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I've tried twice to start up a Pathfinder adventure but it's kept falling through.

I want to stick to Discord for ease of communication and bots, but I've never had a group stick through.

I'd love to give it a third go if I could figure out what adventure to run.

GoodSteve123 wrote:
I'm also interested. I haven't got an ironclad idea of what I'm making yet but I've had this idea for an Oracle for a while so maybe that.

We've ended up merging the first two groups together into a 6 player group since we wanted to avoid delays. If any character drops, you'll be the first person I message as replacement.

Is that alright with you?

Hey everyone!

We're looking to get started on our low level, homebrew horror adventure, but we're in need of 2 additional PCs to run for our 2nd group. I'd rather have two fully formed groups of 4 than play a 6 person group, so I'm chucking my open call here.

We're playing through Discord, but we're doing this same as a PbP. No need to schedule specific playing times, it really justs lets me be up to date on the adventure, and have a Bot handle some of the more annoying things in PbP on the forums.

Here's the link to the thread, but feel free to DM me. I'm going to go first come first serve, since we're already ready to start this adventure.

Adventure Recruitment

avr wrote:
I'm interested. A half-orc alchemist looking to show the world he's not just the scavenger his master took in is my starting concept.

I'll send you the invite link then!

Links have been sent!

Hopefully we can get one last person, as well as Michael back in!

@Something Wicked and @Seranov: Yep, same ol' "play by post" commitment but on Discord means I can track the adventure much, much faster but doesn't change the speed. No voice, video or "everyone needs to be on at the same time."

It does give room for smoother roleplaying though if someone's on when I am and we can get some good back and forth.

So expected posting rate is still about 1 check in per day.

However, I've had a lot of interest from some Discord friends so we're already at 5 players, so I may need to run two parties.

If you're still interested, let me know, i'll send you the Discord link and hopefully we get another interested player so we can have 2 groups.

Michael7123 wrote:
You've got my interest. While I certainly expect a fair dosage of combat, what percentage of roll play vs role play are you thinking this game will be?

Discord allows a certain flexibility. I'm very open to having good long roleplay back and forths in between the rolls. I know some other potential members have expressed interest in heavier roleplay as well.

The Adventure
Inspired by all the lovely content in the Horror Adventures and Occult Adventures book, with a heaping dose of Red Hook's Darkest Dungeon to boot, the PCs will be at the forefront of a valiant (if perhaps foolhardy) crusade to cleanse a provincial valley from its countless curses, woes, and horrors.

As the new proprietors of the crumbling village of Westchurch, the PCs will venture forth into the Vale to slaughter evil, and hopefully make it back alive and, hopefully, sane.

I foresee this adventure going until at least 6th level, perhaps a few more. I don't want to promise some eternal campaign that will never finish. Players will be presented with possible goals and objectives, and they will be free to explore as they see fit.

I've found keeping track of play by post games to be sometimes tedious. Discord allows me to be in touch and respond quickly, moving the game forward at a quicker pace. With the help of Dash Delta Bot, rolling dice and calling up items/monsters is even easier.

I will not ask players to build full characters. Instead, simply submit a brief description of your character, including their race/class combination.

Creating Your Character

  • 1st level, 25 point buy.
  • Any Core Races allowed.
  • Any Hardcover Book Classes allowed.
  • No need to select a Deity. Domain casters can pick any 2.
  • Any official Paizo content published in hardcover is available.

    I have already a player signed up, so I will be looking to take three new characters. If I get a lot of offers, I may be tempted to run two parties at the same time on two different discord channels, but that remains to be seen.

  • https://discord.gg/erGEWZu

    New Link that Can't Expire

    Here's our link, it's valid for 24h: https://discord.gg/mrGJf9

    I'll start adding the Bots and dealing with this newfangled thingamjig.

    Alright then, I'll get a Discord set up. If we enjoy it we can stick with it. If not, back to the forums we'll go.

    Nope, it'd be asynchronous as always but I feel like Discord is starting to feel like a better option.

    Multiple channels to discuss things, even let the PCs have a private channel to shenanigan against the DM. Channels to save notes, info, gear, do combat, whatever. Bots run the dice so it works just like paizo.

    And the best part is I'd be notified as soon as messages come in and can answer from my phone anytime so it might speed up gameplay, even asynchronously, especially for 1 on 1 dialogue.

