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I am a new Dm and never had the chance to host a campaign. I have been a player for two years but the campaign drop due to separation of people. I am not the best role player due to my friends being a group who enjoys fighting more but I tried my best to practice. In general I am looking for a group of players who is friendly and willing to play in a campaign.
The campaigns I am willing to play are rappan athuk, rise of the runelords, and wrath of the righteous. Post or send me a message if you are interested and which you would want to play.

Interested and keen to help. What sources are allowed?

Oh, I'd be up for any of those three, though perhaps Wrath or Rise might offer more potential for roleplay. Actually, Rise of the Runelords is probably my preference.

Hi there. I'm new to Pathfinder and am looking forward to rolling my first character. Happy to roll any class the team may need. For what it's worth, I'd vote for RotR as well.

I'm fine with RotR. It'd be nice to roll a character as well since all I've done in the past few years is DM. I'd be glad to help you out as well if you feel that you need some. As far as character goes, just let us know what's allowed and what we need to know for character creation.

I've participated in some play-by-post games before on another site, including a little bit as a DM, and I'm interested in checking how things generally run off a message board like this one. I'm pretty experienced running and playing PF and I would be willing to help a new GM get the feel for running the game.

As far as which campaigns to run, I'd be open for anything you, as DM, are willing to run. I'm familiar with the plot of RotRL and am subscribing to the AP line so am receiving Wrath of the Righteous. I can easily set those aside for my own reading until after we play, though. Rappan Athuk I know relatively little about.
I would advise that I think heavy combat slogs can play very slowly on a message board.

How often would you be wanting people to post?

I'd also be interested in joining a RotR or WotR campaign if done here via PbP. I'd second Bill's caution about Rappan Athuk being done via PbP unless you're up for a lot of slow combat.

I think you'll find most people on these boards are pretty friendly. I've noted very few exceptions myself, anyway.

I'm interested in a WotR. i have been GM'ing Rise of the runelord for the last 2 years, so i'll pass if you decide to go for this one :)

I'm interested in all of these, since I played none of them. I have no problem posting every day.

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very interested here if you are running a wrath of the righteous game :-)

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I think I'd be interested as well, just let me know)

I am interested in playing. I am pretty new to Pathfinder, but am likeing it a lot.
Would there be Skype or some other video chat?
Would we use a Society character or just a regular rolled one?

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I am interested in Wrath of the Righteous with a minor in Rise of the RuneLords ('cause I've played through more than half of that one...)

I put rapan athuk out there just because it is in my possession but thanks for the caution. I see around the same amount of people going for ROTR and WOTR. I believe all books should be fine although third party materials would most likely not be accepted. More info when I decide which I am running.
A video chat service has been asked and I am wondering if that is wanted or is PbP fine for people.
Depending on the workload as I have a decent amount of free time each day I might be able to run both but not completely sure on that as of now.
This would be a whole new character rolled.

Pbp is fine for me. No 3PP is okay, though obviously I'd be happier with more options... I could swing for Wrath if RotR is second...

I don't mind pbp or a type of chat I would like to see what people would prefer. I still have not decided on the campaign yet. 3PP is a gray area for me just because I am not familiar with it but if I can find it on a online source or something on that matter I would allow it sorry for some of the confusion.

No confusion! You did initially say it all depends on the type of campaign, so my bad....

I'm actually getting more excited to play WotR, only I don't have the Mythic rules...

I would personally prefer PbP since I live in the UK and there's probably a significant time difference from most people here. Of course if most people prefer live then I will probably have to look elsewhere (which is of course fine).

Given that I am new to Pathfinder, I would prefer to limit myself to the core rulebook. But again, if people want something more advanced, I'll make an effort to learn quickly. I would prefer to avoid using "alternative" sources for books, but the core book was a bit pricy. :-)

All in all, I don't want to restrict you guys in any way. I've mentioned my preferences and we'll see how it goes.

* Yep, I'm in Oz, so Skype et al is tricky with USA. But I can and do post all hours...

* Don't forget you can find all the core rules and much 3PP stuff HERE

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
* Don't forget you can find all the core rules and much 3PP stuff HERE

Cool! Thanks.

No worries. It's an awesome resource...

I would prefer pbp, because i'm probably in a significantly different time zone from most people, and while i have enouhg time to post every day, i don't think i can commit to a video chat meeting this way.

