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The fate of the world pivots around a trading post in the Verduran Forest

Date: Sunday, Gozran 8, 4718 AR
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Sovereign Court

Lesson learned: don't submit a 9-level caster! :D

Have a blast everybody!

Later on, reports tell of a pyromaniac goblin going wild in the marketplace. No one knows what happened afterward.

Anyway, have fun for those picked.

Before he leaves, Attai draws two cards to help him understand:

1d54 ⇒ 7 The Fiend
1d54 ⇒ 14 The Peacock

The Fiend
This is the lawful evil card of strength. It is a devil that devours the masses of the innocent, and can represent the deaths of many in a disaster.

The Peacock
This is the neutral card of dexterity. It represents a great beauty that can only be preserved if petrified and frozen in time for eternity, as by a cockatrice's glare.

He is, as usual, not exactly sure what it means, but is sure in time the Harrow will become clear. Perhaps not for him, but somewhere, for others.

Very interesting reading!!! We will see what the future holds!

Is this the verdun forest in game

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