    I'm willing to give it a go.

    Other issue is it seems we're down another member (Alexander) so I'll try and reach him but we're slowly dwindling in players as well.

    Paizo's been wonky for me for ages plus I was away camping for a week so I apologize.

    If we are interested in switching to a Discord server model, I wouldn't increase the required post rate but it would make things easier for communicating, discussion and especially combat.

    Let me know if anyone's interested.

    Yeah reaching the site has been a real issue these days. Starting to envy my friend's Discord PF games xD

    Ompeet advances into the grasses until he glimpses the creature. An overtly large badger, with ferocious red and black markings is gnawing on the corpse of a sea bird.

    You attempt to coax the animal and persuade it to move away but without success. The wild animal gives you one look, rips another strip of bird meat off, and snarling and chewing advances toward you, eyes keenly locked on your leg.

    Ompeet: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7
    Melusine: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (1) + 3 = 4
    Kha'Rassi: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13
    Alexander: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19
    Snarling Badger: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

    We don't need maps for this encounter. The animal is 30 feet from Ompeet. The cliff path is wide enough for two people to be side by side.
    You may opt to be anywhere behind Ompeet, as long as you're at least 10 ft. behind him since he went first. Melusine is probably closer.

    No worries, I think we're slowly but surely making our way through this. Now, when I wake up, let's see if Ompeet made a new friend!

    Dice modifiers don't matter if you roll like a pro.

    Yeah just off the path.

    Melusine's keen eyesight lets her catch the glimmer of reflected sunlight. She readies herself and leads off towards the bird nest.

    Melusine Perception: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17

    DC 12 As she approaches the nest, perched on a little outcropping, she hears snapping and crunching noises from behind the tall grass and wildflowers surrounding the empty nest.

    Through the foliage, she catches a glimpse of a pallid, greenish beast. One or two more crunches and a few white feathers puff up into the air before slowly drifting down.

    DC 17 You also notice small pieces of broken eggshells beside the nest and more small feathers trailing into the brush.

    Solid perception there.

    The tube doesn't seem to have any cracks or seams. Rattling it makes a slight muffled sound however. There are no discernible symbols either.


    The route to the sea caves are longer than the church and you get the chance to wander through the Keldanny countryside. You pass a few small hamlets, stop for some casual chatter while getting a drink of water, stop to see a flock of Keldanny hawks soar overhead.

    All in all, the breeze, the sun, and the approaching sound of the waves make for a pleasant experience.

    Eventually, you find the small cliffside path that meanders its way down towards the bottom of the sea cliffs. There at the base, you spy some rocky outcroppings and a rotting spit of wood; most likely an old and almost completely vanished shipwreck.

    Sea Cliff Path
    [i]The path winds its way down the cliffside, weaving back and forth as it slowly inches down to the sea below. Seabird cries echo around you, and you spot many nests alongside the path.

    Perception 20:

    You spy a gleam in one of the bird nests some ways down the trail, a flash of metal against the midday sun.

    Busy week, I'll have an update up soon!

    Edgar rummages through a small pile of papers before pulling out the tube. "It's as good as a mystery, we haven't been able to open it up. I completely forgot about it honestly. Here, maybe you hold on to it for now. You never know."

    He hands Kha'Rassi back the metal tube.

    Mannix unfurls a map from one of his numerous bookshelves.

    "The caves have been explored in the past and while they start from the actual sea, they go upwards, not downwards. These explored sections have all been above water."

    He lets you keep the map, rolling it up when you're done looking at it and handing it to Ompeet.

    That sounds brilliant!

    "I'm happy to hear you'll be sticking with us despite the challenges ahead. Now, let's see that ring."

    Edgar and Mannix take the ring and look at it thoroughly.

    Mannix's Knowledge (History): 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (7) + 15 = 22

    "The signet ring's design definitely is reminiscent of the Golden Epoch. See how the silver is formed here. I've definitely seen those sea crests before."

    Edgar's Knowledge (History): 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (19) + 17 = 36

    "You're right of course, but I think that the signet ring is telling us something more. The signet ring's crest seems to indicate it belonged to the Valquitaine family, a long line of Chasseret nobility. However, I doubt the Valquitaine family would include a concealed skull and crossbones on the interior design of their family crest. I also believe..." He twists the ring gently, "that ordinary signet rings do not have movable parts."

