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Hello everyone,

This is the discussion forum we will use for out of character chatter. For right now i would like everyone to post there character alias's here and make sure all the details are included and correct.


I would like for you to create an alias like the others have. To do so you click on the "my account" button on the top of the screen. In that menu you'll see a box that lists any aliases you might have and to create one you click on the create new messageboard alias link. Name him your characters name and give him a picture if you wish. Then go back to the my account page and you should see your alias listed. Click on the edit button next to it and put your character sheet in there. Use some of the other characters that post in this thread as an example for formating.

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

For those who just joined the forums and starting PBP, I welcome you as a fellow player of PBP games

A character alias is like another ID on the forums for PBP games.

To create an alias;
1)right click on account at the top (so you don't loose this page),
2)sign in
3)in "Messageboard Aliases" click on "Create new messageboard alias"
4)put in the alias' name in alias name field
5)under avatar image, click change, select an avatar that matches the character concept as close as possible and click on it.
6)click on "submit changes" and the alias is created, but is blank.
7)in "Messageboard Aliases" you'll now see your new character alias, click on it and you'll be taken to the profile page,
8)click on create profile and fill it in will all the needed data, you can use Eve above as a template, just click on her name.

Thanks Azure. I just threw similar instructions in the spoiler for Eldwin since I believe he's the only new person here.

Human Jack of All trades

Thanks mathpro, I find it's easier to do things when you see step by step instructions.


Lets see the Party Loadout

Norn Jural -> Rogue
Linflass -> Ranger
Eve Valeria Abia -> Barbarian
Tomas Reynolds -> Ranger
Eldwin -> Cleric

A lot of skill and hitters

Linflass' Alias

Since Linflass is a Clerk, I bought ink, ink pen, paper, scroll case and sealing wax. I figure he can stick it all in his belt pouch. If that seems unrealistic, he'll just leave them in his room while adventuring and get them when needed for clerk-ish duties.

Rest of the gear is unchanged.

I see that Tomas is an archery ranger. Linflass is a two-weapon one. So, he'll lean more towards supporting melee if Tomas is inclined towards bow work. As an urban ranger, his approach is much more 'sneaky' than brash.

Excited to get going!

Male Human Ranger/3

Yeah Tomas is going to use his bow unless he has no other choice.

DM Mathpro - I have used spoiler to hide groups of info in the Alias (as Eve did) and I have listed them all out (as I did for Linflass). Do you have a preference? It's your show..

I actually prefer spoilers as it makes the character sheet seem less daunting to read and, based on titles chosen, it makes information easier to find.

DM Mathpro wrote:
I actually prefer spoilers as it makes the character sheet seem less daunting to read and, based on titles chosen, it makes information easier to find.


Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

Still waiting on the last two to post.

Female Halfling Rogue 3

Sorry for the hold up here is Norn

Warpriest 1 HP:9/9 AC:16:12:14 Saves:3:2:5 Init: +2 Skills: Dip +5, Per +7, Sense +5, Stealth +2

Now for our cleric to post.

Here's Eldwin's alias.

Not a lot of magic flying around when this group fights....

Male Human Ranger/3

Yeah, I hope that doesn't cause us problems at higher levels. :)

Nope but I don't really think its needed in this Module. Though I'll be honest...I haven't read it all the way through yet.

Game thread should be up some time this morning depending on how distracted with other stuff I get.

As I mentioned before I don't have internet at the house so I thought it would be helpful to post what times I'll usually be online. These are subject to change but I'll usually post if they do. All times are CST(GMT-6)


Monday: 9-11:30 AM and 5-7 PM(if needed)
Tuesday: 9-11:30 AM
Wednesday: 11 AM-1:30 PM
Thursday: 9-11:30 AM and 5-7 PM(if needed)
Friday: 9-11:30 AM

Once I have the game thread up I would ask that everyone please post as their alias on that thread.

I'm at a PC during the day and usually have my Nook Color around in the evening, so I'm pretty much available most week days until 8 PM or so EST. Plus a final check after my son falls alseep at night. I can check in on the Nook throughout the weekend.

FYI: If people (including the GM) can't post beause of real life stuff, it's not going to bother me. I signed up for a PbP because it was the least time demanding way to play Pathfinder. If the important stuff takes precedent, it's not a problem.

And I plan on running a PbP before too long, so I plan on learning a lot from all of you. If I ask a question on this thread, it's to help me when I GM one. Any insights and tips you respond with will be greatly appreciated.

Should be a blast!

Oh god...please don't learn from me...I have a lot of bad habits lol. Though I do get a lot of repeat customers to my games so I guess I do it good enough...either that or people here are gluttons for punishment.

And there we are. The in game thread has been posted and added to this campaign. Sorry it took me so long...I swear I have a.d.d. when it comes to the internet...

I have quite a few Pathfinder pdfs, though I haven't read all of them yet. I don't remember seeing Changelings. Where does that race come from?


Human Jack of All trades

Changelings only so far only appear in the Carrion Crown: Haunting of Harrowstone's bestiary. They will be in the ARG and are on this site (page is set to it)

Oh. Thanks. I didn't look at all the 'extras' in the Carrion Crown AP.

But I thought that the adventure was far superior to Serpent's Skull. Great atmosphere.

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Cheat-sheet of PBP standards for new player

"Speech is bolded and quoted"
Sample: [b?]"Speech"[/b]

Inner thoughts are italicized
Sample: [i?]Thoughts[/i]

Out of character talk is purple
Sample: [ooc?]Out of Character[/ooc]

to use samples just remove the '?' from the line

Pardon my non-alias in game post. I have corrected it.