Hello everyone, just wanted to pipe in that I would definitely be game for Rappan Athuk - have been wanting to play that one for ages.

As far as game type, I would say my preference would fall to PbP.

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I'm late to the party, but I'll toss my hat in as well. I'm a fairly experienced pathfinder player. On wednesdays, I dm a pathfinder game for some friends of mine, and I'm looking to get some play time in myself.

I'd be interested in a skype/maptools/roll20/ect... game. I'm available any time monday, tuesday, thursday, friday, or sunday. I'd prefer something on monday, tuesday, or thursday though.

Any of those modules would be great to play in. I don't believe I've been through any of them myself, so no spoilers for me! :D

Play by post would be my preferred method, but that's because I would have a hard time finding space in my schedule for Skype or real-time online games.

Interested in either AP PbP

I'm going to chime in, too. I'm an experienced GM and would be happy to help with rules questions and/or PbP tips/mapmaking/etc. I'm game for any of the campaigns, but my preference is WotR. PbP format is preferred since I have a pretty busy schedule and would have difficulty finding time for a regular live session.

I would love to play either AP as a PbP, if you're still after people.

Still interested by the way, just waiting on what campaign is being run until I submit a character.

I just need some time to think on the campaign I would like to run and the rules then I will put the guidelines on this thread in 1-2 days.

I am interested, as I have never done PbP here, and the only other pbp I ever experienced was without a system. I will look into these posts more and when you figure it out I will try to think of a good character for it.

I am up for either RotRL or WotR btw.

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Lot of interest in this, so I'll pull my name from the list and catch you another time!

Hi again. Just dropping my dime to say I'm still interested.
Nigri is now a neutral good cleric of Pharasma, of the healing domain. I'll submit backstory and stats when campaign and points buy are decided.

Nice role Nigri! Pharasma is easily my favorite deity, and even though it makes perfect sense in Golarion, I still dislike her anti-undead stance.

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My personal preference is for Play by Post over Skype, if only because I can post anytime.

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Nice role Nigri! Pharasma is easily my favorite deity, and even though it makes perfect sense in Golarion, I still dislike her anti-undead stance.

I PM'd you.

PbP is better for me too. I don't always have time to spend several hours in a row.

If we play WotR, I really want to play a cavalier, if we go into rappan athuk, i'll probably play something without a mount instead =p

The world wound incursion is the game I have chosen to host.

Looking for around 4-5 players PBP

At least one post a day

Any alignment is allowed but if you choose evil don't harm or mislead other players.

core races

20 point buy

level 1 average starting wealth

two traits

max hp first level

all sources are allowed if I can find them in a online source.

we are going to use mythic rules so if you don't have them tell me. It won't reduce your chance to get in.

Sweet gonna make a barbarian, don't have the mythic rules but am looking foward to trying them.

Ok, thanks for the heads-up! I'll get back to you with a character concept soon!

Ok a Human Bard, not sure if there will be an archetype yet.

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Just a heads up, the mythic rules are up on Just stopping by with some helpful info ^^

Thanks Kana!

Mythic rules. That sounds neat.

Are all paizo classes and archetypes allowed?

I always wanted to try a synthesist summoner, but i can understand if you have balance concerns with that.
Otherwise i would make an Inquisitor, I think, it's also an idea i've had floating around my head for a while, and the monster hunter flavor i was thinking for him would probably fit right in with a world wound AP.

Mythic rules are also on the Archives of Nethys. :-)

I'll put up something by tomorrow evening. I love the Archmage Mythic path, so I'll most likely make a Wizard or Sorcerer.

Eh. I can't find a good archetype at all, so I'll stick with a vanilla Bard. Anyone know of any traits that give martial weapon proficiency?

Neat. Will be posting my cavalier by tomorrow :)

@Oceanshieldwolf: There aren't any traits that grant proficiency with all martial weapons. However, several races give proficiency with specific weapons. Also, the trait Ancestral Arms gives proficiency with one martial weapon. Unfortunately, if that weapon breaks or gets lost, you're screwed (it doesn't give you proficiency with all weapons of that type, only the one specific weapon). What are you looking to do?

Thanks for the info on the mythic rules three shades.
The synthesist summoner is a gray area for me as I am not sure who the fusing works as does it last as long as you want or is their set number of rounds t can be active as I can't find it.
If you really want to you can send me a message and we can talk about it more.
As it is I think all archtypes and classes are legal some are a gray area for me though but still possible.

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