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Eats his cake, while looking sideways at the tremblers

Alright ladies and gentlefolks, apologies on the delay. I had to finish setting some stuff up at work before it was play time.

Without futher ado, the party is;

Dian Garrett - Aiday Aibek - Chaotic Neutral Shadow Creature Witchwolf Shadow Assassin - Con Artist

Cydrius - Yao Mihara - Chaotic Neutral Fey Kitsune Trickster Rogue - Focused Learner

Adahn Cielo - Chaotic Neutral Selena Halfblood - Half Succubus/Human Tetori Monk - Halfblood

OmniChaos - Nigrum Ensis Halfblood - Neutral Good Half Celestial/Cisor Slayer - Halfblood

Slyness - Ayreth - Neutral Good Haunted One Changeling Oracle of the Heavens - Focused Learner

Rednal - Azri - Lawful Neutral Semi-Lich Human Witch

Apologies I can't take everyone. There were at least three other strong applications I really wanted to see come along for the ride. If at any point someone drops out, I will be checking people here to see if they can take a place.

For those of you gallant souls who got in...I'll be starting in an hour or two, after I take a rest.

Hate judging apps. Hatehatehate.

Wahoo! By the rice of Daikitsu, I am blessed.

Congratulations to my fellow players, and better luck next time to those who didn't quite make it.

Time to take an in-depth look at my teammates.

Boy, THREE chaotic neutral friends, and I'm the only lawful one? XD This should be interesting!

(Fortunately, I can interpret this in fun ways... such as devotion to personal interests, and not actually trying to impose lawfulness on others.)

Yeah, that is a whole lot of Chaotic Neutral. I'm sure all three players (especially Dian) are mature enough to play it as Chaotic Stupid, though, it should be good.

Also, first post and discussion are up.

Seems Rosa was a little to scary even for this City.
Well she has other places to be.

Best of all luck and fun all.

Good luck and have fun, everyone! :)

Grins at Cydrius "CONGRATS!" Kisses cheek before sitting to watch them play

Thank you!

Woohoo! Congrats to everyone who made it!

Congrats to those that made it. Good luck on the next one to those that did not.

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