Hopefully my only being to post once(on average) per day isn't slowing things up to much.

Main plot hook has been posted lol.

Male Half-Elf Urban Ranger/3

I think Linflass just had an out of body experience. Maybe Eldwin can check him for possession.


It's fine. No worries.

lol. I was going to give you the information to relay but I figured that was stupid.

I figured I'd get us gathered somewhere and let the DM deal with the specifics. Since I, at least, don't own a horse and whatnot.

Maybe we'll all be caravan guards. Wait, that was a Conan novel I just read...

Going back to my prior post here...Do we need to decide specifically how we're travelling, or is that a DM thing?

If it's us, I assume we're renting horses or signing on with a group making the trip.

I'll start roleplaying that along if it's something we need to do. In no way complaining!

I actually bought a horse in my other two PbPs, though I haven't had to use them yet..

Btw, if splitting the party makes running this harder, no complaint from me if you nix it. What is logical in a story may not work practically in a PbP.

I am in three games and in the other two, the paizo d20 roller has been terrible. Not just bad: I mean a nightmare.

I finaly got into combat in round five. The wererats had rolled five criticals up to that point. My paladin charged in and rolled a one. That is about par for my rolling so far.

I would have fumbled my ax in the old days...

Human Jack of All trades

If I had the time I could program a new dice roller, with network connections (Server-Client model), but I would have difficulty in making sure it didn't allow cheating

I do like that if you preview your post, you don't get a new dice roll when you update and preview again (I like to fix typos). That is an excellent feature. And necesssary, I'd say.

Think I saw you are picking up an existing game of Carrion Crown to GM. Good luck! I hope to play Carrion Crown in the future. Great looking AP.

Some of you probably know about this, but I only ran across it yesterday. Order of the Stick is a fantastic comic strip for RPGers. The references to rules stuff is hilarious.

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HolmesandWatson wrote:

Some of you probably know about this, but I only ran across it yesterday. Order of the Stick is a fantastic comic strip for RPGers. The references to rules stuff is hilarious.

Order of the Stick is hilarious and even makes references to 1st and 2nd ed once in a blue moon (they did it about 3 times I think).

Now this is RPG humor.

The setup is she is an uptight paladin (aren't they all?) and he is an ethics-less little thief; presumably of some evil alignment. Every time she tries to use detect evil on him, he holds up a lead sheet. So finally, he doesn't and we get...

Order of the Stick

A few before there was an old guy grumbling about how back in his day they didn't have fancy prestige classes and whatnot.

Human Jack of All trades

Oh, yes.
I remember that page of OotS

Human Jack of All trades

Didn't Roy also put on the cursed girdle of masculinity/femaninity.

Yep. The guy's plotting is quite deep and long term.

Let me stress the importance of properly equipping your character. Linflass has a MW silver dagger. He is a first level ranger.

In another game, my fifth level paladin with a +1 battle axe is getting mopped up (with the rest of the group) in the opening encounter with wererats. They have 10/silver damage reduction and except for the fire-throwing alchemist, look like they're on their way to eating us for lunch shortly. The main fighter is already unconscious.

I would trade the axe for the dagger right now.

Human Jack of All trades

Actually cold iron weapons are cheap (2X cost), but the second you have them made magical the cost goes up 2k.

So, after rolling the 1 with my paladin, I cast Smite Evil and rolled a natural 20, and another nat 20 to confirm. The wererat basically exploded.

The vagaries of the Paizo dice roller...

Any thoughts on Hero Lab within this group?

The Exchange

I love Hero Labs and I use it alot along with D20pro. I like that D20Pro allows for custom content by the editor has a steep learning curve. Was there anything specific that you wanted to know about Hero Labs?

Human Jack of All trades

I don't like Hero lab,
and prefer doing things manually.

No, nothing specific. I'm now getting into Pathfinder PbP enough that it might prove useful enough to justify the cost. Does it assist with GMing, as well as in character creation?

I admit I'm not thrilled with the bundling of the supplements. I know they're relatively inexpensive, but I've got a four year old and I just don't spring for the unnecessary little stuff like I used to.

A bundle of all traits, or just all gear, or just all feats from the supplements would be a lot more useful than three player companions stuck together. Though I admit they did a nice job bundling the race companions.


I use HeroLab and I enjoy it though its editor is a beast to learn but if you don't want to add custom content then you don't really need to worry about it :P.

It will also assist with GMing as it does have a built in combat assistant that some DM's like...I personally don't though.

The Exchange

There are features for using it as GM a game but I really don't like that part of it. I use it only for character creation, tracking of spells, one shot items and special abilities.

The bundles are annoying but you do have the option of manually creating content. Like I mentioned it is a little difficult to figure out but once you do it a couple time it gets easier.

I like that I can create a character or monster in HL export it for D20pro . Makes it easy to prep a game with little effort.

Thanks for the feedback. Azure, I also like rolling up characters manually, but it is a time consuming task for me. And this silly work thing tends to get in the way during the day...

Now let's go beat up...I mean, talk to the mayor!

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I keep my PBP characters' data in a notepad file so I have a template I can use for PBP characters.

Yes that mayor stinks, but can't tell of what.

Could you post the map in Campaign Info so it's easy to find as the Gameplay thread grows? Would be helpful.


Good suggestion...I'll do that now.

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