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This was something that confused me as well when I was making a half-orc druid.

So apparently such a character can start with four languages (Common, one other language from the common languages table, Orcish from the half-orc ancestry feat and Druidic from the druid class) before even reaching 14 intelligence.

GM Mowque wrote:
8. Personal view on party size. I think solo games are great (running two of them) and, in my mind, a duo is the perfect party. I'm trying to branch out to more traditional style adventures, so if anything, to me, four people seems extravagant.

I've always wondered what a smaller or solo game would be like. If I don't have my character ready in time for this, or if you end up not choosing her, I'd be interested in trying one out.

OK, so I have my character's overall backstory in mind, but in the process of trying to work out the details I've encountered a few difficulties - mainly that it looks like this character will have at some point been to virtually every other country in the Inner Sea area on her journey to the game's starting town of Bloodcove and I don't know that much about most of the regions beyond Cheliax, Osirion and Varisia.

And I haven't even touched the build yet!

This isn't me pulling out by the way. I'm still very much interested in this game and I'll find a way of working this all out. It's just in case I don't post my character within the next few days, that's why. She should still be up by the deadline.

Oh yeah, now I remember my other question. What year does this take place in?

I'll probably be going with a halfling sorcerer for this.

Hm, this sounds interesting. I had started working on a character for another campaign but was finding that it didn't fit so well. I reckon this character would fit better here.

One question (for now):
For those classes with unchained versions like the Rogue and Summoner, do we have to use the original versions or the unchained versions or can we choose which ones to use?

Hm, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get my application done by Sunday, since I have a busy weekend ahead of me, so I may be pulling out of this one.

Question: is there a particular year that this campaign is set in?

OK, I've thought about my concept some more and I think I'll be going with a Halfling Sorcerer.

For a bit of story, I was re-reading Towns of the Inner Sea and was most intrigued by the entry on Pezzack, a town that is within the borders of Cheliax but is very much a centre of revolution against the current rulers of the nation. I was thinking that this Halfling Sorcerer would be one of the people on the merchant ships that ended up trapped in the harbour and has spent the last year or two trying to get out by any means necessary. However, in that time she befriended a few of the insurgents and her powers manifested. These two things combined to help her find the freedom she sought, and she made her journey eastward by earning passage on several different ships with her amazing cooking skills.

Sound good?

OK, the fact that Gunslingers are out has narrowed down the number of possible directions for this character I have in mind. I had six possibilities and now I have five. Working out which one would be best is going to be fun!

Either way it's definitely gonna be a halfling.

This sounds like it could be interesting. Admittedly it's been a while since I last played Pathfinder, but if that's not a problem, consider me intrigued.

For those classes that got "unchained" versions like the Rogue and the Summoner, would you want us to use one particular version or would you be OK with either version?

That's odd, I was told it was max at 1st level and then half at subsequent levels.

Kale "Seascum" wrote:
HP is Max HD at 1st level, then every level after that you do 1/2 HD + 1. So as a Ranger my HD is 1d10, so at level 1 I got 10+CON HP and at level 2 and level 3 I got 6+CON HP.

Although if you want, you can pick up a couple of bandoliers for thematic purposes.

Can I just check, is there certain gear that you can always buy between missions (even if it's just really mundane stuff) or are you entirely at the mercy of what people are selling and capable of crafting?

Just realised that I had a spare skill rank left on Kala (4 + int mod 1 + skilled racial trait 1 + favoured class bonus 1 = 7). I've put it into Handle Animal, giving her a Handle Animal mod of +2.

I have also put everything in her profile, which took longer than I expected.

OK, I think I have my barbarian ready. Now I just need to work out how to post the character sheet.

Thanks Kale. I have another question.

How do we determine how much HP we a) start with and b) gain each level?

Also I've thought about it and I've decided I'm gonna whip up a barbarian for this partly because I've never played a martial class before and partly because I keep coming up with scenarios for a barbarian to say the darndest things.

I have a question!

Is there any particular setting this game uses?

I think I might have to whip up a character for this to get some practice at PbP. As soon as I've made sense of this thread, I'll make something. Probably alchemist, barbarian, gunslinger or sorcerer, depending on what I reckon will end up being coolest.