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AC 18, hps 12 Init +2, passive perception 11

Str 17+3 Dex 10 Con 14 +2 Int 8 Wis 12 +1 Cha 14 +2


Skills & Saves:
Intimidate+4 Insight+3 Religion+1 Athletics+5 Medicine+3 Wisdom+2 Charisma+4


Battleaxe (+5 to hit, 1d8+3 damage Versatile 1d10) 5 Javelins (+5 to hit, 1d6+3 damage 30/120)

About Qorin

Half-Orchestra Paladin:

Background: Acolyte
Strength 17 (15+2 half-orc)
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14 (13+1 half-orc)
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

AC 18
hps 12
Speed 30'

Saves: Wisdom +2 Charisma +4
Skills: Intimidate (half-orc), Insight & Religion (acolyte) Athletics & Medicine (paladin)
Languages: Common, Orc, Celestial, Dwarvish.

2xHoly symbol, prayer book, 5 sticks incense, vestments, common clothes, 15 gp. (acolyte)
Explorer's pack: backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days rations, waterskin, 50' rope.
Chain mail (AC 16)
Shield (+2 AC)
Battleaxe (+5 to hit, 1d8+3 damage Versatile 1d10)
5 Javelins (+5 to hit, 1d6+3 damage 30/120)

Special Abilities:
Divine sense (know location of celestials, fiends and undead within 60' and desecrated/consecrated places/objects: 3x/long rest)
Lay on Hands (as an action, heal up to 5 hps damage, or expend 5 hps worth of healing to cure disease/neutralize poison: 5hps/long rest)
Darkvision: 60'
Relentless Endurance: (When reduced to 0 hps, but not killed, drop to 1hp instead. 1x/long rest)
Savage Attacks: When I score a critical hit with a melee weapon attack, roll one of the weapon's damage dice one additional time and add it to the extra damage of the critical hit.


Born in a rougher neighborhood of Waterdeep, son of an unknown father and a human woman who hated her half-breed son, whose only kindness to him was to die when he was still a child. Qorin grew up wild, his physical strength matched by the force of his personality made him a handy tool for the underworld bosses of the city, and he was collecting debts for them before he was 10 years old. He learned by teaching very harsh lessons the value of honoring ones promises, and might have risen to prominence in the gangs, were it not for an inexplicable streak of kindness.
At the age of 12, he went to the house of a young mother who had borrowed money to heal her sick son. The child had died of his disease despite the prayers of the phony clerics who had taken her money, and it was Qorin's task to send a message. Unable to bring himself to murder the young woman and orphan her other children, he found the con artists who had tricked her, in the process of bilking an elderly man whose wife lay on her deathbed.
The axe had hung on the wall, collecting dust for years since the old man had settled down with his wife and given up adventuring. Qorin looked at the false priests and could almost taste the evil in their hearts, and he grabbed the weapon in both hands. The fight was short and in the end, all the thieves were dead but one. Qorin was wounded by a poisoned dagger, and barely able to stand, but he offered the last thief his life if he took Qorin to their hideout.
The thief agreed, and led Qorin there. The young half-orc gave him his life, but kept his tongue, to stop him destroying any more lives with his lies. He found a trove of treasure, and with it, he paid for a true cleric to stop the poison before it killed him. He also paid the cleric to ease the old woman's suffering. When he was recovered, he paid off the young woman's debt, but when he brought the money to the boss, there was the same sickening evil that he had felt with the thieves.
He knew he would die if he fought the gang-leader, but he announced that he could no longer work for an evil cause. Knowing he would not be allowed to live long if he stayed, he left Waterdeep headed south, along the Trade Way. After various adventures, he found himself in the backwaters of the Fields of the Dead, where he interceded on behalf of a strange human. He was able to persuade the orcs who had captured the man to spare his life, and accompanied the old man to Baldur's Gate.
Here, the man introduced Qorin to a cleric of the church of Tyr, who immediately recognized the young half-orc as a paladin of the God of Justice. For three years, the cleric taught Qorin about the god, attempted to curb the savage side of the boy, and encouraged his sense of honor as the key to his goodness.
Qorin sees himself as a tool for good, destroying evil and defending the world from anarchy. He has no qualms about doing what is needed to combat evil.