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*hums innocently*

Liberty's Edge

*whistles absent-mindedly*

*cleans guns insistently*

*looks on at Fever from the overlook above town*

The Exchange

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*fakes a hyperlink to be like the cool kids*

::Watches a little shadow play::

*Just watching carbot animation I know... not exactly fitting the theme, but...*

*cackles from the Other Side* *wink* *poof*

It has been a brutally hard to narrow it down. If I was in better condition right now I'd have seriously tempted to run a second table, but common sense has prevailed.

That being said, if the following could head to the thread...

Auroro Goodberry
Doctor Daniel Solomon
Thomas Cooper
Jennifer Buscema
And Nurai Ayaulymkyzy

To everyone else, I am truly sorry that I can't take you all, and thank you so much for the wonderful characters.

Congratulations to those chosen! If there are any dropouts later on, JohnGarrett, I hope you think of me.

Indeed congratz and have fun :)

Good luck in all your future games, you all!

Aw well. Good luck to everyone that made and those that did not.

Like, zoinks, man, looks like me and Scoobs didn't make the team! Like, if you ever need someone to fill in, man, don't forget about us!

Thanks, Jon! Thanks for the fun thread, all!

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Congratulations to the chosen - it was a well fought battle, and while I am saddened I did not get in, I knew my odds were low when I saw the submissions.

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Oh well. Thanks for the consideration. Have fun everyone.

Daaang I'm bummed i missed out

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