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Darl Quethos

EldwinOfAbadar's page

50 posts. Alias of Dungeoneon.

Full Name





Cleric/Level 3





Special Abilities

See Below


Lawful Neutral






Common, Goblin, Orc, Terran



Strength 11
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 14

About EldwinOfAbadar


About Eldwin:

Eldwin is a member of the order of the Justicars of Abadar. They are dedicated to furthering the glory of their god by spreading the cause of law throughout Varisia. These are not the typical paladins (though a few are) fighting evil. They are dedicated to law and order and travel throughout the nation battling chaos and disorder. They see merits in good and evil at times.

At the behest of an official with the Magnimar government, Eldwin has traveled to Ravenmoor to find out what happened to the missing tax collector. Such public servants are vital cogs in the stability of government and the maintaining of civil order. If unruly peasants are disposing of tax collectors, the cause of chaos is striking a blow against the mandate of law. Thus, the Justicars have agreed to send Eldwin to investigate.

Male Human
Cleric of Abadar, 3
LN medium humanoid 5’-7”, 165 pounds
Init +1; Senses Perception +8


AC 20, Touch 12, Flat Footed 18
(10 +6 Breastplate +2 Heavy Wooden Shield+2 Dex)
AC Penalty -3 (-4 Breastplate -2 Heavy Wooden Shield+1 Masterwork +2 darkwood)

Special Defense

HP 26: 10+5+8+3 (Con)
Fort +4 (+3+1), Reflex +3 (+1+2), Will +5 (+2+3)


Speed 30 ft
MW Mace +2 (BA) +1 MW + =+3 (1d8) x2
Light Crossbow +4 (1d8) 19-20 x2

Special Attacks
Acid Dart (1d6+1)
Channel Energy 2d6


Str 11, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 14 (racially adjusted)
Base Attack +2, CMB +2, CMD 14 (10+2+0+2)
O Level – Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Read Magic
1st Level – Cure Light Wounds, Magic Weapon, Magic Stone (Domain)
1+1 Cure Moderate Wounds, Soften Earth & Stone (Domain)


Feat (3)
Combat Casting
Improved Channel
Weapon Focus (Light Crossbow)

Skills (Total = Skill Ranks + Class Bonus + Ability + Misc)
15 (5x3 levels) (2 Cleric +1 INT +1 Fav Class +1 Human/level)

6 Diplomacy 1+3+2
7 Heal 1+3+3
6 Knowledge History 2+3+1
6 Knowledge Religion 2+3+1
6 Linguistics 2+3+1
8 Perception 1+3+3+1 (trait)
7 Profession (Herbalist) 1+3+3
9 Sense Motive 3 +3 +3
6 Spellcraft 2+3+1

Armor Expert
Eyes and Ears of the City

Favored Classes – Cleric (skill)
Languages - Common, Goblin, Orc, Terran
SQ – Resistant Touch


Cleric Abilities
Channel Energy 2d6 (6x day)
Domains Inevitable (Law), Earth
Acid Dart (6x day)
Spontaneous Casting


Gear (cost/weight) Cost is GP
MW +1 Breastplate (1,500/30), Darkwood Heavy Wooden Shield (407/10), Light Crossbow (40 Bolts (4/4), 20 Silver Bolts (40/2), MW Heavy Mace (312/8)

Masterwork Backpack (50/4), 3 Flasks Holy Water (75/3), Silver Holy Symbol of Abadar (25/1), Flint and Steel (1/0), Belt Pouches (1/0), Waterskin (1/4), Bulls eye Lantern (12/3), Ink (8/0), Ink Pen (1/0), Sealing Wax (1/1) 4 Potions Cure Light Wounds (200/4), 327 Gold

GEAR TOTAL COST/WEIGHT 2,673 Gold/73 lbs

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