”You likely know all too well who I am. Please know, before we begin, that I only wish to atone for the tragedies of my past. I will leave Padiskar once my purpose is complete, or at once should others be chosen.”

What do you offer the expedition? What are you best at?

Sahr thinks for a moment. "I have learned to weave the blade and the spell in harmony. With sword and spells, I will fend off those who would seek harm to the Rajah’s daughter. Furthermore, my knowledge of arcane magics and the worlds beyond our own are extensive, and should prove very useful in encounters with the many mysteries that now reign over Old Padiskar.”

"What areas do you struggle in?"

This time, no reflection is needed. ”I am told I am a difficult person to get along with. I cannot deny such a thing. I have met few I could truly call companions,” Sahr states matter-of-factly.

"Have you any experience with Vudra or the Vudrani?"

There is a long pause, and a very loud silence. More than once, Sahr prepares to speak up, only to rethink his words. Finally, after a particularly extended moment of hesitation, he breathes deeply, as to erase an uprising of anger, and speaks. "My history with Vudra, most particularly this village, is, to say the least, complex. I am certain you know exactly well what I speak of. Suffice to say, I hail from this village, and have only returned to pay my dues. Were it not for this mission, I would never dare show my face in these lands again.”

"What training, formal or otherwise, might you have that would be helpful to this expedition?"

Sahr’s ashen hands tighten around the edge of his sleeves. ”I cannot claim any formal training. I have practiced and I have read. If you need proof of my talent, I will gladly demonstrate against a mannequin or a sparring partner. I have fought off a band of desert hobgoblins all by my lonesome, and participated the takedown of a rogue blue dragon child terrorizing a band of nomads. I believe my deeds speak for themselves.”

”Do you have any duties or obligations that could conflict with our expedition? Would you explain them to me?”

A faint chuckle rings in the silent room. ”I have no such tethers, save for the one which led me here. I must, however, warn that my presence may not be entirely welcome in Padiskar. I will make myself scarce where necessary.”

With the interview concluded, Sahr hides his head within his hood once more. ”Thank you for your time. I will be camping a small way out of town, down the main road, for the week. Should I not receive a response by then, I will return to Katapesh and allow my name to be forgotten at last.”

For the record, Sahr's been sorted under Arcane, but he's definitely a front-line sort of magic-user. He'd likely be just as relevant in the Martial category. I intend to focus on the spell combat aspects of the class.

GM Aest, I wish to introduce you to Magon Wonderblitz, a young gnome Pathfinding diviner who wishes to brave the dark of Old Padiskar.

Feth's submission. Crunch and Fluff done, interview forthcoming.

Corsario*, Meat Shield, (dotted)
Dorian Aljinn, Aasimar Paladin (tranquil guardian) 1/Summoner (unchained, synthesist) 2, Padiskar Native (favored son), (Crunch, appearance, and interview are up) (I'm not sure if archetypes work with the Unchained version of the summoner)
Gosk Tereus, Cavalier 1/Brawler (exemplar) 2, (Interview is up)

The Pale King*, Bard (archeaologist)?, (dotted)
Edinoiz*, Unchained Rogue, (dotted)

Ceasar Hamill, Cleric of Nethys (scroll scholar) (mostly done)
Mirode Sharo, Elf Cleric of Sarenrae, Outlander (mystic), (Needs Interview)
Dhenn*, Samsaran Shaman (Speaker for the Past), (dotted)

Sahr-Kharil, Tiefling Magus 3 (Background and Interview are up)
Midioto, Gnome Wizard 3 (Interview is up)
Magon Wonderblitz, Gnome Wizard 3, Outlander (explorer?), (Application is complete)

Agnos Efreeti, Ifrit Kineticist 3, Padiskar Native (black sheep) (Applictation is complete)
Raseed Tawfeek, Halfling Medium (relic channeler), Outlander (mercenary)(Application is complete)
Shub-Niggurath's Cousin Al*, Sylph Occultist, (dotted)

@Arknight: For HP, Half+1 like in PFS.

@Dorian: I'm not sure if archetypes work with the Unchained Summoner. As for the drawback, I think your traits' power levels are in line with the penalties. Just remember to apply them.

Thanks, Aest. Different than the monk, the summoner's archetypes work just fine (the rogue's too). For me, it changes things like my spell list - and I always make the Eidolon fits the base subtypes, even from before Unchained. I always hated the nonsense tentacle monster thing. In my case, using the Archon subtype.

Scarab Sages

Oops, I typed out the whole application on my phone, there was bound to be something missing along the way.

The rest of that interview section should say "bartered with their merchants in the baazars, but of the everyday vudrani folk I know little."

Raseed is definitely going to be played more as a martial character (the halfling favoured class bonus adds up to some really nice additional damage of the levels!) but able to fill other roles (less well) as required. Haven't played a martial character in forever - quite looking forward to rocking into battle sword unsheathed.

Question: is there a particular year that this campaign is set in?

Would Lore: Old Padiskar be a valid background skill? As an 'impure' half Varisian, Aardran Sefir would have spent much time studying, and may have become fascinated with Padiskar and the old city in particular as someplace he could find his true heritage.