    The signet ring's crest seems to be able to rotate.

    He hands it back to you.

    "I think you may have found our first piece of proof that the Passage might indeed lie in Keldanny. I reckon you should keep the ring on you, I have an inkling it may be more of a key of sorts, or at least provide a means of entry. That movable crest looks more and more like a device than an actual ring to me."

    Mannix smiles.

    "So are we agreed then? We will return to the mines and leave the sea caves to you?"

    It's not like everyone has 20 preplanned levels right? Right?

    Busy weekend, will update as soon as I can! Slowly begin thinking of your lv2 upgrades!

    Edgar gives Mannix a worried look. "Definitely concerning. Our voyage was publicly known but I had no reason to believe any of us would be in any real danger."

    Mannix nods. "I don't know why anyone would be trying to stop the expedition, the Passage is really just a local legend. Maybe someone wants to find it first?"

    Edgar looks at the four of you. "Are you well though? Is there any supplies you think you'll need? Also... with this new development, are you all still interested? I wouldn't want anyone to get seriously injured."

    The group marches back to Keldanny proper from the Old Church, the captive having been finally freed. While you didn't find any tunnels leading to the sea, the ring you bear may have some clues.

    Arriving back in town, you rendezvous with Edgar and Mannix.

    "Ah! There you are! How did it go? How was the church?" Edgar seems to be practically glowing.

    "Easy Edgar, they've just had a long walk, let 'em rest a bit." Mannix ushers you all into his lodging. "Find a spot to sit or lean, and let's get everyone up to speed."

    Edgar pulls out a smudged notebook from his bag. "We checked out the mines, very interesting stuff phlogiston. No trace of the Passage however."

    "We didn't search the western network however, so we'll be back tomorrow. What about you lot? Anything interesting?"

    "They were still people, I won't just leave them here. If you're letting me go, I'll take care of it myself. You're also welcome to help me move 'em."

    So where do we head to next? Back into town to meet up with Lowes?

    Melusine spots nothing else in the rooms.

    You do a brief search throughout the church for anything else you've missed, but it seems that the ring, the note, the loot (of course) and the knowledge that someone out there wants you stopped are all that's there.

    You can either take the woman with you or free her of course, the choice is up to you. You could also push her casually off a sea cliff, but that seems dubious considering certain alignments and affiliations. Regardless, where to next?

    Smite Good... wait, why aren't they affected.

    The captive looks at the ring and babbles a bit. "I just know we're supposed to make sure... you... didn't find it."

    She blinks.

    "Well, I know a certain someone who didn't do their job and get rid of it."

    She bites at her lip.

    "Anyways, I don't know why you weren't to have it, but I just know you weren't. Now you do have it so there's no sense in me lying to you. I swear I don't know what it's for."

    I come back to this oh god.

    No one in this campaign is safe.

    The captive is honestly just a bit stunned and barely mumbles out a few words such as "Wait, what..." and "Fishmonger, but I..." before simply shutting up.

    Sorry for missing identify, it was kinda wedged in between your actions.

    The vials radiate magic, and you identify them as being potions of cure light wounds.

    3d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 4) = 6

    Kha'Rassi nonchalantly pockets a few coins, but none of the ones you see are old, or show any indication of having once been pirate treasure. The coinage is recent enough and seems to have been minted in Strand for the most part, so nothing unique there.

    As Kha'Rassi heads back up the stairs, your captive spots her.

    "What now? Still not done with me?"

    Oh right you all didn't beat DC10, oops.

    The lot of you salvage through the contents of the trove and find the following:

    • 450 gp in gold, silver and copper coins
    • A variety of small, semi precious gemstones that Melusine appraises correctly at a total value of 200 gp.
    • A suit of masterwork studded leather armor lies folded on the table.
    • A small silver signet ring.
    • A small wooden case with four small vials, each containing a semi translucent liquid. Each is marked with a small cross symbol on the vial's stopper.

    As well, you find a scrunched up note, hastily stuffed in between the loot.

    They are not to find the ring. Throw it into the ocean if need be. When they've been dispatched, head back to Keldanny and we'll discuss the next step.

    Yay a solid roll!

    The apparition finally seems to notice Melusine. Its mouth opens and moves but no sound comes forth. As is typical from a memoriae. It understands what you say however and seems to untense and sigh as you mention making this place safe.

