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Last couple of hours left and then I'll confirm my choices.

Liberty's Edge

Uh-oh. Mythweavers link in my profile isn't linking to the sheet. what the...

EDIT: ok, the hyperlink formatting is redirecting to "Paizo people" and not finding it, but the actual URL is still correct. Hope that's not too big a snag while I figure out what I did wrong...

EDIT 2: Oh derp. There we go. clearly I've been away from the boards for awhile...

Ok, choosing my final 3 was tough and I did end up choosing two characters with the same class. It was really down to the wire and I want to say thank you to everyone who showed interest. If you weren't chosen, you're on my "list" for recalls in case a player drops. You'll be my first backup players I will contact.

Chosen Team:

  • FifthDragon's Grippli Druid
  • CyberChronometer's Ratfolk Investigator
  • Comp0sMentis's Sylph Spellslinger
  • Andostre's Human Druid
  • Daynen's Catfolk Rogue

Liberty's Edge


Thanks for the consideration! Good job, all!

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