Something like that work? :)

Scarab Sages

I feel that it's only fair for me to say that I live in London so I'm on GMT and so six hours ahead of you, GM. When you're posting at 7am I'll usually be taking whatever lunch break I can scrounge, so I can post on my phone (the joys of working for the government where internet access is locked down!). When you post at 4pm I'll usually be home during the week (10pm for me) and I can respond, but at the weekends either out on the piss or running my own home game.

I can post regularly it's just that I'll be posting out of synch with the majority of the other players as it's most likely going to be a north American cohort.

If that influences the decision I understand but feel its best to be honest about it.

@Objection: I haven't thought too much about the year, but let's say Rova of 4715 AR.

@Arknight: I think it'd be okay. The Lore skills aren't going to get you as much mechanical benefit as some of the Knowledge skills, but I think tentatively that it'd work. Anyone else have thoughts?

@minoritarian: Thanks for the heads-up. I'm currently running for an Aussie and a Dane (I think he's Danish) in my Kingmaker, so it should be fine, especially since I don't plan on any days with a ton of posts.

I think the Lore is a good idea, especially in a homebrew set using background skills. I'd recommend, however, brewing the 2 or 3 which might come to use just so we're clear on them and when they're tested.

So, the usual race/class/role update is unneeded, simply because there have been no changes.

RE: Lore: I'll take a much closer look at the lore skill tonight and see if I can solidify which ones would be best.

Pathfinder Starfinder Maps, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I am interested in joining this campaign but haven't had time to prepare my submission.

I should have time this weekend.

Interview is done :)

Living in Qadira these past few years makes Katapesh feels like home. Dusty streets, the smell of spice on the air as you push through the crowds, the ever present heat. Similar enough to make her feel comfortable in the bustle.

Prem Gadhavi’s estate is easy to find. When the servant at the door bows to Mirode she sinks into a curtsey. She follows the woman into the sitting room. As soon as the light starts to dim Mirode starts to glow, faint luminescence outlining her figure. The light snuffs out as soon as Prem mentions his sensitivity. “Forgive me sir. It’s an automatic reflex of mine, lighting a darkened room. My apologies.”

What do you offer the expedition? What are you best at?”

“As a Cleric of Sarenrae I’ve been trained as both a healer and a fighter. I won’t lie; I’m much better at being a medic than wielding a sword. I don’t like violence and I don’t like killing those who can be redeemed. Of course, when one is past that point Sarenrae demands a swift execution.”
Mirode clears her throat. “My strengths are my divine magic, my decent..ish...fighting skill, and my determination to keep my fellows safe. I’m good at talking to others-Oh, and I also speak four languages. And i’ve picked up a lot of spare knowledge in my...well let’s just say several years. A lady never reveals her age.” The light may be dim but her smile’s easy to see.

What areas do you struggle in?

“Ah. I’m not the most...I guess you’d say...athletic person? I’ve seen people move effortlessly through trapped areas, climb huge cliff faces, swim raging rivers and so on. Me, I’m more likely to fall on my face. I know enough to know there’s a lot I don’t know, I’m awful with ranged weapons and magical items baffle me most of the time.

Have you any experience with Vudra or the Vudrani?

“Yes. I live in the city of Katheer. Being at the end of the Golden Path means we see a lot of Vudrani. Well, we see a lot of everyone really. But there’s certainly a lot of Vudrani. I’ve never been to Vudra myself; I’ve thought about it, even talked to some caravaners about the trip but life just pulled me here instead.”

What training, formal or otherwise, might you have that would be helpful to this expedition?

“All my formal training has been through the Church of Sarenrae. Aside from my Clerical abilities I am a trained medic and healer. Informally, I’ve been taught how to determine if someone is lying or has an ulterior motion. As a cleric you can find yourself in the position of judge, especially in the smaller villages.”

Do you have any duties or obligations that could conflict with our expedition? Would you explain them to me?

“I don’t think so.” Mirode pauses, sighs and shakes her head. “That’s an awful answer. Let me explain. I came to Katapesh following a vision. Weeks of dreams of Sarenrae standing in a vast temple, her arm outstretched, beckoning me forward. I knew she wanted me to come to Katapesh. So I get on the next boat and here I am, and nothing. No word, no sign, no prompt. I ended up just cooling my heels in a Sarenraen church for a few days. But then one of your messengers came in and I knew what I needed to do.”

She throws her hand out. “Wait wait, that sounds wrong. It wasn’t like divine guidance. I have a daughter. Lisbet, my light. The thought of anybody’s daughter being kidnapped, Rajaha or not, well I can’t sit by and not try to help. And the night I decided to go, well, I had that dream again and I knew this time that the temple is in Jalmeray.”

“I can’t ignore my duty to Sarenrae. If she wants me there for something that’s an obligation I can’t get out of. But I can’t, won’t believe that it will interfere with this mission. I believe she wants me to help and honestly, I am a stubborn woman. If going to this temple would interfere with rescuing this poor girl then I’m not going there. I mean, I’ll have to go eventually but certainly not in the middle of a rescue mission.”

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