    The figure glows briefly, smiles, indicates the items adjacent to it, and vanishes into thin air.

    Each of you feels strengthened and at ease.

    We have some diplomacy in us yet!

    As you approach even closer, the apparition like being turns its head ever so slightly towards your direction. It crooks one long, bent finger and motions you closer.

    The sound around you slowly dulls, and colors seem to slightly fade. You feel no pain or discomfort, only your senses changing.

    Alright just because I'm detecting some hesitance to act. The creature, or memoriae doesn't seem to be going anywhere nor does it seem to be attacking. I'm waiting on someone to make a move, whether aggressive or not. Feel free to try skill checks too.

    The group positions itself warily, though the memoriae itself doesn't seem to notice them, despite Ompeet's "graceful" attempt at stealth.

    As the group slowly inches forward, Kha'Rassi spots a gleam at the far end of the hall, adjacent to the creature. A flash of gold upon a table, the promise of treasure.

    You have the option to take a surprise round action if you so wish, or you may attempt to approach it in a different method.

    Melusine remains stealthed and indicates to her other teammates they should move forward.

    The shuffling figure continues moving back and forth in the small room, oblivious to your actions.

    The Combat Map has been updated with this new location.

    I'll have the update and the map up later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

    Kha'Rassi makes her way down the darkened staircase. Her eyes easily pick out every shape no matter how small.

    Quietly, she passes below the first floor and into the cellar.

    She spends a moment getting used to the cold air and dusty smell of somewhere that's not oft been visited.

    A slow, sluggish movement at the far end of the room catches your eye. A humanoid form, slightly translucent shambles back and forth in the distance. It seems to be dressed in the outfit of a priest and is cradling its head in its hands.

    DC 10 Knowledge History, Local or Religion:

    The creature is most likely a memoriae, a living memory. Neither dead nor alive these creatures represent echoes of times from long ago.

    Melusine ducks into the concealed room and sees a concealed staircase winding down to the level below.

    The shackled prisoner calls out.

    "That's how ya' get down to the ground floor and the cellar. If ya' keep going down you'll eventually make it."

    She catches Ompeet walking around.

    "Nothin' higher but the rafters. You can get there if ya' climb up those notches carved into the wood."

    She points to the southern side of the room. In the shadowy gloom you can spy some cuts in the wood of a beam going up.

    I assume people are busy?

    I know pacing's been a bit stilted these last few weeks but I'm still here xD

    "I'll be honest, Olly's somewhere back in town. I have no idea where he might be at the moment, kid's got tons of hidey-holes."

    She turns to Kha'Rassi.

    "Coins mostly yeah. We stashed them in the cellar. I wouldn't spend too much time there though if that's what you're thinking. There's always been rumors of something lurking around down there in the shadows and I don't really want to know what."

    She clams up and simply avoids gazing at her fallen friends.

    No intimidate checks succeeded but that hostage is definitely not cool anymore.

    "The frog man here's right miss. That's a bit... disgusting. They were my mates you know."

    On top of that, the assailants carry only simple weapons; crossbows, bolts and the like. Nothing of value catches your eye.

    "If you're so keen on lootin', the cellar's where we kept the payments." The manacled woman seems keen on helping you. "Maybe we can work something out?"

    The newly captured criminal glances down at her fallen teammates. "Bags, we've made a right mess of this. Bloke only said to scare you off. He sure didn't say there'd be four of ya'. And he certainly didn't say you'd be professional like."

    She glances back up.

    "I swear, I know nothin' else. Paid and contacted us through one of our contacts, young lad named Olly. He knows nothin' too. All we knew was to keep anybody come pokin' about the Old Church away."

    Meanwhile, Kha'Rassi notes that the ambushers on the ground floor are both lifeless. Looking around though, you find a concealed door in the side of the church behind the gambling table. It stands slightly ajar now.

    I won't remove elevation don't worry. I was just saying it's funny since height is usually a good way to set up strategic encounters, so most ambushers are gonna have a bad day when you lot come around.

    Also, the idea of someone calmly shackling you while casually explaining its past uses is downright chilling Ompeet.

    Wowzers, this week was just insane.

    As I mentioned, I've been a teacher this year and this was the last wee. The final workload was off the charts.

    I apologize for delays and will be updating the campaign at a much more frequent pace.

    Thanks for understanding!

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